Masquerade Balls (by JB)

Part 1 - Preparations

Kyle's hands trembled slightly as he unwrapped the box, tearing the plain brown paper carelessly. Just as he began to ease open the flaps his phone buzzed in his pocket, causing him to jump and to drop the box to the floor of his dorm room. "Jesus," he exclaimed softly to himself, his heart suddenly racing like he'd run up a flight of stairs.

Kyle looked down at his phone to see a text from her. How does she always know the perfect time to message me? he thought wonderingly. Her text said, like the outfit? He bent to retrieve the box.

Inside was a single pink, angora ankle sock, that looked to be the perfect size for a 10 year old girl. What the fuck? His phone buzzed again, and this time he only jumped a little. He looked down at the message: its 4 ur junk. He looked around the room suspiciously, making sure he was really alone.

His phone buzzed a third time. remember to get all cleaned up for the party tonight (; pick u up at 8! Kyle looked disconsolately at the at the sock, a growing nervousness in the pit of his stomach. How do I get myself into these things?


At 7:55 there came three sharp knocks at the door. Kyle sat on his bed, facing the door. He was freshly showered and shaved, and naked as a jaybird except for the pink angora sock straining to envelop his genitals. He took a deep, calming breath, and said, "Come in."

He thought he heard a huff through the door. "Now, that's not very polite. Come here and open the door for your guest," a playful but commanding voice replied.

Kyle rolled his eyes, but made his way to the door with a half smile touching his boyish features. Truth be told, in spite of some of the...eccentric things she was into, Kyle felt his stomach flutter at the thought of seeing Keri again. He was only beginning to realize how hard he'd fallen for her over the past few months. He knew next to nothing about the night's festivities, but it would take a complete idiot to miss the fact that it would be humiliating for him. He was only wearing a pink sock, for Christ's Sake! But somehow, in spite of all this, his cock began to harden in its plush prison at the thought of pleasing her...


Keri stood outside, waiting impatiently for poor Kyle to come and open the door. She resisted the temptation to tap her foot, and instead took a calming breath. But she was just so fucking excited for this party!! She couldn't keep still, and ran her hands through her shoulder-length brown hair, then picked the non-existent pieces of lint from her PJs for the thousandth time. She looked down at herself to make sure she was still on point: her tits, though fairly large, especially on her small frame, were perky enough that she didn't need a bra, and they stretched out her white tank top nicely; her pink boy shorts managed to cover and reveal her great ass at the same time, while also drawing attention to her spectacular legs; and finally, her electric-blue knee-high socks. They, too, were angora; brand new and oh-so soft, brought out special for this special night. She also had on her Mary-Janes, but that was just so her socks wouldn't get ruined on the walk over the to the party.

The handle turned and the door slowly opened a crack, and Keri saw just one of Kyle's eyes peeking nervously out. "Is anyone out in the hall?" he whispered. Though his eyes briefly lingered on her chest, like always, Keri saw them practically bug out of his head when he beheld the glorious blue socks adorning her feet and legs.

Keri could barely suppress a laugh at how cute he was! She hit the door with the flat of her hand, bumping Kyle's nose hard enough to make him stumble back but not hard enough to really hurt. Then she saw him in all his glory, and her heart leapt in her chest at the same time her clit throbbed in excitement. She quickly stepped into the room but didn't bother shutting the door. She wanted to squeeee! like a little girl on Christmas, but maintained her composure. Mostly.

"Ooh, Kyle! It's even better than I hoped!" she exclaimed, clasping her hands together over her breasts and bouncing in excitement. Kyle stood holding his nose. His short, blond hair was carefully tousled. His tall, thin, mostly hairless frame was almost completely exposed before her; his pale, creamy skin practically sparkled in the dying sunlight. Truly he was a delicious sight. But best of all, his only concession to modesty the pink angora sock encasing his (mmmm, enormous!) genitals. All because of her!

She dropped to her knees in front of him and ran her fingernails up his thighs and over his stomach. Kyle shivered and goose-flesh broke out over his whole body. "God," Keri exclaimed softly, "I can see the ridge of your cockhead through the sock, and you're not even hard!" But even as she spoke the sock-encased python began expanding at an alarming rate. Kyle flushed in abject embarrassment, and kept holding his nose. Keri watched, rapt, as soon his heavy balls slipped free of the sock and his mighty cock towered above her face, pointing at the ceiling. His fat, circumcised knob was so wide it actually stretched out the sock, and his thick shaft wasn't far behind. She could see it twitching gently with every beat of his heart.

In reverent awe she carefully grabbed the sock at his tip between her index and thumb, and slid it off of his rampant erection. Kyle shivered again at the intoxicating sensation, a low moan escaping his lips. Keri unconsciously licked her lips as his quivering monster came into view. It was, quite simply, the biggest, most magnificent cock she had ever laid eyes on, and though she would never admit this openly to Kyle, she wanted nothing more than to wrap her lips around it and suck until he exploded a tremendous load of his thick cum right into her mouth. Well, almost nothing more.

Keri's own face and chest were flushed with arousal, and her breaths were coming short and quick. She brought up her right hand to cup his fat, hairless balls, bulging in his scrotum, as she used the sock to trace the thick veins running up his throbbing shaft. "Mmm, all clean and nicely shaved," she said admiringly. Without looking up she said, "Kyle? Tell me the truth: have you been a good boy?"

Somehow Kyle's blush actually deepened, and he moaned again in the combination of lust and shame. "Yah," he said softly. Keri, with a tremendous effort of will, dragged her eyes from his cock and balls, and squinted up at him dangerously. She tightened her grip on his left nut, her dainty hand unable to hold both balls at the same time. Kyle grunted in discomfort, but his hands remained at his sides, trembling. "Uh, I mean, Yes, Keri."

Keri spoke loudly and firmly, "You jerked this monster just like I told you, but you didn't spill any of your hot, thick, gooey cum?" the last words practically dripping from her plump, full lips.

Kyle looked up in a panic to see that the door to his dorm room was still wide open. "Uh, no. I mean, YES! Yes, I did just like you said," Kyle said hurriedly. Just then Keri heard two girls walk by, and then stop in the doorway. They tittered at the naughty tableaux, and one of them said, "Geez, Keri. You sure know how to pick'em! You coming to the party?" Kyle was practically crying from embarrassment.

Maintaining her grip on Kyle's left nut, Keri glanced over her shoulder and said, "Yup. We'll see you guys there!" The girls giggled to one another again, and then finally left. "So, Kyle, how long has it been?"

"Aw, geez, Keri. You know how long it's been, come on- eek!" Kyle squeaked, as Keri tightened her grip considerably, his left nut distorting in her deceptively strong hand. "Okay, okay! It's been, ugh, seven days! Ahhhh," Kyle sighed in relief as Keri loosened her grip.

"Good," she said, giving the underside of his balls a firm pat, causing Kyle to grunt again. His knuckles were white with the effort of not cradling his aching balls. "I like them nice and full, and it will make tonight's...festivities even more fun," Keri said with an ominous wink. "But, you really should try and keep yourself soft. You're just too big for this tiny sock, and your poor ballsies are so exposed when your big thing gets all hard," she said teasingly. Of course, this only had the effect of making Kyle's erection stiffen further, and a small bead of precum actually formed at the tip of his straining cock. Keri stood, almost a full head shorter than Kyle, and then bent at the waist. Her generous breasts seemed to be trying to burst free of her too-small tank top, and then she gave Kyle's cock a wet kiss, right on the bursting tip, slurping up the precum in the process. A deep, "Mmmmm," of satisfaction emanated from her throat, as a guttural groan escaped Kyle.

Then she straightened and wrapped her fingers around the back of Kyle's neck, and looked up at him seductively. Kyle's cock actually jumped, and his heart skipped a beat. Keri could see in his eyes that she owned him, that he would do anything for her; what Kyle didn't know was that he had captured her heart as well. Which made her feel only the tiniest twinge of guilt for what she was about to do.

"Kyle, honey," she whispered in that crazy-sexy voice of hers, looking down at his twitching erection mere centimeters from her belly, "are you sure you're up for tonight? Knowing what's coming, you still want to go with me?" Kyle winced in anguish, but nodded his head. As if the poor guy could do or say anything else in this state, with Keri batting her doe eyes up at him. "I need you to say it, Kyle."

"I...I want to go with you to the party, Keri."

"...and participate in all the, uh, activities?" she prompted.

"...and participate in *gulp* all the activities," at this she felt him shudder, and her own pussy throbbed in response.

"Oh, Kyle! You've made me the happiest girl in the whole world!" she exclaimed softly. She pulled him close, got up on her tiptoes, and kissed him hard on the mouth. Kyle's rampant, leaking cock pushed up her belly and bumped the underside of her tits as it was squished between their bodies. She felt Kyle moan into her mouth, as his arms encircled her and he kissed her back.

