Desperate For Ratings (by Laird)

"Wecome back, fetish fans, to another day of extremely intense teasing and denial here on the famed FFN!," shouts the busty raven haired beauty who is the current top hostess of the network's prime time viewing hours.

Her name is Rosaria Bellitini. This 24 year old gorgeous creature first appeared on the channel a year ago. Her natural beauty, nymphomaniacal stamina, and devious expertise in edging a man quickly rose her to the top spot as voted by the network's devoted fans. She turns to allow one of the 10 cameras in the room to zoom in on the main event occurring directly behind her. A well toned and muscled guy is firmly secured to a very large pink, silk sheeted, heart shaped bed. Two gorgeous girls, one, a pig- tailed blonde with blue eyes, huge pouty lips adorned with the most crimson lipstick imaginable, firm yet soft DD tits that would make most men cum in their pants by just seeing them jiggle, is using her opera length fuzzy, blue, angora "sock gloves" in a two handed twisting jerk maneuver on the bound man's huge, throbbing, leaking pre cum like a faucet cock while the second girl, an asian goddess with the silkiest black hair and most seductive green eyes with impossibly long lashes, is lying with her perfect body and DD tits pressed intensely into the secured victim...errr, man. She is whispering the dirtiest, sexiest talk ever devised by the Sex Ninja Clan warriors into the man's ear while occasionally licking, kissing and breathing her hot, sweet breath all along the man's neck, chest, and ear. This she devil succubus is also assaulting the prisoner's huge, swollen balls with her fuzzy, red, angora knee length socks that frame her perfectly toned and long legs into pure lust creating nirvana. Her feet rub and caress the jizz filled globes with tenderness, causing the man to moan with every fuzzy downstroke. His eyes roll back into his head as the blonde picks up the pace and starts pistoning up and down his impressive 12 inches with renewed vigor! The pre cum stream doubles in volume and the blonde giggles with the proof of her expertise. "I guess our double team attack is just too much for the poor boy, huh, Miko?", the pig-tailed sexpert playfully exclaims! "NNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!", the poor man moans frustratingly as the pleasure drives him right to the brink of orgasm. "BING-BING-BING!!!!". A large flashing monitor lights up over the bed's head board as the BINGING audible alarm finally silences. ORGASM ALERT!!! is displayed in red letters on the monitor. "Careful, Bambi, he could pop sooooo easily after being subjected to our superior teasing skills", warns the asian sex ninja. "No worries, love", says Bambi as she slows down her twisting, pounding handjob to just a crawl, "We'll let him ride this edge as far as humanly possible. Our viewers REALLY love it!". With those words Bambi focuses one of her fuzz encased fingers directly on the defenseless cock's weak spot under its large, slick head. "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH...HUH-HUH.....NNNGGHHHHHHHH...F-FUCK!!!", the man grunted and groaned as the twin teasers use every trick in the book to coax as much slippery pre cum as possible from his tortured cock. Rosaria steps back into view with a huge smile on her face. "What do you think fans? Is this new teasing team ready to take on our current champions? It looks like they have been practicing with real intensity, much to our poor stud's dismay. That's the third mega level edging that they have caused in just the past 20 minutes! If they can keep this up without an accidental explosion, then they might even beat my record!".

The teasing duo continue the man's agonizing edging for a full 9 minutes. "OH- OH - OH....NNNGHHHHHHHHHHH....I-I-I'M G-GONNA.....NNNGGHHHHH.....Y-YESSS....NNGGHHHHH...I-I'M GONNA C-C-CUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!", the stud screams out as his body tightens with the imminent orgasm. "Miko!!!", cries Bambi, but the agile sex ninja is already in motion. She flips off the bed with the silence and grace of a jungle cat. She fixes her beautiful and steely gaze directly on the man's plump, over stuffed testicles as they are drawing up in preparation of firing off the world's most massive cumshot. The determined ninja fires a blindingly fast open palm strike to the man's left ball. The impact instantly freezes all cum that was pouring into the man's shaft from the left. "OOOWOWWWWOWOWOOWOOW!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! OUCCCHHHHHHH!!!!", screams the stud, but Bambi quickly applies thirty rapid, pounding strokes to his super hard cock...."UUHHHHHHHHH!!! HUH-HUH...NNNNGGGHHHHHH....STILL...NNGGHHH..G-G-GONNA.....C-CUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!", he bellows while using all his strength to try and break his bonds. "Perfect...", whispers the sex ninja master as she channels her CHI into two yellow glowing fingers. She strikes a karate pose, inhales deeply, and lunges forward with her two glowing fingers . The move is super fast and forceful. The fingers strike the man's right testicle, the impact audibly echoes throughout the studio. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....', the man almost passes out from the pain, but is amazingly brought right back to the edge by Bambi's expert use of her fuzzy, gloved hands. "NNNNGGGGHHHHHHHH....H-HOW?!?", the man barely croaks out as the mixture of pleasure and pain overtakes him. "Ancient Chinese Sexcraft, Stud.", smiles the amazingly gorgeous asian girl. "That Stunning Eagle Claw Cum Freeze technique will leave you vulnerable to our teasing for the next full two hours. In fact it has increased your pleasure sensitivity by 100 times......but it has frozen your ability to cum. Let's see how many edges and how many gallons of pre cum we can get out of you until it wears off, Stud!", triumphantly declares the expertly trained sex warrior. "I'm up for the challenge, how about you, Stud?", giggles Bambi. "N-N-NOOOOOO!!!!...NGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!", cries the man as another mega edge engulfs him. BING-BING-BING!!!!

