Matt and Lynn's Week (by Matt)

Matt and Lynn’s week.

“What do you think of these ones?” Lynn asked, while holding up yet another pair of fluffy angora socks.

She had become really obsessed with them lately Matt thought to himself while muttering “They look okay,”

“Just okay? These blue and pink stripes are so cute. I think they will go great in my collection,”

“Well grab them then, I guess,” Matt sighed, knowing she was always going to get them anyway.

“Don’t be so impatient Honey.” she insisted, “Let’s go look at some more stuff.”

Matt obediently followed Lynn, knowing the consequences of disobeying her would be damaging to both his sex life and his balls. As he followed her, he couldn’t help but stare at her. Gorgeous long strawberry blonde hair lightly moving in the wind, the soft pale skin on her shoulders and upper back shining in the sun the form fitting black singlet top running down to her curvy ass in her tight little mini skirt. Hypnotized by her ass for a while he finally managed to work his way down her legs to the combat boots she had on her feet, each one with a fluffy sock ever so slightly poking out the top.

Lynn and Matt had been going to the Melbourne markets nearly every Sunday for the past couple of years. At first it was pretty even as to who got to purchase things but in the last six months or so Lynn had been doing the majority of the buying. Most of the items she bought were for the “Ballbusting” fetish that they had. She would buy shoes, tools, utensils, anything she thought she could use on his balls to have fun and inflict some pain. She even bought a bull castrator to tease him with. But lately her thing has been kicking and stomping his nuts with her fluffy socks on.

As he continued staring while following her he could feel his cock becoming hard in his jeans. He knew if she saw it she would punish him for his unauthorised erection, especially one in public. He quickly tried to manoeuvre his hard cock behind his belt to hide it but as he was doing so she turned around and saw what he was up to.

“You perv,” she shrieked as she flung her combat boot straight into Matt’s unprotected groin.

Matt let out a high pitched squeal as the tip of lynn’s boot connected directly with his left testicle, trapping it between her boot and his pubic bone. It was only about half power but he still fell to the ground unable to move, clutching his battered balls and groaning. Lynn smiled, blew him a kiss and kept walking. From the ground he could see the outline of her pussy in her pink lacy panties under her tiny skirt and all he could think was how lucky she was to not have a pair of weak little nuts between her legs.

All around there were women pointing and laughing at Matt and men looking really uncomfortable while he lay there, holding his balls, unable to get up and feeling extremely embarrassed. After what felt like an eternity he managed to get up and slowly make his way to the car park where he would wait by the car for Lynn to finish shopping.

Eventually she returned to the car where Matt was waiting uncomfortably yet patiently. She unlocked the doors and put a few bags of stuff in the back. “Let’s go home then Hunny,” she bubbled, completely ignoring the fact that she had almost ruptured his left testicle not an hour before. “I had a great time, I got lots of stuff. I even picked up five new pairs of fluffy socks. I can’t wait to test them out.”

“That’s good babe,” Matt softly replied. Knowing that testing them out meant the next five days were going to be really rough on his balls.

Matt had introduced Lynn to his Ballbusting fetish fairly early on in their relationship. He had had this fetish since his early teens but wasn’t sure how to tell her. One night while they were sleeping Lynn was having a bad dream and she kneed Matt directly in his balls. He woke up in a fair bit of pain and she immediately apologized.The next day he admitted to her that it kind of turned him on and he started asking her to squeeze his balls during sex among other light ball play.

Within a year she was really enjoying kicking him in the balls quite hard with shoes and performing all kinds of other ballbusting. After 5 or so years she was into it as much if not more than he was and was really enjoying female domination. Now, though they are married, they are still madly in love and their ballbusting fetish has not subsided, if anything it has become even more fun now they are Husband and Wife. Lynn now likes to say “Since the “I do’s” I own your balls.”

Recently lynn decided she didn’t want to have to hold back anymore so she had some of Matt’s sperm frozen so if in the event that she rupture his balls they could still have kids if they decided to. This scared Matt a little but it also turned him on quite a bit knowing that his wife could potentially turn him into her eunuch at any time. Lynn loved the power she felt knowing she controlled the fate of her hubby’s manhood. She worked in a medical clinic so she had access to male hormone replacement drugs and viagra and continuing to have sex with him after his balls were destroyed wouldn’t be an issue.

Lynn had read so many stories and comics, and looked at so many cartoons which end with a sexy, powerful woman having a massive orgasm while stomping the cum out of a mushed, ruined, ruptured, and destroyed pair of testicles that she just had to experience it herself. She was pretty sure that she wanted to ruin one of Matt’s balls with a pair of her fluffy angora socks but she was undecided as to how she would destroy the other one and finally make her loving hubby a eunuch once and for all. One thing that she was definitely sure about was that she was going to be having a whole heap of fun busting Matt’s balls before she destroyed them.

Pulling into the driveway Lynn started firmly rubbing Matt’s crotch as she parked the car. “How are my little balls doing?” she asked with an evil grin on her face.

“Not too bad now. That was a hell of a kick. I can’t believe you did that in front of everyone.”

“Well, I didn’t want anyone seeing your hard on and thinking you were some kind of pervert,” she joked.

“You called me a perv when you kicked my balls,” he moaned. “I was so embarrassed by those women laughing at me. But at the same time I was pretty turned on that you would do that to me.”

“Glad you liked it,” she replied smiling. “Hope you are ready for more tonight, these cute fluffy socks have been stuck in my boots all day and are just about ready to have some fun.”

“I don’t think I can. My balls are still pretty sore babe,” he pleaded.

“You just said they weren’t too bad,”

“I was just acting tough, my left nut is killing me,”

“Well you’ll just have to stick the right one out then won’t you?” she scoffed. “Remember, you said “I do” so now I own those balls. I’m going to be busting you with my socks tonight and every night after work this week. If you are good, each night I will reward you with a ruined orgasm and if you take it like a man all the way through to Saturday I will let you do anything you want to me on Saturday night,” she added.


“Anything.” she whispered. “I am your wife and I love you, I just want us to have some fun this week. I know you love it too and even though you struggle to take the harder stuff sometimes, we both know the next day you are wanking yourself while thinking about everything I’ve done to you. Saturday night is your night. If your balls still work anyway.”

“Okay.” he agreed. Feeling excited but really scared at the same time.

“Awesome. You are going to love what I have planned for you. You have the next couple of weeks off work so there will be plenty of time to recover. Anyway, let’s go watch TV. Bring my stuff in honey.”

Matt quickly unloaded the car, changed into a pair of sweatpants, fixed Lynn a cup of peppermint tea and joined her in the lounge room. As soon as he sat down on the couch she lifted her boots, swung them around and dropped them in his lap, her left foot landing on his right testicle with just enough force to create a dull ache. He didn’t even react to it. It was nothing compared to the ache that persisted in his left nut from the kick she had expertly performed earlier in the day.

“Boots off, foot rub.” she ordered with a grin.