Fuck, she could stay here kissing him like this all night! But obligations must intrude. Gently she pulled back, taking a deep breath. She could feel a flush all over her body, and she felt like she was soaking clean through her shorts. "Okay, we need to put the sock back on now, so we can head to the Ball." Kyle was in a daze of lust and didn't register what was happening. Keri smiled to herself; God, he was so cute! Then she tightened her grip on the back of his neck, and quickly brought her knee up into the bottom of his sac, smashing both of his heavy, aching balls into his pelvis, HARD. *CRUNCH* An, "Urk!" escaped Kyle's mouth which was hanging open in shock; the pain hadn't hit yet.

And before it could, Keri adjusted her grip and stuck out the end of her tongue in concentration. She sent her knee into his fat, exposed nuts two more times in rapid succession. *SMACK! SMACK!*, feeling the over-sized orbs actually compress against her knee. Then the pain exploded in Kyle's brain, and a soft mewling sound came out of his wide open mouth. Thankfully, his cock had softened to a more manageable size, so no more knees were needed. Keri gave Kyle a quick kiss on the chin, whispering, "Sorry." Then she slid back to her knees and carefully tucked Kyle's aching genitals back into their angora prison. Keri's training was paying off: Kyle's knees hadn't buckled, and though his hands were clenched white-knuckle tight, he wasn't cradling his no-doubt throbbing testicles. He just might be ready for The Contest, she thought cautiously.

Once his swollen junk was all tucked away, she pulled out their masquerade masks. Hers was white, with fake diamonds and fan of white feathers adorning the front. She stood up on her tiptoes to put on Kyle's face a gold mask with one large, dark green feather. "There we go!" Keri said, smiling excitedly. "Alright, let's go!" She stood and grabbed Kyle's hand, hurrying toward the door in irrepressible excitement, Kyle stumbling in tow.


"Shouldn-" Kyle's voice cracked horribly, and he cleared his throat to try again. "*ahem*, shouldn't I put on some shoes or something?"

Keri looked back at him like that was the most idiotic, ridiculous idea she'd ever heard. "You want to walk around in just shoes and a sock on your cock?? That would look absurd," she said reasonably. Soon they burst through the main doors to the dorm and out onto quad. The beautiful oranges and pinks of the sunset gave the evening an almost magical feeling, but all Kyle could think about was his aching testicles. Little did he know that he would look back on this ache with fond nostalgia before the night was through...


Samantha looked herself over in the mirror one last time. Her long, strawberry-blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and her short bangs had that perfect amount of bounce. Her makeup was on point: colorful, but subtle. And she liked to think her thick-framed glasses highlighted, rather than obscured, her emerald green eyes. Finally, her PJs (a baggy, long-sleeve shirt and flannel pants) were cute and comfortable. Very comfortable, actually. In fact, there were only two pieces of her attire that caused the young lady to blush: her bra, and her socks.

Her breasts had lately become something of a mixed blessing. She was a bit of a late bloomer, and they had really developed in the last year or so. On the one hand, their size and shape were truly glorious; she loved playing with them almost as much as did the boys whom she had let feel her up. On the other hand, they were difficult to hide and always brought a great deal of attention, whether she wanted it or not. For tonight, Amy had lent her a particularly sexy bra that fit better than anything she'd ever worn, but also had the alarming effect of lifting and highlighting her generous assets. Even through the baggy, long-sleeve t-shirt her considerable endowment was obvious.

Her other concessions to immodesty for the evening were the plush, grey angora socks she wore on her slender feet. There was just something about the incredibly soft, colorful material that made her feel downright sexy. Normally she felt a little self-conscious about this particular bent, but she had resolved to indulge herself on this very special night.

As she admired herself in the mirror, her hand crept under the waistband of her flannel pajama bottoms, and began to massage the moistening folds of her pussy over her lace panties. Amy had also taken her for her very first waxing last weekend, in preparation for her college visit, and the sensations were still new and amazing. She knew her best friend wanted to get going to the sorority party, but she couldn't resist a little pre-heating of the oven. God, if even half the things that she'd heard about Beta Beta parties were true...

*BAM BAM* "Sam? Come on! Get your fingers out of your high school pussy and get out here! We gotta go!" Amy shouted mockingly through the door. Thankfully she did not simply burst in. Nonetheless Sam's hand shot out of her pants so fast she ended giving her right tit a pretty hard backhand. She winced and rubbed the tender flesh gingerly, which only caused the pulsing in her pussy to intensify. She was 80% sure that Amy was simply razzing her, but it was still embarrassing to be called out like that. Sam was certainly no prude, but she still believed in keeping some things private.

She took one last look in the dresser mirror, and then called back, "Keep your panties on, Amy!" She then turned and dramatically threw open the bedroom door to find her Asian friend wearing nothing but a pink silk robe that barely came to her mid-thigh, and revealed way more of Amy's generous tits than it hid. Jesus, was she even wearing panties?

"Oh, for fuck's sake!" Amy exclaimed, laughing. "This isn't a senior-class sleepover, honey," she chided, shaking her head. She then unceremoniously grabbed Sam's waistband and yanked the flannel pants down in one smooth motion.

Sam let out an "Oh!" of surprise and embarrassment, instinctively covering her crotch with her hands. After a moment she realized that Amy wasn't joking, and so she self-consciously stepped out of the pants. "You want me to go to a party...with no pants on??"

"Look, Sam, this is a pajama-themed sorority ball. Think of it as an excuse to be as naughty and slutty as you can imagine; that's what the rest of us are doing. It's really quite liberating," at that Amy gave a spin, confirming for Sam that yes, she was most emphatically not wearing panties. Amy then put her hand on her chin, frowning as she eyed Sam in her baggy shirt and black lace panties. "Better, but..." Amy muttered. Then her eyes lit up and she got the most disturbingly wicked grin on her face. She resolutely walked over to Sam, gripped her best friend's shirt at the right shoulder, and ripped! The sleeve separated cleanly at the seam, and then Amy repeated the procedure on the left side. And just like that Sam stood, still somewhat in shock, in a surprisingly sexy sleeveless shirt. The hole left by the sleeves was big enough that Sam's sexy bra and magnificent tits were clearly displayed whenever she moved. "Perfect!" Amy exclaimed in satisfaction.

Sam looked down at herself, biting her lip. "Are you sure this is okay?" She attempted to adjust the shirt to give herself a scrap of modesty, but it was useless.

"Sam. First of all, lighten up; this is a college party. B: it's a masquerade ball; no one's going to know it's you. Oh! Which reminds me..." Amy sprinted by Sam back into the bedroom, returning a split-second later with two masquerade masks, complete with feathers and everything. She handed the grey one to Sam, and affixed the pink one to herself. Sam reluctantly put her glasses on the nightstand and put on the mask. While it felt a little silly, she actually felt a tiny bit more free behind the mask.

Amy beamed and grabbed her hand. "Come on!" As they exited the dorm room and headed down the hall, Amy could barely contain her excitement. "I can't believe they scheduled the senior visits for the weekend of the Beta Beta Ball. This is the best introduction to college life I can imagine," Amy said, winking. "This party is going to change your life, Sam," she added. Neither of them had any idea how true that statement would turn out to be.

Part 2 - The Ball(s)

House Beta Beta's Spring Masquerade Ball was one of the highlights of the year for the students at State. By 9pm the house was positively thumping. One thing that Kyle noticed almost straight away was the rather large ratio of girls-to-guys. He'd been to his share of parties in his three years at State, and in his experience the opposite was usually true. Of course, the "activities" at Beta Beta parties were a bit...atypical.

At least according to the rumours they were. This party was Kyle's introduction to the girls of Beta Beta. But even in the half-hour he'd been here, he'd noticed a few things. First, he was dumbfounded at how fucking hot all the girls were. Not that everyone was a smoking 10, but even allowing for differences in taste Kyle hadn't spotted a girl that was less than a solid 7. And the average cup-size had to be at least a C. Jesus. But even given all that, the most cock-stiffening detail for poor Kyle was that every girl, every last fucking one of them, had on a sexy pair of plush socks! He was literally walking through a sock-lover's wet dream.

So here he was, standing next to the drink table nursing a rum punch, trying desperately not to stare lasciviously at all the mouth-watering legs and footwear on display. Why did it have to be a pajama party? And why had Keri made him promise not to cum for a whole week?? It took every ounce of his focus not to sport the world's stiffest hardon every time a girl walked by. And the fact that he was basically butt-naked except for the sock on his cock certainly didn't help. Thank God for the mask!

But between the girls, and the socks, and his sock, he was going positively crazy! His balls ached something fierce, practically throbbing with every beat of his heart. And they were so full of cum, he couldn't tell how much of the ache was from the racking Keri had given him before they left, and how much was from the horrible blue-balling she'd given him all week long. Every step he took reminded him of his denial, and the material of the sock felt fucking fantastic. It was the reason he was standing motionless in the corner and trying to look inconspicuous.

"Hey, cocksock!"

Kyle instinctively turned to look, the mask partially obscuring the dumb look on his face. "Huh?"

"Give a lady a hand?" The lady in question had on a positively scrumptious pair of knee-high angora socks, hot pink with thick black stripes. She was tall, and her legs seemed to go on forever. She was wearing a micro pair of running shorts and a sports bra that showed off her slim, muscled frame. Her sandy blond hair was cut a little shorter than shoulder length, and her grey/blue eyes sparkled out of her pink and black mask.