For the next hour, Bambi and Miko work the defenseless stud's cock with sexpert handjobs, dual licking assaults, mind blowing deep throat action, and even a double hotdogging job that squeezed his throbbing manhood between both of their shapely, perfectly toned asses at the same time. The monitor on the wall was constantly BINGING out a cacophony of edge alerts. So much precum was now constantly flowing out of the stud's cock that the director began to worry that he would pass out from dehydration and lose viewers. She directed the stage hand girls to provide water to him every fifteen minutes. What the ravaged stud didn't know was that the water was laced with Viagra and a powerful aphrodisiac known only to Miko's Sex Ninja Clan. The Fetish Femdom Network was making sure to stack the deck against the stud in every way imaginable. To Miko's credit, her ancient maneuver had lived up to its name. No matter how much pleasure they drove into him, no matter how many times they tortuously edged the stud's rock hard, trembling cock, he could not cum. His moans, grunts, groans, and cries became louder and more crazed. The director almost ordered him to be gagged, until the live online fan feedback showed that 99% of their female viewers found it sexy and it turned them on as they masturbated while watching the poor stud's predicament.

Forty five minutes later....."You girls are doing an amazing job!", smiled Rosaria to the two teasing temptresses. BING-BING-BING!!!. "I have to interrupt you now for our sponsors live commercial though", she said with a fake sad look on her face. Bambi and Miko quit their dual fuzzy sock assault on the stud's cock and both got up to stretch. The stud, breathing heavily and sweating profusely, realized the break and laid his head back against a pillow muttering, "Ohhh,,, Th-Thank .. .G-Goodness......". "Not so fast, Studly", said Rosaria with a new toothy grin and a wicked look in her eye, "You are the main actor in this commercial, you lucky guy you!" With that said, she pushed a button on a remote control she was holding. The bed instantly rotated, placing the stud into a standing position. His huge dripping cock jutted out a full foot and a half from his exhausted body. His abused balls hung heavily beneath, swollen to the size of cantaloupes from all the unreleased jizz that the teasing had created within. "Now, while Miko and Bambi rest up for the second half of our show..", Rosaria explained. "S-S-Second half???.... Huh-Huh...Y-You can' serious....", the stud panted out. "Serious, sweety? That was only a warm up round compared to what we have in store for you, darling", said Rosaria, and she walked over and gave his huge balls a powerful squeeze with the black fuzzy, angora gloves she had on. "That is for interrupting a lady while she is speaking", she explained frankly. "And this....this is just for fun", she said coldly while staring directly into his bleary eyes. Even in his condition, he felt himself being turned on even more by her sexy face. His cock grew another half inch, that Ninja aphrodisiac doing amazing and scary things to his cock. Just then Rosaria delivered a thunderous kick with her extra fuzzy, angora encased foot. She caught both of the stud's swollen balls full on with the impact and drove them up into his body with such force that his dangling cock shuddered and quivered spilling copious amounts of precum out, barely missing her socked feet.. The stud's eyes crossed from the pain and he exhaled deeply and forcefully, though hardly any sound escaped his lips. The pain was just too intense. "You almost ruined my five thousand dollar pair of one of a kind, world’s finest, highest thread count angora socks, Stud! Control your lust and that frustrated sausage of yours or I will REALLY get mean! OK, where were we? Oh yes, your starring role, darling. How forgetful of me." said Rosaria as she signaled off stage. A group of twenty of the world's most gorgeous women entered in a line from the left side of the stage. They were all dolled up with sexy eye makeup and crimson lips. Their perfectly sculpted bodies were on full display aside from opera length fuzzy gloves and super fuzzy angora knee high socks. Every color of the rainbow was represented in their attire. The stud, finally regaining his composure, looked over at the bevy of beautiful ladies. His eyes slowly focused on the tits and asses on display before him. "HOLY SHIT!!!", he exclaimed as his cock creaked another two inches bigger and a puddle of precum forced its way out of his straining cock. "I present to our viewers, THE SOCKETTES! Highly trained girls selected from the world over to represent our number one sponsor, Angie's Angora and Fetish Emporium. A division of Mona Corp.", shouted Rosaria as a an all female, all gorgeous, all nude orchestra emerged from the right side of the stage on a rolling platform. They began playing the Mona Corp theme. "And now, without further you have any last words, Stud?",the beautiful hostess inquired. "Tw-twenty girls?!?! Th-that's not f-fair!!!!", he stammered as his ever hardening cock swelled to epic proportions. "Awwwww, what a gentleman you are. You are right. A measly twenty lil soft fuzzy sock clad girls versus your big, macho hard as steel cock could never be fair. Let's bring in the SOCKETTE Auxiliary and all the SOCKETTES in training!!!", Rosaria shouted with glee! Another fifteen gorgeous fuzzy gloved and socked females ran in from both sides. "Give em hell, ladies!", she smiled. The girls all looked at the stud at once, almost drooling at the thought of getting a hold of that meat. They locked arms like Rockettes and formed a line in front of the stud. The band began playing sexy striptease music as each girl in the line took her turn kicking the stud in his battered balls. WHAM! WHD! WHAM! They kicked in time with the music as the entire line parade in front of the man. DA-DA DUMMMM, DA-DA DUMMM, DUMM DUMM, DADADUMMDUMM! It was like ballbusting performed to perfect syncratic timing. A ball busting ballet! The man howled with each kick, the pain building on top of each impact of fuzzy angora covered foot. They made three passes before Rosaria interrupted them. "Well done, ladies! That really showed how well made Angie's socks are. Now how about showing how soft and sexy they feel?." The SOCKETTES giggled and smiled, fighting each other to be the first to tease the stud's swollen, achey cock. Two, three, four sets of fuzzy, soft hands at a time found their place on his huge cock. Stroking, rubbing, tickling, squeezing, there was not an inch of tender, sensitive cock meat that was not getting attacked in the most erotic and frustratingly devastating way possible. The stud moaned and groaned, unable to form intelligible words. His cock soaked up the teasing and swelled even more with lust and desire. His precum output tripled and every pair of fuzzy, angora gloves and fuzzy, angora socks that touched his super sensitive organ sent spasms of near orgasmic pleasure straight to his fevered brain.