Matt began undoing the laces on Lynn’s boots without any hint of objection. He knew that any argument he made expressing that he didn’t feel like rubbing her feet would be pointless as she always got what she wanted. He had balls and she wasn’t afraid to use them. He removed the boots and took a moment to enjoy the pleasant scent of his wife’s fluffy sock covered feet. They always had an amazing aroma when they first came out of a pair of her shoes. A little bit of sweat mixed with whatever lotion she happened to be using on her feet and the fabric softener that he washed her socks with.

Matt could feel the familiar sensation of his cock tingling and becoming hard in his pants. He knew the next few hours were going to be extremely frustrating as he had no chance of release while they were watching TV. He begun lovingly massaging Lynn’s perfect fluffy sock covered feet, alternating between the two every few minutes. Occasionally she would use the foot that wasn’t being massaged to squish Matt’s sore nuts or rub his frustrated and stubbornly hard cock.

“Mmmm, that feels great babe,” Lynn said approvingly. “Press play.”

“What are we watching?” He asked while continuing to rub her feet.

“It’s called The ladies Club. It’s about a group of women who go around abducting male sex offenders and castrating them. A chick at work watched it recently and recommended it. She said the main character is this female doctor who does the actual snipping. Apparently I reminded her of that character for some reason.” She began making scissor motions with her hand towards Matt’s groin while laughing.

They spent most of the day together like this and all matt could think about was the ache in his tender balls and the fate that awaited them for the next week. As a result he spent the whole time with a throbbing erection in his shorts that just wouldn’t go away no matter how hard he tried to think of something else. Eventually Lynn was done watching TV and ordered Matt to start on dinner and told him to make sure he was doing it naked.

“What do you want tonight?” Matt asked?

“I’m thinking something sweet…...Pancakes with strawberries and cream.”

“No worries, love you.”

“Love you too.” she responded while motioning him toward her for a kiss.


Matt removed his clothes and headed to the kitchen, giving Lynn a passionate kiss on the way. As he prepared dinner he managed to stop thinking about his wife and his balls from time to time and his cock would become soft. Within minutes he would think of her again and his cock would once again harden. Once Lynn’s dinner was ready he called her in. While waiting for her he began washing the pan and utensils he just used, his cock once currently softening.

Lynn had been watching him from the doorway for a couple of minutes waiting for the perfect opportunity. She loved her husband very much and wanted to make sure this was a week to remember, she promised herself that any pleas for orgasm or mercy would be ignored. At this moment Matt had fully turned away from the door and was placing a pan in one of the high cupboards, she saw her moment.

As Matt stretched to place the pan in the high cupboard he had stood on tip toed foot while holding the other leg up to get that extra bit of height. This position left his naked balls wide open for attack from the rear. Lynn rushed toward him, her footsteps making no sound on the tile floor and with a five step run up swung her sock covered foot directly into Matt’s groin with all her energy. She kicked her husbands balls so hard that she managed to hurt her own foot.

Lynn’s foot landed perfectly in Matt’s sack right down the middle and his already tender balls were forced either side of her foot, each ball being flattened between her foot and his pelvis. Matt screamed out as excruciating pain tore through his testicles and into his gut. He had never felt this much pain in his balls in his life. Falling to the floor he desperately grabbed his testicles in hope of some kind of relief. He lay there rolling around and making all sorts of moaning and gurgling noises while Lynn laughed and began rubbing her wet pussy.

“Wow, that got me so wet,” she screamed. “I should have kicked you full force sooner.” She sat at the table and quickly brought herself to an intense orgasm with her hand. “That was so hot,” she added while beginning to eat her lovingly prepared pancakes.

“Mmmm, these pancakes are great hon. Strawberries and cream is the best. How’s your dinner baby? I know there is no chance of cream for you tonight but do you have berries……..or pancakes?” With that Linda burst out laughing. For the next fifteen minutes Lynn was in ecstacy, savouring her delicious dinner and every pulse of orgasm each time she rubbed herself over Matt’s moans of agony.

All that Matt was able to do was lay there on the cold tile floor with his hands covering his extremely sore testicles. He was too afraid to remove his hands and inspect his nuts but he was pretty sure there had been some permanent damage done. He was laying there possibly neutered and Lynn was sitting at the table rubbing herself off and eating pancakes. She was saying something to him but he couldn’t focus on anything but the current predicament of his testicles. After what seemed like forever Lynn come over to him and informed him that she was going to have a bath and when she gets out the bed better be warm for her.

Lynn skipped out of the room and Matt began to work up the courage to check the condition of his balls. He removed one of his hands and used the other one to gingerly feel around his sack. To his relief he felt two intact yet fairly swollen testicles. He slowly began to make his way to the freezer to get some ice for his swelling nuts. After reaching the freezer, grabbing a bag of frozen peas and holding them to his tender orbs, he grabbed some panadol out of the second drawer, downed them with water straight from the tap and headed to the bedroom. Matt collapsed on the bed and quickly passed out.

The next morning Matt awoke to the feeling of Lynn fondling his sore balls. He looked down and saw his wife, in a grey jacket and skirt combination, just as she was clicking the lock on the cock cage that she had placed on him while he was asleep. Lynn had bought the chastity device a few months ago for a bit of fun and they had used it a few times for a day or two when she went away on business.

“Hey sleepy head,” she beamed. “How are you this morning?”

“What are you doing?”

“Well I’m off to work and this week you’re only having ruined orgasms. This is the only way I know you will obey me.”

“I won’t wank, I promise. You don’t need to lock it up,” He protested, knowing it was futile.

“You’d be sniffing my panties and wanking yourself off five minutes after I leave.”

“Hmmmph,” he sighed, finally realising she was serious about this being a full week of hard ballbusting and painful, unsatisfying ruined orgasms for him.

“Good boy. I’ll see you around six thirty. Love you,” she said as she left the room.

“Love you too,” Matt shouted as the sound of Lynn’s black leather high heeled boots click clacked on the hardwood floor of the hallway. After she left the house he heard the familiar sound of her car pulling out of the driveway and he drifted back off to sleep feeling sore, frustrated and really in love.

Matt spent most of the day in bed watching TV and trying to recover from the hard ballbusting he had received the night before. At around three thirty pm his phone rang. He looked at the phone, it was Lynn. At first he was unsure about answering it but he decided it was probably best if he did.

“Hey hun.” Matt answered.

“ Mr Morgan is such an asshole,” she burst out. “He is such a lazy, sleazy prick. He is getting on my nerves so fucking much today.”

“Are you OK?” Matt asked, trying to remember who Mr Morgan was.

“I’m pissed off and I’m calling to tell you that when I get home you better be standing in the hallway, naked, with your legs spread so as soon as I open the door I can kick your balls up into your stomach,” she ordered.

“Whoa, hun I don’t think I can handle that.” Matt protested.

“You’ll do exactly as I say or I’ll cut them off. I’m taking my frustrations out on you and you’re going to take every bit of it.” With that she hung up the phone.

Matt gulped and resigned himself to his fate. The only thought going through his mind was the future of his balls after she was done tonight. After all she was wearing her pointy toed black leather boots. Matt was sure if she kicked him straight in the nut full force with the point it would be game over.

