K & L: The Twin Gymnasts (by Mahal)

It was a hot summer day in the middle of June and 15 year old Chris was working out. Chris is 5'8, has short brown hair and is skinny, yet well toned with some muscle. Chris hated the summer heat, but not because it was hot. He hated the heat because of his abnormally long ball sac that would sag and end up swinging and swaying annoyingly. At full length his balls hung nearly as low as his knees! Because of this, Chris made sure to set the AC in the house on blast whenever his parents left so that his long scrotum would shrivel to a "normal" size. His two older twin sisters, Kayla and Layla who are 18, hated how cold Chris kept the house. The twins are 5'4 gymnasts; two of the best in the state. They're considered "fit - thick" because of their strong curvy figures. They had long curled brunette hair and plump pink lips that glistened in the light. Not to mention their perky C-cup breasts and curvy bubble butts that stood out in any bottoms they chose to wear. They were matching wearing black leggings and super tight black athletic jackets with white zippers that squeezed the life out of their breasts to the point they had to unzip them a little and expose some cleavage. They were nearly matching with exception to their fluffy angora cotton socks that they had to wear indoors to keep their feet warm . . . during the summer! Their sexy smooth feet were nice and toasty as Kayla wore her pink fluffy socks and Layla wore her yellow fluffy socks. "I just don't understand why that stubborn - ass selfish boy keeps the house so cold!" said Kayla. "Well he's been like that ever since he was a baby. Maybe he's trying to cryopreserve the sperm in his nuts! Haha!" said Layla. "Ha! If that were possible I'm sure it'd be painful. Hell, I'd pay to see the punk squirm around clutching his frozen snow balls!" said Kayla. "That would bring a whooole new meaning to the term BLUE balls! Hahaha!" Layla replied. "Pfff! Right! What's he doing anyways?" Kayla asked. "Working out." Layla said with a roll to her eyes. "Riiight." replied Kayla. The twins spent some time in Kayla's room watching funny videos on YouTube. As they jumped from video to video they eventually stumbled upon one where a guy was lying down on the grass with his legs spread wide. There was a hot girl a few yards away from him facing his splayed legs. The twins sat in anticipation for what was to come next. The girl then took off running towards the guy on the ground and proceeded to perform a front flip. As the gap between the girl and the guy was nearly closed, the twins knew this was going to be good. CRUNCH! The girl flipped and stuck the landing standing with BOTH feet atop the guy's NUTS! You could literally hear his nuts crack as the girl stepped off of her landing targets with a satisfied smile. "Ooooouuuuuu!" the twins said. They looked at each other and bit their plump bottom lip with a satisfied grin. "Ooouuu" they cooed as they watched the guy writh on the ground in agony. "I'd love to do that to some of the ass holes at school who grab my ass!" said Layla. "Oh yeah. Those stubborn assholes deserve it! I wonder . . . how many flips does it take to crush an ass hole's nuts to paste?" Kayla asked. "Hmm. Maybe one?" Layla replied. "Two . . . if you have a twin." Kayla answered with a wink and a smile. The girls pondered the thought for a while and then like mirror images, they turned towards each other with a wide evil grin. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Oooh yesss." they said in unison. Chris was downstairs working up a little sweat doing some pushups when he heard his sisters coming downstairs. He rolled his eyes anticipating that they were about to complain about the temperature in the house once again and continued his pushups. "Hey Chriiis! Whatcha doin?" asked Kayla with Layla right beside her. Chris looked up at his sisters, his face scrunched and annoyed. "Working out! Duuuh. And if you're going to try and play the sweet girl role to get what you want you can forget about it. The AC is staying where it is." "Oh Chris, we're not going to bother you about that. How about you let us help you workout? Hm?" Layla asked with Kayla nodding in approval. Chris ignored them and continued his pushups. "Oooh come on Chrisy Wissy. You know we're top gymnasts and strong. Let us show you sooome . . . ball - busting - workouts! They're sure to give you a sweat!" Layla said. Chris knew his sisters were top notch gymnasts and that they could possibly give him some pointers. He froze in the up pushup position and thought about it. "Okay. If it's that hard I'll commit to it then, but this better be good. Whatcha got for me?" he asked. The twins plan had begun. "Great Chrisy! Well since you're already in the correct position for the first exercise, we'll begin here." Kayla said. Chris wasn't a very smart guy. His stubbornness was like a spell to the point where he'd go through whatever he'd commit to. This proved to be positive in some cases, but this was a commitment he'd wish to regret. "Just spread your legs. Your feet are too close." Layla said. Chris complied. "No! Fuuurther." Kayla demanded. Chris complied, but still didn't spread his legs far enough. "Spread your legs!" Kayla commanded. Now frustrated, Kayla brought her fuzzy socked foot back to kick his leg out further, but "accidentally" ended up giving a swift kick to Chris' balls. WHUP! Kayla's foot planted right in between Chris' basketball shorts. "Aaawwhhhh!" Chris groaned. His eyes crossed, arms trembled and his abs tightened. "Oops!" Kayla said trying to keep herself from laughing. With her fingertips pressed on her lip in "concern" she withdrew her foot. Layla giggled. "Are you alright Chrisy Wissy?" the twins asked in unison. Chris regained control of his eyes and arms and took in a deep breath. "Yeah. Woah that was intense. No wonder you call it a ballbusting workout! My balls and abs were on fire. Is this the workout?!" he asked. The twins looked at each other perplexed. Their brother was dumber than they thought. The plan was meant to be short and sweet for Chris' balls, but now they knew they could extend their fun for a lot longer. "Uh yeah! We're uh, starting you off with planks. Planks workout your entire core and with us kicking you in the balls, your abs will get a more intense workout. So stay right there." Layla explained. "Yeah. You're going to hold that position for 4 sets with 1 minute durations and 30 second rests while Layla and I kick your balls from behind full force. Any questions Chrisy Wissy?" Kayla asked. "Full force?! 