Miko and Bambi walked back on stage and witnessed the incredibly erotic and torturous scene. The Orgasm Alert monitor had been disabled because its BINGING alarm had been too distracting to the SOCKETTES as they worked the semi conscious, drooling stud over. Right before being disabled, it was registering a 10.0 Mega Uber edge every other minute! As the teasing duo walked close to the stud, four nymphos were taking their turn on his cock. Two were assaulting the shaft with doubled handed handjobs at maximum speed, one was attacking the huge mushroom head with a specialized tongue attack right to the underside of its helmet while her fuzzy gloved hands held it excruciatingly in place, and the fourth girl had the balls all to herself. She tried to lift each bowling ball sized testicle and polish it with a combination of her soft, wet, hot tongue and the fuzzy, angora gloves. The stud regained enough of his mind to look over at Miko. He barely got out, "UNNNGGHHHHHH....two..huh-hu....NNGGHHHHH...TWO HOURS!!!.....HUH-HUH...OOOOHHHHHH...Y-YOU SAID..NNNGGHHHH i COULD CUM!!!... IN ..NNGGHHHHH...TWO HOURS!!!" Miko looked with a fake expression of shock, "How long has it been?" "At least six hours since you delivered the move, sweety.", said Bambi in a singsongy way. "Have you been naughty again?", the pig-tailed blonde smiled. "Ooooopps...Sorry, Stud. Did I accidently use two fingers? That activates many more of your Chakras pressure points. You won't be able to cum for at least twelve hours! My bad, sweety! I'm sure the SOCKETTES and me and Bambi will keep you company until you can finally achieve that release you need soooooooooo badly.", the asian beauty pouted like a schoolgirl who was about to be disciplined. "NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!! NNNNGGGHHHHHH.....I-I......C-CAN'T.......UUUNNGHHHHHHHHHH......MAKE IT......NNGGHHHHH...I-I WILL G-GO......UUNNNGGHHHHH HUH-HUH-HUH...CRAZY!!!!!", the stud screamed. "Oh don't be so dramatic, you big silly. Your cock hasn't even achieved its full potential size and sensitivity yet." Bambi exclaimed with glee. "WH-WHAT?!?...HUH-HUH...NNNNNGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH...", the stud grunted loudly as another massive edge rocked his defenseless, swollen organ as the four SOCKETTES had positioned themselves so that their delicate, fuzz covered feet could work his pulsing, dribbling schlong at the same time. "Wow, girls! Nice Arachnid Fuzzy Foot Assault you have going there. Nice synchronicity and teamwork on the rubbing strokes. You know why that maneuver has the word Arachnid in it, Stud?" Miko asked playfully. "NNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! HUH-HUH-HUH-HUH.....", the stud moaned even louder as they sped up the well practiced sexual act. "EIGHT.....NNNGGGHHHHHH...EIGHT....F-FEET....OH MY......NNNGGHHHHH...," the stud panted and moaned as another breath taking, super intense edge was wrung out of his battered and beaten cock. "Exactly!!! What a smart guy we have here, gals. That means that we haven't edged him nearly enough if he can think that clearly still.", said Rosaria with a wicked smile. "Bambi, maybe it is time to see your new invention!." "Awesome!", exclaimed the busty blonde and she bouncily ran over to the side of the stage. "I think you fans are gonna LOVE this!", Rosaria said into the camera. "You, Stud, not so much.", she gave her most seductive smile while staring directly into the poor, used man's eyes. "Here it is!", yelled Bambi as she came running back with a device that looked like a Fleshlight on steroids. "I call it THE DESTROYER! TEE-HEE!.. .I designed it with our friend here's super fetish for fuzzy, angora socks!!!", the gorgeous blonde went on to explain, "It features the most ultra soft, fuzziest angora ever created in its sheathe, along with super suction and mega twisting modes. And even 12 levels of intensity in case hours of edging desensitize his cock!", Bambi finished explaining with a huge smile on her face, quite proud of her manhood torture machine. "Shall we give it a try, Stud?", Rosaria asked. "Or should we leave it up to our fans? What do you say ladies? Has our poor stud been teased a bit too much already? Should we give him a break? Call in or log on to vote. We will let the Sockettes finish up while the votes are being tallied.", the sexy hostess delivered this chilling statement while leaning against the now vertically suspended stud. Her right arm supporting her, propped against his muscled shoulder. Another group of anxious, cock hungry SOCKETTES moved in to inflict even more teasing edges on the two foot, hard as steel cock jutting out from the stud's crotch. “Let’s rock his world, gals!”. “Yeah!!!!”, the sexy, energetic nymphos shouted in unison.

