My Best Orgasm (by SmackMyNuts)

My Best Orgasm by SmackMyNuts

So, you want to hear the story of the best orgasm I ever had? Well, sure, I love telling that story. But I've got to warn you, it's a long one. And it's, well, it's not very vanilla. Are you sure you want to hear it? Okay, well, then I'll go ahead. Hmm, where to start?

Well, really, where it all started was when I met the girl with the fuzzy socks. She was in the same lecture for World History class that I was, and I noticed her immediately even though I didn't see the socks right off. She had this very fair skin, almost sort of a glowing ivory color and this very curly short blond hair in a bob haircut. Her face was broad but very pretty, with high cheek bones and a sharp nose. And her bright blue eyes stood out across the room. She had a lithe, limber-looking figure. Her limbs were slender without seeming skinny, and her waist was quite small, indeed. But she had some very nice feminine curves. She had these broad rounded hips which immediately lead to thoughts of making babies with her. And she was also, shall we say, quite substantially blessed in the area of her chest.

That first day of class, I was already seated when she came into the room. She caught my eye immediately. She was wearing a bright red, tight, fuzzy sweater and some very short jean shorts and she looked amazing. She was pretty and her figure was head-turning. I prayed to whatever gods I could remember to have her come sit near me. When she turned into my row, I had to assume that one or more of my prayers had been heard.

She sat about four seats to my left with no one in between us. I tried my best not to stare at her and her long bare legs and her breasts pushing out her fuzzy sweater as the professor began his lecture. But then she propped one foot up on the empty seat in front of her and I got a look at her footwear. She was wearing some white Keds, but more importantly, she was wearing red, fuzzy socks which matched her sweater. For me, it was all over. I couldn't help but stare.

I can't tell you exactly what it is, whether it's some association or the look of it or the nice, soft feel, but there's nothing that gets me going like a girl wearing fuzzy angora socks. So my resistance to staring at her crumbled, and I just openly gawked at her. Fortunately, she found the lecture much more engrossing than I did, and she didn't happen to look my way. I tried my best to look at the professor, but given the choice between the dowdy, middle-aged man at the front of the room and the goddess in angora to my left, it was no choice at all.

When the class ended, I was taken entirely by surprise by the fact that it did. I'm sure that everything reached a logical conclusion, but my mind was not in that classroom any more. It was in some far away ski chalet, curled up with her in front of a warm fire where she was wearing just that sweater and those socks and I was wearing nothing at all. And we were cuddling, kissing and touching each other, until she confessed to me her secret desire to give me a foot job with the socks. And then we were lying across from each other with her feet in my lap, as she played with my naked cock and balls with those soft, fuzzy socks, teasing me closer and closer to the edge but not quite letting me get off. And just as the fictional her in the far away chalet was asking me if I'd ever tried having my balls busted by a girl in fuzzy socks, in the real, actual classroom, everyone was suddenly getting up to leave and the very real her was talking to me.

I missed what she said the first time, so abrupt was my return to reality. "I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I was thinking about something else."

"I said, is there something wrong with my socks? You seem to be staring at them."

"Oh, no, nothing wrong, I just thought that they were very pretty. They match your sweater so well. They look like they might be angora."

"Oh, yes, they are. I find it the very most comfortable, don't you? I rarely wear socks made from any other sort of yarn. This is my only matching pair of sock and sweater, though, well, the only one where they were both made from the same yarn, anyway. I do have a set which are both a pretty similar yellow and green stripe, but they aren't exact matches like this set. Do you wear angora socks, too?"

"Well, in winter, I do. I find my feet get too warm in summer."

"Not me, I guess I'm naturally cold footed. Oh, I'm Ella, by the way. What's your name?"

"Oh, I'm Collin."

"Well, I'd better get on to my next class, but it was nice talking to you."

And with that, off she went. By then the classroom was otherwise empty, so I got up out of my seat despite my lingering hard-on. I had a couple of hours until my next class, so I went back to my dorm room and revisited my time in the chalet mixed with our friendly conversation in the classroom and relived my sexual tension in a very hands-on way, if you know what I mean. That wasn't the best orgasm, though, that comes quite a bit later in this story. You'll know which one it is when we get to it.

The next class, though, I was just as excited to see her. She was wearing a white blouse and a blue tennis skirt that time rather than any sweater, but she looked great in that outfit, too. The top's buttons were clearly straining a little to contain her generous bust. And once again she was wearing fuzzy angora socks in her Keds. This time, they were yellow socks which complemented her blue skirt well.

That class she sat only two seats down and I chatted with her a little before class began. We just talked about the weather. She seemed very warm and friendly. I was positioned in such a way that once we each straightened up and faced the professor, if I glanced to the left, I could see through the gap between the buttons of her blouse and see just a tiny bit of her bra. Needless to say I had a lot of trouble keeping my eyes to the front of the room, but what made it worse was when she slipped her feet out of her shoes and started rubbing her feet together in her socks. I started to imagine her rubbing my cock with those socks while I knelt before her and begged her to unbutton her blouse.

My fantasies, though were interrupted, though when I heard the professor say that it was time to find out partners for the class project. She turned over towards me and asked me if I wanted to be her partner. My heart skipped a beat and then I managed to make myself squeak out a "yes". She looked at me uncertain for a moment and I did manage to correct myself to "I mean, yeah, definitely."

She smiled and we proceeded to make arrangements. We exchanged numbers (woohoo!), and she said that it would work best if I could come over to her apartment once a week until the project was done (there is not a whooping sound effect sufficient to express what I was feeling when she said that). We arranged for Wednesday nights at 8. So when we left class, I was floating on a soft fluffily angora cloud.

That day was a Wednesday, so after supper, I spruced myself up like I was going on a date. I wore my best button-up shirt (the very pretty shade of green which matches my eyes) and my nicest tan slacks and some loafers and off I went. And I made sure to bring a condom just in case, even though I knew it wasn't really going to be a date. But, you know, I was going to the apartment of a very sexy girl, I didn't want to take any chances.

It was about a fifteen minute walk off-campus to her apartment, and I spent the whole time getting more and more nervous. My palms were sweaty and my mouth was dry by the time I got to her door. I kind of wanted to run away, but I managed to persevere and knock on her door anyway. When she opened the door, she was wearing an extremely tight white fuzzy sweater, fairly-short jean shorts, and pink fuzzy socks with no shoes. She looked amazing. Her legs were long, womanly, and smooth, and the shorts really showed them off. My eyes were unsure where to look first: at her long legs, her cute feet in the pink fuzzy socks, or her generous bust.

Looking at her chest, it did seem somehow a little different, not as perky maybe, but still I wasn't complaining. She invited me in. It was a small efficiency apartment with just one room with a bed, a desk, and a kitchen area. She went and sat at the desk and invited me to sit on her bed. And as she plopped down in the chair, her chest distinctly jiggled and shook and I realized what was different: she wasn't wearing a bra. I gaped, slack-jawed at her sweater-covered boobs. This was not my smoothest move and unsurprisingly, she noticed right away.

"Oh, sorry," she said. "I usually don't wear a bra or shoes when I'm at home. It's just nice to feel less constrained. I hope you don't mind."

"Uh, no, no, not at all. I couldn't mind if I wanted to. I mean, I don't want to mind, but if I did want to mind, I wouldn't. … Mind, I mean, I wouldn't mind. That's what I wouldn't do. And don't do. I don't mind. It's great. I mean, it's not a problem. I don't mind." Yeah, I'm that kind of suave: suave in my own head, blithering imbecile on the outside.

"Are you sure? I ask because some guys can find it sort of distracting."

"Oh, well, not me. I mean, I might find it a little tiny bit distracting, but it won't be a problem. I can handle a little distraction. A little bit is good. Just not, you know, too much distraction. I'm sure I can handle them. I mean it. I'm sure I can handle them, no I still mean it. I can handle it. I'm sure." Okay, so I didn't exactly stick the landing on that one either, but she seemed to accept it.

"Okay, let's get to work, then," she said with a smile. And we really did work together. Yes, my eyes were on either her boobs or her socks any time she wasn't looking at me, but still, I helped with research and ideas. And I even managed to not blurt out "socks" or "boobs" at any point during the process.

At the end of the evening, she showed me to the door and, much to my surprise, leaned in and gave me a big hug. I could feel her big soft boobs in that fuzzy sweater pushing right against my chest, and I immediately got a hard-on. I was worried that she had felt it during the hug and I could feel myself blushing what I'm sure was a very intense shade of crimson. But when we let go, she didn't say anything other than "Thanks for coming over."

I managed to say, "Thanks for inviting me." And then I backed away, as she shut the door. I didn't want to turn sideways for fear of making the tent in my pants more obvious. Once she shut the door, I took a moment to try to tuck into my waistband and then headed home. About halfway home, though, it sprung free from its tucked location and I was tenting out again. I felt really awkward about trying to adjust on the sidewalk of a public street. And so instead, I just blushed more and hurried home. Once I got back to my dorm room, I jerked myself silly thinking about her sock-clad feet and her bra-less chest and about her hugging me.

The next week of classes went fine. She kept looking very cute and sexy in whatever she wore. I got to see three more different colors of her fuzzy socks. But I was mostly looking forward to getting to go over to her place and work on the project again.

I dressed up nice again, and this time I tried sort of tucking my penis down in my briefs so that if I got a hard-on, it wouldn't be as obvious. I figured it was best to prepare for sexiness. And once again, she did not disappoint.

When she opened the door she was wearing the tight red fuzzy sweater and matching socks from the first day of class as well as a pair of short white shorts. Once again, she was wearing no shoes and once she moved, I could tell for certain, no bra. Again she sat at the desk and I sat on the bed. Before we started work, though, she said to me, "Boy, my feet are killing me. I was on them all day."