30 second rest?!" Chris exclaimed. "Yep! Timer ready? And go!" Layla announced. Before Chris could utter another word, WHUP! The first kick by Kayla. WHUP! The second kick by Layla. The girls kept alternating and never slowed down. WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP! Chris' eyes began to cross again and his mouth hung wide open like Ghostface from Scream. WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP! The twins were clearly enjoying their work as when the minute was almost over they kicked even harder. WHUP WHUP WHUP! "Aaand time!"Layla announced. Chris fell to the floor in a heap, eyes still crossed. He never knew a minute could feel so long or so painful. "Wow Chris! You just took 74 full force kicks in the balls! Ha!" Kayla said. Chris moaned in agony as his balls throbbed in response to their newfound treatment. Chris had never been kicked in the balls before. "So Chris? How do your ba-, I mean abs feel?" Layla asked. Chris managed to speak, "Well . . . th-". Beep-beep! "Times up! Get up!" Kayla demanded. Chris was shocked at how fast half of a minute went by. How could a minute feel so long yet half a minute feel so short! Chris grunted and got back in position. WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP! The girls were back at it and even fiercer. They really laid it on him. This wasn't just about his stubbornness towards the AC, but for everything else he needed to pay for. WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP! Chris' arms were really trembling now. The kicks were just too painful. WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP! "Time!" Kayla yelled. "This time you took 67 kicks in the balls Chrisy! I bet your abs are feeling really sore now huh!" Layla said winking towards Kayla. Oh Chris was sore alright, but it wasn't his abs. It felt as though his balls were twice their size now. Beep-beep! "Set 3! Get up!" Layla commanded. Chris managed to draw strength from his wobbly arms and got up. WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP! By this time Chris had been in so much pain, he wasn't sure if his eyes were crossed or not. WHUP WHUP! He just hung on taking his sisters' kicks. Their socks were soft, but their kicks were brutal. Chris knew his sisters had powerful legs, but he had no idea gymnastics made them THAT strong! WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP! "Time!" Kayla announced. Chris fell to the floor with his body giving slight twitches. "Phew! All of this ball kicking has me working up a sweat!" Layla said fanning herself. "Oooh yeah! Phew! You took 70 kicks that time Chrisy! Hang in there!" Kayla encouraged. "Aaauuuh..." Chris replied to his sister's encouragement. "I've got an idea Chrisy! How would you like less kicks?" Layla asked. Chris twitched a little on the floor. "...I'll take that as a yes!" Layla said and whispered her idea to Kayla. With a wicked smile, Kayla agreed. "Rest up Chrisy Wissy. We'll be riiight back." Kayla said blowing a kiss to her twitching brother. A minute later and Chris was somewhat revived. *clank clank clank clank* Chris knew this sound and his balls squirmed in fear knowing they were in for some trouble. "Alright Chrisy. Last set! Get in position! We've already wasted enough time!" Kayla commanded. Chris looked over at his sisters' feet. They both were wearing their black rounded closed-toe heels. Any heels were dangerous for a man's balls, but the rounded closed-toe heels held no escape for a man's baby makers. "Hurry up! We need to move on to the next exercise!" Layla demanded. Chris gulped and slowly got into position. "Alright Chrisy. For the last set you'll only be timed for 40 seconds. BUT your balls will be kicked even harder with our heels on now. But hey, you can take it. Just flex your abs with every kick." Layla explained. "Yeah we're going to get your abs niiice and sore." Kayla said licking her plump lips. Chris gulped and nodded. Layla smiled, "Alright Chrisy. Forty seconds . . . aaand GO!" WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM! Chris had never felt so much pain before. WHAM WHAM WHAM! His face was wider than the Ghostface mask now. WHAM WHAM WHAM! He began to drool and make crazy mewling sounds. WHAM WHAM WHAM! Chris couldn't stay up. With 30 seconds left he fell to the floor head and shoulders down, arms limp, back arched inwards, but unfortunately . . . with his ass up and legs still spread widely. The twins smiled evily and glared at their orb-like targets which were now swollen enough to be imprinted and seen through Chris' basketball shorts. WHAM WHAM WHAM! "Come ooon Chriiis" Layla sung encouragingly. WHAM WHAM! "Yeah! We're not going to stop kicking your balls just because you fell down. Not until the clock stops." Kayla said. WHAM! "Besides! We're going to get those abs of yours as soooore as possible!" Layla said with a sweet smile. Chris just laid there motionless. WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAAAAM! "TIME! PHEEEEW! What a workout!" Kayla said. "Oh yeah! Phew! You said it sista!" Layla replied. "Hey Chris! You took 36 kicks that time. You sure are lucky that our legs were tired. Hmph!" Kayla pouted. Chris' hands were twisted and crinkled and twitched as if he had just been diagnosed with arthritis. His eyes were crossed so far, you'd believe one could see into the other. As for the rest of his face, his mouth expressed some sort of crazy smile that made him look worried yet satisfied. "Well well well . . . looks like you just took 247 kicks to the nuts Chrisy Wissy!" Layla said. "Even though you kinda gave up on us during that last set, good job!" said Kayla. The girls walked up to Chris' butt, which was still up, and gave him a good slap to his cheeks. His swollen balls swayed back and forth slowly from the sudden impact on his ass. "Hmmm, well how about we get some water before moving on to the next exercise. My back sweat is going down my ass