For the next three hours, the Sockettes have their way with the captured stud. Votes pour in by the millions. Rosaria enters the scene with a sheet of paper containing the results of the vote. She interrupts a particularly busty purple haired girl as she furiously rides the stud’s cock in a reverse cowgirl position. “Sorry, honey, but it is time to announce our Stud’s fate!”, Rosaria gleefully announces. “Ooooohhhh… mmmmmmm.. But…. I- I’ve only cummm…. Six times!”, the bouncing Sockette complains. “And poor Stud here has yet to squirt even a single creamy drop of hot, sweet, jizz yet… but plenty of pre cum, right, Stud?”, the gorgeous host teases. “NNNNNNGGGHHHHHHH…. G-GOTTA… HUH HUH HUH HUH….. NNNNGGHHHHHH…. C- CUMMMM!!!”, pants out the embattled stud. “Oh, well I guess I will let her keep on fucking you while I read the results then…. I was going to give you a break, but a man’s “G-GOTTA” do what a man’s “G-GOTTA” do. Heehehheheheheheheh…”, Rosaria said. “OOOOOOOHHHH YYEAHHHHHH!!!!!”, the purple haired nymphomaniac screamed while speeding her bouncing up and pounding even more of the defenseless stud’s swollen and throbbing denied cum spewer into her. “Wow, Stud, you are POPULAR!!! We had over thirteen million fans vote! Let us see how interested in seeing you teased and edged by Bambi’s “DESTROYER” they are. Hmmmmmmmm…. Twelve million nine hundred and ninety nine women vote “HELL YEA!” to unleashing the Dick Destroyer on ya, and one vote for “GIVE THE POOR GUY A BREAK”. Who could that big hearted gal be, Stud? We researched it and called her on video phone. Let us see what she has to say for herself.”, explained the beautiful network hostess.

A twenty foot video monitor descended from the ceiling with the FFN logo emblazoned on it. The screen flashed and a very pretty blonde dressed in business casual attire appeared on the screen. Rosaria greeted the blonde, “Well hello there,sweety. You are the one “NO” vote that we spoke of earlier, correct? Please tell us who you are and why you want to deny our viewers this highly erotic teasing and denial….. Experiment.” The blonde looked angrily into the screen and said, “I am Stephanie Von Wonderpussy of Stud Studios Video Productions. The man you have illegally taken is my number one male star and current boyfriend. He has starred in over ten thousand adult movies with all of the world’s hottest and sexiest female porn stars. His cock is insured for three million dollars and he has his biggest paying role ever, fifteen million dollars, coming up in two days. You will return him unharmed now or face the most severe of consequences!” Rosaria rolled her eyes at the threat and replied, “Sure, sure, honey. Tell us more about this particular pay day and all of the rules and special considerations entailed.” Wonderpussy’s eyes narrowed in anger and she stated, “Not that it is any of your business, but that Stud is participating in an elaborate sex tournament sponsored by an unknown benefactor. He was specially picked for his inhuman stamina and ability to sexhaust any woman. The rules are that he had to abstain from cumming for six month’s prior to the event’s date, and then he would engage in a no holds barred sex fight against a female champion of the benefactor’s choosing. Sexual acts and durations will be chosen at random from an “Erotic Wheel of Pleasure.” The two combatants will engage in these sex acts until one cums and loses. The winner receives the fifteen million dollar purse. Any other questions, bitch, or will you now release my property?” Rosaria smiled wickedly and replied, “So the poor dear here hasn’t cum in six months? Didn’t that cost you money, having your star actor unable to perform for six solid months? And I do mean SOLID, right, Stud? Hehehehehe…” “Obviously you do not know what a professional the stud is, you tart. He was legally required to uphold his contract of starring in at least four pornos… errrrr… adult movies per week. Six scenes of at least thirty minutes of fucking each per movie. He performed like a true champion, never cumming once!” Wonderpussy announced proudly. “He still fucked and was sucked by hot, porn starlets for the entire six month denial period?!? That must have been excruciatingly frustrating and difficult.”, Rosaria asked in disbelief. “Indeed it was. I had fluffers on stand by with ice buckets whenever he became too excited. A little ball busting action kept him in check the rest of the time.”, Wonderpussy said. Meanwhile the purple haired nympho came again upon the stud’s still raging and achey hard on. She screamed in pleasure and collapsed in a heap on top of him. “There! See! My Stud can out fuck any slut alive, well, except me.”, Wonderpussy triumphantly announced. Three Sockettes drug there super satisfied sister off of the stage. A huge, goofy, sexhausted smile permanently plastered on her face. Three other Sockettes instantly joined the fray against the throbbing cock as soon as it was cleared. These girls obviously meant business as the first thing they did was place a fuzzy, angora sock on to the stud’s cock. Even though it fit their perfectly gorgeous feet and calves, the fuzzy sock bulged and strained as it was tightly fitted down over the two foot and growing super dick. “Ooooohhhh, he likes!” “His manager should have never mentioned his weakness for fuzzy, angora socks in that interview!” “Yeah, she totally gave us the secret to his Kryptonite. Hhehehehheee!” The three Sockettes began twisting the fuzzy material all over the straining cock, the soft, warm, fuzz hitting all of the stud’s weakest points. “NNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! HUH HUH HUH… MS W- W- WONDER PUSSY!!! Y- YOU… HUH HUH HUH G- GOTTA…. NGGGHHHHHHHHHHH… HUH HUH… S- SAVE ME!!!! NNNGGGHHHHH….”, THE STUD MOANED OUT IN BETWEEN THE SOCKETTE’S GIGGLES.