"Would you like me to massage them?" I asked.

"Oh, yes," she replied with a smile and eagerness in her eyes. "Would you be okay with sitting on the floor to do it? That was I could still work on the research project."

"Yeah, sure." I moved down off the bed and knelt on the floor beside the desk. She rotated to the side enough that she could put her feet there in my lap. My hands were shaking as I reached out and took hold of her sock-clad right foot. I didn't have any real training in massage, but I'd sometimes massaged the feet of one of my high school girlfriends and she'd always liked what I'd done, so I just tried my best to keep my cool and give the best foot massage I could.

The soft fuzzy feel of her sock on her cute little foot rubbing right against my hands and just inches away from my crotch was driving me crazy, though. As I rubbed the sole of her foot, my cock got harder and harder. It didn't create a tent because I had tucked it down, but there was a distinct bulge in my crotch as it bowed out, trying to get fully hard.

After about a minute of work, she gave a soft pleasurable moan, "That feels so good." After about five minutes more, she said, "Okay, now the other foot, please." As she moved her feet to switch which one was presented to my hands, she accidentally nudged my erection and I gasped. I'm not sure if she knew what she had bumped, but she said, "Oh, sorry."

"It's okay," I said, and started massaging her left foot, feeling the texture of the soft, fuzzy sock in my hands. It felt so good. I could just imagine her rubbing my cock and balls with her soft sock foot instead. After about another five minutes, she had me switch back to her right foot and then after that back to the left again, and then she was ready to be done. "Thank you," she said, smiling at me. "That felt so good. I might just have to ask for that more often."

After that, I sat back up on the bed, and we went back to working on the project together. And once again, any time her eyes were on the computer screen, my eyes were on her socks or her boobs. My erection I'd gotten from massaging her feet never really went away, but since it was more of just a bulge in the crotch area, I felt less nervous about her seeing it. At the end of the evening, she again gave me a hug. She really pulled me in tight and I could feel her big boobs pressing against my chest and her crotch pressed against my crotch. She had to have felt my hard bulge, but she didn't say anything about it. Instead, she just smiled and said "Goodnight."

So once again, I walked uncomfortably back to my dorm with a stiffy and masturbated furiously as soon as I got home. In class the next day, she sat immediately next to me. She was wearing a tight light-green turtleneck sweater, a white tennis skirt, and a dark green angora socks inside her usual white Keds. After she sat down, she slipped her feet out of her shoes. Then she turned in her seat and lay her feet up on my lap and just smiled at me and said, "Please?"

Of course I gave her a foot massage. I'm not sure I learned a lot that class, other than how to refine my technique a little for her in particular. I figured out where to rub which would elicit the most response from her. Instead of cutting me off after twenty minutes or so, she let me keep massaging them, alternating feet until the end of class.

By the end of class, I had definitely developed blue balls from the raging erection I had had all class from touching her feet and the soft, fuzzy socks they were wearing. I used my books to cover my crotch as I shuffled out of the classroom, not wanting everyone to see. I had a gap of about an hour after class, so I snuck back to my dorm room and relieved my problem.

Things continued like this over the next several weeks. I would spend all class giving her foot massages and then I'd go back to my dorm room and jack off. And on Wednesdays, I would go over to her place and I'd massage her feet and we'd work on the research project. And she would end the evening by giving me a hug. And I would end the evening by walking home with an awkward boner and then jerking myself silly.

I knew that I wanted more from her than to just be my fantasy, but she was so sexy that I found her intimidating. And although she seemed very comfortable with me touching her and had given me hugs, she hadn't really been flirty, and I wasn't sure how she felt about me. So I just let myself stay in the holding pattern. I loved getting to massage her feet and get hugs from her, and I was timid partially because just that much contact was so much hotter than most of my relationships before. I felt like I was worshipping a goddess.

This pattern continued until finally, it was week before the project was due. On Wednesday, I went to her apartment like normal. This time she was wearing a very tight blue and green striped sweater dress. It clung to her figure all over and was both cut low on top showing much more cleavage than I'd seen her before and it was a very short mini-skirt. Its bottom hem was as high up her leg as the shortest of the short shorts she'd worn. When I sat down to rub her feet (which were wearing some very fuzzy green angora socks) and she turned to me, I found that I could see right up her skirt.

I could see clearly that she was wearing white cotton panties with little pink flowers on them and I lost the ability to speak for a minute or so. I'd been in the same position many times, but never when she was in such a short skirt that I could see her panties. It was as though the gates of heaven were right there waiting for me, only a thin layer of cotton separating me from her sex.

I was so hard as I massaged her feet and any time she wasn't looking down at me, I was looking right up her skirt, dreaming about playing with her pussy or maybe even getting inside. After she was satisfied and I moved up onto the bed, I realized that I could also see right down her top. I'd seen a lot of jiggling through sweaters up to that point, but this was the first real eyeful of cleavage I'd gotten. And as she still wasn't wearing a bra, I really got to see her big boobs jiggle gently against each other as she moved. It was an amazing sight, those big lovely boobs of hers pressed together and jostling. I kept imagining sticking my face in her creamy white cleavage and just trying to motorboat them. I stayed rock hard the whole evening except for a break to use the bathroom.

I would up staying extra late that night as we worked out all of the final details before she got it ready to turn in. And, when it was time to go, right after an incredibly sexy hug from her, I pulled my confidence together as best I could and I asked her on a date. "Ella," I said, "would you go out with me? I was thinking maybe dinner and a movie Friday night?"

"Oh," she said, sounding surprised and immediately my heart sank. After thinking a moment, she said, "No, I really don't think I can. Between school and work, I just have too much on my plate to date anyone."

"That's okay," I said, feeling extremely down. "I should have known that someone as lovely as you wouldn't be into a guy like me."

"Hey, no, come on, don't take it like that. I really am too busy."

"It's okay. I know a gentle let-down when I hear one."

"No, really. It's not like that. I think you're pretty cute and I would date you if I had time. I really don't. I promise. If my classes are easier next semester, I'd love to go out with you. It's not an excuse, I promise. You're really great."

"Okay," I said, not sure how to take things, really. It wasn't the outcome I was looking for, but she'd said I was cute and left the door open to future dating. I gave her a hug and headed on my way. Getting turned down had successfully wilted my erection, so at least I finally got to walk home without a woody. Still, I was hard so long before that, that I had about the worst case of blue balls ever, so the walk home was pretty miserable. Every step made my balls ache. I've never gotten blue balls quite that bad before. And given how I find ball busting to be exciting, it was actually a little sexy.

When I got back to my dorm, instead of jerking off to my memories, I felt a little more conflicted so I watched put on some ball-busting porn and jerked off to that, instead. And what I learned is that it turns out that ejaculation isn't a guaranteed cure for blue balls if you've been horny long enough. So even after I came, my balls were still in pain. But I managed to get to sleep anyway and I felt normal in the morning.

The next day I didn't have class with her, but the day after that, I did. I was worried about how things would go, after having asked her out and been turned down. I got to class before her and was relieved when she just walked in perfectly normally, plopped down next to me, and put her feet in my lap for me to rub. For the next couple of weeks our relationship continued like that. In class, we were friendly and I gave her foot rubs. Things were pretty much like that had been except that there were no Wednesday evening meetings at her place. I must say I missed them greatly.

But still, I was getting to massage the fuzzy, sock-clad feet of a very attractive woman and she was still my friend, so everything was smooth and steady, if not filled with excitement and fireworks, like I had initially hoped.

It was the Thursday night and Friday morning two weeks after our last meeting where everything changed radically. On Thursday night, I studied some, watched a little television, and went to bed like normal. I woke up at about 3am feeling a desperate need to turn off the shower. I was getting very wet and thought I'd fallen asleep in the shower and I grasped around for a handle but couldn't find one. Then there was an ear-splitting alarm and I realized what was really going on: my dorm was on fire. This was not a drill or some little kitchen fire, the full alarms were going off and the sprinklers were on.

Once I realized the situation, I threw on a pair of briefs, slipped on my flip-flops, grabbed the quickest pair of pants and t-shirt I could find, my wallet, my keys, my phone, and my laptop (which had the lid closed and I was hoping had gotten wet inside) and headed outside. When I got outside, I found that it was pouring rain. Firetrucks were just arriving. The main throng of people leaving the building were all running across the quad to an academic building which was unlocked.

When I got inside, I found the hallway of it jam-packed with other refugees from my building. I found some paper towels and was able to dry off my laptop. It looked like it would be okay, but I left it off to minimize the risk. My phone was fine, fortunately. My wallet was soaked, but nothing was damaged. And the pants and shirt I grabbed turned out to be sweatpants and a pretty ratty t-shirt and they were both still pretty soaked. Still, I put them on because I couldn't run around in just my briefs.

I found a free spot on the floor and managed to doze on and off for a little while before campus police came and asked us to leave the hallways since classes were going to start soon. They did, fortunately, have big thick plastic bags that they could give us to keep our stuff dry because it was still pouring outside. After I got roused and they gave me the plastic bag, I shuffled my way across campus to my History classroom. I felt pretty sure that I looked about like a drowned rat, but I had to go to class, so I went. I plunked myself down in my seat and tried to keep my eyes open.

When she came in the classroom and saw me a look of genuine concern came over her face. "Oh my god, you're a terrible mess. You look like a drowned rat." Just like I thought. "What happened to you?"

"My dorm caught fire. I mean, not my room. Somebody else's room, but there was a fire." My dorm was at the far edge of campus and this was the first class of the day, so word of the fire hadn't really spread yet. I should also add that although I looked like a drowned rat, she didn't. She looked lovely. She was wearing a white cable knit sweater dress and white fuzzy socks, and she had a dark blue umbrella to keep herself dry.