It took Kyle a full five seconds to realize she was talking about the heavy wooden boards resting against the wall at her feet. "Well?" she asked impatiently.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry," Kyle said, hurrying over to her side. This would not be the last time that he was thankful that the mask hid his blushing. The boards were pretty solid, and were kind of awkward to carry. But he managed not to make any more of a fool of himself and helped her set them up behind a long table in the backyard.

He stood back and looked at what she was putting together. It was almost shoulder high, with the classic concentric circles painted on the front. Except where the bullseye should be was just a small hole. Kyle saw a pale of what looked like rubber baseballs on the ground under the table, and eyed them quizzically.

"Thanks for your help," the pink-and-black-masked girl said. "I, uh, like your PJs," she offered, smiling lasciviously.

Kyle willed his cock not to harden further under the girl's admiring gaze. “So, uh, what's with the hole? There's no way one of these baseballs will fit through there, right?” he observed, attempting to distract himself.

“The hole's not for the baseballs, silly,” she chided playfully. She stepped out from behind the board and turned, bending in an exaggerated fashion from the waist, fiddling with something Kyle couldn't see. He watched as her ultra-short blue running shorts slid up to reveal two very round, healthy asscheeks, and then was transfixed by her knee-length angora socks. He didn't see her smiling face peaking out from behind her legs. The teasing girl slowly, slowly, straightened, flipping her wavy, sandy-blond hair out of her face. Seriously, what the fuck was with these gorgeous sorority girls? “You've, uh...I mean, your, um…” she said, gesturing vaguely at his crotch.

Kyle looked down to see his cock twitching at full mast, and felt the cool night air on his exposed testicles. “Oh, Jeez-” he looked up and started to curse an apology, when suddenly he heard a *SLAP* and pain exploded from his tender balls. “OOF!” he grunted, cradling his aching jewels. The pink-and-black-masked girl's mouth made an ‘O' of sympathy, but she also was none-too-subtlely squeezing her thighs together. After a few moments Kyle looked up, with tears blurring his vision, to see a tall, athletic girl smiling wickedly down at him. “What the fuck?!” he very much wanted to say, but thought better of it.

“Fuck, Hannah. Did you have to hit the poor guy so hard?” the pink-and-black-masked girl asked.

"Oh, come on, Wendy, I barely slapped him. Besides, you know the rules: exposed balls are fair game," intoned the athletic girl matter-of-factly. Kyle tucked his still throbbing testes gingerly back into the sock. He stood and got a better look at Hannah. She was tall, almost as tall as Kyle, with short-cropped brown hair. She, too, was wearing running shorts and a sports bra, though hers was black, and she had a little bit more muscle than Wendy. Her mask was also black, with a burst of feathers across the forehead.

"Where's Hank?" Wendy asked, as she returned to the task of prepping the booth.

"He's bringing the bench around," Hannah replied, looking around, presumedly for Hank. Then Kyle saw Hank come around the corner, carrying what looked almost like a weight-lifting bench. But this bench was longer, and had weird rings and protrusions along its length, and a tall beam at the its head. In his other hand Hank was carrying a large mallet. As he got closer Kyle recognized the guy as one of the linebackers for the football team! Oh, that Hank! Jesus, he was even more impressive in person. He towered over Kyle, with a broad chest and huge shoulders. He was the kind of guy that looked sort of fat, but was actually solid muscle. He had on a tank top and a pair of white briefs that looked a few sizes too small. Fuck, it looked like he was smuggling a couple of large avocados in there. He, too, was wearing a mask, but it was just a simple Zorro-style mask. Kyle wondered if it was a joke, as it would be almost impossible not to recognize someone like Hank.

"Do you, uh, need any help?" Kyle offered.

"Nah, man. Thanks, though. Actually, here, could you hold this?" Hank handed Kyle the mallet, and then proceeded to set down the bench apparatus. From the sound it made as he dropped it it must have weighed...well, a lot. Kyle turned the mallet over in his hands, assessing curiously. It was lighter than it looked, though still heavy. It felt to the touch like a nerf mallet, but possibly with a wooden core. Kyle felt the head of the mallet, which was larger than a soup can. Why would anyone want a padded mallet? Weird.

"Kyle!" Kyle turned to see Keri calling him from the open door of the house. "Come here! I want to dance!" Keri yelled, smiling broadly as she gently gyrated to the thumping coming from the house.

"I, uh, gotta go," Kyle said lamely as he hurried toward the house, trying not to look like he was hurrying.

"Thanks for your help, cocksock!" Wendy called after him.

"Watch your nuts!" Hannah added, laughing. "Fuck me, I can't wait to get my hands on that cock and balls. Did you see that shit?" Hannah asked, turning back to Wendy.

"I certainly did," Wendy replied, already lost in her own thoughts about what she'd like to do with a set of cock and balls like that...


Sam left the crowd of dancers in the den and made her way to the drink table off of the kitchen. She poured herself another rum punch, and then spotted a small gaggle of younger looking girls and headed over.

“This party is so awesome!” the shortest one shouted, a little louder than necessary even given the dance music in the next room. “I can’t wait for college!” she took another long gulp from her red party cup.

“But what is with the taco fest, you know?” the black girl next to Sam asked.

“Taco fest?” Sam repeated, quizzically.

“You know, like a sausage fest? Except here it’s mostly girls.”

“Speaking of sausage, have you noticed the packages on these dudes? What is there, a size-check at the door or something? Look at that guy in basketball shorts, and that guy with his junk in sock!” Sam followed the girl’s pointing and saw a guy in a gold mask wearing nothing else but a pink sock over his cock and balls, which indeed looked to be huge. And he wasn’t the only guy Sam had noticed. The girls stood in silence for a minute, admiring the oversized meat market on display.

Then the black girl said, “Fuck, I can’t wait for college…” and everyone laughed in agreement.

“What do you guys think the ‘BB’ stands for on the house?” shouted the drunk one again.

“I heard it stand for ‘blue balls’, ‘cause the sisters her are known for being wicked cockteasers.”

“I heard it stand for ‘ballbusting’. Which might explain why there’s so little guys. I mean, not little, but like not a lot of them,” the drunk girl amended, laughing idiotically. Sam knew that the “BB” were the Greek letter ‘beta’, and that they didn’t mean anything; they were just the designation for the sorority. But she thought better of being a buzzkill. Besides, she kind of liked their guesses. “Let’s dance some more!” and with that the small crowd made their way back toward the den.

Lifting her cup for another drink, Sam found it empty. She set down her cup and decided to go see what was going on with the Ball elsewhere. From the outside the house didn’t look excessively big, but on the inside it felt gigantic.

Sam gingerly made her way up the stairs. She was buzzing pretty good, but was not yet as drunk as she would become. By the time she reached the second floor landing she had already forgotten why she came up there, and just started down the hall, looking around. But as she approached the first room on her left she distinctly heard Amy's voice along with some wet slapping sounds.

"Oh, fuck yeah. Mmmm *slurp*, you boys are BIG..." Oh, shit! Was Amy giving a blowjob?! To more than one dude? Sam found herself both curious and more than a little turned on. As she got closer the sucking/slurping sounds grew louder, and she noticed that the door wasn't closed all the way.

She put her hands on the doorframe, and then started to lean in with her head turned to better hear the goings-on. Unfortunately, her tits got to the door first, bumping it solidly and sending it slowly inward. Her eyes went wide in alarm and she instinctively reached for the handle, but missed it entirely and barely avoided falling forward into the room herself. Sam then gave a choked gasp as she saw Amy on her knees, facing her, while she worked two cocks (two LARGE cocks) with her mouth and hands. Luckily the guys were mostly facing away from her, and their attentions were so occupied that they didn't hear her intrusion. Amy, however, gave Sam a subtle wink without breaking her pace.

Sam just stood frozen in the doorway, unable to look away from the incredibly sexy tableaux before her. She'd seen her fair share of porn (and blowjob videos happened to be a real weakness of hers), but she'd never experienced anything remotely like this in real life. Here was her best friend, in what looked like some sort of dimly lit exercise room, not five feet away on her knees before two guys, blowing them most enthusiastically. She'd always considered sex something wonderful, something to be enjoyed and embraced, but something very much private. But here, with the proximity and the intimate sounds and even the smells, she found herself more turned on than she had ever been in her young life. Her pussy was positively pulsing at the raw sexuality on display before her.

"Oh, Jimmy, are you getting close, honey?" Amy teased. Her silk robe was still providing her the bare minimum of modesty, but her heavy tits swayed and jiggled with her urgent ministrations, threatening to free themselves at any moment. In her right hand was a nice cock that looked to be almost as long as Amy's arm. Her hand was stroking in a hard, steady rhythm, all the way from the base to the tip, the foreskin sliding up and over the wedge-shaped head. God, the arousal in the room was palpable!