crack." Layla said squeezing her plush butt cheeks together while fondling Chris' heavy hanging swollen balls with her warm fuzzy socked toes. "Sounds good to me." Kayla agreed. Kayla approached Chris and bent over seductively with her hands on her knees. "Sorry about your ballsy wallsies Chrisy Wissy. Would you like some water?" Kayla said shaking her ass back and forth. Chris' fingers twitched. "...Well I'll take that as another yes." Kayla winked and smiled. The girls walked away to the kitchen. Their hips swayed and bubble butts bounced with every step in their leggings. "So what do you think we should do next to his balls? We've already kicked the shit out of them! Ha!" Layla laughed. "Oh I've got a good one for him. Reeeaaal good." Kayla said biting her lip. The girls returned to Chris with water. Chris was still lying in the same position from when the ladies left. "Well I guess he's not going to be able to drink it so-" Kayla splashed all of Chris' water on his face. Chris started to regain consciousness. His crazy smirk vanished and his eyes flung back to their normal spot in their sockets. He manged to draw enough strength to get onto all fours, but that was as far as he could go. "Aaawwhhhh . . . . . my baaaalls." he moaned. The ladies couldn't help but giggle at their little brother's pain. "Yeah, yeah. Your balls, your balls. But what about your abs?" Layla asked "intrigued". "They're sooo sooore." Chris said in response to his baby makers. "Great! Then let's move on to the next exercise." Kayla said excitedly. Chris could barely get up. "Aww, come on Chris. Don't let us down. Matter of fact, don't let . . . Brittany down." Kayla said with a smile knowing her brother would respond quicker to Brittany's name. Brittany was the hottest girl at Chris' school. Chris only wanted to workout and get buff to impress Brittany before summer break was over. By hearing that name, something sparked in Chris. His balls said no, but his heart said yes. "For Brittany!" Chris thought proudly. Once again Chris' stubbornness got the best of him and he got up. Layla winked at Kayla in approval of her quick thinking. "Alright Chrisy poo. We're going to give that upper body of yours a rest. I'm sure your arms will be grateful." Layla said. All Chris could think about was how grateful his balls would be if they got a rest and maybe some sweet tender care from Brittany. "Right. Your next exercise will be wall squats! So get up and post yourself up against the wall and squat down with your legs at a 90 degree angle." Kayla instructed. Chris got up and got into the wall squat position, fearing the possibility of extra instructions. "Oh! And spread your legs." Kayla added. Fear accomplished. Chris reluctantly spread his legs. "Good! You spreaded them properly this time. So, you'll hold this position for 4 sets with 1 minute durations and 30 second rests again. The only thing different this time is we're not only going to kick you in the balls, but also punch, slap and whatever else we want during the minute." Layla explained. "But why? Why do you have to hurt my balls so much?" Chris asked a little frightened. "Oooh. It's all to pump out more testosterone." Kayla said. Chris was confused. "Right! Ya see Chris, the source of a man's overwhelmimg strength over a woman is his testosterone which is a hormone made in those testicles of yours. It's proven that if a man's balls are beaten during exercise, their testosterone will pump faster through their body which will increase the speed of your growing muscles." Layla expertly lied. "Hmm. Well I guess that makes sense. Let's do it, but could you two layoff the power a bit? I don't know how much I can take." Chris said. "Okay, well Layla and I will back off for the first set, but after that it's back to normal. We need to speed up that testosterone pump." said Kayla. The girls laid on their back in between Chris' legs and dangled their feet beneath his balls. Then Layla said, "Alright Chrisy. We're starting the timer right . . . now!" The girls fired a flurry of light kicks to Chris' balls. Kick kick kick kick kick! Though they were light, the nonstop contact to his hanging balls was still painful enough to cause Chris' head to swing from side to side. "They're like jingling keys!" Layla said. Kick kick kick kick! "Or jingling balls!" Kayla replied. "Jingle balls! Jingle balls! Jingle all the way!" the twins sang. The weight of Chris' orbs on their fuzzy covered toes felt so good. With 10 seconds left they decided to turn up the heat. KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK! Chris was completely caught off guard as his jaw dropped in awe. "Time!" announced Kayla. The girls slid from underneath Chris and got on their knees. Chris stood up with his hands on his hips taking deep breaths. "15 seconds left Chrisy." said Layla. Chris took five more deep breaths and promised himself that he would get through this exercise. "For Brittany!" he thought. "Alright Chris, squat down." said Kayla. Chris got back in position and gulped as he watched the girls crack their knuckles smiling. "Go!" yelled Layla. PUM PUM PUM PUM! The girls punched Chris' balls like a punching bag. Harder and harder they punched his swinging balls and then WHAM! Layla punched too hard and sent Chris' balls to slam into the wall behind him. "Oooouuuuh" Chris groaned. "Woah! Let me try that!" Kayla said excitedly. WHAM! Chris' balls flew into the wall even harder this time. "Aaaaauuuooh" Chris wailed in protest. The twins looked at each other and then Kayla said, "There's almost 30 seconds left. You get 15 seconds and I get 15 seconds." "Sounds excellent!" said Layla. BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM! With incredible speed Layla punched Chris' balls into the wall like a speed bag! BAMBAMBAMBAM! Chris' tongue flailed out of his mouth and his eyes began to cross again, but he held his position. BAMBAMBAMBAM! Layla winded her fist up in preparation for a final haymaker and BAAAM! Chris' balls slammed into wall and bounced off with amazing velocity. What was even more amazing was that Kayla's open hand was held high awaiting her turn as if she knew his balls would come to her. SMACK! Kayla spiked Chris' balls back down into the wall. Even though Chris was wearing basketball