“You will pay for this!”, Wonderpussy howled. “No one messes with my business. No one messes with my money! AND NO ONE, I REPEAT, NO ONE MESSES WITH MY COCK WITH OUT MY PERMISSI….”. Rosaria pressed a button cutting off the video monitor in mid sentence. “We will check back with the charming Ms Wimpiepussy in a while, but FIRST! The moment you all have been waiting for! Bambi and …… THE DESTROYER!!!”, she raised her arms in a dramatic gesture as the lighting changed to a crimson hue and the band played a sexy tune as Bambi strode over to the Stud. The Sockettes were still greedily teasing and edging the bucking cock with their soft little hands and feet. “Clear out now, ladies. TEE HEE..”, Bmbi said with a giggle, “It is time for me to get SERIOUS!!!” With those words she pushed the Sockettes aside and gestured for Miko to join her. “Miko, can you whip up another sexy super fuck ninja move to make our boy toy here even hornier and more sensitive? Oh, and you might wanna prolong the denial effect as while. I may be a master of edging and reading when to stop just before a guy cums, but with all the action this poor dick has seen today, he might just slip one past me. Tee hee.” The silky, sexy raven haired sex ninja master smiled seductively and began concentrating her Chi. “Well,” ahe said playfully, “As long as it is for science.” “Science? Oh yea, I hypothesize that the Stud here is gonna be more pent up, frustrated, lust filled, and edged than any other dude in history!!!”, Bambi exclaimed with wickedness and glee. Miko placed both of her glowing hands on Stud’s cum filled, straining balls and shouted, “SUPER CORKER DELUXE MEGA NINPO!!!” A huge electrical discharge flashed and blinded everyone on the stage. The stud howled in electrical pain as his balls surged with the supernatural sex ninja power. When vision returned to all those watching, they could see that the stud’s balls had grown even more, and more importantly, were pulsing with a faint yellow energy. “HOT DAMN, MIKO!!!!”, shouted Bambi, “Just what in the heck was that?” “Ancient Chinese Secret, the Chi surge will triple the stud’s cum production, yet permit no release. Only swelling and churning as new jizz is constantly made. The desire to cum will become even more unbearable with each passing minute.”, explained Miko. “And now for the sensitivity part….” “W- W- Wait!!!!” Stud interrupted, “H- H- How can you gals be s- so wicked?” The two teasers just looked at each other and smiled. Miko continued, “Watch closely now. I am going to activate thirteen pressure points on that over grown schlong that will increase his sensitivity to every touch, every rub, every fuzzy stroke by double after every edge. Exponential increases will make his libido sky rocket and hopefully not drive him totally insane.”, the sex master’s hands then became a blur as they struck the thirteen key points in the blink of an eye. “H- HOLY SHITTTT!!!!!”, the stud shouted as he felt his cock scream with new found pleasure. Every nerve ending seemed to quadruple in strength and tingle with intensity. “Perfect..”, Bambi whispered to Miko. She then activated the DESTROYER’s control button and slowly descended it down towards the pulsing cock. Whhhhiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr…… the device’s motors could be heard as it approached the doomed organ. “S- stop!!! L- let’s talk about this!!!!”, the stud howled as his super sensitive mushroom head entered the tight, silky, fuzzy yet vise like grip of the DESTROYER. Bambi grinned menacingly and plunged the device down all the way to the stud’s balls. “Good thing I designed this thing to accomodate even elephant like cocks, huh, Stud? How does it feel?”, Bambi asked in a display of true scientific inquiry. The stud was unable to speak. The pleasure centers in his brain were lit up like an over active pinball machine as every fuzzy caress of the DESTROYER triggered every nerve ending in his cock. “No comment, huh, tough guy? Ok, let’s try setting number two.”, the blonde erotic scientist punched another button on the device and the Whirring stepped up a notch. She began rhythmically pumping the DESTROYER up and down the length of the stud’s cock slowly. He broke out into a fevered sweat. Gulping loudly as his erotic fuzzy, angora fetish was exploited to the max. “Level three..”, purred the blonde sex goddess and the DESTROYER ratcheted up its swirling and whirring. The tight fuzzy enclosure was now working the stud’s cock over to the equivalent of thirty sexy angora socked feet at the same time. His muscles strained and his eyes slammed shut as the sex master whammy made him doubly sensitive for the fourth time. “Let us skip to level eight!”, giggle Bambi impatiently. WHIRRRRRRRRRRRRRR… the never tiring, merciless DESTROYER cranked up to unbearable levels of stimulation, even without the super aphrodisiac and sex ninja master whammies. “UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!”, the stud howled as multiple mega class edges ripped through his cock. The fuzzy, angora material tickling and stimulating more than he ever thought imaginable. “Good work, Bambi”, joked MIKO, “You broke him so he can’t even speak english anymore.” The studio full of sexy women all broke into laughter over this joke.