"Really? A fire?"

"Yeah, I got woken up in the middle of the night by the sprinkler system and the alarm."

"Aw, no wonder you look so bleary eyed. Are you gonna be able to go back to sleep in your room tonight? Is the university putting you up in a hotel?"

"I don't know. I hadn't even thought about it, really. Honestly, I'm having trouble thinking right now."

"You poor dear. Well, I've got a class after this one, but after that I have some time to help you figure things out if you want."

"That would be really great," I said, and I really meant it. Now that she'd asked, I had all these questions swimming in my head about where I was gonna stay and if I could get stuff out of my room and so forth. And I had no idea how to get answers.

Still, I spent the class massaging her feet like usual. At the end of the class, she asked me, "What are you doing next? Where can I meet up with you after my class?"

"Well, I normally go back to my dorm room," I said, being at least savvy enough to not mention that it was to jerk off after her foot massage.

"You can come along to class with me. There's always free seats available."

"Sure." So I accompanied her to class. On the way there, we both had to squeeze together under her umbrella which didn't work perfectly, but was still a lot better than just slogging through the downpour by myself. This class was another lecture and she had me sit in the seat next to her. And like normal, she plopped her feet in my lap.

Being in a class where I didn't belong and spending the whole time massaging her feet made me feel like I was her foot slave or something, so I got turned on again very quickly. I didn't pay any attention to the lecture, but for once I wasn't supposed to, which was nice.

Once class ended, we walked together over to my dorm to see what the situation was. The fire was a little more extensive than I'd thought. It looked like the whole top floor had been burned. I found this surprising because I would have thought that the sprinklers would have quelled things, but maybe they didn't work properly on that floor for some reason. The whole building was roped off and there was a campus cop in rain-gear standing guard. He explained that the building was still swamped with water and that no one was being allowed in. I asked when we would be allowed back in and he told us that they'd said it would probably be a week or more. I asked where I was supposed to stay and he gave me a number to call.

We went and found a student lounge and actually Ella called on my behalf, which was good because I wasn't talking that well at that point really. I was still terribly tired and I hadn't eaten breakfast since that was usually cereal in my room, so I was hungry, too. While she got on the phone, I sat down in a nice comfy chair, and zoned out completely.

After she got off the phone, this is what she said, "Okay, so the university isn't making any arrangements for you. They want you to book yourself a hotel or motel room up to $100 a night and they'll pay you back."

"But I don't have that kind of money. I've only got this debit card and I've only got about a hundred dollars left in my account."

"I asked them about that case and they didn't have an answer. I'm sorry."

"Well, crap, where am I gonna stay?"

"Well, for tonight, if you want, you can stay with me in my apartment."


"Sure. I've got a nice big bed. There'll be space for both of us. You can pay your rent in foot massages."

"Sounds great. I'm really hungry. Can we go get something to eat?"


So we went and had a sort of a brunch in the dining hall and talked, and after eating, I felt a lot better, although still pretty tired. We each had an eleven o'clock class, so we made arrangements to meet afterwards and went our separate ways. I was barely able to stay awake in that class. After class, it was still pouring, so I got thoroughly soaked on the way to meet her. That was my last class of the day and she had to work in the afternoon, so she offered to drive me to her apartment.

When we got there, she walked me up and let me in. "Okay," she said, "the Wifi password is on a sticker on the router so you can use that if you need. I only have one real firm rule, and I know this sounds a little odd, but no jerking off."


"When I was growing up, I had to share a room with my two brothers and that was fine until they got into like middle and high school and suddenly there was sperm fucking everywhere. I kept accidentally stepping on socks full of sperm or little stray bits on the floor that they'd missed. It was gross and nasty and when I left home, I promised myself that I'd never have to put up with that shit again. So, do you promise me that you won't do any jerking off in my apartment while you're there?"


"Cross your heart and hope to die?"

"Yes, I promise, for real. No masturbating."

"So, you look pretty tired. Do you think you'll take a nap?"

"Yes. I think as soon as you go, I'll probably hop right into the bed and go to sleep. I'm so exhausted."

"I know that this is sort of a personal question, but do you usually sleep naked? I ask because I thought that maybe I should put your clothes in the washer so that you'll have something clean to wear tomorrow since it seems like you don't have any other clothes right now. I thought maybe we should do that while you slept."

"I do sleep naked, so, yeah, um, sure, I guess that would be a good idea."

"Here, I'll turn my back so you can strip and then get under the covers."

She turned her back and I took off my t-shirt, sweatpants, and even my briefs and left them in a pile on the floor. And then, although I was still a tiny bit damp, I crawled into her bed and pulled the covers over myself. "Okay, you can turn around now."

She turned around and gave me a little smile, as she gave a quick look over my bare arms and shoulders. She was obviously a little pleased that I was naked in her bed and that made me happy. She gathered up my clothes. "I'll go take these to the washer. It's down in the basement. And I'll see you when I get home from work. Sweet dreams."


With that, she left, taking my clothes with her, and I was all alone in her bed. Still, it was her bed, where she slept, probably naked or at least scantily clad. And I'd be share it tonight, so I was feeling kind of excited. Imagining what might happen, I started to get hard. I reached down and stroked myself a couple of times, but then I remembered my promise and I stopped.

I was somewhat horny, but I was definitely more exhausted than horny and before I'd even realized it, I feel into a nice deep sleep.

I awoke that evening, initially being a little confused about where I was until it all fell into place. Ella wasn't in the room when I woke up, so I went ahead and got up and used the bathroom (still completely naked, obviously). Just as I was coming out of the bathroom, Ella opened the door to the apartment. She looked at me and definitely got an eyeful.

"Eep!" I said, and jumped back in the bed and pulled the sheet over myself.

"Oh, sorry," she said. "I wasn't trying to peep on you."

"Oh," I said, "that's fine. I was just up using the bathroom. I didn't want you to think that I was strutting around your apartment in the nude."

"You can strut around in the nude, if you want," she said. "I don't mind seeing you naked in the slightest. Plus, I just put your clothes in the dryer and I brought chinese take-out for supper which I don't really want you to eat in the bed, so if you're hungry, you're probably gonna have to come out from under there anyway."

"What did you get me?"

"I didn't know what you liked, so I just got you chicken and broccoli and some fried rice. I hope that's okay."

"Sure, that'll be good."

She then slipped off her shoes and next, to my surprise pulled her hands inside her sweater and after some fiddling pulled her bra out on of the sleeve holes. "Ah, much better," she said.

I could feel myself starting to get excited, so I stayed under the covers and looked away from her for a few moments to try to calm back down so that I wouldn't be naked and sporting a boner in front of her. Finally, I managed to think about other things like food and whether or not I'd ever get back in my thoroughly dampened dorm room. And although I felt really awkward, I finally worked up the confidence to throw back the sheet. I climbed out of bed standing as proudly as I could manage, and I joined her at the desk for chinese food.

I ate sitting on the edge of the bed with my food on the desk while she sat in the chair, but like we'd done when we were working on the project together. It was weird eating naked with her while she was fully clothed. I felt very vulnerable, but she didn't do any stare or pointing or anything, so I just tried my best to stay calm and treat everything as normal. The food was good and I finished mine quickly.

"Well," she said, "I'd better get to studying, but, you know after all that standing I had to do at work this afternoon, I really could use one of your foot rubs."

"Sure," I said, without even thinking about my nudity.

I knelt down on the floor beside her chair where I usually did. But this time when she put her foot and its white fuzzy sock in my lap, it felt even more obvious to me how close that sock was to my crotch. That did not seem to bother her any, however. She went right ahead with her studying and I proceeded to begin her foot massage. Like usual, the act of rubbing her feet in her white fuzzy socks soon lead to me getting a very solid erection.

At first, she didn't notice because she was looking at her computer screen or her textbook. But then, after about twenty minutes, she closed the book and said, "Okay, time for a break." And then she looked down at me, as I rubbed her foot, and suddenly said, "Oh! Oh! Wow! You're um, really, um, well, you're, um, I didn't realize."

My face turned bright red, but my embarrassment didn't lessen my erection any. If anything, I maybe got a little harder knowing that she was looking at my erection as it twitched there in the air. "Uh, sorry," I said.

"It's okay. I just – I didn't realize. Well, um, you know, maybe it's time I massaged you in return."

I expected her to maybe instruct me to get up on the bed or to switch positions, but instead, she wriggled her foot free from my grasp and reached farther out with it, and stroked the underside of my cock with it. I gasped.

She smiled. "Did that feel good?"

"Yes, very good."

"Good." She then stroked the underside of my cock with her fuzzy sock all the way from the tip down to the base and back. My cock was twitching like mad. As she continued to stroke up and down, the sensation made me shudder. She smiled brightly and continued to stroke. The sensation of her soft sock stroking my engorged penis up and down again and again was a huge turn-on, but the sensation was so light that I didn't feel as though I was approaching orgasm. She stayed away from my sensitive cock head, just stroking the shaft up and down. After just a few minutes of that, my cock began to drool precum from its tip.

"Ooh," she said, "he definitely likes this. Look at all this precum!"

I just breathed heavy, in agreement. She kept it up for about another ten minutes, me squirming and my cock twitching through all of it. At the end of that ten minutes, though, she said, "Okay, all done," and removed her foot from my cock.

I gasped in frustration, but she merely turned back to her school books and computer and said, "you can massage my feet some more, though, if you want to."

I didn't want her to be done rubbing my cock, but there wasn't really anything I could do. I hoped that maybe we were going back and forth some, taking turns, so I grasped her sock-clad foot in my hand once more and began to rub. My hard throbbing cock and sense of need for more touch didn't make touching her feet in their soft angora socks any less sexy. Some temptations I cannot resist.