shorts, his shorts were still loose enough for his balls to move freely. His balls bounced off the wall and SMACK! *bounce* SMACK! *bounce* SMACK! Kayla spiked his balls over and over. Beep-beep! "Time!" called Layla. "One more smack for good luck!" thought Kayla and SMACK!!! Chris' knees quivered as he used his hands to climb up the wall to stand up. "Well that was fun! We should have that testosterone flowing in your system in no time Chrisy!" said Kayla. "Hey Kayla! I have a good one for his next set. Just copy me." said Layla. When the time was up Layla motioned Kayla over. With their backs facing the wall, they stood on either side of Chris. They wrapped an arm across his shoulders and placed one foot between Chris' legs and the other out to the side. "I think you get what I'm getting at now" Layla winked. "Oh yeah! I'm way ahead of you." Kayla grinned. "Okay! And go!" yelled Layla. WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP! The girls alternated heel - kicks to Chris' balls with the fuzzy socked heel of their foot. WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP! The girls rose on their toes with every heel - kick to increase their velocity. Chris pressed his back against the wall as hard as he could to keep himself from falling. WHUP WHUP WHUP! With 10 seconds left Chris' knees began to close together. "Ah ah aaah!" the twins said using their legs to pull his legs back into place. The girls then swung their legs straight up in front of them high above their head. They turned their plump lips towards Chris and kissed his cheek as they swung their foot back down and around as fast as they could. CRUNCH! With precise accuracy, each of Chris' balls received a nut - crunching heel kick that lifted Chris completely off the ground only to be held aloft by the twins' soft fuzzy heels. "Huuuaaaah!" Chris howled with his eyes bugging out of their sockets. The girls withdrew their heels and Chris fell to the floor clutching his balls. "Well look at it this way Chris! You have one more set and we'll even give you the deal for less time again, but we get to wear our heels. Whaddya say Chrisy?" asked Kayla. In an attempt to decrease his pain, Chris lolled his head up and down. "Great! Good choice!" said Layla. By the time the twins put their heels back on rest time was over. "Get up Chrisy! Rest time is over." said Kayla. The twins tappped their foot in impatience as Chris was moving very slow. With shaky legs, he somehow managed to get up in position again. "Finally! How do you expect us to get those muscles of yours nice and strong if you move so slow Chrisy? You'll never get Brittany like this." said Layla. "Right Chrisy! Do you know what happens to Layla and I if we dilly-dally at practice hmm?" Kayla asked sauntering her way to Chris. Her boobs were right at eye level to Chris. He stared at his sister's cleavage bursting out of her tight black athletic jacket. Kayla noticed what her brother was staring at. She grabbed his chin and lifted his head so that his eyes were looking into hers. "We get a punishment . . . and that's exactly what you'll get on this last set when the clock nears zero." Kayla explained letting go of Chris. She sauntered her way back next to Layla swaying her ass from side to side. "Last set Chrisy! Let's get through it together." Layla said sweetly grabbing hold of Kayla's hand. With hands held, Layla announced, "40 seconds Chrisy! And GO!" WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM! The girls alternated kicks smashing the toe of their high heels into Chris' swollen balls. WHAM WHAM WHAM! Chris' head and neck shook violently with every kick. WHAM WHAM WHAM! 10 seconds went by and with held hands the girls moved in closer to give Chris some nut - pounding knees. CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH! They kneed his balls into the wall with their knee caps. CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH! Chris' eyes crossed and he started to drool. CRUNCH CRUNCH! Still following through with their knees, the girls leaned into Chris' ears and whispered "We'll get through this together." Their warm breath tickled Chris' ear and a droopy smile appeared on his face. The girls noticed it, backed up and switched back to kicks. WHAM WHAM WHAM! 15 more seconds went by. WHAM WHAM WHAM! The girls kicked his balls into the wall. Chris' legs trembled in fatigue and he began to slowly slide down the wall. The girls kicked him back up to position. WHAM WHAM WHAM! With 5 seconds left the twins spun their back around, gave Chris another swift heel - kick, then thrusted their knee forward and pistoned it back with force. SQUASH! The girls rammed the heel of their high heels into Chris' balls and held him their. Chris' mouth dropped, eyes crossed and head bobbed up and down like crazy. Chris grabbed hold of his sisters' ankles and tried to pry their heels off, but to no avail, they wouldn't budge. "Ah ah aaah!" Kayla said. "This is your punishment." Layla added and they increased the pressure on his balls. After 20 seconds went by, the twins withdrew their foot and Chris slid down the wall, legs spread, sitting on his ass. "Do you think we pierced them?" Kayla asked with a grin. "Not sure. Let's check." Layla replied. They took their heels off and placed their angora socked foot atop his swollen balls. They rolled them around underneath his basketball shorts for a little while. Chris was still conscious. "Well, they're not broken Chrisy. Just really swollen." said Layla. "Yeah. Let's have a 5 minute break before we start the pushups. We'll get you some water again and this time you better be conscious to drink it." said Kayla. They brought some water back to Chris and decided to stretch their bodies out during the break. Chris picked up the water, but couldn't help but watch his sisters stretch. They bended over right in front of him to stretch their legs causing the fabric of their leggings to stretch and expose the pink and yellow lace panties Kayla and Layla wore. The panties were wedged between their ass cheeks and Chris couldn't help but stare. He was a virgin and took every opportunity to "study" the female body. Even if it was his sisters. "Alright Chrisy. Let's get these pushups started." said Layla picking up