For three more hours Bambi slowly ratcheted up the DESTROYER’s level. Each new level brought a louder WHIRRING and more edges out of the stud’s cock. By the time she hit level twelve, she was pumping it up and down on the stud’s huge cock at a blurred pace. She taunted him, yelling “CUM! CUM! I KNOW YOU WANT TO YOU BIG DICKED BASTARD! SHOW ME HOW MUCH JIZZ THOSE FREAKISHLY HUGE BALLS HAVE IN THEM!!!” The stud would have been more than happy to oblige her at this point. Exploding his extremely pent up reservoir of cum was all he could think about. He would gladly forfeit the upcoming sex tournament and pay any amount to just get a little relief. Miko had been enjoying the erotic show, but started to have thoughts of pity on the poor stud. She snuggled in next to him and started whispering in his ear so only he could hear. Bambi’s furious pounding on his schlong was quite distracting to all the viewers, so Miko felt she could talk to the stud through whispers with out drawing attention. Hopefully everybody would assume that she was just turning up the heat by whispering dirty talk directly into the stud’s ear like she was earlier. In truth, the pounding, twisting erotic action that Bambi was enacting on the quivering stud’s cock had all those present and watching at home enthralled. Never had they witnessed a man’s fuzzy, angora fetish exploited to such a degree and with such intensity.

“How you doing there, Stud?, Miko whispered to him. Her warm, sweet breath in his ear only inflamed his already raging inferno of lust more. “I want to help you. It has been quite fun teasing you, but even I can not watch you go insane. I will unblock the sex magic keeping you from cumming. I only need to touch the right spot on your balls with the right amount of Chi to break it. You will cum harder and longer than you ever had before. I have to make it look like an accident though. If you want my help, stop bucking your hips for three seconds.” The stud couldn’t believe his luck! Finally, one of these crazy women had come to their senses. He had been involuntarily bucking his hips up into the furiously pounding DESTROYER for the past hour. He had hoped that the extra stimulation would send him over the edge and grant him his long denied relief. Now it took all of his will power, but he did it. He stopped his hips and lay still for as long as he could. “What is the matter, Stud? All tuckered out? Don’t worry, I can go ALLLLLLLLLL night, big boy!”, Bambi joked as she noticed that the stud quit humping. The crowd once again broke out into laughter. Miko received his signal, and whispered back, “Ok then, enjoy cumming, Stud.” She slowly made her way down the stud’s body, kissing and licking weak spots as she went. She finally reached his balls and began licking them with her hot, wet, soft tongue. “This is it! I am finally gonna cum!!!!”, the stud anxiously thought to himself. He felt Miko’s fingers on his balls and the radiant electrical tingle as her Chi built up.

Just then a loud crash was heard throughout the studio. The skylights broke and ropes dropped in as sexy special forces female agents descended in. Chaos erupted as the crowd dispersed in panic. Miko was just about to finish breaking the denial whammy when a special agent knocked her unconscious with a blow to the back of her head. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”, screamed the stud as his release was thwarted. Worse yet, The DESTROYER was left WHIRRING away at full power on his ever growing sensitive schlong throughout the whole hour long rescue. Bambi and Rosaria escaped out the back, but all of the Sockettes were captured. The special forces females searched the stage and secured the perimeter. The front doors burst open and Mistress Von Wonderpussy herself strode into the stage wearing black sunglasses, lingerie, hi heels, and a white fur coat. “Look sharp troops, find that bitch who disrespected me and her bimbo accomplices. And for Pete’s sake, somebody get that crazy fuck machine off my cock!!!” It took three female agents working together to wrench the DESTROYER off of the stud’s cock, Its suction was just that strong. Wonderpussy walked up to the still secured stud, “How you doing, champ? Those crazy bitches didn’t do any permanent damage I hope.” “Uuuuuuhhhhhh… I d- don’t think so. I feel like my body was thrown through a grinder a few times…. Uuhhhhh…. My cock is still crazy sensitive.”, said the stud in a gravelly voice. “No worries, Stud. We will get you out of these restraints and home in no time flat. Then we will ice those balls and cock down and undo whatever magical whammy that asian slut put on you before your big sex match.”, explained Wonderpussy. “We traced the online transmission as fast as we could. It was mega encoded till just an hour ago. They must have had a malfunction that thankfully let us crack it. I brought fifty of my most well trained sex commandos. Those bimbos never stood a chance!” Just then all the doors and windows seal up with steel plates. The sex commandos look around in a panic. A strange, pink gas begins emanating from the floor. “What the heck is this?”, screams Wonderpussy to her second in command. Before the gorgeous captain can reply, the huge video monitor flashes on. Rosaria and Bambi are on the screen laughing. “You fell right into our trap, Wondersappy. We disabled our encoding so you would blunder upon our location. Your sexual skills and those of your famed sex commandos are infamous. We wanted to see a little demonstration ourselves. Personally. With your super stud porno actor. The viewers will pay millions!”, announced a triumphant Rosaria. “You are delusional, slut. My commandos and I are way too disciplined to start fucking just because you have us trapped.”, said Wonderpussy. “Oh I know that, Ice Queen. That is why we added that special pink gas to the mix. It is quite the powerful aphrodisiac and it also contains mind control pheromones. You will be under our command soon enough….hahahhahahahhahahhahhahahah.”, laughed Rosaria.