At six twenty five Matt assumed his position in the hallway in front of the door. He spread his legs and waited, feelings of anxiousness, fear and excitement overwhelmed him. Dead on six thirty he heard Lynn’s car pull into the driveway, the engine quit and the door open. After a few seconds the car door closed and the sound of her high heels on the concrete path became louder as she drew nearer to the door. He could feel his cock growing in anticipation, struggling to become erect but ultimately failing against the stainless steel bars of the cock cage.

The sound of Lynn’s keys in the door was enough to make Matt consider running in the opposite direction but before he could make a decision the door swung open. There his wife stood, looking flustered and annoyed but still sexy as hell in her skirt suit, black tights and black leather boots. He knew he had to take it like a man for her, she was so hot and he just couldn’t say no.

Without even putting her handbag down, Lynn stepped forward and drove her boot directly into Matt’s awaiting sack. The chastity device presenting his balls in a perfect position for abuse. Matt’s knees buckled and he began to keel over from the perfectly executed attack.

“Don’t you dare fall down. This is what you get for making me do all that extra work today Morgan you asshole.”

Matt realised she was serious and managed to straighten himself up. As soon as he was straight Lynn got down on one knee and began punching his vulnerable testicles over and over no less than fifteen times. Matt was squealing in pain but Lynn just ignored him. Standing back up she stepped back and let fly with another vicious kick between his legs. The pointy tip of her high heeled boot connecting directly with Matt’s left testicle. The testicle was crushed against his pubic bone and if it didn’t slip off to the side at the very last millisecond it would have undoubtedly ruptured.

Once again matt’s left testicle had suffered the consequences of Lynn’s powerful feet. The left one always hung a little lower than the right and Matt always thought that it would be the one to go first. Matt was in so much pain from the second direct hit on his left testicle that he froze momentarily, unable to move or make a sound. Unfortunately for him, Lynn took this as a sign that she missed her target. Once again she stepped back and let fly with another boot to Matt’s damaged balls.

This time she used the top of her foot instead of the toe which resulted in a direct hit to both nuts accompanied by a loud slapping sound as the smooth leather connected with Matt’s scrotum. Both testicles were violently squashed against his pelvis with no chance of escape due to the width of Lynn’s boot. All this was just too much for Matt and he crumpled to the floor trying not to be sick.

Angry at Matt’s disobedience, Lynn stomped her foot into his tortured balls and began twisting her foot on his testicles as if she was extinguishing a cigarette.

“I told you not to fall over,” She barked as Matt writhed on the floor trying to escape the testicle crushing he was enduring. “That’s it, roll over.”

Reluctantly, Matt did as he was told and lay on his stomach.

“Spread em.”

He spread his legs.

Lynn stepped between Matt’s spread legs and looked down at his red, swollen balls laying directly on the hardwood floor and couldn’t help but think about how powerful and excited this made her feel.

Lynn lifted her high heel boot about a foot over the top of Matt’s balls. She could feel her pussy tingling with the possibility that this could be the end of one or both of her hubby’s testicles. She wasn’t planning on going full force but you never know what might happen.

“Three…...two…….one,” she counted. On zero she stomped down on Matt’s awaiting nuts. She couldn’t feel much through the soles of her boot but she could tell by her husband’s reaction that she was on target. Matt’s back arched and he was making a sound like he had never made before and then he passed out. A wave of passion came over her and she rubbed her wet pussy to orgasm after orgasm all the while keeping her foot firmly planted on whatever remained of Matt’s balls.

After half a dozen orgasms Lynn decided to inspect the damage. She found that while Matt’s balls were in fact still intact, they had swollen to twice their size and they were looking really red and spotted with dark purple bruises. She was definitely feeling much better about her day and decided that when Matt woke up she would reward him with a ruined orgasm.

After an hour or so Matt awoke and was immediately greeted by immense pain and coldness in his groin and gut. He let out a loud moan and attempted to grab his balls but discovered that his hands were tied.

“You’re awake honey,” Lynn chirped from the living room.

“Uuuugh,” Matt moaned.

“Aww, are you a bit sore baby?” Lynn teased, walking over to Matt in her pyjama shorts, t-shirt and fluffy socks. “You were asleep for like an hour.” she added. “I had so much fun taking my frustration out on you, I think we’ll make it a regular thing. How are they feeling? They were pretty swollen before, but I put an ice pack on them after I was done using them.”

“I can’t take anymore tonight hun.” Matt pleaded.

‘That’s a shame, I was going to make you cum.” Lynn began walking back to the living room.

Although matt was in a huge amount of discomfort he was still very turned on by the thought of an orgasm, especially after all the pain he had endured.

“I meant no more ballbusting.” he replied. “I would love to cum.”

“What do you say?” Lynn asked, turning back towards her husband.

“Please can I cum babe?”

“OK, you’re lucky I’m in such a good mood after nearly nutting you.”

Lynn nudged the ice pack away from Matt’s crotch removed his chastity device and began slowly moving her soft, fluffy, sock covered foot up and down the length of his rapidly hardening cock, lightly pressing on his battered testicles with each stroke. Matt began to moan in pleasure and pain while staring at her gorgeous legs and feet.

As she increased the speed and pressure of her stroking, Lynn could tell by the way Matt was breathing that he was close to cumming. She continued for 15 seconds then as soon as Matt’s body became tense and he stopped moaning she knew he was past the point of no return she stopped stroking his cock and firmly pressed her foot down onto his unprotected balls.

Matt yelled out in protest and frustration as his unstimulated cock spasmed uncontrollably shooting thick streams of cum all over Lynn’s leg from her knee to her socks, Lynn pressing her foot down on his nuts harder and harder with each shot. He felt no sense of pleasure or relief whatsoever, just absolute disappointment and pain as his already tortured testicles had the cum stomped right out of them.

“Look at the mess you made.” Lynn was so happy with how well she had timed the ruined orgasm. She could tell by the look on his face that he had no pleasure at all while his cock shot it’s huge load.

“Ugh, please give me a proper orgasm babe, I need it. I can’t take it anymore,” Matt begged, his balls were in so much pain and he was still so horny from the lack of proper release that he knew his cock would be hard for hours if he didn’t cum.

“You love it,” She said. “You’re the one who got me into this remember. You always tell me how you would love a full week of being dominated by me and to not listen to you if you tried to get me to stop.”

“Yeah but-”

“We are finishing the week and you are going to love it. But I tell you what, because I love you, if you clean up my leg with your tongue I will give you a proper orgasm,” she offered.

“OK,” Matt replied, not worried at all about licking his cum off his wife’s sexy leg if it meant he got a real orgasm.”

Without a word Lynn placed her foot in front of Matt’s mouth and he immediately began licking his cum off her sock, working his way up her leg to her knee until there was no more cum to be seen.

As soon as Matt had finished, Lynn began walking away.

“Where are you going?”

I’m going to have a shower then I’m off to bed.”

“What about my orgasm?”

“I never said when I would let you orgasm, just that I will give you a proper orgasm. When the week is over I will.” she confirmed, laughing.

Matt didn’t even bother to reply, he knew no matter how much he protested Lynn wouldn’t change her mind. In fact she would likely kick him in the balls again instead. He closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep.

