The Girls of Nearwick (by Jessica)

The sun had finally set in the small town of nearwick. Jasmine was just finishing up her homework for her spells and potions class. Jasmine had been taking classes at Juniper school for witches, warlocks, and magical beings for two years now. Looking at the giant stack of papers she had just finished writing out, she sighed and looked into the mirror in front of her desk. She stared at herself for a while, and then began to fix her hair. She had always believed her hair to be the best trait of her body. Long and black her hair flowed down to her waist. Jasmine was always trying to keep her hair straight, but at last her hair would always go back and curl. Looking in the mirror she examined her slightly pale skin, her perky little nose, and her thin black eye brows. She then stood up and looked her thin body over, wearing nothing but a blue frilly bra and a black thong; she fixed her bra and pushed up her breasts. “I guess it about time” she said, she walked over to her closet and grabbed a couple pairs of clothing. Jasmine tried on a couple different outfits, but no seemed to strike her fancy. Finally after twenty minutes she had found the perfect outfit, a short blue mini skirt, a pink tank top with a picture of a black cat on it, and a pair of long, colorful, fuzzy cashmere neesocks. She returned to the mirror and looked herself over, “perfect” she thought to herself. She pulled up her skirt a little so her panties were visible. Just then the doorbell began to ring. Jasmine had invited to of her male friends over for lunch, not knowing jasmines true intentions they had gladly accepted.

“COME IN” she yelled.

Jasmine reached into a desk drawer and grabbed a small pink wand from inside, then stuck it in the back of her skirt to conceal it. The two young men entered the house and weighted at the door. When jasmine arrived to greet them they were busy chatting each other up.

“Hello boys” Jasmine said.

Drake and Cody looked up at jasmine and their jaws just about hit the floor.

“Hi…” they both stuttered.

Jasmine slowly walked towards the both of them, with a strut in her walk knowing she looked good,

” what took you boys so long?” she said.

Jasmine looked over the boys, Cody was tall and built with black hair, Drake on the other hand was small and frail looking with brown hair. Jasmine smiled then showed them into the kitchen were they enjoyed some small snacks, then she asked them both to accompany them to her room, she said she needed some help with some homework. Being men they two boys couldn’t refuse the offer, both of them had always fantasized about being in Jasmines room. They walked up the stair to Jasmines bedroom, then she asked them both to stay outside while she tidyied up a bit. Of course this was a lie; Jasmine had no intent to tidy up her room, but to get it ready for what she had in store for the boys. Standing at the door she reached back and grabbed her wand then pointed it directly at the door,

” come in boys, I’m all done.” She yelled out.

Cody opened the door.

“Myzel” Jasmine yelled.

The tip of her wand lite up and a flash blinded the boys. Grabbing for something to hold onto, the boys began to feel tired. There was blackness. The spell had rendered the boys unconchess. When they finally awoke, they freaked out a bit. Jasmine had tied the both up from the ceiling. They both struggled to get free, but no luck. They tried to yell out but nothing would come out from their mouths.

“Don’t even bother boys, I’ve given you both a potion to keep you quite”, they hear from behind them.

Jasmine stepped out from behind the boys and smiled at them.

“I guess your both wondering what’s going on?” she said looking at the boys,” well, you see I have a small homework project that I need some help with” she said again.

The two boys looked at each other then back at Jasmine.

“I knew if I told you about this before, you both would have never agreed to come to my house, so I tricked you both” She said with a little giggle in her voice.

“I guess you wondering what kind of homework I have” she said.

Jasmine walked over and grabbed a book from a shelf and then returns to the boys. Lifting up the book the boys then read the cover “sexual self-defense for a young witch, the sexual guild lines and teqhniques of ballbusting” The cover had a picture of a young witch kneeing a man in the testicles. Both afraid of what was to come, they struggle again.

“Enough” Jasmine yelled out, she raised her wand once again and chatted “ amose emouve”.

Both the boys went limp, the spell had paralyzed both there body’s.

“Now then, let’s get to work, I don’t have much time, I need to master all twelve of these teqniques if I want to get an A” She said.

She opened the book and began to read the first page. Page one, step one,” remove men’s clothing”. Jasmine walked up to Drake and began to rub her hands all over his body,

” your so fit” she said while feeling his chest,” Lets she if everything is this big” she said while un zipping his pants.

Drakes face went completely red. With his pants unzipped Jasmine tugged them of him. She smiled then began to pull his boxers off.

“What?” she muttered,

“what is this? Is that all?” Jasmine began to laugh

she looked over the pathetic sized penis she had just revealed, a mere 1 ½ inches when soft, even hard drakes cock could only achieve a three inch erection.