Sure enough, though they fought valiantly, the sex commandos fell under the sway of the powerful gas. Wonderpussy was the last to give in, cursing the entire time. Finally, the room grew silent. The stud found himself alone with fifty smoking hot sex commandos, thirty captured Sockettes all under the gas’s effects as well, and the one and only super porn starlet turned studio head herself, Von Wonderpussy. Sex ninja Miko still lay in a corner unconscious as well. The video monitor turned toward the stud, and Rosaria addressed him, “Well, well, stud. Another fine mess you find yourself in. And look, your cock is still all swollen and throbby. I think we will have to teach those balls a little respect before we go on with the teasing. Bambi, equip the troops please.” “With pleasure, sweety.”, Bambi presses yet another button and a huge pile of angora socks, gloves and lingerie falls into the room. “Okay girls, for your first order, get naked and put on the fuzziest, softest angora socks and accessories you can find.”, commands Rosaria. “Enjoy this break, Stud, because things are about to heat up for ya!”, jokes Bambi. Stud watches in disbelief as all the super hot, sexy women follow their orders. He gulps loudly as he watches each pair of knee high and thigh high fuzzy ,angora socks and leggings be slowly pulled up around shapely legs. Finally all the sex goddesses are outfitted and ready for action. “I think we will have a little contest, ladies. Sockettes versus sex commandos…. Wait, that name is so blahhh… let me think… Ok, Sockettes versus Fuzzettes in a ball busting competition to end all ball busting competitions. Bambi and I will be the judges. Judging criteria are raw sexiness, strength of fuzzy, angora socked kicks, the stud’s reaction, style, and whatever bonus points we deem worthy since we are your bosses now. Ready ladies? Show us what you got. Fuzzettes are up first.!”

The sex commandos now reborn as the brutal ball smashing Fuzzettes, form a line in front of the once again vertical Stud. He tries furiously to free himself from the restraints to no avail. He pleads and begs for the Fuzzettes to remember who they are and not to deliver the cruel ball busting that he knows is coming. They just ignore him and continue loosening up with sexy stretches and yoga poses. “OK, enough warm up! Make those balls regret ever being born!” The stud realizes that there is no stopping this. His balls are so swollen and full that they are easy targets for the beautiful ball breakers. No dodging or juking is gonna save him. The first Fuzzette up is a stikingly beautiful red head with a pony tail. She has on fuzzy red angora socks that come up to her mid thigh. Her pale white skin stands out in contrast to the redness of her socks, hair, and little bush. She point a well manicured finger directly at the Stud’s balls and yells, “Defend yourself, tough guy!” She then perfoms two forward one handed cart wheels and uses that momentum to deliver a left legged footed ball strike directly to the underside of both bowling ball sized balls. Her fuzzy socked foot remains rubbing against the balls for a full fifteen seconds after the strike. The stud lets out a loud “OOOOOOFFFF!!!” and grimaces in pain. The red head then lunges back placing both palms on the floor. She thrusts both of her red fuzzy feet with tremendous force into the balls from the front. She once again leaves her legs extended rubbing her fuzzy socks along the swollen nuts as she forces them backwards. “UUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGHHHH!!!!”, screeches the stud as the pain rockets through his defenseless gonads. The red head stands up and delivers a brisk thirty second fuzzy sock job to the stud’s shaft while balancing on one leg. Finally satisfied, she goes to the back of the line. Even with the excruciating pain, the fuzzy rubbing on his shaft has reignited the fires of the stud’s lust. His huge cock stands rock hard again, providing no cover for his totally exposed nutsack. “Wow, that was quite an athletic showing, eh, Bambi. I think these Fuzzettes might just give the Sockettes a run for their money.” “We will see, Rosaria. I trained some of the Sockettes personally. They know a few tricks that really make those balls pay.”

Fuzzette number two is a tall, slender amazon looking beauty. She has amazingly long legs wrapped in tight green fuzzy angora. She walks slowly towards the stud, smiling the whole time. With out warning, she begins a flurry of side kicks with her right leg. They are blindingly fast and she advances, hopping and balancing on her left leg. The kicks make contact with the stud’s balls. So many sharp, furious kicks are delivered in a short span that the judges lose count. The Fuzzette finishes the assault with a spinning roundhouse kick that impacts the right side of the stud’s balls like a sledge hammer. His eyes cross and his mouth opens wide as the pain rocks his nads. “Holy Shit! We gotta see a slow motion replay of that kick!”, yells Bambi. And the big screen does exactly that. The impact shows ripples flow through the stud’s plump right ball at the point of impact. The ripples flow all the way over to the left ball as they are rocketed from side to side. “That has really gotta hurt, huh, Stud?”, asks Rosaria. The battered man offers up no reply as he moans softly.