But most of Amy's attentions were currently focused on the much thicker cock in her left hand. It had to be the thickest cock Sam had ever seen! Amy's fingers didn't come close to touching around its girth. Currently her thumb was slowly but insistently rubbing at the base of the circumcised, plum-sized head. Even in the dim lighting Sam could see the thick cock glistening (with what she presumed was Amy's saliva) almost halfway down its not-inconsiderable length.

Suddenly Amy slid her hand down to the base of the girthy monster, pulling the skin of his cock tight and squeezing. The bulging network of veins stood out prominently all up and down the shaft. Then her mouth engulfed the glistening, shiny head and her face was descending the extensive cock. In no time at all the cock had bottomed out in her throat, gagging her audibly. Jimmy gave a strangled groan of pleasure and anguish. There was more arousal, and pain, in that sound than Sam had ever heard before, and her pussy gushed anew. How in the fuck did Amy take that fat fucker so deeply??

Amy slowly, slowly withdrew his pulsing shaft, until the enormous knob slipped from her puffy lips with an audible *POP*. She gave it a wet kiss, looking up into Jimmy's face with a most depraved, hungry look. "Fuck! You taste so good. You know I could do this all day," Amy teased softly, her left hand now stroking steadily in a nice counter-rhythm to that of her right. "I know these fat balls are dying to hose me down...with that big load you've been saving," she said, pausing to swirl her tongue around his weeping crown. Jimmy's head was thrown back and his breathing was coming in shallower and shallower gasps. Then faster than Sam could see, Amy's hand left Jimmy's shaft, made a fist, and blasted up into what Sam could only presume was the underside of his balls. He hunched over, groaning deeply, but otherwise did not react. "Not yet, stud," Amy said with a positively wicked smile. From Jimmy's whimpers it seemed that that may not have been the first time.

Jesus, Sam thought to herself. With one hand the young voyeur was rubbing insistently at her pussy, while the other hand groped and squeezed her sensitive nipples. She was biting her lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. Maybe it was just the alcohol, but she was getting incredibly turned on by this wanton display of cockteasing. And the thought that Amy had just punched that poor guy right in his balls had her pussy practically dripping down her leg! What was wrong with her? Sam rubbed her sock-clad foot up and down her other calf, and slipped her hand under her panties, quickly locating her clit and rubbing it in tight little circles as Amy turned to her other victim.

"Oh, Austin," she chided playfully. A thick string of precum connected the head of his extensive cock with Amy's smooth forearm, her arm still pumping the uncircumcised cock steadily. Austin gave out a guttural groan as Amy turned her attention on him. "You've done so well," Amy encouraged softly, leaning down to slurp up his sticky precum loudly. "Mmmmm," she moaned as her mouth made contact with his shiny, pulsing head. While Jimmy's head was like an overripe plum sitting atop a forearm-thick shaft, Austin's was more like a small arrowhead with the shaft flaring out behind, and Amy began sloppily making out with it was she spoke. "I know *lick* that you really want *smack* to cum, honey *pop*, but just between you and me?" here she began to whisper conspiratorially, "*slurp* I don't think Jimmy's going to last much longer." At this Jimmy gave his own guttural groan of despair, and Amy's left hand ceased its torturous stroking. She gripped his shaft tightly just below the bursting cockhead, and rubbed her thumb insistently at the base of his crown. She did all this without breaking eye contact with Austin, or missing a beat in her steady stroking of his twitching, weeping cock.

"Please..." Austin whimpered, so softly that Sam almost thought she had imagined it.

"Come on, Austin, you can *slurp* do it," Amy said, increasing the pace of her ministrations. "Just hold back a little bit longer, and no one will hurt your balls anymore. *slurp* *suck* Just don't cum *lick* and you'll get to pound my tight little pussy with this gorgeous cock..."

"Ahhhhhh!!" Austin cried out in anguish, his cock flexing and rearing up mightily. Amy released Jimmy's cock entirely, using one hand to encircle poor Austin's balls, and the other gave one final, firm stroke up his trembling shaft. A HUGE spurt of cum erupted from the tip of Austin's cock, leaving a gooey trail from Amy's chin, up her face, and through her jet-black hair. Then both her hands clamped down hard one on his balls and the other on the tip of his cock, abruptly cutting off his orgasm entirely. Austin screamed again, this time in utter agony.

"Oh, honey," Amy lamented. She kept her death grip until the twitching in Austin's genitals subsided. As she removed her hands one stray drop of pearlescent cum formed at the tip of his cock. Amy tenderly leaned down and slurped up the gooey result of his aborted orgasm. Austin whimpered, his cock still steely hard and twitching. "Too bad, Austin. Better luck next time," Amy said, giving his tender balls a firm parting slap. "Sam? Would you please help Austin down to the pillory? Tell the girls it's open season; Mr. Peacock here lost the bet and gets twenty minutes." Evidently she was referring to the peacock mask that Austin had on. "And you," Amy purred, stroking the underside of Jimmy's cock with the palm of her hand as she stood, "You meet me in the bedroom next door in...oh, ten minutes. Then we'll put this fat fucker to good use." She then leaned in, squishing her heavy tits against Jimmy's naked chest and kissed him full on the mouth. Jimmy groaned and kissed her back in earnest.

Amy finally disengaged herself from Jimmy. "Sam? You got this?"

Sam physically shook herself, withdrawing her gooey fingers from her dripping snatch. "Uh, yeah. What's a pillory?"

"It's the big wooden thing with three holes, on the stage in the den."

Understanding dawned on Sam's flushed face. "Oh, shit," she swore softly. "I mean, yeah!" She then grabbed Mr. Peacock by his elbow and hurried out of the room, the poor guy stumbling behind, cradling his aching, doomed testicles. Her arousal was now running at a fever pitch, and she needed another drink.


Kyle heard a cheer go up from the other room, and he and Keri went to go see what was going on. As they entered the den they saw a guy with a peacock mask being locked in what appeared to be a set of old-fashioned stocks, or a pillory. Aside from the mask, he was only wearing a grey tank-top; when they locked him in, facing the wall, his long cock and heavy looking balls were exposed for all to see.

"Looks like somebody lost a bet," Keri observed, smiling. She then walked over to the strawberry blonde with the grey mask who had escorted the guy, and they spoke for a moment. "Okay, everybody," Keri said. She kept her white, bedazzled mask on as she addressed the small crowd that had gathered. "Apparently Mr. Peacock here came too soon, and so we get his balls for twenty minutes!" A cheer went up from all the girls in attendance. Kyle gulped audibly, his own balls pulling up tight in sympathetic response. "And remember: we've got the campus urologist on speed dial, so go nuts!" she finished with a wink. With that she turned, and punted the dangling eggs with her socked foot.

"What was that about a urologist?" Kyle heard a girl nearby ask.

He heard Wendy reply matter-of-factly, "Dr. West. We get a rupture or two almost every ball, and as far as I know she's always been able to patch the boys right up." Then both girls finished their drinks and excitedly queued up for their turn at Mr. Peacock's rapidly swelling testicles.

Kyle watched in fascinated horror as girl after girl took aim, and viciously kicked the defenseless guy in his most vulnerable organs. Some girls were just enjoying themselves, while some were clearly trying to do some serious damage. But it looked like everyone was willing and eager to take a turn. Kyle suddenly felt sick to his stomach, and hastily made an exit.

He had to go all the way to the third floor before he found a bathroom that wasn't occupied. He entered and then leaned back against the door, taking a few deep, calming breaths. On his left was a long counter with a sink and a mirror, and then a short wall around which appeared to be a toilet. He stepped toward the sink, removed his gold mask, and bent down to splash some water on his face. He didn't notice that the door hadn't latched, and now swung back open just slightly.

Once the urge to vomit had passed, Kyle realized that he needed to pee. Quite badly, actually.


Sam was quickly becoming inured to all the shocking goings-on at this Ball. When a girl with a white, diamond-encrusted mask had told her what was going to happen, at first she'd felt a little sick. But as she watched the first few brutal kicks to what she knew to be an already full, aching set of balls, she felt the sensation in her stomach turn into an aroused tingling. Her nipples felt as hard as diamonds, and the bra she was wearing was starting to feel awfully tight. Fuck! She really needed that drink.

Unfortunately, the bowl of rum punch appeared to be empty. Fortunately, there seemed to be plenty of liquor and mixers at hand. Sam took a red party cup and poured a double shot of what was probably vodka, and then filled the rest of the cup with a mixer labeled "Limoncello". She downed half the cup, and immediately felt a relaxing warmth spread out from her stomach. It did nothing to abate the hunger in her gushing pussy, however. She blinked a few times as she looked around the room. Poor Mr. Peacock's balls looked pretty bad; they appeared to have almost doubled in size, and were turning an alarming shade of purple. This was too much, and Sam decided she needed to find someplace to cum her fucking brains out. Now.

Sam hastily made her exit, only wobbling slightly. Her memory was a blur as she tried in vain to find an empty room to take care of herself, but at one point she was pretty sure she stumbled into the bedroom where Amy was getting railed by Mr. Thick Dick (and apparently cumming her own brains out). Finally she found a bathroom on the third floor with the door ajar.