Chris' full cup of water and moving it to the side. Chris screamed in his head at how he spent all of that time staring at his sisters' ass and not once took a sip of water. "You'll have 4 sets of 20 and 1 minute rests. Here's where us two cuties come in. You'll spread your legs out a little and when you go down during your pushup, Layla and I will alternate and attempt to stomp your balls into the floor. BUT you must do a proper pushup and get down low enough. If you're quick enough, you may just escape our cute little feet." Kayla said. "But how does this help me get stronger?" Chris asked. "Oh, well with us trying to stomp your balls, you'll try to push UP faster. That quickness will target your fast-twitch muscle fibers in your chest, which will develop bigger muscles uh, faster." Kayla explained. "Just imagine how big and thick your muscles will be! Brittany won't be able to take her hands off you. She'd probably do anything for you." Layla cooed. "Anything?" Chris repeated imagining a warm and moist blowjob from Brittany. "Aaanything" Layla replied smiling at her brother's package. "Well what are we waiting for! Let's get started!" Chris said assuming the position. "What an idiot!" they thought. "Alright Chrisy. Just know that if you fall down this time before you reach 20, we're going to stomp your balls to mush until you get up. This is serious training. You got that?!" Layla explained with attitude. "Oh yeah! I won't give up! For Brittany!" Chris exclaimed. The twins smiled at each other. "Whenever you're ready Chris. We'll begin on your go." Kayla said. "Alright! GO!" Chris began his pushups. He moved faster than anyone the girls had ever seen before and he was doing them correctly! The girls tried and tried to stomp his balls but they were just too slow. They managed to graze his balls a couple of times, but it wasn't enough to slow Chris down. "Twenty!" Chris yelled. "Haha! You two are going to have to be quicker than that if you want to get deez nuts! Haha!" Chris laughed. The girls grew frustrated from their brother's cockiness. The second set of pushups began. The girls failed again. Then the third set. The girls were humiliated. Their brother was a pro at pushups! "Hahahahaha! You two should see your faces! You look pathetic. Oh oh! I got! Just look at each other and you'll see whatcha look like! You aaarre twins by the way! Hahahaha!" Chris laughed. The girls had enough of his arrogance. They both knew it was time to end their little game. "Alright Chris! Don't be so sure. You still have one more set!" Layla said annoyed. "Haha! Yeah yeah. Well after I'm done with this 'serious training', I'd like to stretch after this set. What do you say ladies?" Chris said triumphantly. "Oh you'll get a stretch alright." Kayla said under her breath gritting her teeth. Chris smiled, "Good! Then let's finish this up. I've got stuff to do." Chris assumed the position, but just before he began he looked up at the girls and said, "Oh, and I'm actually feeling a little burn ladies. Try to keep up." "Oh you're gonna feel a burn somewhere twerp." Layla thought. "Ready . . . GO!" Chris announced. Just as Chris began his decent there came a loud "HIIIYAH!" "Aaawwhh" Chris moaned. Through Kayla's pent-up frustration she released a vicious kick to Chris' balls. The impact lifted his body up like a triangle as Kayla kept her foot pressed into her brother's balls. "Oops" Kayla said nonchalantly lifting her left eyebrow. Even Layla was caught by surprise. Kayla withdrew her foot and flung her hair back. Chris knew his sister cheated, but he couldn't give up. He wouldn't give up! "This is for Brittany!" his mind screamed. Chris restarted his pushups, but he was a lot slower after that kick to the nuts. The twins noticed it, looked at each other and in unison said, "Let's do this!" The twins lifted their fuzzy feet and just as Chris decended, STOMP! "Aaahhh!" Chris cried. The girls buried their feet into his balls smashing their targets into the floor. They stood there for a while twisting and grinding, toes flexed, relishing the moment of success. Then, they withdrew their feet and WHUMP STOMP WHUMP STOMP! The girls alternated stomps like quick mechanical pistons. WHUMP STOMP WHUMP STOMP WHUMP STOMP! They brought their legs up high. WHUMP STOMP! Chris was losing it. He couldn't get up. His cock was receiving torture as well as it had slipped down between his legs like a third leg. He had to make a plan. What did he do you ask? Well what's the one thing that'll motivate any guy? . . . Sex! As Chris' nuts were being pounded into peanut butter he began to fantasize his crush, Brittany, getting undressed. Brittany was almost a spitting image of Jessica Alba, whom Chris also had a crush on. In Chris' mind Brittany took off her heels, her tight jeans and her breast-hugging crop top. Chris' dick grew hard and his testosterone rose. He was regaining strength and the girls realized it. They began to stomp even harder and Chris began to fantasize even harder. He imagined Brittany rubbing oil all over her body. Chris grew stronger. Kayla grew angrier. Kayla pushed Layla aside and started to really lay into the stomps. STOMP STOMP STOMP! "Wait Kayla! We don't want to break them yet!" Layla pleaded, but Kayla was in a angry panty soaked fit. She stomped harder and harder. Chris moaned and groaned as his swollen balls were being mutilated. As a last effort Chris imagined Brittany stripping off the rest of her clothes . . . her bra and panties. First the bra. Brittany took it off. Her nipples were hard. Chris grew hornier and stronger and began to lift himself. Kayla was losing. She knew what she had to do. Kayla jumped high into the air, toes pointed right above her targets. As she began her decent Chris made Brittany take her panties off. Brittany slid them off nice and slow, and just as her pussy came into view CRUNCH! Kayla stuck the landing with her full weight standing on Chris' cock and balls. The sudden heavy assault on his testicles caused his arms and legs to give out and sprawl out wide in the air like a flying squirrel. Kayla began to twist her hips and grind his swollen manhood into the floor. Chris' arms and legs plopped to the floor, but luckily for him his fantasy was complete. He had reached the peak of