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We Need Your Help!!!

We believe very strongly in what we do here at the Ballbusting Club. We believe that there is a place for respectful, fun, flirty Femdom that showcases real people just having a good time. There are no Pro Dommes on this site.

Femdom—real, loving, respectful Femdom—is not well-represented online. Most videos are fake, cruel, vicious examples of what happens when profit is more important than representing what an actual playdate is like in the real-world: FUN! 

If you agree, and want to help ensure that the Ballbusting Club continues to portray silly, realistic play-dates between mutual friends and partners, there are a few ways you can help!

Beyond signing up and becoming a valued part of the Ballbusting Club Community, you can help us Pay our Rent, or if there's a specific scenario you're dying to see, you can purchase a Custom Video! Use the forms below and help us keep the lights on!

Thank you so much!

Help Us Pay Rent

We pay $300 a month for our little studio space. Click any amount below to help us cover that cost. ON HOLD

Note: Our merchant provider cannot process sums larger than $120.00

Custom Videos

Is there something specific you'd like to see that's not currently represented on You can order your very own custom video using the form below!

To commission a custom video for now, contact us Here and explain your idea. We'll work together to make it happen :)

Note: Some limitations apply. Please refer to this guide.

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