She slipped in quietly and leaned against the counter, looking into her own eyes. She didn't notice the gold mask with one dark green feather lying on the counter. The incredibly twisted, erotic things she'd seen flashed through her memory, pushing her arousal to a fever pitch. She clumsily slid down her panties and stepped out of them, almost taking a header into the shower in the process. Once she regained her balance she dropped the pussy-juice soaked underwear on top of the gold mask. She was so absorbed in her task that she didn't even hear the toilet flush. Sam leaned back against the door, groping her swollen tits roughly with her left hand while her right began to rub at her aching clit in earnest. She was so wet her fingers were sliding all over her bald pussy, and the wet, squishing sounds echoed off the bathroom walls.

"Holy fuck," she heard someone exclaim softly. She froze, her eyes shooting open to see a naked man in the bathroom with her. Well, naked except for a hot pink angora sock encasing his junk. Barely encasing his junk. Jesus, it was the guy she had been ogling on the dance floor. Up close his junk looked even bigger! Could that all really be him? She saw his eyes slowly drift down her body, before they appeared to settle on her grey angora ankle socks. Sam blearily blinked away the last of her inhibitions.

Sauntering right up to the flabbergasted male, she looked him in the eyes as she approached. She didn't even try to hide the hungry look in her eyes. She only stopped when her heavy breasts compressed against his upper body. She brought her hands up to his chest, leaving a slimy trail with her gooey fingers, and stood up on her tiptoes to kiss him. She sensed his hesitation as their lips met, but then she moaned as he kissed her back and she felt his arms encircle her.

Her lips parted as his tongue gently forced its way inside, and thus did Sam experience her first, passionate french kiss. Their tongues danced and swirled, with more eagerness than skill. She moaned again as the angora-encased package stirred against her firm stomach, the massive cock within becoming incredibly hard incredibly quickly. She ran her hands down and over his rampant cock, reveling in the steely hardness and the unbelievable girth, but especially in the feel of the soft angora material against her hands.

Without a thought she slipped to her knees, sliding her lithe body against his erect member. It took both of her hands to properly grip his throbbing monster. She moaned a third time as she rubbed his sock-encased cock over and around her upturned face in lustful abandon. She heard a, "Jesusfuck," breathily escape his lips. Sam gripped the sock tightly at the base of his cock, and slowly but firmly stroked up and down the mighty shaft, reveling in the contrast of incredible hardness and sensual softness. It was difficult to tell precisely, but she felt sure that this cock had to be even bigger and more majestic than either of the two Amy was blowing earlier.

Then she looked down and gasped as the sight literally took her breath away. His balls were enormous! Apparently they had been forced from the sock by his erecting cock, and now sat tight against his groin bulging obscenely. She slid her hand down to cradle the over-filled, darkly colored sac, but just one magnificent ball was more than her little hand could hold. Once again her vision swam with all of the horrible, abusive things she had seen done to testicles this night, and her pussy gushed anew, literally dripping onto the bath mat beneath her. She pushed him gently until he sat heavily on the toilet lid, grunting in obvious discomfort as his swollen balls were jostled.

"Oh, my fucking gawd," she moaned in lustful abandon, stroking his now twitchingly hard, sock-encased cock with her hands and face, "I want this cock so bad!" she exclaimed softly, looking up directly into the boy's lust and fear-filled eyes. "But first..." she trailed off ominously. Then she took one fat ball in each of her small but strong hands and she began to squeeze. The sensation was totally unlike anything she had ever felt before, as this male's most delicate organs squished and squirmed in her feminine grasp, but at the same time it was the most natural feeling in the world. As her fingers visibly sank into the tender nutflesh, the boy began whimpering through his gritted teeth, but he didn't try to close his legs or pull her hands away, and his cock did not lose an ounce of its steely hardness. Fascinating.

Finally her forearms were getting tired and she let go. Sam watched in utter fascination as his dented, deformed balls slowly began to regain their original ovoid shape, and even seemed to swell visibly larger before her eyes. The boy was now taking air in great, gasping gulps, groaning deeply. Sam's heart was racing and her stomach felt like it was doing somersaults in her belly; she needed more.

"P-please," the boy gasped, as she stood between his spread legs. "I...I'm not supposed to cum," he said, with painfully obvious reluctance. The sentiment sent a shiver down Sam's spine. Though she would have dearly loved to see this cock and those balls cum, that wasn't what she had in mind. At least not yet.

"Don't worry, stud," she said, unconsciously mimicking her best friend. "That isn't what I had in mind. At least, not yet." She then attempted to climb up onto the toilet seat, but in her current state of inebriation the task was beyond her. With all her weight on the foot on the toilet seat, she overbalanced and began falling backwards, her eyes as wide as saucers and her arms pinwheeling frantically. Just as she was about to eat it a strong hand gripped her firmly, stopping her descent and holding her in place. She just stood like that, frozen in place, her breasts rising and falling with her deep breaths, her heart racing like a jackrabbit on steroids in her chest.

After a few moments, once her breathing had mostly returned to normal, she said, "Uh, thanks," smiling down at the guy awkwardly. She adjusted her feet, still trying to get her balance atop the toilet lid, and her sock-clad toes bumped against his balls resting heavily between his thighs. The contact made him wince, and sent a fresh shiver down Sam's spine. Then she noticed that her partner's cock was still arcing up over his abdomen, hard as a fucking rock.

Sam interlaced her fingers with his on the hand that was holding her up. "Whew. Just hang tight. This is going to hurt a bit, but I fucking need to cum!" Sam explained as she steadied herself. She gave his socked-cock a few gentle caresses with her socked-foot, eliciting a deep moan of abject pleasure from her victim. He must really like feet. Poor guy, she thought to herself, pityingly.

Taking extra care, Sam stood on her heels and placed the balls of her feet on top of the boy's swollen testes. Her pussy throbbed and quivered in anticipation, the juices of her arousal running down her thigh. She could actually feel the oversized orbs squirming under her feet. Both she and he watched, utterly captivated, as the balls of her feet slowly compressed his aching testicles against the toilet lid.

The sensations on her angora-clad feet were unbelievable! She began to pump her feet up and down, alternating right and left, putting a little more of her weight down each time. She could feel him trembling beneath her, his breath coming ragged through clenched teeth as she physically stood on his most prized possessions. Her hand was on her clit before she knew what was happening. She felt his guttural groan directly in her pussy as her feet compressed his poor testes almost completely flat. And just like that the pleasure was reaching a mind-numbing crescendo. She rubbed insistently, mashing her sopping clit, her other hand squeezing his supporting hand like a vice. Her breaths came in shorter and shorter gasps, as her long-awaited orgasm began to build again in earnest. Her vision went dim as the waves of climax began to crash over her, harder and harder and harder.

Sam cried out softly, biting her lip to hold back the screams of overwhelming pleasure. She'd cum a great many times in her life: at her own hand, from sex, and even from one boy's tongue. But none of those orgasms could hold a candle to the earth-shattering pleasure that threatened to completely overwhelm her senses. She trembled and shook as the waves crashed over her again and again and again. Her knees finally buckled and she collapsed into his arms, still trembling from the aftershocks of pleasure coursing through her body. Unfortunately for him, Sam's right knee landed solidly on his left nut with an audible *CRUNCH*, causing the poor guy to cry out and grimace in horrible pain even as he tenderly held the still-orgasming Sam.

Suddenly the bathroom door burst in, and a raven-haired girl in a turquoise mask made a bee-line for the toilet. "Outta my way!" she yelled, totally ruining whatever moment Sam and her plaything were having. Sam just blinked a few times in confusion, her face partially numb from the intensity of her climax. The guy stood and shuffled both of them out of the way. And not a moment too soon, for just as the toilet sit was lifted the raven-haired girl began to vomit loudly into the bowl.

Sam and the guy hurriedly made their way out of the bathroom, the guy barely remembering to replace his gold mask on his ashen face. “Here,” he said, with a voice husky from pain and arousal, as he handed Sam her black lace panties. Then he steadied her as she stepped back into the sopping undergarment.

Sam had recovered enough from her orgasm to recognize that the guy's balls were still hanging free, a (LARGE) target for any passing sadist. Once again she slipped to her knees. Thankfully his cock had returned to a more manageable size. She gave each swollen testicle a tender kiss, and couldn't help but notice his left nut was in significantly worse shape. "Thank you. That was the best orgasm of my life. Maybe someday I can return the favor," she said smiling, but not making eye-contact; some of her shyness and inhibitions were returning. She gingerly tucked his package back into the sock, which was now being stretched to obscene proportions.

As she stood Sam gave him a peck on the cheek. Just then the girl in the diamond-encrusted mask ascended the stairs. "Kyle! I've been looking everywhere for you! It's time for the Contest! Are you ready?" So his name was Kyle, was it? Sam knew she would never forget his face, and now she had a name to with it. Maybe their paths would cross again next year. Sam followed the two at a discreet distance, eager to find out more about this "Contest".


"Who was that girl? You didn't cum, did you?" Keri asked as she and Kyle hurried down the stairs, heading for the den on the first floor.