Lynn woke early the next morning, showered, dressed and had breakfast before deciding to check on Matt. At some point during the night he had managed to make it to the couch in the living room. On her way down the hall she grabbed the chastity device off the floor and quietly approached Matt. She quickly put the cock cage back on him and then reached behind him to untie his arms all without waking him from his deep sleep. She briefly admired her husband focusing on his slightly swollen and quite bruised balls and was already looking forward to the evening.

Arriving to work fifteen minutes early so she could catch up on some paperwork from the day before, Lynn entered her office to find Mr Morgan standing in her office placing a stack of papers on her desk.

“Ah, glad you’re here, these forms need to be ready to go by midday.” Morgan ordered.

“I have a bunch of other stuff to-”

“They can wait.”

Patterson left the office smiling smugly as he passed Lynn in the doorway.

Lynn stood in the doorway for a moment.

“Man I want to smash his nuts,” she muttered under her breath.

“You mean nut?” replied a voice Lynn recognised as Cassandra one of the practice nurses.

Cassandra was a small slim attractive asian lady in her mid twenties with long dark hair and eyes. She had been at the clinic for as long as Lynn could remember but they hadn’t talked much.

“Huh?” Lynn questioned.

“You said nuts, he only has one.”

“What do you mean?” Lynn questioned, becoming very intrigued.

“You don’t know, I guess it was a bit before you started work here.”

“Tell me.”

“Well, long story short he was being a sleaze around here for a while and one day he sort of half groped me so I kicked him straight between the legs with my stiletto as hard as I could.” Cassandra replied, pausing to laugh. “He fell to the ground making a sound like he was trying to scream and I just walked away.”

“Wow, good job.”

“I didn’t think too much of it until that weekend when I met up with some friends of mine who are nurses at the hospital. We got talking about work and one of them told me about a guy who came in that week with a ruptured testicle that had to be removed. Anyway, we worked out pretty quickly that it was Morgan.” Cassandra added.

“That’s amazing Cassandra.”

“Call me Cassy hon. He told them that he slipped on some steps and landed on an hand rail.” Cassandra gloated. “So yeah, if you do kick him, it might just finish his manhood off. Anyway, gotta go.”


“See ya,” whispered Lynn, still imagining tiny Cassy kicking her boss in the balls so hard that she was able to actually pop one. She could feel herself becoming extremely turned on, not only by the story but also the fact that she knew she had the opportunity to ruin her own hubby’s balls this very week. With that thought she closed the door behind her and went about her day as normal.

Lynn’s day progressed well with no interruptions from her asshole boss and when it came time to leave she was in a great mood. She decided not to call Matt before coming home as she wanted to surprise him with some chinese takeout for dinner.

Arriving home after picking up dinner, she entered the house to find Matt sitting on the couch playing xbox with headphones on. After a few moments of watching her husband he turned to her, obviously catching a whiff of the chinese takeout she was holding.

“Hey gorgeous, that smells good. How was your day?” He asked. Hoping for the sake of his balls that she had a good one.

“Really good actually. I thought we would have chinese tonight instead of you cooking.”

“Sounds awesome.”

“Let’s do it then. What did you get up to today?”

Matt quickly shut down the xbox and joined his wife in the dining room. Grabbing some plates and cutlery along with a bottle of white wine and two glasses, he sat down at the table opposite her.

“Not much, just played a little xbox and rested.”

“You probably needed it after last night. I got you pretty good.” Lynn teased.

“Yeah, they are still pretty achy. It was so hot though,” Said Matt, feeling himself become hard once again just thinking about it. The pressure of his swelling caged cock becoming uncomfortable.

“You want to hear something cool?” Lynn queried.


“A few months ago one of the nurses at work kicked Morgan in his stupid little balls and popped one of them,” She blurted. “They had to cut it off. I got so horny when she told me. I took everything I had to not rub myself off right there in my office.”

“Really?, she actually destroyed his nut? That’s so hot,” Matt became even harder than before. He loved hearing his wife talk about ballbusting and castration.

“Yep, she absolutely scrambled his egg. I guess he underestimated the power us chicks have. I’m kind of jealous of her. Ah well, at least I can mush yours whenever I want to”

“Well maybe one day. Not anytime soon i hope.”

“I’ll neuter you whenever I feel like it thank you very much. Keep talking like that and I’ll take one tonight.”

“Sorry babe…...So……..What do you want to do tonight anyway.?”

“Well once we are done here, you are going to go to the bedroom, take your clothes off and stand facing the wall with your legs spread. Once you’ve done that you will wait for me.” Lynn ordered.

“Please can I have the night off?” Matt begged.

Without saying a word Lynn lifted her leg and firmly rammed it heel first directly into Matt’s groin. The sole of her ballet flat connecting perfectly with his unexpecting balls, both orbs finding no protection from the thin shorts he was wearing and no escape, flattened between her shoe and his pelvic bone.

Matt screamed out in pain falling back in his chair and clutching at his abused testicles. Lynn quickly moved over to him hiking up her skirt, sitting on his face and pinning his arms underneath her legs. She pulled his shorts off and immediately began rubbing her panty and stocking covered pussy on his face. Moving his hard, caged cock out of the way she commenced punching him directly in his unprotected testicles over and over in rhythm with her pussy thrusts.

The vibration of Matt screaming against Lynn’s pussy made her even more excited and she quickly started cumming over his face. Lynn continued this for some time until she was almost completely exhausted. The whole time Matt had a close up view of Lynn’s multiple orgasms combined with the intoxicating aroma and wetness of her pussy and the extreme pain in his balls that increased with every punch. All Matt could do was wimper in pain and frustration at the fact that she was having multiple orgasms and he hadn’t had a proper on in what seemed like forever.

Knowing she wanted one more massive orgasm for the night she decided to punch Matt’s nuts with all her might.

“Ready to lose your little baby makers hubby? I think they might my mush after this.”

With that , Lynn grabbed Matt’s balls with her right hand and squeezed them firmly. She admired the shiny red orbs for a second before ramming her left fist into them with all her strength. Matt’s muffled scream vibrated her pussy like never before but it wasn’t quite enough to make her cum. She immediately hit the vulnerable testicles again and one more time. On the third impact Matt’s screams put her over the edge. Lynn had one of the best orgasms in her life and in that moment she wanted nothing more than to keep it going forever.

Lynn continued punching matt’s balls as hard as she could, prolonging her orgasm for a full minute before she felt matt’s body become even more tense. With the next punch Matt’s cock shot a thick stream of cum straight up in the air. Lynn was amazed but continued punching, each punch forcing another stream of thick cum out. This was one of the sexiest things Lynn had ever seen and her orgasm intensified at the sight of the thickest cum imaginable being forced out of her husband’s cock.

Lynn couldn’t help but continue punching Matt’s balls even though she knew that as soon as guys cum their balls become extra sensitive. At that moment, all she cared about was the intense pleasure she was experiencing. After seven more punches Lynn felt Matt’s body go completely limp and she knew he had passed out. After one more punch for good measure Lynn collapsed in complete satisfaction and exhaustion.

