The comics found herein all deal with the genre of Orgasm Denial.

Namely, comely women cock-teasing men until they can't stand it.

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Subscription Site Blog Pack #1
Nut House

Includes: Ball Kicking, Face Sitting, Cunnilingus, Testicle Ruptures, Cock Teasing, CBT, Groin Trampling, Penetrative Intercourse, Ball Squeezing, Boob Jobs, Orgasm Denial, Nut Punching and more!

34 pages + 2 animated GIFS

$You Choose!

All Hallows Eve #1
All HAllows Eve #1

It's Halloween and Eve is dressed to impress. She's been invited to a costume party by her crush, Troy. Little does Troy know what cock-teasing torture Eve has in store for him!
Includes: Magic, Breast Expansion, Cock Expansion, Tons of Cock Teasing, Nudity, Ball Kicking, Penetrative Vaginal Intercourse, Permanent Orgasm Denial

38 pages

$You Choose!

Nut House #2
The Cougar part 1

The girls of Gamma Pi Pi sorority house are back at it, torturing andf teasing their newest member, Clement. It's a brand new morning and the girls are taking their new job of teasing him mercilessly while making sure he never comes very, very seriously.
Includes: Tons of Cock Teasing, Nudity, Ball Stomping, Ball Squeezing, Penetrative Vaginal Intercourse

32 pages

$You Choose!

Cotton Mistress #2
Mona Demonico

You asked for it, you got it! The Cotton Mistress is back and has invited a dear friend of hers over to torment her poor foot slave. Together they show his poor cock and balls the meaning of heaven and hell!
Includes: Ball Busting, Ball Trampling, Ball Stomping, Ball Grabbing, Queening, Female Ejaculation, Cock Teasing, Orgasm Denial, Soft Fabrics

23 pages

$You Choose!

VIP Lounge #1
Mona Demonico

The VIP Lounge is a well-known spot to meet the city's hottest, bustiest women. Entrance is granted to only the most well-endowed boys who have what it takes to please the ladies inside. Little do those boys know just what the ladies really want to do with their oversized genitals!
Includes: Big Breasts, Ball Busting, Cock Teasing, Ball Kicking, Ball Kneeing, Ball Trampling, Penetrative Intercourse, Orgasm Denial, Testicle Rupture

33 pages

$You Choose!

Comic Shorts #1
Mona Demonico

This is a small collection of three stories starring Billy Jean the rockabilly chick, Drusilla the emo and Carly Sue the country girl at three separate musical shows. Each girl has their own way of enjoying a night out, and three unlucky guys have the misfortune of experiencing that first hand.
Includes: Big Breasts, Ball Busting, Cock Teasing, Ball Kicking, Ball Kneeing, Ball Trampling, Testicle Ruptures

33 pages

$You Choose!

Nut House #1
The Cougar part 1

In this on-going series, the girls of Gamma Pi Pi sorority have some fun with their newest member, an unwilling young man by the name of Clement. See the girls torment their boy-toy while trying to increase membership and survive college.
Includes: Tons of Cock Teasing, Nudity, Ball Kicking, Ball Punching

32 pages!

$You Choose!

The Millionaire's Daughter #4
The Cougar part 1

Ego is going on a date with Violet, one of the Millionaire's Daughter's friends from episode III. To his chagrin, she turns out to be quite the cock tease. Poor Ego can't catch a break, well, until he gets some help that is.
Includes: Cock Teasing, Hand-job, Orgasm Denial, Ball Squeezing, Ball Kicking, Ball Kneeing, Big Breasts, Nudity, Penetrative Intercourse, Ruined Orgasm

36 pages!

$You Choose!

The Cougar #2
The Cougar part 1

In the continuation of The Cougar, our cute couple finally make it back to the hotel. Our hapless hero cannot escape the relentless, non-stop cock teasing of Marie, the mature temptress visiting from Michigan. They go to a café to get some food and the blue-balling never ends!
Includes: Tons of Cock Teasing, Footsie, Foot-job, Orgasm Denial, Ball Squeezing

22 pages!


Monica #1
Monica #1

Busty high-schooler Monica has invited her friend Dick over to study, but studying is the last thing on her dirty little mind. Strong religious convictions guide her hand as she teases and fucks Dick, but doesn't let him orgasm, choosing instead to bust his balls when he gets too close.
Includes: Big Breasts, Tease and Denial, Sex, Ballbusting

33 full page plates


The Cougar #1
The Cougar part 1

In this semi-autobiographical adventure our hero meets a mysterious older woman online and begins a torrid, frustrating love affair with her. This chapter details the beginning of their relationship and the start of their first tease-filled weekend together.
Includes: Tons of Cock Teasing, Fellatio, Orgasm Denial, Ball Squeezing

31 pages!


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