Kyle stumbled along behind, wincing and grimacing with each step. "Uh, no. She just accidentally walked in on me in the bathroom, and...uh, she busted my balls," he finished candidly.

Keri stopped in her tracks and turned to look down at his junk. Then she noticed that he was much more swollen than he had been, and in fact his left testicle was markedly larger. "Holy shit! Are you okay?" The concern in her voice was genuine and unmistakable, though at this point in the evening she was just as worried about the consequences for the Contest as she was about Kyle's well-being.

"I'll *cough* I'll be fine. I think," Kyle finished uncertainly. He had yet to see the anatomical results of Sam's playtime.

"Well, I guess it's too late now. Just, do the best you can.” She turned to continue down the stairs, then hesitated. “And Kyle?" Keri said, turning again and looking up into his eyes.

"Yeah?" Kyle asked, looking down with concern.

"Whatever happens, know that I...I care about you a great deal," she finished lamely. She cringed inside. Why was it so hard for her to just tell him how she felt? Ugh! But now was not the time.

Kyle's face lit up, and his cares and pains seemed, if not erased, at least eased a bit. "Thanks, Keri. I, uh, care about you, too. A great deal," he finished, smiling.

Keri beamed back at him, a warmth spreading out from her heart, touching her nipples and her pussy. God, she was going to cum so fucking hard when this night was over! But right now they had to get to the den; it was almost 11 o'clock, and she knew how Wendy liked to be punctual. "Let's go!" she urged, grabbing Kyle's hand again and sprinting for the den.


They arrived in the den just as the girl in the Wendy was starting to address the gathered crowd. Exactly at the stroke of eleven, Wendy said, "Welcome, everyone, to this year's Beta Beta Masquerade Ball!" Clapping and a few drunken cheers and whistles erupted from the moderately-sized crowd. "As many of you know, this night is especially, uh, special," she flushed as a smattering of laughter followed this statement. "Usually, at this Ball we celebrate the installment of next year's sorority President. However, this year we actually have a tie in the voting." At this she paused so that Keri and Hannah could join her on the stage, discarding their masks. "Both Keri and Hannah received the same number of votes, which means that the President will be decided by Contest!" There was some cheering, though it was clear from the less enthusiastic response that few people knew what that meant, including Kyle. "The sorority charter stipulates that the first round of the Contest be decided by the candidates' extra-curricular activities and service to the sorority." Here she looked down at her phone. "For this first round, Keri has earned a total of 51 points, while Hannah has earned 50." Again, the response to this news was clearly mixed. Did that mean that Keri was the President? What about all that stuff she told him about teasing and ballbusting? Kyle looked on in obvious confusion.

"The Charter also stipulates that the Contest has three rounds, with the final two rounds left to the discretion of the outgoing President. Which is me!" Wendy finished with a broad smile. "I, along with the rest of the leadership of the sorority, have decided that the last two rounds will be decided by each girl's skill in the areas of Pain and Pleasure." Oh, fuck, Kyle thought, in dawning realization. "For the Pain round, Keri and Hannah have each brought, uh, partners, and have agreed on trials." At this Keri beckoned Kyle up onto the stage. He sheepishly made his way to the front, careful to make sure his gold mask was still properly affixed. He saw his counterpart ascending the steps and stared in shock as he recognized Hank! "The first person to make the other's partner submit wins the round, and will be awarded ten points. Hannah has chosen Ring the Bell, while Keri has chosen the Baseball Toss." Ring the Bell? What the hell did that mean? And what did that have to do with his balls?

"For the Pleasure round, each girl will try to make the other's partner cum. The first to do this will be awarded ten points. And the winner of the Contest will be installed as next year's Beta Beta President!" There was a few moments of stunned silence, as the implications of what was about to happen sunk in. Then an enthusiastic cheer erupted from an eager sorority sister, and the rest of the crowd quickly joined in. "Please join us in the backyard for the Pain round!"

Kyle just stood frozen on the stage. Hannah was going to try and make him cum?? And Keri's becoming President depended on him holding back, after not having cum for a week?? Kyle gulped audibly, and felt a cold sweat break out all over his mostly naked body.

Then he felt Keri's hand on his shoulder. "Kyle? Are you ready?" she asked in a mix of obvious excitement and anxiety.

Kyle shivered, and then mentally steeled himself. Though he wasn't ready to say so to her face, he was head-over-heels for Keri. And if this is what he could do to help her become President, then he would do his fucking best. He took a deep breath and squared his shoulders. "Yeah, let's do this," he said, with such bravado that he almost believed it himself. Keri smiled in approval and led him to the backyard.

Once there he saw the carnival booths that he himself had helped set up. Then he saw the Ring the Bell booth, with the large foam mallet leaning against the bench, and just like that he realized what he was in for. His stomach tried to leap out his mouth at the same time that his testicles tried in vain to crawl back up inside him. Oh, jesusgodholylordinheaven...

Keri helped lay him down on the bench, and then freed his enormous balls from the delightfully confining sock. She quickly strapped him into the velcro cuffs at his wrists and ankles before he could even think to protest. She produced a ball gag from under the bench and gently affixed it to Kyle's face. Then she took the long rawhide strap and firmly bound his balls to the small raised platform between his thighs. When she was finished his testicles were completely exposed. Kyle looked over to see Hank strapped to the back of the target, his own set of monstrous balls protruding through the bullseye, looking almost as vulnerable as he felt. Kyle couldn't decide if it was better or worse that he and Hank could see each blow coming. Probably worse.

Keri then put something like a small garage door opener into Kyle's left hand. "When you click this button, a buzzer will sound, and that will mean you submit, ending the round," Keri explained, not looking Kyle in the eyes. She looked over at Hank, biting her lip. "Now, I used to pitch softball in high school, so I'm pretty sure Hank over there won't last more than 2 or 3 hits. But just do the best you can; I'd rather lose this round than have you rupture a testicle for me." It looked like maybe she was going to kiss him again, but instead she awkwardly patted him on the shoulder before heading over to the Baseball Toss.

At the same time Hannah gently slapped Hank's face and then made her way over to Kyle's side. She hefted the large foam mallet and spun it expertly. Kyle gulped, his eyes wide in unadulterated fear. "Ooh, looks like someone got to your left nut already," she said in mock sympathy. "It sure doesn't look too good. I'll tell you what: I think I'm just going to hit that one, over and over again. Think I can pop it on the first try?" she asked, winking evilly before she moved to stand between Kyle's spread legs. Jesusfuck, what the fuck was he going to do??

Part 3 - The Contest

Sam stood dumbfounded. Were they really going to pound those poor guys' balls, so that the winner could be president of the sorority? Two hours ago she would have been completely shocked and scandalized at the idea. Now, after the events of this evening, she felt her clit throb and her pussy gush anew. Her buzz still going strong, she thought, These Beta Beta girls really know how to party!

"Ooh, that is diabolical!" Amy exclaimed softly. She was standing just behind Sam's left shoulder, on her tiptoes and with her eyes as wide as saucers. They both stood on the raised back porch, in the midst of the small crowd gathered to watch The Contest. Sam looked back at Amy quizzically. Amy appeared to have refreshed herself after the events of the party, though a stray glob of thick, pearlescent cum still streaked her hair. Before Sam could point this out, Amy continued, "So they're going to bust their balls into submission, right? But immediately after that they've got to make the guys cum! So Keri and Hannah both have to balance winning this round quickly with leaving their victims in shape to get it up and shoot a load, all in front of a crowd. Holy fuck, Wendy has outdone herself this time!" Amy finished in obvious admiration, a huge grin on her face.

Sam's eyes went wide as Amy's logic hit home. At that moment she knew she would do whatever it took to be a Beta Beta sister next year.

Then a buzzer sounded, and all conversation stopped. Sam watched in a daze of awe and lust as Hannah swung the hammer in an overhead strike that looked like it would have split a log, right down onto the enormous pair of balls Sam herself had been abusing only minutes before...


Keri watched in sympathetic horror as Hannah brought the foam-encased mallet down onto Kyle's poor, bloated nutsack with incredible force. She felt as much as heard the *CRUNCH* as the hammer attempted to completely pulverize the swollen, tender orbs. A comic *DING!* punctuated the blow, as Hannah’s strike had literally rung the bell. Then Keri realized that the mallet had made contact only with Kyle's left nut! That evil bitch! Keri watched rapt, along with the gathered crowd, as Kyle's ball slowly, slowly regained its oblong shape. Rather than screams of utter agony, she thought she could hear Kyle whimpering through the gag. But Kyle's buzzer did not sound.

With the shape his nut was already in, Keri knew Kyle wouldn't last long. Before she could see Kyle's undoubtedly agonized reaction she squeezed her eyes shut, and reminded herself of the goal. Her only chance at helping Kyle was to get Hank to submit first. She grabbed one of the rubber baseballs, and opened her eyes to take aim at another pair of tremendous testicles. "Sorry, Hank," she whispered as she wound up and then launched the ball at his balls with all the skill and speed of a seasoned softball pitcher. The projectile was a dead-on bullseye, connecting with both balls and compressing them horribly against the rough wood. There was an audible *CRACK* as the ball drove home into the board.

