A Monster Under Her Bed (by Jonoffen)

Slipping from his bedroom under the cover of darkness, Erin crept up the stairs in nothing but a pair of immodestly tight boxer shorts which did nothing to hide his impressive erection.

With two of his housemates, Keiko and Harriet, out clubbing and the boozy babes' return not likely until they were turned out at closing time, he was confident he had almost two hours of uninterrupted spying on his other housemate, Kelly, who was hopefully sound asleep as he tiptoed to her door and carefully pushed it open.

It had been a couple months ago, at the start of his first term in university, that Erin had moved into the supposedly single-sex shared accommodation only to find the other occupants were a trio of young women who were not at all enthused by the prospect of a male housemate. However, Erin immediately set about endearing himself to the girls with thoughtful gifts such as luxuriant angora socks and incredibly thick duvets to protect their bare flesh from the biting cold of the autumn winds which rattled the timeworn windows of the old house.

And his plan worked – the girls agreed not to report the mistake to the university. Though it wasn't the gifts, or even his slim frame or boyish looks which swayed the girls. What really convinced them he was harmless, whether they were consciously aware of it or not, was the unthreatening bulge in the crotch of his trousers.

Soft, Erin measured a measly three inches, but the girls' mistake was that he would remain that unremarkable. Hard, Erin tripled in size. And it was this deadly nine inches, straining against his restrictive underwear, which crossed Kelly's threshold ahead of him.

Kelly's bedroom was a floor-to-ceiling cliché of a girl much younger than her nineteen years. The plush deep-pile carpet was apparently not plush enough for the girl who had covered majority of it with incredibly fluffy rugs and strewn it with an assortment of cushions and stuffed animals which she had kicked from her bed along with her incredibly thick duvet.

Erin smiled at the cast off duvet; it was the same ridiculously high tog as he had bought all the girls with the purpose of putting an end to their irksome tendency to wear baggy pyjamas to bed. Another successful scheme, he thought as he inched his way to the foot of her bed and spied her mouth-watering state of undress.

She wore only a white cotton tank top and matching knickers, but despite her lack of clothing and the chill in the air, her exposed skin glistened with perspiration from the effort of fighting off her duvet.

But as Erin gazed upon her, she lay still on her side breathing softly. Her shoulder-length hair, rich mahogany with streaks of burgundy throughout was tied back in loose pigtails when she slept to keep it from falling in her beautiful face; doll-like with its pouting lips, upturned nose and flawless porcelain skin.

Erin wondered to himself why it was, given her propensity to toss and turn at night, she restrained her hair and yet allowed her ponderously large breasts to hang free. More so at that moment than even she intended as along with the displaced duvet and its menagerie of fluffy toys, her violent squirming had also managed to work her flimsy tank top up about her big tits to expose the smooth, bulging undersides. Her stillness allowed him to study the glistening globes at rest.

Laid on her side, her breasts were forced to stack; one pendulous tit weighing heavily on the other, rising a falling with every breath to squash its poor, put-upon twin wide across the mattress.

Erin stared at the shifting under-cleavage for a time, but as impossibly soft as her melons would undoubtedly feel squashed around his cock, his gaze left her magnificent pair to fall upon her full hips and peachy bum clad in girly white knickers. As usual, the entirety of one bum cheek had escaped the confines of the elasticated cotton to tease Erin with its juicy flesh. But, even that couldn't hold his gaze for long and soon his eyes were tracing her smooth, shapely legs to the point where her the bare shins were enveloped in baby pink angora.

The socks were his favourite pair from the many pairs he had bought for her and before he knew it, his boxer shorts were around his ankles.

He froze when his huge cock sprang up to strike him in the stomach with a resounding slap! which caused Kelly to stir slightly, but the moment she settled he took his solid rod in hand, and stepped forward to insert it boldly between the medial arches of her feet.

The angora glided delicately over his shaft until the fluffy soles of her feet buffeted gently against his clean shaven groin and balls with the warmth and softness of an exhaled ring of cigarette smoke. His nut-sack churned with delight as it was engulfed by the warmth of the heavenly woollens. However, the uninvited cock caused Kelly to stir once more, making it necessary for Erin to gently grip her around the toes and heels and press her feet tight around his cock. When the sleeping girl found she was unable to escape, she let out a faint groan of frustration and began to gently wriggle against his hold.

Her squirming was almost too much for Erin who had been waiting for this moment since early adolescence when he had found himself studying his mother's catalogues not, like most boys his age, for hints of nipple and bush on the flirtatious models in the lingerie section, but for the softest, most fluffy woollen socks invariably modelled by a sweetly smiling teen like Kelly.

His skin reached a heightened state of sensitivity and every last inch of his extensive shaft tingled as if caressed by the downiest feathers plucked from the wings of the most coquettish young angel. Unable to fight the urge any longer, he ever-so-tenderly began to plough the slumbering girl's feet.

So thick was the wool that he could feel only the pressure of her soft arches around his raging hard-on. And the warmth; the warmth was bliss.

He had only been gently fucking her feet for a matter of minutes when he felt his nut-sack begin to tighten. 'Fuck,' he whimpered and squeezed her feet tighter as he began to thrust more urgently into them.