his pleasure fantasizing an undressed Brittany. There was no going back especially with Kayla's fuzzy socked feet grinding his goodies. SPLOOSH! Chris ejaculated in his shorts like a rocket taking off. Sploosh sploosh sploosh! His dick erupted with thick sticky goo. Chris exhaled a sigh of relief, shuddered and then fainted. Satisfied with her work, Kayla looked down at her brother's smushed package beneath her feet. "Ew!" she said like your typical Hollywood blonde. "The little pervert actually enjoyed that." Kayla said. The twins were completely oblivious to the fantasy Chris was having as they were smashing his balls. "Phew. You could have broke them too early." Layla said. "Well, he wanted to get it over with quick. Now how about you say we give him that stretch he was looking forward to sis" Kayla smiled as she wiped some sweat off her forehead. "Why I'd be delighted ma'am." Layla bowed. "But first, let's get these cum bucket drawers off of him." Layla said. The girls slipped Chris' semen filled shorts and boxers off and decided to take his shirt off as well for their next activity. "Woah. I never knew Chris' balls were this big . . . or maybe we just made them look like big red tomatoes. Heehee! But his sack is certainly hiding some length for sure." Kayla said. "Balance beam sis?" Layla gleamed. "You read my mind sissy!" Kayla winked. Layla was the best gymnast in the state when it came to the balance beam and now she was going to practice on her own brother. The girls carried Chris to the front hallway where the coat hooks hung on either side of the wall. They grabbed some rope and tied one around both of his wrists and attached the other end to a coat hook. They tied another length of rope to his cock and balls. They looped the rope around so that they tied each ball separately, then together, his cock separately and then all three. They then hoisted him up by his cock and balls and tied the other end nice and tight to a coat hook on the opposite wall. Chris was now facing the floor, his legs limp pointing downwards and hanging by nothing but his wrists and manhood. His ropes were pulled extremely tight so that his back and package gave Layla a flat surface to perform on. "Aww. Look at his cute cock and balls all wrapped up! It looks like a balloon animal! Aww. Haha!" Kayla said rubbing her brother's meat. "Well it's going to look a lot worse when I'm done with them." Layla said as she climbed up Chris' back making sure to climb closer to the end of his tied up package. Her lace yellow panties could be seen wedged up her bubble butt through her leggings as they were stretched by her climbing up. 120 pounds of Layla stood on top of Chris. Kayla walked over to Chris' face and smacked him as hard as she could. SLAP! "Aaah!" Chris yelled. "Good! You're awake. You know Layla hates it when people fall asleep during her performance." Kayla said. Chris frantically looked around in disbelief of his position and then . . . the pain registered. "AAAAHHHHHH! M-M-MY NUUUUTS! MY DIIICK! OOOUUUU! WH-WHYYY?!" Chris cried. "Why brother?" Kayla asked. "Why?" she crept closer to his face. Kayla leaned forward, brought her plump pink lips within half an inch to his ear and whispered, "Why not?" just before she ran her tongue across her upper teeth. "You see Chrisy . . . Layla and I are tired of your stubbornness. And we know where the source of your actions come from." Kayla explained. "And it's right HERE!" Layla bent over and slapped Chris' package hard. Chris yelped causing his body to sway and bounce, but Layla kept her balance as always. "That's right Chrisy Wissy." Kayla pouted pinching his cheeks. "And when we're done with you, you won't need the AC to shrivel your ball sac anymore." Shocked by what Kayla said, Chris' eyes grew wide. They knew his secret. "Oh yes Chrisy Wissy. We pieced the puzzle together after we stripped you and saw your abnormally long disgusting sack. No wonder you keep the house so cold, but this isn't just about torturing us with the house temperature. This is for all of your attitude and stubbornness you gave us from childhood to now. Oh! And we're also doing it because we can." Layla said with a sweet giggle. "Right. Mother and father will be pleased that we fixed this little AC problem you've been causing anyways. So let the show begin Layla!" Kayla said. And so she did. Layla leapt, spun, flipped and jumped into mid-air splits. Over and over again she threw in more and more combinations. Chris wailed like a little girl with every landing of Layla's 120 lbs on him. Layla's fuzzy yellow socks cushioned her feet with every landing. Chris' cock and balls were yanked and pulled and began to turn a dark purple and his balls swelled to 4x their normal size. His cock dripped precum onto the hardwood floor like a leaky faucet. 10 minutes went by and Layla was just about finished. "Well I think it's time for the finale!" Layla announced. "Woooo! Go Laylaaa! You've got this!" Kayla cheered sitting down enjoying the show. "Ooouuu Chrisy. Your ass feels so good beneath my feet. So soft." Layla said twisting her feet into her brother's ass. At this point Chris had that crazy look on his face again. He was helpless. Layla backed up until she was standing on Chris' shoulder blades. She was preparing for her favorite move, "The Quintuple Flip". A series of flips consisting of a front flip, back flip, front flip, back flip into a final balance beam cracking front flip. Except Layla didn't have a balance beam to crack. Instead, she was going to attempt to snap Chris' cords. "You ready Chrisy? Cuz here I go!" Layla said. Layla leaped off of Chris' back. Her left leg trailed her right in mid air as typical gymnasts flip on the balance beam aaand SWOP! Layla landed right in the middle of Chris' thinly stretched scrotum yanking his nut cords. Chris screamed at the top of his lungs as Layla immediately flipped backwards onto his shoulder blades. THUMP! SWOP! Layla stuck the landing again. Chris felt his nut cords being ripped out of their sockets. THUMP! Layla leaped for her final flip and jumped twice as high than the first two front flips. SWUUUMPH! Chris screamed in agony as his nut cords were barely spared from being ripped out. Before she dismounted from her brother's ball sac, Layla