Here one can find all the animations I've made dealing with various sexy topics.


Speedo Camp: 2012!
Jocelyn and Niko:How to Kick Balls!

The first Knave Brand© Semi-animated Comic Book! It's summer time again and three hapless young men are about to get a taste of what Speedo Camp is all about. Namely, making their "speedo-regions" as big and swollen as possible!

The three camp counselors are absolutely devoted to doing their job right, no matter how long it takes!
Includes: Ballbusting, Tease & Denial, Needles, Speedos!

12 pages including 3 animation loops!

Note: Unzip, open the HTML file in any browser :)


Jocelyn and Niko: How to Kick Balls!
Jocelyn and Niko:How to Kick Balls!

The first episode of many! In this instructional video, our helpful (and sexy) ballbuster Jocelyn teaches all you ladies out there the best techniques to injure all the balls in your life through kicking. She demonstrates on her helpless and hapless boyfriend Niko, who is unenthusiastic but stalwart as always in his job as human kicking bag. Jocelyn kicks him countless times wearing socks, sneakers, chunky boots and finally pointy heels.

She is absolutely tireless in her pursuit of ballbusting education!
Includes: Ballbusting, Nudity

6 minutes of non-stop animated ballbusting action!


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