The room was suddenly and unexpected illuminated when Kelly's phone burst into life; blaring out a god-awful tune which jolted Kelly from her sleep and caused her to kick out reflexively, sending the heels of her feet back at Erin who was himself mid-thrust. While the upper heel merely struck Erin's groin, the bottom heel caught him square in his tightening ball-bag, squashing it and its ludicrously tender cargo flat against his thrusting thighs.

Roused so violently from her slumber, Kelly's thoughts were an angry swirl as she launched herself upright to face whatever threat might greet her. She scanned the foot of her bed breathlessly for the looming figure she had sense upon waking, but to her relief there was no intruder in sight.

Erin had dropped instantly and lay curled in a ball, desperately gritting his teeth so not to cry out in pain as his hands pawed at the smashed organs slowly peeling from his thighs.

Still unnerved, Kelly kept her eye on her unsettlingly open door as she reached behind her for the phone skittering about her bedside table, chiming incessantly.

'Hello?' she whispered anxiously. She wrenched the phone away from her ear as the girl on the other end of the line screamed her inebriated response. 'Keiko?' snapped Kelly with irritation that, not for the first time, she had been woken by the drunken antics of her housemates. 'What do you want?' she demanded angrily.

Keiko's response was giddy to the point of begin incomprehensible, but Kelly got the gist. 'Urgh. Fine,' she said grudgingly. 'I'll be down in a minute.' She hung up and cast the phone aside angrily; recognising by the clattering which followed that, as usual, her big tits had escaped their confines. After wrestling back down the bunched up tank top, she swung her legs over the side of the bed and made for the door with a weary sigh. She rounded the foot of the bed and halted when she caught sight of something unexpected out of the corner of her eye.

There, crumpled on the floor, was a pair of Erin's boxer shorts. She knitted her brow as she pondered their reason for being in her room, but when her phone burst into life for a second time she let out a growl of annoyance and stormed out of the room.

Erin had crawled out of her bedroom and the length of the landing as fast as his debilitated limbs would allow whilst being slapped about his cramping guts by his defiantly engorged cock. And as Kelly stepped out onto the landing, he threw himself down the carpeted staircase and hoped for the best.

He rolled down the first flight and hit the wall to sprawl and slid down the last flight on his belly; the tip of his erection catching on a step to be wrenched painfully backwards and have its exposed and hyper-sensitive rim viciously chafed by the carpeted edges of the passing steps. Biting his tongue he held back the wounded howl which built in his throat.

When he eventually came to rest in a crumpled heap at the foot of the stairs he was too preoccupied floundering about the floor clutching his stinging bell-end to pay heed to the curious scratching sound at the front door. It wasn't until the unmistakable sound of a key slipping into a lock that his ears pricked up and he looked sharply to the door at the end of the hall. His first instinct was to make a bolt for his bedroom which lay just off the hall ahead of the front door, but there was no way he would make it before the drunk girls mastered the complex feat of turning a key.

With his deflating cock rapidly from the stress of his predicament, Erin clambered to his knees and turned to scurry back upstairs, but a rapid, fleshy slapping, alerted him that Kelly was bouncing her way down the first flight of stairs; recklessly heavy-footed given her bust size and bralessness.

With a sob of despair, Erin turned back and staggered toward his bedroom only for the front door burst open and deposit Keiko and Harriet, giggling obliviously, at his knees.

'Found our key!' announced Keiko, face down on the floor, but holding the key aloft. Her outburst caused Harriet, face also buried in the carpet, to crack up.

Kneeling above them, Erin stayed stock-still; terrified, but inexplicably thrilled at the thought that any slight movement might cause them to look up and find him looming over him with his cock hanging limp, but heavy with lust. The engorged appendage twitched of its own accord.

The familiar clattering that preceded Kelly down the stairs filled the hall and caused the two drunk girls to fall silent. 'Uh-oh – here comes Mummy,' whispered Harriet as the pair clambered hurriedly to their hands and knees to greet her with an insincere apology.

They were both shocked to find that, as their tousled hair fell from their faces, they were not met by their busty mother hen, but by a subtly swaying flesh pendulum which was close enough to cast heat on the girls' rosy cheeks.

Though paralysed with fear, something about the girls' awing, open-mouthed stare stirred a carnal craving deep within Erin, a craving he'd long supressed, but which he could do nothing to hide any longer as his swelling cock began to haul its rapidly increasing length up in-between the gobsmacked faces of Keiko and Harriet.

Finding themselves curiously incapable of doing anything other, the girls tracked the bloating purple head of Erin's cock out of the corners of their eye until it extended beyond their periphery.

Their apparently reverent observation sent a shiver of deviant satisfaction down Erin's spine, but his pleasure was short lived as Kelly's audible approach came to a sudden halt when confronted with the sight of her female housemates down on all fours in front of a kneeling, naked man. 'Oh my god!' she shrieked in horror.

Hurriedly twisting to meet her with an outpouring of apologies, Erin inadvertently struck Keiko across the cheek with his solid pole. The meaty slap! was resounding and only matched in violence by the way the girl threw herself to the floor in response to the wallop.