spun on his scrotum to bow to all sides of the imaginary crowd. "WOOOO! YEAH LAYLA!" Kayla cheered. Layla bent down and gave her brother a hard smack to his balls to show her appreciation for his good equipment. The smack somehow triggered Chris to spurt some sort of crazy utter nonsense with his voice high pitched like a 4 year old. "No momma. I didn't kween my woom. I'm sowwy." he said just before fainting with his eyes crossed and open once again. The girls looked at each other just before they burst out laughing. "PFFFHAHAHAHA! What was that?!" Layla asked humorously as she dismounted from Chris' sack. "Hahaha! Pfffhaha! I have no idea! Haha! Maybe he's trying to baby-talk us like we do to him." Kayla said walking towards Chris. Bending over and looking him straight into his crossed eyes Kayla pouted her lips with sweet sympathy and held his chin up with her fingers. "Aaawww. Does Chrisy Wissy's ballsie wallsies hurt? Hmmm? I thought you wanted to stretch." she cooed. Chris' cock dripped another drop of precum. "Well you're lucky we hung you by your COCK aaand BALLS and not just your BALLS. Had we made that little mistake you definitely would've missed the pleasure of our finale. Which just so happens to be next! Layla, help me take him down please." Kayla said. "With pleasure!" said Layla. Chris' arms were untied first. The girls purposely wanted to let him hang by his manhood for a while before untying him. After a minute of watching Chris sway back and forth by his meat, Layla untied him and let him crash to the floor. Unfortunately, Layla was standing in Chris' puddle of precum with her back facing Chris. His precum quickly seeped through her yellow angora socks which caught Layla completely off guard by the sudden wet sensation on her feet. "EEEWWW!" Layla screamed hopping up and down. Never hopping out of the puddle caused Layla to hop once too many. Layla slipped and fell ass first onto the hard wood floor . . . or so she thought. "Ooouuu! That's gotta hurt." Kayla said. "Aaah. Well of course it hurt!" Layla replied rubbing her ass. "No no. Not you. Hiiim." Kayla pointed beneath her sisters ass. Layla looked down and realized that she accidentally landed ass first onto Chris' balls. "Oops" Layla said coyly. She got up and brushed her bubble butt off. The girls watched mesmerized as Chris' balls reinflated. "Wow. Those are some persistent balls." Kayla said. They stood and stared at their brother's black and blue cock and balls for awhile longer before snapping out of the trance. "Uh, alright Layla. You go turn off the AC and I'll get Chris situated." Kayla said. "Gotcha." Layla trotted off. Kayla looked down at her brother and couldn't stifle the urge to give Chris one more good butt drop. But this time, on purpose. THWUMP! Kayla's panties were soaked by the rush of excitement. She got up and Chris' balls reinflated once again. "Damn. This is going to be tougher than we thought." Kayla said. She picked up his legs and dragged him on his back to their large living room. As he was being dragged, Chris slowly began to regain consciousness. "Ooooooh . . . aaaaah . . . let gooo." said Chris. "Oh you're awake. So Chrisy, did you like your little stretch?" Kayla said giggling. "Let go of me you crazy bitch!" Chris demanded. "Oh sweety, you shouldn't have said that." Kayla said with an evil grin. Kayla lifted Chris' legs up until they were pointed to the ceiling. She then raised her right foot up high and STOMP! She stomped his balls into the hardwood floor. "Ooooh!" Chris cried. "Oooh! My baaalls! My poor baaalls!" mocked Kayla. "Oh shut up! Haha! Matter of fact, I'll be right back. We're going to fix your little fainting problem." Kayla said "accidentally" stepping on Chris' balls once more as she ran off to her parents' room. Chris took advantage of the opportunity to try and escape, but it was useless. His body was just too fatigued. He managed to flip onto his front side and use his chin to pull his self across the floor inch by inch. "And where do you think you're going?" Chris heard. Chris looked up at the voice above him and to his surprise . . . there was a pussy. Layla's pussy. Chris' eyes bulged in shock of seeing his sister completely naked. "Wooaah. Uh, Layla? Why are you naked?" Kayla asked returning from their parents' room. "Oh. Well I just wanted to show Chris what he'll be missing after we destroy his balls. *giggle* It's just a little tease since he won't be able to get hard ever again" Layla replied sweetly. "What a great idea Layla!" Kayla said beginning to strip. "Wait! No! Not my balls! Please! I need them!" Chris cried. "Oh don't worry yet Chrisy poo. Your balls need a little more breaking in anyways." Kayla said sliding off her wet panties. "What do you mean Kayla?" Layla asked. "When you left earlier, I tried another butt drop on his balls and they're just not soft enough to finish! Hmph! Oh! And to fix that fainting problem..." Kayla pulled out 2 of their dad's caffeine pills while Layla lifted Chris to sit up. "Okay Chrisy! Open wiiide." WHAM! Kayla kicked his balls causing his mouth to open. *plop plop* "Now swallow!" WHAM! Layla kicked his balls to swallow the pills. *gulp* "Good boy! That should keep him awake." said Kayla. The girls dragged Chris to an open corner in the living room and posted him against the wall, sitting with legs spread wide. "Phew. You can feel the change in temperature in this place already. His ball sac should be at full length soon, but first . . . let's break these stubborn balls in some more!" said Kayla. "Twenty-twenty? Just like practice?" Layla asked smiling. "Once again you've read my mind sis." Kayla winked. The girls stood in between Chris' legs and WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM! They alternated 20 kicks each to Chris' poor balls. Then WHUMP STOMP WHUMP STOMP! 