After some time she regained her composure and stood up. Looking down at Matt’s testicles she was amazed at what she saw. Although her husbands balls seemed to be intact they had swollen to the size of a softball. She quickly walked over to the freezer and grabbed an ice pack. Walking back over, she placed the ice on his balls and left to shower and go to bed..

“Well at least you got to cum.” Lynn said as she walked out the door.

After her shower Lynn slipped into bed and slowly drifted off to sleep feeling incredibly satisfied.

Shortly after, Matt awoke to the familiar feeling of extreme soreness in his balls and stomach. After getting up the courage to look, he removed the ice pack from his testicles and was relieved to see his intact yet very swollen nuts hadn’t been completely destroyed. He got himself up, walked to the bathroom, grabbed a couple anti inflammatory tablets, brushed his teeth and joined his gorgeous wife in bed. As he tried to fall asleep, he couldn’t stop wondering what Lynn had in store for him next.

The following day Lynn went off to work and Matt stayed home to recover as much as possible for when Lynn returned home that evening. The day progressed normally until Lynn ran into Cassy at Lunch time.

“Hey” Cassy greeted Lynn “How are you doing today?”

“Really good, yourself?” Lynn couldn’t help smiling while remembering the night before.

“Great thanks.” I just finished a huge essay and am pretty much done with my studies.”

“Oh, that’s awesome. You should have a bit more free time now.”

“Yeah, I feel a lot less stressed, that’s for sure.” Cassy added with a smile.

Lynn decided that she wanted to find out more about Cassy’s ball popping experience.

“Hey, would you like to have a couple drinks with me tonight after work?” Lynn asked.

“For sure, I need a drink to celebrate I think.”

“Sounds good. I’ll meet you out the front at 6.” Lynn bubbled, already looking forward to it.

“No worries.”

The rest of the day seemed to drag on for Lynn but finally 6 o’clock came around and she headed out the door and met up with Cassy out the front of the clinic. They headed down the street to a local cafe/bar. Upon arrival they sat at a booth and ordered a couple drinks. The place was pretty quiet with only a few guys at the bar and three couples sitting at tables.

Lynn and Cassy had chatted for an hour and a half and were both on their fourth drink and well on the way to being drunk before Lynn decided to bring up ballbusting.

“I am so jealous that you popped one of Patterson’s Balls.” Lynn confessed.

“It was really fun. I actually felt a little turned on when i found out I destroyed it.” Cassy replied before bursting with laughter.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to pop my hubby’s balls.”

“You want to castrate your husband? He must be a real jerk.”

“Nah, he’s great. It’s just something that turns us on. He actually introduced me to it. I don’t think he expected me to get so into it but he loves it.”

“Wow Lynn, that’s pretty cool. I think most women want to kick their guy in the nuts from time to time.”

Over the next couple of hours Lynn told Cassy all about ballbusting and the various things that she had done to Matt. Cassy couldn’t believe how turned on she was becoming and decided that she just had to kick someone in the balls ass soon as possible.

“I need to try it.” Cassy burst out.

“What, ballbusting?” Lynn replied.

“Yes, right now. I’ve never done it just for my own pleasure and you make it sound so good”

“Well, there are a few guys in here. Just pick one, go up to him and send the point of your stiletto into his groin.”

“Yeah but shouldn’t I get him to grope me or something first?

“Nah, no one will care. And if he does say anything all you have to do is say he grabbed your tits.” Lynn assured.

“OK, I’m going for it.”

Cassy quickly stood up, stumbled a little, composed herself and headed to the middle of the room, taking a few moments to look around before finding her target. Lynn watched as Cassy walked towards a guy standing by himself near the bar. After a few words Cassy took a step back then let fly with a vicious kick to the guys groin. Lynn knew immediately that the kick was accurate, the guy let out a high pitched squeal and immediately fell to the ground clutching his balls. Cassy bent over said something else to the guy and then headed to the bathroom.

After a few minutes Cassy came out of the bathroom, walked over to the guy still curled up on the floor, said something then joined Lynn back at the table.

“Well?” Lynn asked.

“That was incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever been that turned on” Cassy declared.

“Looks like you got him pretty good. What did you say to him.”

“I just asked him if he wanted to give me an orgasm. Then on the way back I told him that it was one of the best I’ve ever had.”

“You went in there to rub yourself off?”

“All the stories you told me about were getting me so horny, then I swear I nearly came just booting him in the balls, I just had to finish myself off.” Cassy admitted.

Lynn and Cassy had another drink then decided to call it a night.

The cab ride home seemed to take forever for Lynn but eventually she arrived home. As she entered the house she quickly slipped off her boots and headed to the kitchen where she could hear matt doing the dishes.

She entered the room and saw her husband at the sink wearing a tshirt and boxers.

Hey babe,” Matt greeted Lynn, admiring his gorgeous wife in her short red dress, black leggins and fluffy blue socks as she entered the room. “How was your day?”

“It was awesome honey. I had a good day at work, then went and had a few drinks with Cassy.”

“That’s good. I just had a quiet one.”

“I told her all about ballbusting.”

“What do you mean? Matt asked nervously.

“Well I told her that I was jealous of her ruining Morgan’s nut and then I kind of told her about us.” Lynn admitted.

“Are you serious?’

“Calm down, she liked it. She even kicked a guy in the balls tonight.”

“What, really? Well it doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t have said anything.” Matt protested.

“I’m sorry babe, I was drunk and it just came out. She really did like it though. It made me really horny thinking about all the times I’ve busted your balls too.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Want to give me an orgasm?” Lynn whispered.

“Yes.” answered Matt instantly.

Lynn stepped towards Matt, winked at him then flung her fluffy sock covered foot as hard as she could directly into Matt’s groin, the bridge of her foot connecting perfectly with Matt’s testicles, forcing them either side of her foot and squishing them into his thighs. Lynn could feel the balls flatten and spread out trying to escape the impact but she knew that the kick was perfect and they were trapped. Matt gasped then immediately dropped to the floor grabbing his balls in agony.

Lynn slipped her hand under her dress and into her panties and began rubbing her drenched pussy as her ballbusted, frustrated husband watched on unable to move. Orgasm after orgasm rushed through Lynn’s body as she continued playing with herself. The combination of kicking her hubby’s balls and teasing him afterwards always got her off but tonight she was so worked up that by the time she was finished her panties were soaked and she was exhausted. She leaned over to her hubby and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks for the orgasm,” Lynn whispered as she headed off to bed.

Lynn and Cassy were both slightly embarrassed when they saw each other at work the next day but during lunch Cassy sat with Lynn and began talking straight away.

“Last night was so much fun.” Cassy said.

“Yeah, it was good,” Replied Lynn. “Do you remember much.”

“Yeah, everything, I wasn’t that drunk.”

“I was pretty drunk.” admitted Lynn.

“You don’t need to worry about what you said, it’s between you and me. I wasn’t exactly innocent last night either remember.” Cassy said smiling.

“Yeah, it was pretty awesome seeing you nut that guy.”

“I was so turned on. I spent most of last night looking at ballbusting online. I think I’m addicted. You are so lucky to have a husband that likes it too.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty fun. You should come around some time. I’ll let you give him a few kicks.”