'Oh fuck!' said Erin in a gasp, restraining his formidable truncheon to keep it from Kelly's view as he clambered to his feet and looked back over his shoulder to address the brunette whose chest remained subtly swaying despite her stillness.

'Erin?' she balked with dismay.

'Kelly,' he cried, 'this is not what it—Urk!'

Kelly recoiled at the fleshy splat! which sounded as a boot lodged itself forcefully betwixt Erin's buttocks. 'Oh my god!' she cried again, wincing as, cross-eyed and grimacing, Erin slowly sank away to reveal Harriet, snarling down at him.

All three girls watched in silence as Erin's anguish unfolded in a series of jerks, contractions and squeals which were heart-breaking seemingly only to Kelly. It was many seconds before the overwhelming agony sapped him of even the strength to writhe and he was reduced to a gently rocking foetal ball emitting an understatedly anguished squeak. Only then did Keiko burst into a fit of drunken giggles which soon had Harriet chuckling also.

'Keiko!' snapped Kelly, reproachfully, before turning her disapproval on the real culprit. 'And Harriet!'

'What?' Harriet snapped back defensively.

'You kicked his balls!'


'You shouldn't kick boys in their balls – they're delicate.'

Frowning with incomprehension, Harriet looked to Keiko who wore a similarly bemused expression. Finally the pair burst into hysterical laughter.

'Ooh,' cooed Kelly, ignoring her heartless housemates to rush to Erin's side. 'His poor balls.'

'Well,' said Harriet, assuming the moral high ground despite her unashamed low blow, 'maybe if his poor delicate balls hadn't been dangling in my face I wouldn't have kicked him in them, did you ever think of that?'

'And did you ever think that the reason he was... dangling there was that your banging woke him and he got up to let you in too sleepy to realise?' retorted Kelly angrily.

Harriet faltered, then grudgingly relented. 'Maybe,' she conceded grudgingly. 'But I couldn't just let him get away with slapping Keiko in the face with his monster cock.'

'Ew!' cried Kelly, 'Harriet don't be so...' Her grimace of disgust fell away and after faltering for a few seconds she asked, 'Monster what?'

'Cock,' said Keiko, rubbing her stinging cheek which had shone with a thick red line.

Kelly stared down at Erin with disbelief and, Harriet noted, curiosity. Finally, frowning, the busty brunette said scornful, 'He doesn't have a big cock.'

'Oh no?' challenged Harriet, with a faint smirk. 'Take a look for yourself. He's been hiding a python down there this whole time.'

Again Kelly looked down at her enfeebled housemate, contemplating the ease with which she could help herself to a look at his schlong, but she caught herself. And shook off the notion irritably. Her wavering caused Harriet to snigger and Kelly to snap, 'This isn't funny, Harriet! You might have burst his balls!'

The two intoxicated girls exchanged another look of amused disbelief and then burst into laughter once more.

'With that kick I'd be disappointed if I hadn't,' retorted Harriet, through her cackles.

With tears of mirth running own her flushing cheeks, Keiko whooped her approval of the girl's callous optimism, but, stunned, Kelly barked, 'So I guess I'll be the one who checks you haven't, then?'

'Sure,' said Harriet, letting go of her aching sides to make air quotes as she added, 'you check out his "balls".'

Kelly gasped with indignation at the implication that Erin's assaulted testicles weren't the sex organs she was really interested in examining. 'You two won't be laughing if I find a burst ball,' she snarled as she stepped over Erin and proceeding to nudge him with her sock-clad foot.

'Want a bet?' Keiko whispered to Harriet.

Weak from ball-pain, Erin responded to the touch of her sock against her bare skin with a pitiful purr. When she nudged him again, more forcefully, he obligingly rolled over onto his side to expose everything, but his cupped testicles.

Harriet and Keio shared an uproarious whoop of delight as his, by now, flaccid cock flopped lifeless and leaking onto his thigh. Measuring barely four inches, its underwhelming length prompted Kelly looked at them reproachfully.

'What?' asked Harriet, earnestly. 'He's obviously a grower not a shower.'

Kelly clenched her jaw, but before she could respond Keiko pointed at a piece of fluffy pink wool poking out from between Erin's cupping hands and asked, 'Hey, isn't that your other sock?'

Her observation stopped Erin writhing in his tracks and, with a guilty look on his face, he peered up at Kelly who was frowning at her one bare foot.

'Oh, yeah...' she said; confused as to how she hadn't noticed sooner, but, more importantly, as to how it had come to be gripped to Erin's balls in the first place.

'Oh, my god!' said Keiko, overjoyed she may have uncovered a juicy secret. 'What were you two up to while we were out?'

'Ew!' cried Kelly. 'Nothing!'

'Well, what's he doing with it?' asked Harriet, grinning smugly.

'He must have...' started Kelly, before failing to draw a conclusion. Instead she gave a shrug and deflected, 'It must make him feel better holding it... there. I bet it's really soft against his poor balls.'

'Well, Keiko,' said Harriet, tugging off her boot to reveal that she too was wearing a pair of Erin's woollen gifts; hers striped black and scarlet and bunched around her ankle, 'how about me and you make him feel even better?' Keiko frowned at her friend with incomprehension until she pressed her fluffy instep against his slumped cock and began to slide it back and forth, at which point Keiko's eyes lit up with glee.