20 stomps each to Chris' balls. Then PUM PUM PUM PUM! 20 punches each to Chris' balls. The girls stood Chris up against the wall and proceeded to kick, knee, punch and slap his balls full force 20 times each. They even pinched his nut cords 20 times each. Chris' face was soaked with drool and tears. He couldn't faint to escape the pain and he couldn't move from the extreme fatigue he endured all day. "Well I think that's that." Kayla said fondling Chris' extremely swollen balls. Chris screamed at even the slightest touch on his extremely sensitive balls. They were completely black . . . well almost. "What about the back Kayla?" Layla asked. Kayla twisted Chris' balls around completely ignoring his screams. The back of his balls were only a dark purple. Not good enough for the twin gymnast perfectionists. They laid Chris down on his front side, spread his legs and WHAM WHAM WHUMP STOMP PUM PUM! They kicked, stomped and punched, beating his balls into the floor 20 times each. Chris wept as the girls' cruelty was unrelenting. They stood him up facing the wall and slipped their closed-toe heels on one last time just for fun. Chris screamed and pleaded as his gorgeous sisters kicked, kneed, punched, and slapped his balls 20 times each. His balls were completely black now! The girls brought their high-heeled foot back high and gave Chris one more extremely hard kick to the balls from behind. WHAM!!!!! His balls were smashed and pinned to the wall in front of him by their heels. The girls withdrew their foot and Chris slid down the wall. "Ooooh that was sooo hot!" Kayla said rubbing her moist sweaty breasts and fingering herself. "Ooouuu yeah." Layla replied pinching and twisting her erect sweat dripping nipples. Chris' sack was completely loose by now, but because his balls were severely beaten to 10x their normal size you couldn't really tell. "Look at how big we made them! They look like footballs!" Kayla pointed out still pleasuring herself. "Let's pop them already!" Layla said drained of patience. "Alright alright. But let's wrap our presents first." Kayla said retrieving the rope from the hallway. The girls wrapped Chris' extremely sensitive foot-balls individually. Kayla got the right ball and Layla got the left. They patted their gift-wrapped presents and repositioned Chris to sit in the corner with his legs spread extra wide. "Well they definitely don't look like balloon animals anymore! Haha!" Kayla laughed. The ladies placed a foot on their selected ball and callously rubbed their warm fuzzy socks against them. The girls took one more look, proud of their work before turning their cheeks on Chris. "P-p-please. B-balls. My . . . b-balls." Chris stammered. The girls turned around and walked back towards Chris. "My b-balls. P-please." the twins mimicked clutching their imaginary balls. The girls burst out in laughter. "Oh please Chris. We're doing you a favor destroying your stubborn balls. Besides, look at them! They're completely useless now! You won't be able to use those anymore." Layla prodded. "Yeah! So you can just forget about your sex life and whatever you've dreamed of doing to Brittany you little pervert." Kayla added. Tears streamed down Chris' face in response to his sisters' words. "Aaaawww. Your poor ballsies. Look Layla. His poor ballsies." Kayla said pouting her sexy plump lips. "Awww. Chrisy Wissy's poor ballsies. Say bye bye balls. Bye bye!" Layla said with a pout as well. Humiliated beyond return, Chris gave into the inevitable. He said it. "B-b-bye bye balls" he wept. "That's right. Bye bye balls." Kayla smiled and waved. The girls turned their cheeks on Chris again and walked to the far end of the living room directly in front of Chris. They hopped up and down in preparation for their much awaited finishing move. Their hair flowed in the air, their perky breasts bobbed up and down and their bubble butts bounced and jiggled with every movement of their sexy fit bodies. Their curves were mouthwatering in the nude. They were true goddesses. "Bye bye balls!" the twins said waving once more before taking off running. Synchronized to perfection, the girls jumped into a half twist, back flipped twice and shot high into the air like rockets. They tucked their knees in and carried their momentum into three back flips mid-air. Chris saw it all in slow motion as he thought about how great it would have felt to fuck Brittany. His opportunity now stolen by his sisters. "Bye bye balls" he said once more awaiting his sisters' decent. POPSH!!!! "AAAAAHHHHH!" Chris yelled at the top of his lungs. The twins stuck the landing and Chris' balls exploded. Both of their fuzzy socked feet stood on their own popped ball. Their plush butt cheeks sandwiched Chris' face into the wall and the girls orgasmed like never before as they continued to stomp Chris' balls to mush. Their ass cheeks smeared his face with every movement. Chris' dick pulsed once, pulsed twice . . . SPLOOOOOOOOOOSH! His dick erupted like a geyser. His thick gooey semen covered the girls entirely with a few globs shot into the twins' mouth only to be swallowed unintentionally. "Oh my god! Ew!" they screamed. Chris was in intense pain, but rested with a smile on his face. "What're you smiling about, BITCH?!" Kayla asked infuriated. "Right! You're going to clean this mess! With that TONGUE of yours! So start licking and swallowing!" Layla demanded. Chris licked and swallowed the entire gallon of his nut goop down his throat. "Good boy!" the twins said before stomping his pulped nuts once more. STOMP! "Now let's get you to your room . . . Nut-less Chris!" said Kayla. "Nut-less Chriiis! Nut-less Chriiis!" they sang teasingly. The girls dragged Chris to his room, threw him through the doorway face first and slammed the door shut with half of Chris' mushy sack caught in the door. "Oops!" they said covering their sweet lips. They fingered themselves to orgasm once more at the sight of Chris' broken balls caught in the doorway. When they were done they carried on with their day. They took a shower, ate dinner, watched a movie and went to bed. They slipped their tiny booty shorts on, a loose revealing crop top and a fresh pair of pink and yellow fuzzy angora socks. Their parents came home eventually after a night out in the town. A little drunk and tired, they went straight to bed. Not once did anyone check on Chris. He was left there all night. His face down, ass up, eyes crossed and still wide awake due to the caffeine pills. Oh! And of course with his smashed balls still caught in the door. As for the twins, they giggled and smiled through their sweet dreams. "Sweet dreams Chrisy Wissy" they cooed in their sleep.


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