So I massaged and I massaged some more, my cock still twitching hard in the air, and she just stayed focussed on her studies. Finally, she shut her books. She looked down at me, my cock still hard and my hands wrapped around her soft fuzzy socks. "Usually at this point, I would watch a little television or something to wind down and get ready for bed. But since you're here, how about we make out a little and then snuggle?"

"Sure!" I said, eager for more attention from her. She motioned for me to sit on the bed. I did. And then she sat beside me. I felt nervous and unsure how to get started, but she leaned forward, putting her hand on my thigh and closed her eyes and puckered her lips. I'm no fool, so I kissed her and she kissed me back. And I put my arm around her slender waist and pulled her body up against me and our lips came together over and over.

And then she pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me. As she kissed me more, her back was bowed with her big boobs dangling just above my chest and her crotch hovering just above my throbbing erection. We kissed and kissed some more. Not knowing what else to do with my hands, I rubbed her back. Her white sweater dress felt amazing. I gave her butt a little squeeze. And then I realized that I would love to have her even closer to me, so as we kissed, I used my hands to pull her down towards me. She yielded easily to my suggestion and soon her big soft bra-less tits were pressed right against my chest and her crotch was rubbing my dick. The feeling of the soft cable-knitted sweater dress rubbing my chest via her big soft breasts and rubbing my penis was so sensual. After about five minutes of us kissing like this and rubbing our bodies together, I was worried that I might suddenly come all over her dress.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, right then she said, "okay, this is too much. I need to masturbate," and rolled off of me.

Being my usual suave self I said, "uh, what?"

"This whole thing is just getting me so hot. I don't want to have sex with you yet. This is the first time we've even made out. But you being so naked and throbbing and desperate, it's really getting me going. So if I don't masturbate I'm going to give in and have sex with you and then I'll regret it. So how about you rub my feet while I masturbate myself?"

"Uh, sure, I guess."

So she moved up to the top of the bed and lay on her back. She hiked up her sweater dress and I could see her white cotton panties. I was excited enough just seeing that, but then she slid her fingers under her panties. She pushed her foot towards me, and I took it in my hand and began giving her a massage. My cock was hard and twitching in my lap. She began to slowly rub her clit. Soon her eyes closed and she let out a little gasp.

Her stroking got more and more intense. I watched her face as it contorted in ecstasy and finally I saw the orgasm overtake her as she let out a series of intense squeaking sounds and thrashed about. Afterwards, she opened her eyes and looked at me and I thought that she might be done, but then as she looked at me there stroking her foot, she began to rub herself again under her panties. It only took about a minute this time before she again crested the peak of orgasm.

She collapsed onto the bed completely, splaying her arms out. "Oh, that was good."

"So," I asked hopefully, "is it my turn now?"

"Of course not, silly. You promised not to masturbate."

I groaned, my cock was still hard and twitching.

"Don't worry, though," she said, "it's time to have a nice snuggle."

So I lay back on the bed and she curled up against me. I could feel her big soft breasts resting against my side, and her sock-covered feet wound up rubbing against my feet. This did nothing to quell my erection. But it was still a nice moment of togetherness, she talked about how her day at work had gone. I tried my hardest to listen and be supportive and not just beg for an orgasm.

After snuggling, we got ready for bed. She was very pleased to present me with a toothbrush that she'd thought to buy for me on her way back to the apartment. So we brushed teeth and then she kicked me out of the bathroom so she could use it. After she was done, she came out and I went in. And I stood there in front of the toilet with my cock still hard. I needed to pee, but it wasn't going down, so I spent about ten minutes thinking about waterfalls and peeing and eventually I managed to get my cock to go down and I was able to pee.

After I got done with that, I could feel the blue balls setting in. It was a dull painful ache initially, but every time I moved, I would get an additional stronger pain as if my balls were extremely tender. I recognized the sensation of blue balls from when I'd gotten it once accidentally when I was in early high school and I'd been looking at porn in my room for a long time before unexpectedly being told that the whole family had to go somewhere right then, not leaving me any time to jerk off. That time had just been painful, but this time there was an extra edge to it. Knowing that Ella had done it to me added a whole extra dimension. So even the pain in my balls felt a little sexy.

I didn't really want to make it any worse, though. And my expectation at that point was that since she seemed to be done for the night that there would be no more stimulation. That was good. I didn't think I could take much more while still obeying her rule about not jerking off.

But when I got out of the bathroom, I found her lying on the bed reading a book, completely naked except for her socks. My eyes drunk in the lovely curves of her body. I was struck first, just by the whole impression of her figure. I'd had some girlfriends that I'd found quite attractive when I was in high school, but Ella's body was on a whole different level. My eyes were drawn immediately to her big naked breasts. She was on her back with her arms , so her boobs had spread out across her chest. They were sufficiently large that covered the whole top of her chest, each spreading from one arm to meet the other breast in the middle. Her nipples were pink with large aerials. They didn't look like the nipples of any of my previous girlfriends, with the nub of the nipple sort of poking in rather than out. I later learned that those are called inverted nipples. But despite the nubs being inverted, the nipples themselves were puffy, forming little peaks in the middle of each of her breasts.

Once I'd gotten an eyeful of her breasts, I immediately glanced down at her crotch and discovered that the carpet did match the drapes, as they say. She had a small, wispy-looking blonde bush. It was very slight looking, and I couldn't tell at that time if she trimmed it or not. This was also the first time I'd actually seen her torso as a whole naked, and just looking at her shape was great. She had nice broad hips and a flat stomach with a really small waist leading up to the big swell of her breasts. Her shoulders widened out some, but not enough to seem masculine, maybe just enough to feel like she could really support those tits.

As my eyes feasted on her nudity, my cock was back at full attention within just a few seconds. My staring at her was interrupt when she put down her book. I immediately looked her in the eye, trying my best to pretend that I hadn't been lost in lascivious thoughts.

"I hope you don't mind," she said. "I usually sleep naked and since we've been so intimate tonight, I thought you wouldn't mind."

"No, it's fine. It's, umm, fine, fine. Very fine. No problem."

"So, do you like what you see?" she asked with a clear sound of tease in her voice.

"Very much. You're lovely."

"Aw, thanks. Anyway, I've got to work in the morning tomorrow, so we'd better get to sleep." She turned onto her side and threw the sheet over herself. I headed around to the other side of the bed and got under the sheet as well. She turned out the lights. Five minutes later, she was snoring and I was still lying there gazing at her figure now draped in a towel. But I could still admire the curve of her hips and see the swell of her breasts. And I could not help but want more: more of her touch, just even to rub her feet in those soft fuzzy socks more. I knew she was still wearing them. But instead, I could do nothing but sit there and look. And I was leaning on my hard cock as though I were a bicycle and it were my kick stand.

An hour later, I felt less desperate, but my balls ached badly any time I moved, and that just reminded me. Finally, sometime late into the night, after I managed to get up and pee again, I avoided looking at her as I went back to bed and laid down facing away and just pretended that I was in bed all alone, and laid very still to ease the blue balls, and finally I fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning, the light was streaming through her windows and she was already dressed and finishing up her breakfast. It was Saturday and she needed to go to work, but I had nothing planned at all. She left at nine and told me that she'd be back at six. She left me a set of keys to the apartment in case I needed to go anywhere.

After she left, I realized that she'd never gotten my clothes from the dryer. At first I was thinking that I was going to have to spend the whole day naked. I got up out of bed and could feel a very slight twinge of the same blue ball feeling from the night before, but definitely not full-on blue balls. I ate breakfast naked and even set up my laptop at the desk and used it for a little while, still naked. I had a really hard time not looking at porn, especially as being naked made me really aware of my own genitals. I took a shower and then when I was getting out, I saw that she had a bathrobe hanging on the door and I realized that it would probably fit me, I mean, not perfectly, but well enough that I could go down to the laundry room and retrieve my clothes.

So once I was all dry, I tried on the robe and it basically covered everything. So I went down to the basement and managed to find the laundry room. And after checking every single other dryers (but not cursing my bad luck because I was still walking on air from getting to make out with Ella and see her naked) I managed to find my clothes. I took them back upstairs with me to get dressed.

And then once I was wearing my ratty t-shirt and sweat pants, I headed out. The first place I went was back to my dorm to see if they were letting people in to get stuff. It turned out that they weren't, though. They had the whole place taped off and a security guard there turning people away saying it wasn't safe. I asked him what I was supposed to wear if I couldn't get my clothes out of my room, but he didn't have an answer.

So then I did the logical thing and walked over to the thrift store to see about buying some cheap clothes (especially since I did have access to a laundry room so I could wash anything before I wore it). But when I got to where it had been, I found the storefront empty, but with a sign in the window explaining that they'd moved to the north side, but that was way to far to walk and on Saturdays, the bus only ran like once every two hours. So I gave up on going there. Instead, I walked all the way back to Ella's apartment and used the internet to try to locate a thrift shop nearby, but with no luck at all.

Instead, I wound up walking over to the shopping district near her apartment (which was somewhat upscale, but there wasn't anywhere better nearby) and I spent more money than I wanted to buying a pair of jeans and a white polo shirt so that I'd have something simple and nice looking to wear to class. I figured that it was plain-enough looking that no one would call me on wearing the same thing too much, so long as I washed it.

I also stopped by the grocery store to buy some ingredients to make a simple dinner of pasta, sauce, and salad, as a way of thanking her for taking me in. By the time I got back, it was early afternoon. So I had a little lunch, and then tried my best to be as studious as she was (especially since I knew that I likely was going to spend the evening rubbing her feet while she studied rather than studying myself) and also trying desperately not to think about the sexy girl I'd just spent the night with (or how hot she'd looked in her tight red sweater and white tennis skirt and fuzzy white socks and Keds when she'd headed off to work) or how she'd look just as hot when she came home.