Hank's eyes teared up and she could see the veins standing out on his neck. But neither did his buzzer sound. Keri didn't think it would be so easy, but she had hoped. She closed her eyes and hung her head, as she heard Hannah swing that mallet down into Kyle's unprotected left ball once again. Another *DING!* as the bell signified Kyle’s gradual destruction. Amazingly, the sound she waited for never came. She opened one eye to see Kyle with his eyes squeezed shut, every muscle in his body tensing horribly. Then she saw his left testicle and felt sick to her stomach. It wasn't re-inflating this time; it looked lumpy and misshapen, and was definitely noticeably more swollen. She didn't think it would survive another strike. Come on, Kyle! Sound the buzzer! We can make it up in the next round! she thought urgently. But he didn't do it.

Once again Keri picked up a baseball and took aim. Channeling her own frustration and helplessness, she hurled the hard rubber ball into Hank's exposed testicles with everything she had. This time the *CRACK* was so loud she thought for sure she had broken the wooden target. But when she looked, Hank's balls were still there, and a single tear was trickling down his face. But no buzzer sounded.

Keri reluctantly turned to see Hannah, the mallet resting next to her foot. She widened her stance and hefted the hammer, exaggerating its weight was she prepared for another pulverizing blow on Kyle's poor, defenseless left nut. Even through the mask Keri could read Kyle's pain and fear. As Hannah began to raise the hammer, an urgent buzzer began sounding. Kyle had submitted. Keri felt herself release a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding. Don't worry, Kyle, she thought encouragingly, Hank doesn't stand a chance against my mouth and hands.


Kyle felt an intense wave of relief wash over him, almost strong enough to compete with the utter agony emanating from what was left of his left testicle. He felt sick to his stomach, and wanted to cry in shame at having let Keri down. But fuck! There was no way he could willingly submit to another of those fucking blows! Hannah was merciless! His only consolation was that there was no way in hell Hannah was going to be able to coax a load of cum out of him now.

Kyle was so out of it he barely registered someone removing his balls gag and restraints, and then helping him back into the house. He sat heavily on the long, low couch at center stage and took deep breaths, trying to manage the horrible pain. Hank gingerly sat down at the other end of the couch, breathing heavily through clenched teeth. The guys shared a sympathetic look before they each closed their eyes and focused on managing the pain.

Once everyone had gathered back inside Wendy, still wearing her pink-and-black mask, took the stage once again. "Since Hannah won the Pain round, that brings the official scores to: Keri - 51, Hannah - 60." A smattering of clapping and cheers. "Now the third and final round: the Pleasure round. Gentlemen, would you please tell the crowd how long it's been since your last release?" Wendy turned and looked first at Hank.

"Uh, I, uh," he stammered nervously. Hank swallowed and tried again. "It's, uh, been a week."

Wendy smiled and then turned to Kyle. He gulped and said, "Yeah, me, too. I mean, it's been a week." So that number was on purpose, it seemed.

Wendy then turned back to face the crowd. "So you can see that both men should be prepared to give us quite a show. To make things a bit more interesting," Wendy gave a dramatic pause, smiling broadly, "the contestants will not be allowed to touch the men's cocks with any orifices. Including their mouths," she finished significantly. Kyle saw the surprise on both Hannah and Keri's faces. He didn't know anything about Hannah, but he knew that Keri prided herself on her oral skills, and rightly so. "Just to be clear: the contestants can use any part of their bodies to make the men cum, except for their mouth, their pussy, or their ass." A soft muttering rippled through the crowd as they collectively processed this information. "And, as is standard in contests of this nature, each man will be allowed one, 15-second reprieve. All they have to do is say the word 'STOP'." Wendy turned to make eye contact with Kyle and Hank in turn, verifying that they understood this last. "Otherwise, first to make their victim cum, wins! Let the Pleasure round begin!"

Kyle couldn't help but be nervous as his athletic torturess approached him and seated herself between his wide spread legs. "I hope there's no hard feelings from before," Hannah began apologetically. She then gingerly reached forward and slowly removed Kyle's cocksock. He shivered at the pleasurable sensation in spite of himself. "It's nothing personal. In fact, honestly, I think what you're doing for Keri is pretty amazing. Also, you happen to have the most impressive set of genitals I have ever seen," she stared at his mostly soft cock and swollen balls in open admiration, reinforcing her words. "Just try to relax and let me make you feel good. I'm sorry you don't get to feel my mouth today, but if there's anything special I can do just let me know," she finished with a lascivious wink. Kyle shivered, and felt his cock starting to respond in spite of everything he'd been through. Still, he was a long way from cumming. And as long as Hannah didn't use her socked feet he thought he'd be fine...


Though she was stunned by the restrictions, Keri quickly recovered. She prided herself on being a consummate tease, and actually welcomed the challenge of getting inside Hank's head, without relying on her best skills. And right away she had an advantage: she noticed the visible stirring of Hank's impressive cock when Wendy had said "ass". Evidently our stocky friend was an ass man! Well, then today was his lucky day. Keri smiled wickedly as she settled between Hank's legs and waited for Wendy to announce the start of the round.

When the buzzer sounded she ran her hands up his tremendous thighs and over his large but firm stomach. "Oh, Hank," Keri practically moaned. "I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to this." She began kissing and nibbling at his inner thigh, maintaining eye contact the whole time. "You have such a gorgeous, fat cock. I couldn't wait to wrap my lips around it. But I guess that will have to wait for another time," she said, pouting. "For tonight," here Keri stood and turned to face the crowd, bending at the waist, "I guess you'll just have to settle for my ass."

Keri hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her boyshorts and slowly began to peel them down over the globes of her plump, firm ass. She wasn't wearing any underwear, and she felt the crotch stick to her dripping mound as the shorts peeled down. She gave her ass a little shake as her hands reached the floor, looking back at Hank around her legs. Sure enough, in spite of the pain he'd so recently endured, she saw the beginnings of a very impressive hardon tenting out his tight briefs.

"Oh, shee-it," Hank drawled softly, stunned like a deer in the headlights. Keri heard Hannah swear softly and smiled to herself in triumph. She looked over to see Kyle still flaccid cock hanging over his horribly swollen, bruised balls.

"Gosh, Hank," Keri said teasingly, "those briefs look awfully tight. Let me help you." She turned to once again kneel between his spread legs and began to slide Hank's briefs down as well. His hefty cock sprang into view, and began to harden visibly before her face. She didn't have to fake the look of awe and admiration. Kyle's cock was a bit bigger, in length and girth, but Hank's was still a monster. And it had the slightest upward curve to it, which caused Keri's pussy to pulse thinking of the possibilities. She wrapped her fingers around the base, her thumb and middle finger barely meeting around girth. Keri gave his shaft a few experimental strokes, urging him to full mast.

"Hey, Hannah," she said, not taking her eyes from the twitching monster in her grip. Hannah didn't stop her ministrations but turned to look at Keri. "Want to make this interesting? How about if I win, then Hank here gets to fuck you in the ass?" A collective gasp ran through crowd, and Keri felt Hank's cock flex mightily in her grip. Her wicked smile only broadened.

Hannah considered for a moment. "Alright. But if I win, then I get to fuck you in the ass. Sound fair?" Hannah offered, returning her own evil smile.

Keri recovered quickly from her moment of shock. She’d had a sneaking suspicion that the athletic sorority girl swung both ways, but this form of confirmation struck as a very pleasant surprise. "You're on!" she replied enthusiastically. You had to hand it to her: Hannah was nothing if not confident. Then Keri saw a thick bead of precum form at the bursting tip of Hank's cock. She very nearly leaned in to slurp it up before she caught herself. She contented herself with collecting the goo between her fingers, and messily slurping it up before Hank's wide eyes. God, you'd think the poor guy had never gotten a blowjob before.

Once again Keri half stood and turned to face away from Hank. She rested her full, round ass on his thighs, so that his rampant, twitching cock was just brushing her lower back. "You hear that, Hank? All you have to do is cum for me, and you'll get to fuck Hannah's ass. I know you haven't cum in a loooong time, and those poor balls are just bursting with cum," here she scooted back until his cock slid between her pert cheeks, and she just barely made contact with his balls. Then she began to slowly slide her ass up and down Hank's aching cock, working her hips and ass in a perfect rhythm. In fewer than a dozen strokes she felt Hank's cock straining urgently, getting even thicker and harder, and then he cried out in anguish, "STOP!"

Immediately she stood and sat across Hank's lap, not touching his twitching, jerking cock. She didn't even notice her sock-clad foot barely touch Kyle's leg. God, how she loved to watch a large, desperate cock on the edge of cumming!


Hannah was working Kyle's cock with her hands with all the skill of a high-class hooker. Her ample tits wobbled tightly in their sports-bra prison, a feature which she exaggerated expertly. Unfortunately for her, Kyle's left nut was in pretty bad shape and was still sending almost blinding pain signals to his brain. Still, Hannah was sexy, confident, and quite skilled, and his cock was beginning to seriously respond. Then he heard Hank shout, "STOP!" and felt a surge of pride. He was going to win! Well, Keri was going to win, which amounted to the same thing. His relief was almost palpable.