'Harriet!' cried Kelly in a horrified gasp as before her wide, cat-like eyes, Erin immediately began to respond to the delicate working of his cock: purring as he rolled slowly onto his back to allow her better access to his cock which swelled underfoot.

'What?' asked Harriet, feigning innocence, but unable to keep a straight face. 'I just want to show you his monster since you didn't believe me.'

Kelly's mouth opened and closed, but failed to emit the objections her housemates expected. And taking her silence as unspoken permission, Keiko excitedly slipped out of her boot to reveal that she too wore a pair of Erin's presents.

'I'd offer to share, but there's not enough to go around,' said Harriet, adding with a huge grin and twinkling eyes, 'Yet...'

Shrieking with delight at the delicious innuendo, Keiko giddily joined her friend in rubbing whatever part of the young man's genitals she could lay her angora-clad foot on.

Erin tensed instinctively when her toes began wiggling their way in between his protectively cupping fingers, but as the warm and wonderful wool met his nut-sack, his hands fell away.

The reveal of his organs, glowing bright pink from abuse, caused Keiko and Harriet much amusement, but both fought the urge to burst into hysterical laughter; knowing that if they could hold it together for a little longer the real comedy pay-off was still to come.

Kelly's paid no attention to his battered balls; her eyes were on Harriet's sensually stroking foot in eager anticipation of the emergence of the monster she had been promised. Her patience was rewarded when, thanks to her mischievous housemate's gentle coaxing, the monster reared its head from beneath its angora shelter, appearing much changed from the soft, pink creature she had witnessed flopping around only moments earlier.

She watched with wide eyes as with every glide of Harriet's foot down its lengthening shaft the monster swelled by a further inch until it reached a size she could barely believe and she was moved to gush, 'Oh my god... He's got to be nine inches long.'

'Told you,' chirped Harriet smugly, before she narrowed her eyes and asked devilishly, 'Think we can make it squirt?'

'What? No!' objected Kelly, hissing, 'Isn't that like... you know?'

'Rape?' scoffed Harriet. 'Don't be silly. I'm just making up for scrambling his eggs.' She looked down at Erin whose closed eyes were fluttering and asked, 'Any objections, Erin?' Erin simply let out a pitiful, breathy moan. 'See?' chirped Harriet, grinning smugly at her busty friend.

All of a sudden, Erin's nut-sack began tightening under Keiko's gently circling foot.

'I think he's going to cum!' announced Keiko with excitement.

'No,' said Harriet, casually withdrawing her foot and placing it back in her boot whilst motioning Keiko to do the same, 'he's not.'

Keiko looked heartbroken, but not as heartbroken as Erin whose eyes opened suddenly to look up at the pair distraught.

'Not unless Kelly wants to finish him off?' Harriet suggested wickedly and suddenly Keiko was back on side. She grinned as her prim housemate grimaced and glanced at Erin who was staring up at her beseechingly.

'I didn't think so,' said Harriet with an airy shrug. She motioned her friend after her. 'Come on Keiks – let the lovers get back to whatever they were doing before we interrupted them.'

Keiko seemed reticent to leave. She pushed her foot back into her boot and took a few hesitant backward steps before halting.

'Keiko?' called Harriet curiously after her friend as she started back towards Erin with an intent apparent in her stride.

Also, noting the purposeful way the girl strode up in-between Erin's spread legs, Kelly warned, 'Keiko...' But before she could react, the raven-haired beauty hiked her boot into the air above Erin's exposed balls and then stomped powerfully down, crushing them into his bony crotch so that they spilled out either side of her boot as best they could, given the constraint of his tightening ball-bag.

Erin let out a pained wail and his torso and legs jerked off the ground to form a shallow 'V' as his reflexively tensing muscles attempted to fold him around the source of his anguish. His eyes bulged out of his head as if suddenly filled by the volume displaced from his bollocks and his hands locked around Keiko's soft ankle.

'That's for dick-slapping me,' she growled, leaning in to apply more weight.

The creaking of his straining nut-shells was audible as the shining bubbles of flesh turned white under the pressure and Kelly covered her ears expecting more sickening sounds to follow shortly, but Keiko had made her point. She withdrew her boot and watched with satisfaction his flattened scrotum peel from the underside of her boot, retaining the pattern of her deep tread as it contracted around his re-inflating balls.

'Oh shit, Keiks!' enthused Harriet as she threw her arms around her friend and gave her an overly tight squeeze.

'I'm sleepy,' said Keiko, suddenly sounding extremely drunk. She dropped her head onto Harriet's shoulder and let her friend guide her up the stairs to bed.

Erin had collapsed the moment Keiko had removed her foot. He lay their motionless, unable to summon the strength even to clutch himself. Kelly gazed down at him pitifully. She had never seen a man so thoroughly defeated and disgraced. But not deflated she couldn't help but note: his dick remained defiantly erect and his balls looked so full despite their comprehensive flattening.

'Oh you poor thing,' she cooed; lowering himself to her knees beside him. 'You're balls look so swollen.' She reached out to comfort them, but thought better of it when she noticed the repulsive writhing of his bloated pair. She was about to withdraw her hand when she became aware of how close it was to touching his rampant prick. Staring down at the magnificent appendage, she found herself salivating. 'I'm going to sleep down here in case you need anything,' she told him, after swallowing. 'I know those two got you pretty worked up, but if you do need to, you know, relieve some pressure in your balls, do me a favour just don't wake me.'