And aside from a couple of breaks where I descended into very pleasant fantasies or remembrances, I did manage to stay on task and get all caught up on my homework. By that point, how tired I was from not sleeping well the last couple of nights was starting to catch up with me. But I soldiered through and had supper almost ready when she came home.

She seemed very impressed that I could cook and had thought to do this for her, even though I didn't think that the food was anything really special. We talked about our days. Her work sounded find, but boring. She liked my plan for not wearing crappy clothes. While we were eating, I managed to spill some sauce on my t-shirt. So after we finished up she suggested that I go ahead and wash all my clothes, both the new ones since you never know who's tried them on and the ones I'd just gotten sauce on.

So once more, I stripped naked and she took my clothes down to the laundry room. She was, by the way, very apologetic about having forgotten to get my clothes from the dryer and promised that she would remember in the future. Then when she came back, we went to normal positions: she sat at the desk and studied while I rubbed her feet clad in this pair of fuzzy white angora socks (not the same pair as the previous day). My cock was rock hard, and I could feel that feeling of blue balls returning.

After about a half and hour, she took a break from studying and had me put my hands down and she proceeded to rub my cock and balls all over with her fuzzy socks. It felt so amazing. And the previously night I had been pretty horny, but it was nothing compared to how desperate I was feeling right then. I felt like I could explode at any moment and there were a couple of times where I thought that she had pushed me over the edge, but each time things calmed down and I didn't come. I didn't worry about trying not to come because I had only promised not to masturbate. I hadn't made any promises about what might happen if she rubbed my cock. And rub it she did, over and over, with her foot rubbing up and down, and swirling around the cock head, teasing me like crazy.

When she stopped, I felt both a sense of relief that the teasing was over and a sense of disappointment for the same reason. I went back to rubbing her sock-clad feet and she went back to studying. Soon, though, despite the fact that my cock was still hard and I had soft fuzzy feet to rub, I found myself getting very sleepy. I could feel my brain starting to slip into little bits of dream. It was still sort of a sexy dream with big boobs and fuzzy socks, so I stayed hard, but it was definitely part dream.

Ella could see me starting to nod off and she suggested that I take a break and lie down and that she'd come make out with me after finished studying. I agreed that that sounded like a good idea. So I went and laid down on the bed and before I knew it, I had fallen fast asleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I felt very disoriented. I was facing towards the wall and the room was light so I could see my surroundings, but it took me a moment or two to realize where I actually was. And then once I realized that I was in Ella's room, it slowly dawned on me what I could feel leaning against my back. It was Ella. She had apparently snuggled up with me during the night at some point. I was lying curled up on my left side. And as I woke up a little more, I could feel distinctly, her right arm draped over my lower chest and her big soft breasts pressed against my lower back and her soft fuzzy socks against my ankles. She was breathing softly and I could feel her hot breath on my upper back just below my neck and I could smell her sweet scent. I could hear her breathing softly and slowly in and out, clearly still asleep.

I couldn't dream of waking her, but as I lay there, feeling her against me, I got hornier and hornier. Soon my cock was hard, but I did not want to wake her. I tried to think about other things than how sexy this all was and how desperately I wanted to stroke my hard cock, but I couldn't get my mind off of it. I just kept visualizing how amazing she looked naked and wanting to roll over towards her, but I knew it would wake her.

I don't know how long I lay there because I couldn't see a clock, but I would not be surprised if it were an hour. By the end of it, I needed to pee really badly, but my cock was staying hard as it sometimes does in the morning when I need to pee. When she finally stirred, I felt a sense of relief.

She rolled back from me and stretched, and then realizing that she had been snuggled up to me said, "Oops, sorry about that."

"Hey," I replied, "it's fine. You're always welcome to touch me." I wanted to roll over towards her and see if she wanted to make out, but I also really, really had to pee, so I leapt out of bed to go do that, first. I was hoping that she would still be naked when I got back. But then it took me approximately forever to pee because I kept thinking about her being naked when I should have been thinking unsexy thoughts.

When I did finally get back out to the bedroom, she had put her robe on. I felt disappointed and apparently it showed on my face because seeing me, she immediately asked, "Is something wrong?"

"Oh, uh, sorry, it's nothing. I was just hoping that maybe you'd still be naked."

"Don't worry. I'm sure there will be plenty of other opportunities."

We had breakfast together. And then she took the robe off (woohoo! nudity!) and then put on a blue and yellow stripped fuzzy sweater, a pair of green shorts, and some yellow and green stripped fuzzy socks. She then thought to go get my clothes from the dryer.

When she brought them back, I got dressed. I put on the ratty clothes again to save the good ones for Monday's class. It was about ten in the morning at this point, and she didn't have to work until one in the afternoon. So she suggested that we watch a movie and maybe snuggle some. That sounded fine to me, so she put a movie on the computer and then invited me to spoon with her on the bed and watch it.

This time I was on the outside. At first, I felt a little awkward because I wasn't sure where to put my hands, but she was able to sense this and she said, "It's okay, you know. You can play with my breasts if you want. I don't mind. Just don't tweak my nipples too much. They can get overly sensitive if you play with them too much."

"Uh, yeah, that would be great," I said, putting my hand across her boobs for the first time. I could feel that they were so big and so soft as my hand rested on them. Then, I went ahead and took her left breast (the top one) into my hand and squeezed it. It was firm, but yielding as I squeezed it gently. It was so big I couldn't really quite get my while hand around it, but I got a pretty good handful of tit. My cock was very hard.

As I continued to massage her breast, she gave a soft pleasant moan and pushed her butt back against my erection. I moaned softly, in answer. She moved her feet back so that they were resting against my calves. I loved the soft fuzzy texture of them right there. I started to think that things might build up from there, but she just stayed snuggled against me as I played with her breasts, first the one and then after a bit the other. When I groped her lower breast, my wrist also would press against and move her upper breast. It was amazing. I have no idea what movie we watch because I just remember that sensation of getting to play with her breasts for the first time.

I was rock hard for the whole film as I continued to stroke and knead her magnificent tits. Eventually, the movie ended. When it did, she turned over towards me and gave me a long kiss. "That was great," she said with a smile. "I'll definitely be thinking about your hands on my tits when I'm at work today."

"I'll be thinking about it while you're at work, too."

"Ha, sure. But remember, no masturbating."

"I know," I said, my hard cock still throbbing in my sweatpants, and the feeling of blue balls beginning to set in once more.

She got up off the bed and put her bra on. She asked me if I wanted a sandwich since she was making one for herself, and I said that I'd love one. So we had egg-salad sandwiches for lunch and then she went off to work. She said she'd be home at six.

I spent the afternoon playing on the internet and taking a walk and trying to do anything which wasn't masturbating and didn't encourage sexy thoughts. I was not entirely successful, but I got through.

When she got home, she brought some fast food take-out with her. We ate and then she went to start studying. I knelt down in my usual position to give her a foot massage. "Hmm," she said, looking down at me, "are you sure you wouldn't rather do that naked instead?"

"Sure," I said, glad that she wanted me to be nude. I stood up and shed my clothes as she watched.

"Much better," she said with a smile as I returned to my kneeling position and began to massage her feet in their fuzzy socks. My blue balls was really bad at this point, with a continuous mild ache even when I wasn't moving around.

After about an hour, she gave me her now customary teasing foot-job, rubbing my cock all over, bringing me near the brink of orgasm over and over and over. This one was even more prolonged than usual. I think it lasted an hour, but it's very hard to say for certain because I was so caught up in it.

And then when she called an end to the foot-job (I was not ready to be done, but then I'm not sure I ever would have been) I rubbed her feet some more while she studied some more. And then once she was done studying, she climbed up on to the bed. "Come rub my feet some more," was all she said. So I was quite surprised when she stripped off all of her clothes other than her fuzzy socks.

She then lay on her back and began to masturbate, rubbing her clitoris. I dutifully climbed up onto the bed with her and took ahold of her foot and began to rub. My naked cock throbbed in the air. She soon began to moan and then had a long, thrashing orgasm and then after a couple of minute another.

And then once again, we snuggled, her naked body pressed right up against my naked body. She made it clear that we weren't doing anything further, but my cock didn't really believe that. Her warm naked body pressed against my naked body convinced my cock that it was sex time regardless of what my mind said. It was a very comfortable snuggle, but my cock throbbed and throbbed.

And finally, it was bed time and we both went to bed naked on separate sides of the bed. I fell asleep eventually, but not without a lot of tossing and turning and lusting and longing.

The next morning when I woke up, she was snuggled up against me again. But this time we were both awoken by the alarm, so I didn't have a long wait while she roused herself. I put on my new clothes and she put on a very tight light blue sweater dress and lavender angora socks. We had some cereal together and then it was off to class. Like usual, I massaged her feet during class. That was enough to reactivate my blue balls once more and the rest of the day any time I walked around each little jostling step caused intense pain in my balls. I was so glad to be able to sit during classes and not have to move around. After our one class together, we went out separate ways for the rest of the day. We had our own classes and then she had to work afterwards, so I wasn't going to get to see her again until some time around 8.

In the afternoon after I was done with classes, I went to find someone in housing to talk to about my situation. I did manage to find the person who was assigned to dealing with displaced residents. I was one of about a half dozen students there at that time. I got the feeling that they'd been having the same conversation all day. They were very apologetic, but ultimately the message was clear: we can only help you by reimbursing your expenses and you can't get into your room at all until our safety people say its safe and that will probably take at least two weeks and no they weren't going to give us back the money that we'd already paid them for the housing for the rest of the semester.

I did think to ask if they could reimburse for share rent of an apartment if we were having to stay with friends and they said that they could do that, so at least if I was stuck staying at Ella's for a while I could help pay my share of the rent, so that was good.