“Wow, really? I’d love to. How about tonight?”

“You really are addicted. Well I was going to mention it to Matt first but he does what he is told so OK.” Lynn agreed.

“I can’t wait.” Cassy burst out.

“But no popping his balls, they’re mine.”

“No worries, I’ll do my best Lynn.”

That evening, Lynn and Cassy arrived home to find Matt sitting on the couch watching TV once again in a t-shirt and boxers.

Matt heard his wife come home but was surprised to see that she had brought someone else with her.

“Ah, Hi, sorry I’ll go put some clothes on,” Matt muttered, slightly embarrassed.

“Don’t bother,” Lynn ordered. “This is Cassy, she’s here to kick you in the balls.”

Matt had never felt more embarrassed in his life. Here was his wife and some stranger talking about kicking him in the balls. He knew Lynn had told Cassy about his fetish but he never thought he would have to meet her so it didn’t worry him that much.

“What do you mean.” Matt asked.

“You don’t need to act innocent Matt. Your wife told me all about it and I just want to kick you a few times for practice. I’m not going to tell anyone”

“And I’m telling you to.” Added Lynn. “Now go get us a pair of socks each.”

“Socks?” asked Cassy.

“Yeah, I love kicking him with fluffy angora socks lately. They feel so soft on your feet and they protect them a bit too. Plus, I don’t want you kicking him with those heels, if anyone is neutering my hubby it is going to be me.”

Matt came back into the room with two brand new pairs of pink angora socks.

“OK, put mine on.” Lynn said.

Matt handed a pair of socks to Cassy then slipped off his wife’s white ballet flats and slowly put the pink socks on his wife’s gorgeous feet. Cassy quickly removed her high heels and put her socks on.

“These feel so soft.” Cassy declared.

“They’re great, you can keep them.” Lynn offered.

“Really? Awesome.”

“OK hubby, stand there take your shorts off and spread your legs.”

Matt walked to the middle of the room, took off his shorts and spread his legs facing his wife and her friend.

“Wow, you lock his cock up?” Cassy gasped. “That is so cool.”

“Not always.This week I am busting his balls every night and he is only getting ruined orgasms. The cage is so he can’t wank when I’m not home.”

“Ruined orgasms?”

“Yep, you get them to the point of no return then just let go of their cock. They still ejaculate but they get no pleasure or feeling of orgasm, just frustration and discomfort. The look on his face when I ruin it makes me so hot.” Lynn explained.

“Whoa, I’ve never heard of that. I’m definitely trying it out next time I get the chance.”

Lynn walked over to her extremely embarrassed husband firmly kneed him in the balls. Cassy burst into laughter and joined Lynn. Over the next two hours Lynn and Cassy proceeded to kick, knee, punch and squeeze Matt’s testicles over and over again, practicing different moves and situations. Matt was kinda enjoying getting kicked in the balls by two women at the same time but towards the end his testicles had became so sore and swollen that he was having difficulty standing up when his wife told him to.

Both women were extremely turned on by the constant ballbusting and Lynn decided she just had to feel her hubby’s rock hard cock inside her dripping wet pussy immediately.

“I’m just about done for the night I think.” Lynn declared.

“Just a little longer?” Cassy pleaded.

Lynn understood that Cassy was feeling just as horny as she was but she was determined to fuck her husband as soon as possible and she wasn’t sharing his cock. She knew matt wouldn’t have sex with another woman anyway so she decided that Cassy could stay a little longer.

“Well I’m going to fuck my husband but if you want to stomp his balls while I do, you are welcome to.” offered Lynn.

“Yes please.” shouted Cassy.

Matt couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He began fearing for the future of his balls. He didn’t know this woman and what she was capable of and here was his wife telling her to stomp his balls. She looked short and skinny but still heavy enough to turn his nuts into mush. But he also knew better than to protest. Lynn had made her decision and he didn’t want to make her angry.

Lynn grabbed the cage key from around her neck and released Matt’s cock. She could see the pattern of the cage on his shaft where it was bulging and struggling to reach its full size. Within seconds of release it was completely hard and already dripping pre cum. Lynn lowered herself down on Matt’s hard awaiting cock and moaned as it entered her wet pussy. She began moving up and down, her tight pussy squeezing the length of his shaft with each stroke.

“Step on his nuts.” Lynn yelled.

Cassy was so distracted by Matt’s throbbing cock entering Lynn’s dripping wet pussy that she completely forgot about stepping on his balls. She immediately placed both of her feet between matt’s legs and pushed his testicles down to the floor with her toes. She began placing more and more weight on the trapped orbs until Matt let out a high pitched scream. As soon as she heard the scream she felt her pussy start to tingle and she began rubbing herself off while increasing the pressure on Matt’s balls. She had never felt more powerful and horny in her life. As she stood here fingering herself she wondered how amazing it would feel to have his nut pop under her foot, she knew she had to do it.

Lynn could feel her orgasm building and Matt’s cock swelling inside her pussy even more and she knew he was about to cum.

“Tell me when you are about to cum Matt,” Lynn said firmly.

“Now,” Matt screamed.

Lynn instantly jumped off Matt’s cock and turned around placing her pussy directly on his mouth.

“Crush them,” She told Cassy.

“Fuck yes,” Cassy agreed.

Cassy immediately put all her weight on Matt’s testicles, each fluffy socked foot perfectly trapping Matt’s balls in the arches of their toes. As soon as she heard Matt’s muffled screams she orgasmed uncontrollably over her hand.

Lynn also orgasmed uncontrollably all over Matt’s face. Her husband’s screams of pain and frustration vibrating her pussy and the sight of his cock shooting thick streams of cum as Cassy stomped his balls with all her weight. His ruined orgasn was timed perfectly with both of their climaxes. The whole scene was too much for her and she could feel yet another orgasm building.

“Bounce on his balls Cassy.”

Cassy began bouncing up and down on Matt’s trapped testicles. Hearing his desperate screams and feeling as though at any moment his eggs would just give up and her foot would go to the floor she came once again.

Lynn screamed with pleasure as she had yet another incredible orgasm on her husband’s face. Both women continued for a few minutes until they realised that Matt had passed out.

“Is he OK?” Cassy asked.

“Did you rupture them? If not he’ll be OK,”

“Nah, I really tried but I’m not heavy enough.” Cassy stated laughing.

“I’ll lock him back up later. Want a drink.”

“Yes please.”

Both women walked out of the room and headed to the kitchen to get a drink leaving Matt to recover.

“We should do this again sometime.” Cassy declared.

“Well I don’t know how long he’s going to have balls for but there are plenty of other balls out there that need popping.”

“I know, I can think of about twenty people already. If you do pop Matt’s balls can I help you remove them.?”

“Of course,” Lynn agreed.

The next day at work Lynn’s thoughts were consumed by ballbusting. Her whole day was spent thinking about the night before and reading ballbusting stories for new ideas. She had found a few new ideas and was looking forward to trying them out that night. By the end of the day she was so overwhelmed with the feeling that she needed to take it a little further. As soon as work finished she headed directly home with a passion and desire like she had never felt before.