Though his mind was ravaged by an unbearable combination of intense shame and exquisite pain, her curious words couldn't help but reignite the lust still warm in his aching loins.

Paralysed, he watched through the corner of his eyes as Kelly climbed into his bed.

'Night, Erin,' she purred and then fell swiftly asleep.

Through sheer strength of libido, over the course of the next few minutes Erin wrestled back control of his crippled body starting with his fingers. By the time he had regained use of his upper body there was no stopping him from gripping the edge of has bed and hauling himself onto his knees, which by some miracle held.

Kelly lay with her back to him. Her feet tucked up tight into her bum, the one cheek still exposed. Her feet lay one atop the other creating an inviting arched gap which Erin could not resist. Pushing his cock perpendicular to the opening, he shuffled closer to penetrate the crack in the angora.

'Ooh, yes,' he whispered orgasmically as the wool devoured his every last inch.

Taking hold of her ankle in one hand and pressing gently down on her top foot, he found the strength to gently gyrate his hips. His thrusts were weak and rhythmically at first, but as the awful, nauseous tension in his guts was replaced with the wonderful tingling of his brimming prostate, his hip jerks grew increasingly. Shifting his hand from her ankle to her exposed bum cheek he sank his fingertips into the peachy flesh.

His contact caused her to respond with a subdued moan and wriggle her legs. The rocking and shifting of her arches over the top of his thrusting shaft was too much and enormous jets of viscous cum erupted from Erin's cocks and spattered the mattress in long streaks which glistening and steamed in the sickly orange glow of the street lights seeping in through his thin curtains.

Dripping with sweat, Erin panted for breath, instantly weakened by ejaculation. He knees gave from under him and he slid out from between her arches to be spanked in the stomach by his own cock as he fell to the floor.

He lay breathless for a few minutes before, wiping the sweat from his brow, he glanced down at the sticky mess his cock had flung up his torso as it sprang back. He groaned and lifted himself to his elbows to peer over the edge of the bed to where Kelly lay silently sleeping. Seeing that his fingertips had left five visible marks on her juicy ass he grinned, wondering if she would notice and ponder how such curious bruises came to blemish her luscious behind. Then he noticed the cum spattered over the back of her calves and, again, groaned: evidence.

He would have to go to the bathroom, clean himself up and bring back wet towels to clean up any incriminating deposits.

He made an effort to stand and miraculously managed to climb to his feet. As he staggered to the bathroom, he marvelled at how something as simple as the best orgasm of his life could alleviate the awful, gut-knotting ache of a pair of smashed bollocks.

But the easing of his ball-pain did not last long and after an increasingly arduous climb, Erin reached the top of the stairs sweating and racked with agony once more.

As he waddled down the landing toward the bathroom, an unexpected sight caused him to stop in his tracks: the door to Keiko's bedroom was wide open. In all the months Erin had lived with the girls, neither Keiko nor Harriet had ever left their bedroom door open at night even slightly. With butterflies replacing the knots in his stomach, he slowly peered into the room to find a sight he could barely have dreamed of: Keiko and Harriet sharing a bed.

For the majority of men stumbling across two young women sharing a bed, the sexiest kinds of scenarios would require both to be awake, but for Erin, it was their almost comatose slumber that had his cock smearing a shining line up the wall as he pressed himself against the doorway.

The girls had managed to strip down to their undies and kick off their boots before passing out on the bed. Both lay face down, their sock-clad feet hanging off the end of the bed almost beckoning him to help himself. But, as he entered the room, he found the foot of the bed to be guarded by a terrifying quartet: the girls' cast off boots. Erin grimaced as he gazed at them; the mere sight of the footwear causing the ache in his balls to return to the fore and double him over.

Bitches, thought Erin bitterly as he clutched his nuts. Cunts can finish what they started.

After cantankerously kicking aside the girl's boots, he pressed his balls gently against the soles of Keiko's feet and let the warm angora sooth the pain. Then, taking hold of Harriet's ankles, he indelicately hauled her toward him and clamped her feet either side of his raging cock.

Dragged almost a foot across the bed, Harriet let out an irritated grunt from face down in the duvet, but did not struggle as Erin began to furiously fuck her feet whilst drawing his balls up and down Keiko's fluffy soles.

'Hnnnngh!' he groaned as, from between Harriet's arches, erupted a powerful squirt of cum which distributed itself up the length of Keiko's thigh with the heaviest glob slapping her the bare portion of bum cheek that peeked out from under her Hello Kitty knickers.

Several more squirts coated her legs, but never made it beyond her calves.

'Oh,' gasped Erin, breathless as he withdrew his waning cock from between Harriet's feet and toss them aside.

'Mmph,' grumbled Harriet in her alcohol-induced sleep.

'Don't worry, slut,' said Erin, as he took his oozing cock in hand and walked around the bed. 'You get some too.' Brushing her short hair away from her face, he ran the leaking tip of his semi from forehead to chin, finishing with a final flourish as he smacked its swollen head against her parted lips.