Then I went back to her place, my poor balls not enjoying the long walk back, but at least I had plenty of time so I went very slowly and carefully. I spent the afternoon doing school work so that I would be free in the evening. When she got home, we ate supper and then I got naked, she took my clothes down to the laundry room, and I massaged her feet. Then she gave me a teasing foot-job with her socks until my cock was dripping with precum and then I massaged her feet some more.

And then, when she was done studying, she moved my clothes to the dryer and then we made out some, kissing intensely on the bed. And I even got to play with her breasts some more. And then she had me massage her feet while she masturbated. And then we snuggled, her seeming very contented and me with a raging hard-on and aching blue balls. And then we went to sleep each on our own side of the bed, completely naked, with me struggling to relax and actually get to sleep while she snored contentedly looking angelic but also sexy.

And that's pretty much how the rest of my week went. Except for not having the morning class together on Tuesdays and not visiting housing again, Tuesday went pretty much the same. We drove in together, went to classes, she went off to work, I went back to her apartment. When she got home, foot massage, teasing foot-job, more foot massage, making out, her having a wan, me going to sleep hard and horny. My blue balls feeling more and more painful.

Wednesday was pretty much the same. By this point, I was trying to come up with other places where I could masturbate. The stalls in the men's rooms in the academic buildings didn't have any doors. (This had always irritated me. I understood why when I was in middle school, but this was high school. I had dealt with this by not ever pooping in the academic buildings.) The locker room was always busy and this was an urban campus, so it's not like there was an out of the way patch of trees. I didn't have any friends who I trusted well enough to ask them to borrow their rooms, so I couldn't really see any options. Instead I just got hornier and hornier and my balls hurt worse every day.

On Thursday, when we were making out, I asked if we could go farther, hoping that maybe she'd let me get off. She played with my cock some during the make-out session for the first time. It felt amazing having her hands on my cock, but it wound up just being another tease.

And then she encouraged me to put a finger in her pussy. Fingering her was amazing. She was so sensitive, just gently stroking it in and out made her shake and shimmy and moan in pleasure. Watching her writhe was definitely doing nothing to calm down my erection. This lead directly into her masturbating with me massaging her feet. And I went to bed even hornier than before.

Friday was very much the same, including our make-out session involving lots of very sexy touching each other's genitals and me not getting off any more.

Saturday I didn't go to class, of course, but she went to work. I spent the day watching some movies, not masturbating, taking a walk, not masturbating, surfing the internet, not masturbating, doing some school work, not masturbating, and also not masturbating.

Saturday evening, she had less school work to do than normal, so she finished up earlier. We made out for a while, and then she asked me if I wanted to suck on her nipples. I did, of course. So I lay on my back on the bed and she straddled me. Her butt was resting against my throbbing erection and her feet were tucked back behind her so that I could feel her fuzzy socks rubbing my thighs when she moved. She leaned forward, lowering her breasts towards my face. First she just surrounded my head with her boobs and I rubbed my face against her cleavage.

Then she leaned back up a little and turned a little and lowered her left nipple towards my eager lips. When it got almost in reach, she suddenly pulled it back. She was teasing me, even with this. Again, she lowered her nipple towards my open lips and once it came in reach, I closed my lips on it, just barely catching the end of her nipple, when she suddenly pulled it away again. I groaned and she giggled.

"You're an eager one, aren't you?" she taunted. I didn't answer, but my cock twitched and twitched against the crack of her ass. Once more she slowly lowered her nipple down, and once more, just before it got close enough, just when I could also grab it, she pulled it away.

She jiggled her breasts just above my face, my eyes tried to eager follow the motion of her succulent nipples, but they were swaying left and right too quickly for me to follow. Then when she stopped shaking her chest and she settled down, she leaned in again. Once her nipple was within reach of my lips I again closed them grabbing just barely onto the end of it. And once more she pulled it away.

I groaned. All of my frustration from not being able to come for days and days was being channeled into a new sense of desperation: an overwhelming desire to suck on her big lovely puffy pink nipples. Once more she lowered it down and then pulled it out of reach at the last moment. It was driving me crazy. Finally she lowered it down just enough that I could get my lips around her nipple. And this time, instead of pulling it up, she lowered it farther and farther down, squishing her big boob into my face. I sucked on her nipple like my life depended on it.

It felt almost orgasmic, finally getting to suck on her big boob. But in reality, my cock still just twitched there against her butt, getting no more stimulation and no closer to actual orgasm. After sucking on her tit for a good while, she pulled it away. I could see that once I had sucked on her inverted nipple, it had popped out and now the long nub of her left nipple was sticking out.

Next she gave me her right one. But, of course, she didn't just give me the right one straight away, she first teased me with it several times until she finally relented and let me suck on it. By the time she pulled that one away and I could see it sticking out, my lips were starting to pucker some from all the sucking. But I didn't need my lips because she put me right to work massaging her foot in socks while she rubbed her own clit until she had a massive thrashing orgasm.

Normally, she tended to go for a second one, but this time instead she paused and instead had me put my hands down and she turned a little and used both feet to begin a slow teasing foot-job. In no time, I was leaking precum all down my cock which she would rub all over it using her soft fuzzy socks. My cock twitched and bobbed and was painfully hard. Thanks to the blue balls, my cock and balls were both a really thorough shade of purple by that point and ever so swollen with arousal.

As she kept dragging it out longer and longer, I eventually couldn't take it any more and began to beg. "Please let me come! Please."

"No," she said in a very matter of fact way.

"I can't take it any more!"

"I'm sure you can. You're my big strong man."

"My blue balls are killing me! Please?"

"I'm sure you'll survive."



But right then, she turned the pressure up, rubbing harder against my cock with her soft socks. "Oh please," I said, nearing what felt like an orgasm, "oh please oh please oh please oh please," I rambled as I could feel myself just about to come.

"Nope," she said, as she withdrew all stimulation leaving my hard cock bobbing in the air untouched. "Now, rub my feet some more."

I gritted my teeth and waited for a moment as the feeling of impending orgasm passed. And then, reluctantly, I picked up her foot and began to massage it once more as she fingered herself and played with her clit until she came in another thrashing orgasm. And then shortly afterwards a second one and a third.

And then she said, "Thanks, that was great," and rolled over exhausted. I got in position for our normal snuggling, but apparently all of those orgasms had exhausted her because she was already snoring softly a couple of minutes later when I was about to ask her if she wanted to snuggle. So I got ready for bed and the just lay on my back in the bed with my cock being a rigid painful tent-pole lifting the sheet up. It was at least an hour before I managed to actually fall asleep.

The next morning was Sunday morning, so she didn't have to work. When I woke up, she was making eggs and bacon for both of us and was just wearing her robe not fully tied and with nothing underneath. After we ate, she threw off the robe and pulled me straight back into bed.

"I loved it when you begged," she said with a broad smile. "That was so hot."

"I'm glad you liked it. But I was really serious. I'm not sure how much more of not being allowed to come I'm going to be able to take. I have blue balls all the time now."

"So every day all day your balls are aching for me?"

"Yeah, I guess you could put it that way."

"Oh, that's so sexy." She was smiling ear-to-ear and I couldn't really argue with her assessment. "This morning, why don't you start by fingering me while you suck my nipples?" She reclined on the bed and used her hand to hold up her right tit expectantly.

There was a part of me that wanted to turn that down and demand that if she was going to get off that I should be able to get off, too. That part, however, clearly lost the vote because there was no way I could actually turn down that invitation. So I was back in.

That morning, I sucked her nipples, fingered her, kissed her lips, groped her breasts, massaged her feet, everything she wanted. And through it all, my balls just ached more and more. And finally, she gave me a teasing handjob until I begged for release. And then she had me rub her feet while she got herself off. And then she gave me a teasing foot job with her fuzzy socks until I once more begged for release. And she masturbated again.

And then we took a shower together. I washed her body, rubbing soap all up her legs, over her butt crack, and even soaped up her big soft breasts and got to play with her nipples. And she rubbed soap all over my cock and balls and then worked my shaft forcefully up and down until I was just about to come, when she let go and got out of the shower. As she toweled herself off, I moaned in frustration.

"Please, can I come in the shower? There won't be any mess to clean up. The sperm will all wash right down the drain. Please?"

"Nope. No masturbating in the apartment for you, like you agreed."

Defeated, my head hung down while my cock still pointed up.

"Now," she said, "I need to get dressed and go to work. I'm getting off work a little early today, so I'm going to stop and buy groceries for supper after work, so don't plan anything without me, okay?"

"Sure," I said as I got out of the shower. "That sounds great." I dried myself off with the towel as she got dressed in a tan fuzzy sweater and a medium blue knee-length pleated skirt and blue and yellow striped angora socks with her normal pair of white Keds. As she left, I was drying my hard cock and having trouble not going farther than that.

When I came out of the bathroom, I saw lying there on the bed, a pair of blue fuzzy angora socks. She had apparently been considering which pair of socks to wear and had left them lying on the bed. And from somewhere the idea of using them to stroke myself came into my mind. I knew that I shouldn't. But I also knew how amazing it felt to be stroked with her feet when they were wearing those socks. The texture was amazing.

If they hadn't been sitting out, I would never have even considered going into the draw to get a pair out, but since they were there and I was naked with a hard cock, they were just calling me. Finally, I decided that I would just give myself a little touch. I wouldn't come, just see if it felt the same if I touched myself with them. So I reached out and picked up one of the socks. I held it in my hand and then wrapped it around my cock and gave my penis one gentle stroke. It felt so amazing that I just couldn't stop. I stroked myself with the sock again and then again and again.