Entering the house, she quickly headed to the living room to find Matt on the couch napping.

“Get up and take your clothes off.” Lynn said loudly.


“Clothes off now.”

Lynn walked over to Matt kneeled down and undone his cock cage. Standing up she began rubbing his rapidly growing cock with one hand and her pussy with the other.

“I’m so fucking horny baby,” She whispered into Matt’s ear. “I’ve been thinking about smashing your balls all day.”

Matt’s cock throbbed with pleasure as Lynn slowly moved her hand up and down it’s length. He was so turned on and horny from all the ruined orgasms that he would do anything to cum. Before matt could cum, Lynn let go of his cock and began undressing. First removing her boots, then her stockings and finally her dress. The sight of Lynn standing there in her sexy purple lace bra, matching boy leg panties and purple angora socks pulled up to just below her knees was too much for matt to handle. He grabbed his wife around the waist pulled her close and kissed her passionately while rubbing his cock against her thigh trying to bring himself to orgasm.

After a few seconds of this Lynn rammed her knee into Matt’s testicles with all her might. Matt immediately fell to the floor rolling around, moaning and holding his battered balls.

“Oh baby, you know better than that,” Lynn taunted. “I’m in charge, and I need to cum.”

Lynn helped Matt up and placed him against the wall. She once again placed her hand down her pants and began rubbing her wet pussy.

“You want to make me happy don’t you?” Lynn asked.

“Yes babe.”

“Well, what do you say?” Lynn looked at Matt seductively with her gorgeous blue eyes.

“Please bust my balls Lynn.” Matt was simply unable to resist his wife.

“Well since you asked so nicely. If you don’t fall over I might give you a blowjob”

Lynn took two steps back then let fly with a devastating kick to Matt’s groin, yelling “CRUNCH” as her big toe connecting dead on with his right testicle.

Determined not to fall over, Matt leaned back against the wall and slumped over a little, holding his balls and moaning uncontrollably. He was rocked by the brutal kick to his nuts and struggled to remain on his feet. Even with the pain he was feeling in his balls, he was extremely aroused by the sight of his hot wife mercilessly attacking his testicles in her underwear and socks.

“Well done hubby. I thought you were going down for sure. Did you like how I yelled crunch when I busted you? I read it in a story and thought it would be really hot.”

“Uh huh.” Matt mumbled.

“Aww, are your little ballsies sore baby? Well there is plenty more where that came from. Now what do you say?”

“Please bust my balls again Lynn.”

“I’m really going to go for it this time.”

Lynn helped Matt stand up straight moved him away from the wall, kicked his legs apart and kissed him.

“I love you Matt.”

Matt watched as Lynn turned and walked to the other side of the room. Her gorgeous ass cheeks bouncing with each step. She turned around, blew him a kiss then ran towards him with three quick strides then on the fourth she punted her husbands balls with all her strength, again yelling “CRUNCH” as the bridge of her foot connected perfectly with Matt’s awaiting testicles.

The kick actually lifted Matt off the ground a few inches. Upon impact his left testicle was forced to the side and managed to avoid the bulk of the damage but the right one was in the perfect position, the testicle was trapped between Lynn’s foot and his pelvis and crushed to the point of almost exploding. Matt instantly fell to the ground clutching at his injured nuts and emitting a high pitched wail.

“Oh shit, I nearly came in my panties.” Lynn bubbled.

Overwhelmed with passion and lust, Lynn grabbed her husband and sat him up with his back against the wall. She turned away from him and placed her feet between his legs. Matt had a close up view of his wife’s perfect pussy and ass as she bent over and and placed each of his testicles under her feet trapping them with the heels.

Grabbing his cock and forcing it between her ankles, she immediately began grinding her purple angora sock covered feet into the floor, crushing Matt’s testicles against the hardwood.

As Lynn shoved her ass back into Matt’s face her pussy was greeted by the vibration of Matt’s screams.

“Fuck my socks.”.

Matt began thrusting his hips back and forth, The feeling of sliding his throbbing cock against his wife’s fluffy socks and the scent of her dripping wet pussy in his face was enough motivation to get through the pain. That combined with the fact that he hadn’t had a proper orgasm in nearly a week was overwhelming for him. He fucked his wife’s feet as fast as he could hoping that he could cum before she was done.

Lynn couldn’t wait any longer, she needed a huge orgasm.

“You better not cum all over my socks?”

“Please.” Matt mumbled through Lynn’s panties, desperate for a proper orgasm.

The sound of Matt begging for release combined with his moans of agony and the power she felt standing on his manhood as he fucked her feet sent her over the edge. She knew her husband was close to the edge and she could feel her own orgasm building. She wanted him to beg.

“What will you do for a full orgasm all over my sexy socks” Lynn leaned forward a little so Matt could answer.

“Anything. I need to cum so bad.”

“Would you give your left nut?”

The thought of crushing her husband’s testicle made Lynn’s pussy drip with anticipation.

“Yes babe, I’d give my left nut to cum all over your socks.” Matt declared.

They had played around like this before and Lynn had threatened Matt with castration as soon as he came many times so Matt had no problem offering his nut to his wife as she had never actually gone through with it before. He could see how turned on she was by the thought of crushing his nut but the urge to cum overpowered any thoughts he had about the risk involved.

“Beg me to pop your ball baby.” she moaned with pleasure as she felt waves of orgasm taking over her body. “Make it good and i might let you finish.”

“Please pop my ball, crush it under your sexy foot. Do whatever you want to it.”

Lynn pushed her ass back into Matt’s face and rubbed her bulging clit rapidly and she began shifting her weight to her left foot. Matt immediately began squealing and grabbed Lynn’s ankles in a desperate move to take some of the pressure off his flattened balls all the while continuing to fuck her soft fluffy socked feet. After a few moments he went quiet and Lynn knew he was about to blow. Lifting her right foot off the ground, she shifted all of her weight onto Matt’s trapped left testicle.

She felt the testicle take her weight for a moment and then she heard a faint squick as she felt her husband’s left nut rupture and give away under her foot. As the ball popped Lynn was rewarded with the most intense, pleasurable and long lasting orgasm she had ever felt in her life.

At the same time Matt’s cock exploded with yet another ruined orgasm, shooting thick streams of cum three feet onto the floor. Lynn had Lifted her foot at just the right time to deny him the friction that he so desperately wanted. Incredible pain shot through his body and he realised instantly that his wife had actually ruptured his testicle. Amazingly he didn’t pass out.

As wave after wave of orgasm rushed through Lynn’s body she continued to grind the pulpy remains of Matt’s left testicle under her foot until all that was left was flattened mush and the sound of her husband screaming into her panties.

“That was amazing.” Lynn stepped off Matt’s destroyed testicle and turned around to look at him.

Matt slumped to the floor and grabbed his crotch in a desperate attempt to counter the excruciating pain he was feeling.

“Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.” Lynn teased “Well I better call Cassy.”

Lynn left the room and called Cassy to tell her what happened. She asked Cassy to meet her at the clinic so she could assist her with removing Matt”s destroyed testicle.

Shortly after, Lynn and Matt arrived at the clinic to find cassy already waiting out the front.