Erin strolled out of Keiko's bedroom feeling empowered like never before. No closed door was going to keep him out in future of that he was certain.

He waltzed into the bathroom, his ball-pain all but forgotten. Leaving the door wide open after him, Erin squeaked across the cold tiles to the ancient vanity unit comprised of a set of drawers and an inbuilt sink, going up on tiptoes, flopped his cock into the basin and began rinsing it the hot tap. His lazy splashes sent soothing streams running down his ball-bag, warming and soothing it until it responded by loosening up for the first time since his drunken housemates returned.

'Aah,' he sighed, oblivious to the potentially ruinous combination of circumstances unfolding as his heavy nuts sagged into the vanity unit's slightly ajar top drawer at the same moment as Keiko woke, thirsty for a glass of water.

Blithely flicking warm water at his cock, Erin was understandably shocked when the bathroom light went on unexpectedly, but it was when Keiko let out a shriek of surprise that he lurched instinctively forward and unintentionally slammed the vanity unit's drawer shut on his dangling bollocks.


Erin rose higher on his tiptoes and his bum cheeks clenched tight and were set aquiver.

'For fuck's sake,' complained Keiko, clutching her chest out of shock and modesty. 'Erin you scared the shit out of... Erin? Are you even listening?'

Erin's response was a long, shrill wavering shriek as the pain from his pinched nut cords reached his brain and, midway through, his legs gave out. But his plummet to his knees was cut short when the stubborn drawer, warped and swollen by years of spilled water, refused to release his balls and he was jerked to an abrupt halt.

Understandably dismayed to find himself hanging from the dainty cords that were only designed to suspend the weight of a paltry testicle, but which were currently holding aloft his entire body weight, Erin's shriek went soprano, rousing the still sleeping member of the household with a terrible start.

Held up by the most sensitive and precariously-attached of all his body parts, his legs sprang back into life; his bare feet struggling in vain to gain purchase on the wet tiles.

Though she couldn’t fully appreciate his predicament from behind, Keiko knew why men sang soprano and seeing him suspended not by arms or legs, she quickly put two and two together and burst into a fit of giggles.

Her laughter was short-lived, however, as Erin, desperately reaching back for her aid, overbalanced himself and was flipped backwards so that rather than stretching his trapped nuts up to his belly button, he was left instead left hanging upside-down from them and in his desperation he caught hold of her little cotton knickers.

Keiko pinched her bum cheeks instinctively and caught hold of the underwear before it was wrenched from her entirely, but Erin had drawn the front low enough to expose her thick, dark curls. She let out a shriek just as Kelly rushed in behind her and skidded to stop beside her distressed friend.

'What's going on?' she cried; dismissing the inhuman contortions Erin was performing to instead marvel at Keiko's natural bush, so dense that even the faintest hint of pussy lips could not be observed.

Blushing deeply, Keiko clung to her panties and sobbed, 'He won't let go!'

Reminded there was a culprit to admonish, Kelly turned on the spot to scold Erin in the strongest terms. Only then did she notice his eye-watering predicament and recoil. 'So you hung him by his balls?' she balked, covering her mouth.

'My balls!' wailed Erin up at her, distraught.

His pathetic cry caused her to spring into action. She rushed forward to support him best she could; clutching him under the arms and balancing his lolling head on her big, soft tits. 'Help me, Keiko,' she pleaded. 'I can't hold him!'

Succeeding in wrenching her ruined knickers from Erin's clutches, Keiko fished the underwear out of her ass and then grudging slid herself under one of his arms whilst Kelly slipped beneath the other.

With the strain on his vas deferens alleviated at least partially, Erin's flailing became less desperate and Kelly was able to make an attempt to reach the drawer to free his trapped balls. However, the weight of his limp body was too much for the weak females and they were gradually reduced to squatting under him immobile.

'What the fuck?' asked Harriet, as she shuffled into the bathroom and witnessed the spectacle.

'Harriet,' wheezed Kelly. 'Open the drawer.'

'No way,' she scoffed as she sauntered over to the toilet and slid down her thong as she took a seat. 'It's about time you castrated the prick.'

'Harriet, you have to—' began Kelly only to be cut off by the sound of Harriet's powerful stream hitting the toilet bowl.

'Have you asked him how he managed to get hold of the sock you went to bed in?' asked Harriet casually as she rubbed her eye and licked the foul tasting residue from her lips with distaste.

Her question caught Kelly unprepared. 'Uh. No,' she admitted, before rallying. 'It probably fell off when I was on the couch.' Then knotting her brow, she said out loud something that for the good of Erin's manhood she should have kept quiet. 'But then I did find his boxers in my room and I don't think they got mixed up with my washing because...' She grimaced. 'They had... stains.'

'There you go!' cried Harriet, adding dismissively, 'Let him fall. We'll say it was an accident.'

'No!' shrieked Erin and resumed thrashing blindly.

'It was an accident,' Keiko insisted whilst weathering his frantic flailing.

'There you go,' enthused Harriet. 'Keiko's got the idea.'

'We can't!' objected Kelly, somewhat half-heartedly. 'They're his balls.'