And then after about a dozen strokes, I could feel my orgasm starting to build when suddenly the door to the apartment opened. "Hey," she began. "I forgot the grocery list -- what the fuck are you doing?!"

"Uh, I just. I didn't mean, I mean, I wasn't gonna…"

"And with my socks! You motherfucker!" She strode over to me and before I knew what was happening, she kicked me hard and fast right in the balls. I shrieked in pain and collapsed to the floor. I had been kicked in the balls before, but never when I'd had a terrible case of blue balls. My balls were already so tender that any little touch was painful. That hard kick just destroyed me. I know that she yelled something else to me and then left, but I honestly have no idea what she said.

My poor balls hurt so bad that I have no idea even how long I was down there. I wouldn't be surprised if it was fifteen minutes or perhaps even longer. I was just lying on the floor wracked with pain holding my balls. Eventually I reached a point where the pain, although still very aggressive, was manageable. I stood up and then lay down on the bed instead of the floor. The socks weren't on the bed any more. I assume she'd done something with them, but either way I wasn't in any real mood to masturbate at that moment even though I knew that once I was better recovered, I would likely find this whole incident sexy as hell.

After lying on the bed for a while, I started to worry that she might kick me out of the apartment. This worried me a little because I wasn't sure where else I would go, but worried me more because we were basically living as boyfriend and girlfriend and there was no way I wanted to give that up.

I waited about an hour until I was sure she was at work and had had some time to cool down and I sent her a text message.

"Hey. I'm sorry. I wasn't planning to do that. I just got really horny and lost control of myself. It won't happen again."

It was about five minutes before I got a response. "I'm sorry, too. I shouldn't have kicked you in your balls. I just felt so betrayed."

"It's okay. I deserved it. And I can take it. I would let you kick me in the balls a dozen times if it meant that you felt better."

She texted back immediately. "Aw, you're sweet. I do feel like there ought to be some additional punishment since you broke your promise."

"That's fair. Whatever you decide, I'll accept. I promise."

Once again, an immediate reply. "Okay, well, I'll have to think what I ought to do. I mean, other than the obvious. That blow job I was planning to give you tonight is definitely not happening." I felt like a total idiot. I had been so close to paradise only to derail myself with a fuzzy sock. I spent the next several hours yelling at myself.

When she came home from work, we made supper together and then afterwards she said, "I've thought about it and I've decided to accept your suggestion."

I was totally befuddled. "My suggestion?"

"You know, when you said that I ought to kick you in the balls a dozen times."

"Well, I didn't say you should, just that you could."

"Either way, I think it's a good idea. It should make sure that you're well sorry and I think I'd find it sort of fun, kind of a nice catharsis."

"Will all the kicks be as hard as that one?"

"Not most of them, I'm sure."

"Well, okay, then, I guess that's okay," I said, feeling both turned on by the prospect and also extremely trepidacious. I liked the idea of her kicking my balls, but I also like the idea of continuing to have intact testicles and of not having to rush to the emergency room with cracks in the family jewels.

"I should go ahead and launder all of your clothes tonight, so go ahead and get naked and I'll take them down and we can get started with your atonement."

She made it sound so formal and yet that somehow made it feel extra sexy. I stripped naked and handed her my clothes. I already had a hard-on.

"Huh," she said, looking at my hard cock. "I bet you won't be feeling so randy after a few kicks to your aching nuts."

"Yeah, probably not," I said, but the idea of her smashing my poor aching balls with her soft fuzzy socks was sounding very, very sexy to me.

She took my laundry down and when she returned, she took off her shoes and ordered me to kneel on the floor in front of her. I knelt down, my knees spread wide, my balls dangling unprotected beneath me. And then she ordered me to put my hands on my head, so I did. My cock twitched in front of me.

Without any further warning, she stepped forward and popped me in the balls with her foot. It was a light kick with those striped fuzzy socks, just enough to smack my balls and make me give out an "oof" sound and cringe. It wouldn't really have been that much if my balls weren't so tender.

"Hmm," she said, "I guess I didn't kick you hard enough. Your soldier is still at attention."

For the second kick, she definitely dialed it up some. Her kick came faster and it felt like she followed through more. The top of her foot really smashed into both of my balls, pressing them back against me. I let out a "yow!" and bent forward. My balls felt tingly and warm across their surface from the pain of the kick.

"That was better, but he still hasn't gone down," she remarked. She stepped up between my legs and ran her fingers through my hair. I leaned my head against her thighs for a moment. "Okay, time for the next one," she said stepping back.

I straightened up and tried to gird myself against the kick. She stepped forward swinging her foot faster this time, but perhaps without quite as much force, but she was a little off balance and her foot slid along my thigh and just smacked into my left ball, delivering all of its force to that one. "Youch!" I yelped and sort of did a little kneeling dance.

"Wow. That got you moving!"

"Yeah," I said, in between heavy breaths, "you got just the left one."

"Is that one more sensitive?"

"No, it was just that all the force went into squishing just one."

"Ahh. Well, perhaps I'll aim for the right one this time."

I was still pretty much in position, so she kicked again. And sure enough, this time her foot smashed just into my right ball about as hard as she had hit the left ball the previous time and with similar effect. I yelped and moved around, but I managed to stay i a kneeling position rather than pitching over and my cock was still rock hard.

"You're definitely squirming, but I think maybe I'm not kicking hard enough." With that she stepped back and kicked hard and fast. She didn't aim quite right, though and it was more of a glancing blow to the nuts. It mostly got me in the base of the dick and top of the penis and just sort of nipped my left ball a little. I yipped a little when it hit, but didn't really move much.

"That didn't work very well. Let me try this more carefully. It's not a good punishment if I don't get you rolling on the floor regretting what you did." This time she lined her foot up very carefully, actually touching my balls with her sock-clad foot and making sure that she was standing just where she wanted to be. And then she swung her foot back and brought it forward quickly and forcefully. It landed right on target and I was looking down and watched her stripy-sock-clad bridge of her right foot slam into my naked testicles. In just a moment, the pain hit, and I screamed in pain and collapsed to the ground. That kick was far harder than the ones before and my poor blue balls were screaming in pain. I just lay on the floor holding them.

"Yeah," she said, "that's more like it." I was face-down on the floor, but I could see her socks as she walked right around me. "I bet you regret it now, huh?" But her taunting didn't get a rise out of me. I was still in too much pain. After a couple of minutes, she said, "Huh, maybe I overdid it a little. Collin, can you say something to let me know you'll be okay? Do I need to call an ambulance?"

"I'll be okay," I managed to squeak out. "It just hurts so bad."

"Turn over, let me see."

I did as she asked. She knelt down next to me. "Boy, those are really purple and swollen. All in one piece, though. Oh and your erection finally went down, so I guess I finally kicked you hard enough, but maybe a little too hard. Okay, well, let's take a little break before the next six. I'm gonna play with myself a little bit, so when you're up to it, come play with my feet."

She stripped off her clothes and climbed onto the bed, leaving me there on the floor, my nuts still wracked with pain. I just lay there for the next couple of minutes, but then I heard the sounds of her starting to come and that brought my horniness rushing back. I managed to pull myself up off the floor and watch as she thrashed in orgasm. Dutifully, I climbed onto the bed and began to massage her sock-clad feet as she rubbed her clit. Soon she had another one, just as intense as the first.

My cock was back to fully hard, and she used her feet to brush my hands to the side and then began to rub my cock with her soft fuzzy socks.

"Do my socks on your cock feel good?" she inquired.

"They feel amazing," I answered.

"How about my socks on your balls?"

"That feels amazing too."

"Even when I do this?" she asked and suddenly she reared back her foot and kicked hard, striking my balls forcefully with her heel. I let out a loud grunt and my legs started to close.

"Uh-uh," she reproached and used her feet to push my legs apart. "If you're really sorry, you'll let me do this."

I managed to spread my legs again and she smashed down even harder, crushing both of my balls right against my pubic bone. I yelled in pain and fell over on my side, curling up in a ball.

"Ooh, gotcha good that time," she said sounding quite pleased with herself. She sort of nudged at my legs with her feet, trying to get me to open up again, but my knees were clamped tight. Instead, I heard her starting to masturbate herself again. Eventually, I heard her orgasm once more and around that point, I was finally feeling a little better. My balls still hurt, but it was bearable. So I sat back up, partially figuring that I was safe while she was in the process of having her orgasm. But as soon as I moved to a normal sitting position with my legs open, her foot shot out again and smashed my balls hard. I yelped and curled back up again holding my balls.

I was pretty out of it, but I did hear her have another orgasm. When I finally got calmed down a little and the pain receded some, I started to feel horny again. All this masturbating made it feel like she was taunting me, teasing me because I couldn't jerk myself off. And she looked and sounded extremely sexy doing it. And the ever-present pain in my balls was also very sexy, especially knowing that it was all caused by this very sexy woman and her fuzzy socks.

"You look ready to go again," she said, glancing at my erection.

"Uh, yeah, I guess so."

"Is this turning you on?"

"Well, seeing you naked and masturbating always turns me on. But yeah, there is something a little sexy about you kicking my balls," I didn't want to admit fully that this was a fetish of mine lest she think it wasn't sufficient punishment.

"It still hurts, though, right?"

"Oh, god, yes. I'm not curling up in a ball for fun. This is really painful."

"Good. Painful, but sexy," she said, smiling. "I think I like that. What better way to punish you for jerking off? But how are we going to solve this problem of you closing your legs? You still have three more kicks to go."

"I don't know."

"Hmm, maybe I could hold them open. How about this?" She stood up on the bed above me. "Okay, not get on your back and give me your feet." I did as she commanded and now my legs were splayed open before her and she had a firm grip on my ankles holding them up in the air. "Yes, I think this will do nicely," she said, sounding distinctly evil.