“It’s almost childlike, and your balls are so tiny.” She said laughing.

Jasmine reached over and cupped his small member and balls “pathetic” she said. She then moved over to Cody,

” Let’s see if you can do a little better shall we?” she whispered.

Jasmine removed Cody’s pants and boxers revealing a larger than normal cock. Jasmine was in shock, she had never seen such a huge cock before. She went to her desk and grabbed a ruler. When she return she measured Cody’s dick.

“6 inches soft!!!” she yelled out. “Now that’s a dick, it makes Drakes look like an infants, and your balls are like baseballs” she said reaching over and felling his balls with both hands.

“Now then back to work” she said.

Jasmine picked back up her book and read through the first chapter (basic of ballbusting) then put the book back down.

“Let’s start with the big boy for this chapter” she said.

Jasmine reached out and cut the ropes hold Cody. His body hit the floor like a rag doll. Jasmine prompt Cody’s body up against a pillow and spread his legs. His large cock and balls layied flat on the floor,” mmm.” She jasmine said, while beginning to rub her pussy. Jasmine walked up close to Cody’s balls and said,

” do you like my pussy?”

She stuck her pussy right in front of Cody’s face. She could tell he was getting horny by the way his body was turning red. Jasmine looked down at Cody’s long soft cock,

” that’s no good, I want to see it bigger” lifting her long smooth leg she placed her socked foot upon his cock and began to rub back and forth,” does that feel good? “She said.

Cody’s dick instantly began to get hard, fully hard he had double in size.

“WOW, it’s huge” she said while kneeing down. She then began to rub his cock, “I bet you want to cum don’t you?” Cody’s eyes grew large. She continues to pump his massive member, while foundling his huge balls.

“It feels good does it” she said.

Right before Cody could cum she reached back and grabbed her wand, and yelled,

” celio” and pointed it at his dick.

His urethra hole began to shrink smaller and smaller, and then it was gone. Cody’s ball rigorously tried to cum but had no place of exit. Jasmine could tell that Cody was in pain from not being able to come,

” No no no no, you’re not allowed to do that” she said.

“Poor boy you have nowhere to cum from now” she said with a giggle.

She reached down and squeezed on his balls, causing him severe pain,

” these big boys are all mining now” she whispered to Cody, and then slammed a closed fist into his testicles. Cody’s face went blank then tears began to fill his eyes.

“hmmm, this is now fun if I can’t her you scream” she said, then she pointed her wand at Cody’s mouth. She murdered a small spell and Cody could speak again. He frantically began to plead to her to let him go home. Jasmine had enough of Cody’s whining, She pulled back her leg as high as she could, then she slammed it into his balls as hard as she could.

“YAHHHHH” Cody screamed out in pain.

“The more you talk the more I kick your nuts” she said to Cody, Jasmine reached down and grabbed Cody’s jaw and faced his face at her and said” the only thing I wanna here from you is your screams!!!” She reached down and began to squeeze his balls, and said” Ok?”

Cody shook his head up and down meaning ok.

“The book said a man’s weakness is his balls, and if I can control them I can control the man” she said, then began to squeeze and slap his balls.

Jasmine then stood up and placed her foot on his cock and balls, then began to press down harder and harder. “Did you now that testicles can support a lot of weight without breaking?” she said. Cody looked up at her with a horrifying look in his face. He knew what was going to happen next.

“Let’s find out if that’s true” she said. She placed both of her feet on his balls, one on each. Then began to tippy toe on them. Cody’s eyes rolled back in his head. “I hope this does hurt too much” she said trying to bounce up and down. “mmmm” she moaned. Cody’s balls were turning a bright red color. While standing on Cody’s balls Jasmine began to finger herself (violently).

“I’m going to cum” she yelled out.

There was a loud POP sound, one of Cody’s balls ruptured,

“I’m Cumming” Jasmine yelled while violently trying to crush his remaining testicle. Her body sheviered while she orgasmed. The pain of Cody’s ruptured ball had made him pass out. Jasmine dropped down to her knees. Exhausted, she examined both of Cody’s balls. She could tell by the feel of his left testicle that it was broke, just a mushy mess.

“I can’t believe it crushed so easily” she said. “I’m got to slow down, I’m not supposed to get into castration tell my next chapter”. Jasmine stood up and cleaned herself up. “Let’s take a tea break before we continue shall we?” she said while looking at Drake. “I’ll be back in a few so don’t worry, we haven’t even made it through all of chapter one yet” She said with a smile.


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