'You and his balls...' groaned Harriet. 'Just because he was born with them doesn't give him the right to keep them. And after what he's probably done he definitely doesn't deserve to.'

'Oh god, no!' blubbered Erin; falling limp once more as, too weak to fight, he resigned himself to his fate.

'Please, Harriet,' begged Kelly, her big blue eyes glistening with upset.

Harriet huffed with annoyance as she balled some paper, spread her legs and gently dabbed herself off. 'Fine,' she spat as she stood, pulling her thong up after her. 'But don't come crying to me when you wake up with his monster fucking your face.'

Kelly blushed deeply and was about to object when Harriet tugged open the drawer and his balls shot out to send him collapsing back, taking her and Keiko with him.

Instinctively Erin tried to reach for his balls, but his arms were pinned beneath the girls.

'Oh god,' said Kelly after she had clambered to sit upright and caught her first glimpse of the liberated organs. 'Look at them.'

'I'd rather not,' said Harriet, making clear her disinterest in his testicular wellbeing.

'Fine,' snapped Kelly. 'Then help me drag him to my room. I'll make sure he's okay in there seeing as you couldn't care less.'

Harriet let out a huff of annoyance and, rolling her eyes, offered Kelly a hand up.

The three girls took Erin by the arms. His ordinarily tight scrotum ran several inches in length and left his poor, bloated balls first squeaking against the tiles, then bobbling along the carpet as he was dragged him from bathroom to bedroom until he was finally deposited on Kelly's cuddly-toy-strewn faux-fur rug.

Panting from the effort, Keiko and Harriet watched Kelly take Erin by one ankle and drag his lifeless leg out as wide as it would go before repeating the same with his other leg. She then crouched down in-between and sucked in air through pursed lips as she surveyed the damage.

'They're so long,' she cooed to herself. Then, as gently as she could, she slipped her hand beneath his swollen balls and then lifted them. The slight tug on his nipped nut-cords was enough to see Erin's entire body tense and arch off the rug. 'Oh,' said Kelly in an apologetic gasp; barely believe that her gentle handling could cause the young man such distress. 'Does that hurt?'

Erin's intimate suffering and her dim line of questioning had Keiko and Harriet tittering. And looking up at her two sniggering housemates' sharply, Kelly barked, 'Out!' causing Keiko to sob with disappointment and Harriet to huff indignantly.

'Come on Keiko,' said Harriet bitterly, 'Mummy obviously wants to be raped in her sleep.'

'He's not like that!' snarled Kelly as Keiko turned to leave.

'We'll see,' called Harriet as she left the room after Keiko. Then, spying the glistening vertical stripes up the back of her friend's leg, she asked as they disappeared onto the landing, 'What's that down the back of your legs, Keiks?'

Kelly got up and slammed the door shut after them furiously. 'Bitches,' she cussed, uncharacteristically enraged.

She turned back to Erin whose exhaustion and debilitating ball-pain had rendered him a faintly mewling quadriplegic. 'You poor thing,' she cooed, as she sat herself down between his spread legs, her still bared bum cheek visible as she leaned back to place her feet in the dips either side of his groin. 'I know you don't want me checking your balls, but what if I use my feet? You seem to like feet.'

Erin did like feet, but that did not mean he would enjoy their indelicately probing at the nerve-packed globes he was certain were hanging on by a thread. Unfortunately, even his vocal cords would not respond to his commands and, hearing no dissent, Kelly began to slowly slide her feet down his excessive length of stretched scrotum toward the hyper-sensitive pair.

'So,' she said as her toes traced seven inches of empty nut-sack before catching on its bulging cargo, 'you sneaked in here earlier, did you?' She heard Erin's guilty gasp, but pretended not to have. 'At least I assume you did – I found your boxers.'

Erin's muscles tensed as she began to apply light pressure to the organs she had trapped beneath her feet.

'Now,' she went on, feigning contemplation and gradually transferring more weight to his balls, 'what reason could you have had for coming into my bedroom in the middle of the night and dropping your boxers, Erin?'

Erin let out a sob, knowing that this was the end of his balls; she had connected the disgusting dots and she was toying with him before she destroyed what was left his bollocks.

'Could it have been you were intending to use your monster on me?' she asked rhetorically. 'Or were you going to be selfish?'

Selfish? thought Erin and, miraculously summoning the strength to raise his head, he stared down at her with a look of astonishment.

Kelly smiled as it seemed he may have finally gotten the message she'd been subtly trying to give him for the past few weeks. 'Eyes closed, Erin,' she chided him; pressing down harder on his nuts until he complied with a squeak. Then, abruptly lifting her feet from his balls, Kelly slid her feet back up his lengthy nut-sack remarking, 'It's crazy to think there was that much ball-cable wound up inside you all this time, don't you think?'

She pinched his withered little cock between the knuckles of her big toes and asked curiously, 'Do you think they'll wind back up again?' When he didn't respond she shrugged and said thoughtfully, 'They go up when you cum so maybe that'll do it. Maybe all you need to do is cum...'

She began to work the dense worm between her feet.

'There they go,' she cooed, when his tiny prick immediately and dramatically responded to her ministrations. 'God boy.'