At first, she took her foot and gently rubbed my hard cock and my tender balls, making them feel very good with the soft touch of her sock. And then she lifted her foot up in the air. I inhaled in anticipation of the coming blow. Down her foot came, smashing her heel hard into my poor tender balls and slapping the shaft of my penis with the ball of her foot. My poor tender balls were engulfed in pain and I cried out loudly. My legs wanted to come together, but they were firmly in her grasp.

"Perfect," she said, clearly pleased with herself, you haven't fallen over and you can't put your legs together." Suddenly, without any further warning, she brought her foot up quickly and then down hard and fast once again smashing my already agonized testicles. I didn't even cry out in pain that time, but instead just thrashed in silent pain.

For the twelfth and final kick, I watched in horror as she actually hopped a little in the air before bringing down her full weight right on my already ever so tender and swollen balls. The pain was so intense that I managed to pull my feet out of her hands so that I could roll back up in a ball and just lie there and whimper.

I don't really know what happened for the next while, but once I was more aware of my surroundings, she told me she wanted to snuggle, so I very gingerly moved into position so that I was lying down on my back. As she moved to snuggle up to me, she stopped to admire my balls. "Boy, they are so big and red. I love that I did that to them. It's very sexy." Then she lay snuggled up against my chest with her head on my shoulder and one of her big breasts pressed against the top of my chest.

"So," she asked, "did you find that sexy, too?"

My balls hurt so bad that I almost couldn't own up to it for fear that she'd just jump right in and make them hurt even more. But I swallowed my pride and let my fetish win out. "Yes, painful, but sexy."

"I'm glad you agreed to be punished. I've really enjoyed punishing you, even more than I thought I would. I guess underneath, I really like being mean. And, you know," she paused for a moment to think, "maybe since you think it's sexy and I think it's sexy, maybe I should punish you more."

"I don't think I can take any more."

"Oh, not today, silly, but how about this week?"

"Uh, well, I'm still sort of worried about my balls."

"Please," she said very sweetly. "I'll make it worth your while. How about this, you let me give you balls a half dozen kicks each day this week and I'll promise to give you that blow job you missed out on today next Sunday. Think about it: my lips wrapped around you dick. Doesn't that sound worth a little bit of ball pain?"

I managed to hold out somewhere between two and three seconds before agreeing. Given how swollen my balls still were and how bad my blue balls was, it was probably not really a smart move, but I think it's fair to say that I was thinking with my penis to the clear detriment of my testicles.

So the next week was a lot like the previous one: me massaging her feet during her foot rubs and then her giving me a teasing foot-job and then me massaging some more and then her masturbating and then snuggling and bedtime. Except that now there were kicks to my balls mixed in. She seemed to like to vary them.

Monday I was still limping around, but she wasted no time in kicking my balls throwing in a couple of kicks even before the foot massage and the next four during the teasing foot-job, resulting in me missing a lot of what would have been the normal second foot massage time.

Tuesday, my balls just ached all day and every time I thought about what had been done to me and what else was on the agenda, I got terribly hard. That night she saved all of her kicks for when she was just about to masturbate. It seemed to really get her going. She did two with me standing and four in the gas-pedal position.

Wednesday, she mixed it up. She gave me one just as soon as she got home from work, catching me totally by surprise. And the there were two during the foot massage and then the other three all came during my teasing foot job.

Thursday I realized that the swelling and ache wasn't going down any, but everything seemed to be functional and intact so I didn't pay it any heed. That night she used five kicks during the teasing foot job as I knelt on the floor in front of her. And the last one she saved until after snuggling which left me trying to go to sleep with balls even more sore than usual and her going to sleep with a smile on her face.

Friday she decided to mix it up and she waited until before the masturbation, but beyond that, she had us both lie on our sides in the bed and then she held my face into her cleavage. And then she kicked my balls over and over again until I was yelping into her breasts and squirming for release. I think that she might have even gone over her allotted six kicks, but I was so wrapped up, that it is hard for me to remember. When she let me go she said, "Sexier and more painful!" I couldn't disagree with that.

And on Saturday she kicked me quickly a couple of times before she went to work. She said it was to remind me not to jerk off, but really, it made me even hornier than I would have been anyway. When she got back, she did the next four kicks during the teasing foot-job. These were probably the hardest of the kicks she gave me during the week. Each time she would tease me to the edge of orgasm and then wallop the hell out of my balls. It was also very sexy and intensely painful. I went to sleep Saturday night with my balls sore, bruised, and tender and my cock throbbing over and over.

Sunday morning, we woke up, had breakfast, and then made out for an hour. I was thrilled when she finally began kissing her way down me. When she got down to my cock, she kissed the length of it, and then licked it with her tongue. And then she slurped it right into her mouth. She took ahold of the shaft and her mouth began to work up and down on it. I could feel the sperm rising up through my cock.

Suddenly she took it out. "You know that today I'm gonna give you a blow-job and you're finally gonna get to come, right?"

"Yeah," I said, with a hint of desperation in my voice.

"Well, I'm sorry to say, but this is not that blow-job." With that she lay down on her back and began to stroke herself. "Would you please massage my feet?" My cock, which was hard enough to cut glass at this point, felt severely let down, but I still couldn't turn down an opportunity to rub her feet in her soft pink fuzzy socks.

She got off easily and then we made out again for a while. Then we showered and she washed me all over, even taking a while to wash my cock and balls several times. Then we took a little break to eat. And then she had me suck her nipples for most of an hour while she masturbated some more.

Eventually, it really was getting to me. "Please let me come!" I begged.

"Oh, I will, just not yet," she replied with a mischievous smile.

By this point it was around one, and she told me that she didn't need to go in to work that day until four. I was hoping desperately that I would get to come before she went to work rather than having to wait until after. At that point, she really shifted the focus so that things were all about me. I got a very long, slow teasing foot-job where she rubbed my cock all over with her socks again and again.

And then she did something I hadn't expected at all. She asked me, "would you like to put your cock between my tits?"

Of course, I responded to this in a calm and measured way. "Good Lord, yes!!"

She lubed up her tits and slid them down right around my cock. It felt heavenly, but the whole time she was very careful not to squeeze too tightly. So my hard cock just got grazed repeatedly as it gently slipped in and out of her amazing cleavage and throbbed madly and desperately. After a very long time of this, I was getting outright squirmy. My cock was just this purple monster between my legs which throbbed and twitched and I really didn't feel I could take much more.

"Okay," she said, "how about another blow-job?"


"First we have to wash your dick off so I don't get massage oil in my mouth."

So we went and took a second shower together. She cleaned my cock again, making sure it was very, very well washed, but without ever quite giving me enough stimulation to get me off. And then she insisted that I give her breasts another good washing. During that part, she denied my cock any stimulation whatsoever, but I was still terribly horny.

When we got out of the shower, she had me stand by the bed while she got a pillow and knelt down in front of me. She looked up at me, her eye full of playfulness. "Are you sure you want me to suck your cock until you fill my mouth with your white creamy cum?"

"Yes. Please!"

"Are you sure you really want to do that? Aren't you worried about how it might feel when my tongue swirls around your cock head or when my lips suck gently on it?"

"Oh, please!"

"So you're really sure?"

"I'm so sure it hurts. Please!"

"You're really really sure?"

"Please, I'll do anything you want, just suck me off. Please! Please, please!"

"Well, okay, I guess if you're really sure." She smiled a deliciously evil smile. "I suppose I can."

"Thank you!"

With that, she sucked the end of my cock between her lips and slowly began working it in and out, sucking it like a lollipop. I groaned in pleasure. I knew that I wouldn't be able to last too long if she kept that up. She then began to swirl her tongue around the sensitive outside edge of the head of my cock.

Then she took hold of my shaft with her left hand and began to stroke the exposed length of my eager purple penis. And then suddenly I felt something strike my balls. Looking down, I realized that she had made her right hand into a fist and had just punched me in the balls. And then, to my surprise she punched my balls again and again. Clearly, she had decided to make this a contest between my cock and my balls.

She looked up at me with an expression I couldn't read as she swirled my cock head with her tongue and sucked in a pulsing way on my cock first harder and then softer and then harder again while she milked it with her left hand and punched my balls with her right. My balls had been made tender both from the weeks of blue balls and also from the week of abuse, and they were already swollen before this began. Each punch made them hurt worse and made me want to curl up in a ball, but each stroke of my cock and swirl of the tongue also brought me closer and closer to orgasm. It hurt like hell, but I could feel which side was actually winning. Slowly but surely, I was getting closer and closer to coming.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I passed that point of no-return and as she continued to stimulate me, I began to ejaculate. It was heavenly. Spurt after spurt of cum filled her mouth as I shuddered and bucked in the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. And it kept going. I just pumped more and more thin, almost transparent ejaculate into her mouth until it was more than she could take and it was running out of the mouth and dripping down onto her chest. And that was so sexy that it prolonged my orgasm.

After a couple of dozen squirts, I was empty, but the muscle contractions kept coming. My orgasm went on and on and on as my pelvic muscles kept trying to pump out more and more fluid. Each new squirt was like a little aftershock of orgasm and I shuddered with each one.

I can't even tell you how long the orgasm went on for. Usually I last for four or five muscle contractions. For a really intense one, it might be ten. This was dozens and dozens. And when the last one finally faded, I stopped shuddering and she released my cock and I collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

She snuggled up next to me. "Wow. I've never had a guy come like that before. That looked like it was pretty amazing."

"I've never come like that before. That was the longest and most intense orgasm ever."

"Great!" she snuggled in with a smile.

So, that's the story of my greatest orgasm. That wasn't the end of my relationship with Ella or the last orgasm she let me have. There was plenty more teasing and ball busting even, but those are stories for some other time.

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