Then he felt Keri's angora sock brush his calf, and a strong shiver went down his whole body, and his cock stiffened alarmingly. This was not lost on Hannah, who paused in her ministrations and looked Kyle right in the eyes. She smiled knowingly. Without a word she sat back on her ass, leaning back on her arms. She raised her feet into Kyle's lap and began stroking his thighs with her socks. Kyle began to drool as he felt the green and white striped angora socks get closer and closer to his aching genitals. The soft socks went almost all the way to Hannah's knees, and Kyle's mind became mush. He didn't hear Keri slip and crush poor Hank's balls under her elbow, nor did he hear her soft swear of frustration.

"Oh, my dear, sweet, Kyle," Hannah said softly, the words flowing off of her tongue like honey. "Do you like my socks? If they feel this good on your thighs, just good they'd feel...on your cock," with each pause Hannah slid her legs up and down Kyle's thighs, closer and closer to his now weeping cock. Finally her feet slid home, and her arches made contact with the base of his rock-hard cock. Her feet didn't come close to meeting around his tumescent girth, and Kyle saw Hannah gasp in her own paroxysm of pleasure. Then she began to slide her sock-clad feet up his sensitive shaft and all coherent thought left him.

All he could think about was the overwhelmingly pleasurable sensations assaulting his brain. The pain in his nuts was completely forgotten. His whole being was now consumed with the sensation of angora, and the incredibly urgent need to CUM.

After less than a minute of these ministrations he felt his balls tightening, preparing to eject the tremendous load of cum stored up within. But cumming made him think of Keri, and the promise he made to her. His eyes snapped open as he felt the cum boiling in his balls. "STOP! STOP!!" he yelled, hoping and praying that he wasn't too late. Hannah dutifully removed her feet from his cock, and Kyle took great gulping breaths and fought with every fiber of his being to stem the tidal wave of jizz threatening to burst forth from his over-burdened balls.

Finally, finally, the imminent orgasm began to abate, and a tremendous ache settled back into his swollen, blue balls. But then a buzzer sounded and Hannah immediately encased his sensitive cock in her angora-clad feet once again...


Keri felt a moment of panic as she simultaneously gave away Kyle's secret and then lost further ground by smashing poor Hank's balls beneath her elbow. She felt all her hard work, all her careful preparations slipping away. Then she heard the buzzer telling her that Hank's reprieve was over, and the competitor inside her reasserted herself. She had no time to lose.

"Hank, honey, I'm so sorry about your balls," she said sincerely, turning to once again engulf Hank's still-hard cock with her ample asscheeks. "I know you've been through alot, and I know your balls ache with that backed up load of cum. Just imagine, Hank, emptying that massive load, all over my beautiful ass," Hank's cock was back at twitchingly full mast. She heard Kyle scream "STOP! STOP!!" and very nearly lost her nerve. God, he sounded so desperate! She had to finish this.

"Just imagine, pumping this gorgeous, fat fucker into Hannah's little asshole. Can you imagine that, Hank? God, I bet you'd really stretch her out," Hank was moaning and groaning desperately now, thrusting up into her ass, and she could feel him getting close. Then the buzzer sounded again and she knew Kyle wouldn't last long.

"Hank? Can I tell you a secret?" Her ass was a blur on his cock, bouncing and sliding in perfect rhythm, stimulating his cock like nothing he'd ever experienced. "I dream about your cock, Hank. I dream," she paused, actually slowing her bounces. It was a risky move, but winning was never enough for Keri; she wanted to own Hank. "of you ploughing my ass. Please, Hank? Would you please fuck my ass?"

Keri heard Kyle's anguished groans approaching a crescendo, and knew he was right on the brink, holding back with everything he had. But Hank was done. She felt as much as heard the guttural, animalistic groan emanate from deep in his broad chest. She thrust her ass down one last time into his lap, pushing back HARD against his cock, at the same time that he thrust up mightily into her. She felt his balls clench against her ass, and his cock give a mighty flex that she swore could have lifted her up. Then her back was coated with what felt like a tablespoon of gooey man-cream. She cried out in victory and her own orgasm, bouncing in Hank's lap as he continued to fire spurt after thick spurt up her back and into her hair. She'd done it! They'd done it!

Then she heard Hannah swear viciously, followed by the sound of a sickening crunch...


Kyle fought back his orgasm with every ounce of strength left to him. Hannah's feet were a blur in his lap, and he was just about to give in when he heard Hank groan in the unmistakable throes of orgasm. He turned to see his girl, Keri, thrust down at the same time Hank gave a mighty thrust up, and the thickest, most voluminous spurt of cum erupted from the straining tip of Hank's cock, coating Keri's back from tailbone to shoulder blade in an instant.

It was with shock and relief that he realized that Hannah's feet had left his cock. He had done it! They had done it! Thank God, it was finally over. And Jesusfuck, was Hank ever going to stop cumming?

Suddenly he heard Hannah swear viciously, and he turned in slow motion to look down at her, still seated between his spread legs. He watched in helpless horror as her powerful legs pulled against her, and then pistoned out, heading right for his bloated, exposed testicles. The moment before impact seemed to last an eternity, and Kyle had time think about all of his most memorable orgasms and watch as Hannah's blurred feet impacted and then compressed each of his beyond-tender balls. Then his world exploded in a burst of fire and pain. His vision went completely red, and it felt like an elephant jumped onto his left testicle and began stomping it remorselessly. As the pain overwhelmed his senses and his consciousness began to fade, he thought he saw a cum-covered Keri diving to tackle Hannah. Then everything went white and he was gone...


Kyle awoke with a start, and just that slight jostling of his aching testicles caused him to wince and groan in pain. When he tried to cup his poor balls he realized that someone was laying on his right arm, sleeping with her head on his chest. He blinked a few times, dazzled by the bright sunlight filtering through the diaphanous curtains, falling across silken hair the color of milk chocolate. Keri gave a slight snort and began stirring.

She looked up sleepily into Kyle's confused face and smiled. "Good-" a large yawn interrupted her salutation, "oh! Good morning, Stud. How are you feeling?"

Kyle cleared his throat. "*ahem* Well, aside from the obvious," he said, nodding in the general direction of his crotch, "I feel...okay, actually. Was...was last night a dream?"

Keri laughed as she sat up, rubbing her eyes. "Hell no! You were absolutely unbelievable! Unfortunately Hannah really did a number on these bad boys before I could stop her," she said patting Kyle's distended scrotum. Even those gentle impacts caused Kyle to clench and gasp. "Ooh, still pretty tender, are they?" Keri asked. He looked down to see that while his left ball was still noticeably swollen, his scrotum looked much better than last night.

Then Keri leaned down and began to plant gentle kisses all over the bruised and swollen orbs. Kyle was speechless, but his cock knew exactly how to respond and in no time flat was at twitchingly full-mast. Keri smiled in appreciation but gave no other sign. "I was almost sure she’d ruptured lefty here, but the doctor said it wasn’t a rupture. I iced them for you off and on throughout the night, and you seemed to be sleeping so peacefully...and now everything seems to be working fine," she winked at Kyle, grinning. Kyle was actually surprised and touched by Keri's tenderness and care, and felt a warmth in his chest that almost overshadowed the confusing mix of sensations from his groin.

Then she wrapped her fingers around the base of Kyle's throbbing cock and planted a wet kiss right at the base of his crown. Kyle gritted his teeth, and tried to speak, "Keri, did you...oh, fuck, did you know what they were going to do to me?"

Keri looked up, Kyle's massive, throbbing member obscuring almost half her face, her small hands attempting to wrap around its girth in vain. She smiled guiltily and replied, "Honestly? I knew The Contest would involve your balls getting busted, and teasing you in some way. I had no idea Wendy could be so...diabolical, though! I was a little scared for you when I heard the details, but you were fucking unbelievable!" she finished, smiling broadly and beaming with pride. "We did it, Kyle!"

Kyle's cock swelled even greater, and he couldn't help smiling sheepishly. God help him, he was completely lost when it came to this girl.

"Don't worry, Lover. As a reward for all your hard work and sacrifice, you and I are going to spend all day draining these poor balls of every. Last. Drop of gooey, delicious cum." She punctuated each sentence with a sucking kiss on his massive, mauve cockhead. Kyle threw back his head and groaned from the bottom of his chest. Maintaining her grip on his shaft with her right hand, she hefted his overburdened scrotum in her left and swirled her tongue around and around his distended crown. She paused and looked up into Kyle's face, and said, "I have just one question for you..."

Kyle was experiencing an overwhelming amount of pleasure and pain. Keri was worshiping his cock in the most perfect way imaginable, but his balls were in agony from both the tremendous amount of abuse they'd received and from the incredible backed-up load of sperm they carried. Kyle forced himself to open his eyes and look down into Keri's angelic face. "Wh-wh-what is it?"

"Where do you want to cum first?"

The End



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