Erin swelled at such a staggering rate that Kelly struggled to match the length of her strokes with the exponential lengthening of his cock. Valiantly she grappled with the monster until her labour was rewarded by the sight of his impossibly loose sack slithering up the fur rug.

'I bet you're just desperate to relieve some of the pressure in those swollen balls of yours,' she remarked, before abruptly parting her gripping feet to let his rock-hard cock spring back and punch him powerfully in the guts. 'Well,' she said brightly as she jumped to her feet, 'night.'

He looked up at her distraught, but with a wicked giggle she climbed into bed.

Still unable to make use of his crippled limbs, Erin lay there, trapped on the brink of ejaculation, for almost ten minutes until the tingling in his prostate finally subsided and his balls sagged once more.

The pool of precum on his stomach rippled as, with danger of orgasm averted, he focussed on wrestling back control of his extremities.

'Kelly,' he whispered tentatively. When her only response was a soft snoring he grabbed the edge of the bed and hauled himself to his knees, almost immediately falling back onto his side as gravity tugged on his heavy bollocks and their stretched and mangled cords.

After rolling around screaming silently for another few minutes, Erin made another attempt, this time cupping his balls in one hand as he climbed to his knees. He peered over the bed to find Kelly laid on her back; her big tits held aloft her gently rising and falling ribcage by the tightness of her tank top. Erin licked his lips at the sight of them.

Carefully laying his balls down on the mattress, he then hiked one leg over and hauled himself onto the bed. Finding that his balls didn't cause him too much pain as long as they were not drawing on their cords, he dragged them slowly across the bed as he sidled in-between Kelly's open legs.

Taking her by the feet, Erin forced her heels up into her peachy bum cheeks. In doing so, he inadvertently pressed her knees up into the bulging undersides of her tits, rolling the great mountains of jiggling flesh high up her chest until, left with nowhere else to go, they folded over her collar bones. There they loomed threateningly over her blissfully sleeping face, primed to explode from the confines of their tank top given the slightest encouragement.

With her heels tucked into her bum, her pouting camel-toe was peering out from between the arches of her feet creating an opportunity too inviting to miss. Hooking his finger under the elastic of the leg hole already failing to contain her errant bum cheek, Erin pulled it out wider to expose her succulent cunt.

Her lust was heavy on her swollen pussy lips and twinkled in the moonlight. His cock issued a bead of precum in response.

Pushing his solid pole between her feet, Erin angled his hips until its terrifically swollen head was pointed right at her awaiting hole and then he thrust.

His first hip jerk saw him failed to penetrate Kelly by almost two inches, such was the nature of the position he had contorted her into, but it did succeed in jolting an entire hemisphere of each tit from her tank top.

Even after a couple minutes of increasingly forceful fucking, Erin was still stabbing at her gaping slit and missing by millimetres. So, with frustration growing, he leaned all of his weight into the soles of her feet; pushing Kelly's knees higher until her overstretched tank top was unable to restrain the insistent volume of tit-flesh any longer.

There came two resounding, fleshy slaps followed by a softer, sustained clattering as, one after the other, her big upturned tits spilled from her tank top to slap her solidly in the chin before settling either side to rhythmically pelt her under the jaw as Erin fucked.

With his every thrust finally being rewarded with a hot, wet kiss on the fat tip of his cock, Erin felt his dangling balls suddenly lift off the mattress and, realising he only had a matter of seconds before the gut-wrenching pain would render him too debilitated to continue, he threw Kelly's feet out wide, he let himself plummet prick-first into her; cushioning his fall on her big squishy tits.

With his massive weapon sunk in Kelly right to the hilt, he unleashed his load after hot load point blank at her smashed cervix as his ravaged balls desperately offloaded as much weight as possible into the rapidly overfilling receptacle.

'Take it you fucking slut,' he bellowed orgasmically into her doughy tit-meat.

'Well, don't let her say we didn't try and warn her, Kieks,' said Harriet causing Erin jump with fright.

'It's wasn't like that!' he gushed as he was taken by both arms and hauled off Kelly; his softening serpent slipping free of his sleeping housemate's overflowing twat until it's fat head popped out to flop down and slap him painfully in the trailing balls. 'She's into it!' he cried desperately as his unplugging of her cunt triggered an enormous outpouring of steaming jizz.

'Of course she is,' Harriet snarled in his ear as she forced a thick angora sock into his mouth. 'Just like you're about to be "into" having your balls crushed to a fucking pulp.'

'Mmph!' protested Erin as, one after the other, his bollocks were seized by the girls. 'Mmmph!'

'And when we're through with these,' whispered Keiko in his other ear whilst producing a glinting pair of scissors, 'there's a monster to take cut down to size...'

Eyes wide and locked on the menacingly flexing steel, Erin shrieked into his exquisitely fluffy gag.

Oblivious to his muffled cries of anguish and the sickening, gristly crunching of his splitting nut-shells, Kelly squeezed her cum-streaked thighs together and beamed a big, satisfied smile before wrapping herself in her heavy duvet and rolling away. And just in time as, with the first part of Erin's punishment complete, Keiko set about the second.




'Uh-oh,' said Keiko, 'where'd it go?'

'Down here,' said Harriet excitedly. 'Take a look, Keiks – Kelly has a monster under her bed!'

The end.

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