“You actually popped his ball?” Cassy marvelled.

“Yep, sure did. It was incredible.” Lynn confirmed.


“Crushed it under my foot. It felt so good. I reckon I came ten times.”

Cassy and Lynn laughed as they helped Matt into the one of the clinic rooms and placed him on the bed.

“OK, I’m just going to give you a local honey, I want you to watch as we cut your nut off.”

All Matt could do was moan. He knew there was no other choice, his ball was destroyed and it had to be removed. Even though he was suffering indescribable pain he couldn’t help but feel turned on by the situation he was in.

“He’s getting hard.” Cassy blurted.

“Can you blame him? Two hot chicks are about to cut off his testicle. He’s been fantasising about this since he was in high school.”

“I’m getting so fucking horny Lynn, lets do this.”

Lynn injected Matt’s groin with a local anesthetic, waited a few minutes then sliced his sack open with a scalpel revealing the swollen mushy remains of his left testicle.

“Pull it out Cassy,”

Matt watched in disbelief as Cassy dug the fingers of her left hand into his scrotum and removed the lump of destroyed flesh that was his testicle while at the same time putting her right hand down her trousers and rubbing her soaking wet pussy.

“OK, hold it there I have to tie it off.”

Lynn quickly tied a suture around the cords attached to Matt’s ruined testicle and also began playing with her pussy. Lynn grabbed the surgical scissors opened them up and placed the cords between the blades.

“This is so hot,” Cassy moaned.

Both women were close to bringing themselves to orgasm and Matt was extremely turned on at the sight of both women getting themselves off over cutting off his testicle.

“Do you want us to cut off your ball honey?”

“Yes, do it babe.” Matt replied.

“Fuck yeah, ask us to cut off your ball again.” Cassy screamed.

“Cut off my ball, please do it, I want you to neuter me.”

Lynn quickly closed the scissors and Matt’s ball was released into Cassy’s hand. Both women screamed in pleasure as massive orgasms overwhelmed them. Both women continued to masturbate in front of Matt until they were both exhausted

“I would give you a hand job but you wouldn’t feel it anyway.” Lynn teased Matt.

“He’s looking a bit lopsided.” Cassy added.

“Yeah, he sure is.”

“We could put a prosthetic in there.”

“Do we have some here?”

“Yep, we got a box of them the other day. I’ll go grab them.”

Cassy rushed out of the room then after a few seconds came back in with a fresh box of prosthetic testicles.

“Check ‘em out. They feel so real,” Cassy said.

“They’re great. I think this one is perfect.”

Lynn grabbed her selection out of the box, sterilised it then placed it inside Matt’s scrotum and stitched him back up.

“Good as new,” Linda declared.

“Not quite,” Cassy countered.

“I can’t believe how real they feel.”

“I wonder if they pop the same?”

“Let’s try it.”

Both women grabbed a fake testicle and placed it under their shoe. Lynn’s burst with a loud pop and sprayed the saline that was inside it all over the floor almost instantly when she shifted her weight onto it. However Cassy was unable to burst hers until she placed the point of her high heel on it and twisted, the ball slowly deflated and dripped as it was pierced.

“They are so cool. Well at least your hubby looks like he has two nuts.” Cassy joked.

“We know better,” Linda added. “We probably should go.”

“Thanks so much for calling me. That was incredible.”

“No worries, I’ll do the same for the next one.”

The three of them left the clinic and went home. Lynn and Matt went straight to bed and quickly fell asleep.

The next day Lynn let Matt rest in bed even though she wanted nothing more than to bust his balls again. It was Saturday, he had made it through the week and he had certainly earned tonight’s orgasm. By six o’clock matt had managed to get out of bed and go take a shower. After his shower he headed back to the bedroom to get dressed. There he found his wife laying on the bed wearing nothing but her white knee high fluffy socks. Although his testicles were extremely sore he instantly became aroused.

In the last week so many of his wildest fantasies had become a reality, he had multiple ruined orgasms and had watched his wife get herself off too many times to count. In that moment he wanted nothing more than to fill her pussy with his hot cum. He immediately joins his wife on the bed and begins kissing her, jumping on top he starts sliding his already hard cock into his wife’s hot wet pussy.

“Can I go on top?” Lynn asked.


Matt jumped off his wife and layed on his back. Lynn lowered herself onto his desperate cock and began slowly moving up and down its length. Lynn absolutely loves the feeling of her husbands cock inside her pussy as he fucks her. She really missed it over the last week, although she had brought herself to some amazing orgasms it wasn’t quite the same as a big hard cock stretching her pussy. It was at that moment she decided she had to feel his cock inside her as she ruptured his ball. Reaching behind herself, Lynn snatched Matt’s balls in her hand.

Matt cried out, the pain in his balls briefly taking his mind off the incredible feeling of his wife’s pussy bringing him to the verge of orgasm.

“I need to pop your ball baby.” Lynn declared.

“No, no way. I can’t.”

“Don’t you want to cum inside my pussy.”

“Yes, and I’m going to.”

“You can bust a nut if I can bust a nut.”

Lynn slowed her thrusts right down until she was barely moving and teased her husbands cock with her perfect pussy. Lynn could see the frustration in Matt’s eyes and she knew she had him.

“You know you wanna. What do you say.” Lynn teased.

Matt had to cum, he had no choice, he simply couldn’t stand the thought of another ruined orgasm. At that moment filling his hot wife’s pussy full of cum was all he wanted and he didn’t care about the consequences.

“Do it, bust my fucking nut babe.”

Lynn quickly isolated a testicle and cupped it in her hand, then targeting the centre of it with her thumb she squeezed hard. At the same time she increased her thrusts, she could feel Matt shoving his cock into her pussy with all his might and the familiar feeling of orgasm building.

Matt screamed out in agony and pleasure as his wife crushed his testicle in her hand. Lynn continued increasing the pressure on the testicle until finally it exploded with a loud pop.

At this moment Lynn and Matt both erupted with incredible orgasms, Lynn screaming with pleasure and satisfaction and Matt screaming in a combination of pain and pleasure. He had never had such an intense orgasm in his life.

After her orgasm Lynn collapsed on the bed beside Matt.

“Sorry babe, I didn’t mean to castrate you so soon. I just had to know what it felt like.”

“It’s OK babe, it was the fake one.”

“Well what was all the screaming about.”

“Um I just had my nut removed and you were squeezing my balls, plus it did sting when that thing popped.”

“Yeah, they have saline inside them. Well we better call Cassy and go put another on in there.”

“Nah, not tonight babe, it isn’t going anywhere.”

“OK, hey, how did you know I was going to grab the fake one?” Linda asked.

“I didn’t, you had me so worked up that I didn’t care. I wanted to cum so bad. It was worth the risk”

“I love you babe”

“I love you too.”

As they lay together Matt wondered how he had managed to marry his ultimate fantasy.

Lynn decided that she was happy that it was Matt’s fake ball, she wanted to keep his nut for at least a little while longer, besides there were so many other sets of balls she could destroy first.

One thing she knew for sure, her boss’ remaining nut was number one on that list.

What a great week.

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