Fuzzette round three is a duo. One is a buxom short brown haired nymph with rainbow colored fuzzy angora thigh highs. The second girl is a platinum blonde bombshell with DD tits and fuzzy white thighs that say BUST! In red down the sides. At this point the bed is moved from behind the vertically hanging stud so that his balls can absorb damage from all angles. The brown haired Fuzzetted approaches from the front, and The BUST! Bombshell approaches from the rear. “We call this the SQUEEZE PLAY!!!” they say in unison. They sandwich the hanging stud between their hot sexy bodies. Big tits mashing into his chest and back. Then They count in unison, “One!”, they each raise their right fuzzy covered knee into the stud’s balls in a pincer like strike. “OOOOOOOOOOOFFFFF!!!!”, he exhales. “TWWO!!!”, they then each raise their left knee into his swollen, achey balls. The move ensure that every square inch of ballsack is struck by their fuzzy weapons. “AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!”, screams the stud. “THREEEEE!!!!!”, yell the vixens as they both simultaneously leap into the air place their hands on the stud’s shoulders for leverage, and each ring up both knees in a true squeezing play on his balls. “HHHHHHUUUUUURRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!”, the stud cries as the pain drives up from his balls into his stomach. The girls then Firmly plant one leg and alternate knee shots shouting “ONE! TWO! ONE! TWO!” They finish up by planting a front left knee and rear right knee to the same ball, then holding ever increasing pressure to that defenseless orb. “UUUNNGGHHHHHH!!! S- S- STOP!!!!.... UUNNGHHHH,,, P- P- PLEASE!!!!!!”, cries the Stud. The dangerous duo finally releases the squeeze and walk back in line. “O M G!!! Rosaria, I have never seen that move done so expertly before!” “Yeah, Bambi, the stud is in for a real brutal night if all the Fuzzettes are as good as these were.”

The next girl is in a cheerleader uniform with a short red skirt, blue fuzzy thigh highs and an unbuttoned white fuzzy angora sweater that is exposing her perfect DD tits bouncing excitedly. Her blonde hair is in pig tails and she is chanting as she skips up to the Stud. “TWO ! FOUR! SIX! EIGHT! WHOSE BALLS ARE WE GONNA BREAK? GO FUZZETTES!!!” The other girls cheer her on as she bounces around whipping them in to a frenzy. “BE AGGRESSIVE! BALL BUST AGGRESSIVE!” She begins a series of cheer leading high kicks that all find the stud’s balls as their target. He whinces in pain with each kick. She then leaps into the air planting each foot onto the tops of each ball, somehow amazingly balancing herself up there. She continues chanting, “B- U- S- T! YOUR BALLS DON’T HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE!” SHE FINISHES THE SHOW WITH A TWISTING DISMOUNT, THE STUD FEELS THE FUZZY ANGORA TWIST AND RUB ON THE TOPS OF HIS BALLS AS SHE FLIPS DOWN AND CATCHES HIM WITH A RIGHT FUZZY FOOT TO THE EXACT UNDERSIDE CENTER OF HIS BALLS. “HHHHHHHHMMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHH….”, the stud would have crumpled up if not suspended from the ceiling. The cheerleader looks over her shoulder with a sexy smile and says, “Good effort, boy. See you at the next game!” She blows him a kiss and gives him a wink as she gets back in line. “I like her!”, says Rosaria. “Ahhh she is a floozy”, says an obviously jealous Bambi. “Who is next?”

And so it goes, for the next four hours, the Fuzzettes put on a display of ball busting master craftmanship as the world had never seen. The Sockettes looked on in admiration and awe, learning quite a bit. Mistress Wonderpussy had yet to enter the contest, until finally…….

“Step back you simpletons. Allow a woman of culture and breeding to show you how a man’s testicles are to be truly treated.”, Wonderpussy stated confidently. She strode up to the delirious from pain stud and cupped his chin in one of her elegantly gloved hands. She looked defiantly into his eyes and said, “Prepare yourself, boy toy, for all that you have endure so far is only a warm up for what I have in store for you. Pain, mind numbing, soul crushing pain that radiates from your bloated man sacks to every fiber of your being. You will not walk for a week when I am done with you, and every step after that will be an excruciating reminder of the deep, deliberate, unyielding, intense, life changing suffering that I have inflicted upon your very manhood. Weep now, Stud, no one will think less of you. HAHHAHHAHAHHAHAAHA!!!” She snapped her fingers and four of the most gorgeous Fuzzettes stepped up to the stud. One in front, one behind, one on the left, and one on the right. “FINISH HIM!”, she calmly stated and turned her back and walked away. The girls began a flurry of super hard fuzzy toe encased ball kicks that struck the stud’s nuts from every angle imaginable. WHACK! WHUD! WHAP!WHACK! The furious flurry of kicks did not stop, even after five minutes. The stud let out one last antagonized roar, “UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”, AND PASSED OUT FROM THE SHEER PAIN. The other girls just stared, mouths hung open. They had never seen such a brutal display of ball breaking fury. The stud’s nuts were now swollen to the size of beach balls. Black and blue all over. “They will be tender to the touch for weeks.”, Wonderpussy stated, “He will never forget who was the woman who broke him. A real lady would never lower herself to touch those disgusting things while she has loyal servants to do it for her. I crushed his mind, his spirit. That left the flesh an easy target. Now, release me or feel my wrath!”

Rosaria and Bambi both sat in awe of this amazingly powerful woman. How had she broken the effect of the gas? They both decided that releasing Wonderpussy and the Fuzzettes.. Errrr… sex commandos was a wise choice. Wonderpussy took the Sockettes with her as well. She could use them in her plans. The stud was carefully loaded into the chopper, still unconscious from the fuzziest brutal ball beating ever. Miko managed to elude capture when she came to. She knew her path would cross with the Stud’s and Wonderpussy’s in the near future, but more training was required. She vowed to master every form of Sexcraft and ball breaking ever invented so that she could emerge as the one true sex ninja master.

Was this the end of the FFN? What about the mysterious sex tournament? Could the stud recover in time, and if so, how could he hope to not blow at the first touch of stimulation after being teased so ruthlessly? Will we ever find out?

- - -

Thanks to Knave for all his great artwork, ideas, and dedication to his fans.


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