Playing For Keeps (by Saga)

Playing for Keeps - by Saga

Dave puttered around his apartment, hastily moving things about and at least trying to present the illusion of cleanliness. As a bachelor, he had long grown accustomed to living alone, and the disheveled state of his living room made that much obvious to anyone who visited him.

Normally he didn't care, but this time he was expecting someone he actually wanted to make a good impression on.

He gathered up armloads of dirty laundry, dumping it into a hamper en masse, before circling back to shove boxes full of random junk into a convenient closet. His phone rang just as he was finishing, and he quickly moved to answer it.

He took a few carefully measured breaths before picking it up, trying to sound casual. "Hello?"

"Hi, Dave!" Came a female voice in response. "I'm right outside. Could you buzz me in?"

"Right. Of course." He responded, fumbling his phone from one ear to the other as he used his other hand to punch in the door code.

"Great!" The voice on the other end of the line spoke again. "I'll be right up!"

Dave hung up, glancing in the mirror as he briefly checked his appearance. He was on the third floor, so she'd have to take the elevator up. That gave him, what, about a minute? Maybe two? That wasn't enough time for a shower, but he did take a moment to wash his face, combed his hair, and threw on a fresh shirt. He was just buttoning it up when the knock at his door told him he was officially out of time.

He paused near the mirror again, double-checking his appearance, before finally moving tow answer the door.

A stunning redhead was waiting at the door, voluptuously built and scandalously dressed. She stood just a touch taller than him, even though she was easly two or three years his junior. "Dave!" She smiled, "Hi! Sorry I'm late. I couldn't decide what to wear."

"Cassie, uh..." His eyes dipped downward briefly as he tried to take in her outfit. It certainly wasn't what he had been expecting. They'd met a few times in the past, at a poker room that he liked to frequent, though she had usually dressed a bit more conservatively.

"Well, you... look great?" Dave finished, lamely.

"Oh please," Cassie smiled, glancing down at herself. She was wearing a red halter top that barely seemed to fit over her amply sized chest, the hemline hanging well above her navel and leaving both her cleavage and her midsection well on display. Her short-sleeved jacket lent her a little more modesty, but that was entirely undone by the short, frilly miniskirt that was hugging her wide hips. She had even changed her hair, with the normal cascade of auburn tresses that covered her shoulders instead pulled back into a neat pony tail, leaving only two long red bangs hanging in her face. "I almost died of embarrassment five times on my way over here."

She looked back up, the slightest blush gracing her freckled cheeks. "I was trying to go for 'cheerleader', but I think I ended up with 'hooker' instead."

"Well, I wouldn't, uh..." Dave trailed off, his gaze dipping lower as he followed the curves of his guest's long, bare legs. "I, uh, guess that would explain the shoes..."

Cassie stuck her tongue out a bit, one long leg sliding out in front of her as she waggled her sneakered foot. It didn't quite match the rest of what she was wearing, and her loose white socks kept sliding down her calf to pool around her ankles. "And the socks, yeah. Like I said. I was going for 'cheerleader'. But these things won't stay up, so I keep having to fix them."

She looked back up, tilting her head a bit. "So can I come in? Preferably before your neighbors see me standing out here, dressed like this?"

"Right!" Dave sprang back into motion, quickly moving out of the redhead's way and graciously ushering her in. "Sorry! I just wasn't expecting you to, uh, look quite like... like that."

She giggled again, seeming a little more at ease now that she wasn't stuck out in the hallway. "Well, Jim always used to tell me that I should dress like this to, um, 'distract' the other players at the table. He said it would give me an advantage."

Dave exhaled slowly, trying his utmost not to stare as Cassandra slipped out of her jacket, leaving her shoulders and arms almost entirely bare. "Er, yeah? I can't say I remember you ever, uh, showing up to any of the games like that before..."

"Well I never actually ended up trying it before." Cassie giggled, finding a chair and folding her jacket over the back of it. She glanced back over her shoulder at Dave, flashing him a coy smile. "Do you think it's working? Do you feel... distracted?"

Dave laughed uneasily, a hand at the back of his neck as he circled back around the room to join the redhead near his living room table. "Ah, yeah, you could say that. But, uh, you know we're just... these are just lessons, right? We're not actually playing real poker."

Cassie settled into the chair she had hung her jacket from, and Dave quickly moved around to sit at the other side of the table. A deck of cards and several neatly stacked and sorted piles of plastic poker chips were set up near the center of the table.

"Well yeah," Cassie smiled, reaching across the table to pick up the deck of cards. "I'm the one who asked you for the lessons, right? But I told you, I'm really bad at this. So I figured I could use every advantage I could get."

"And Jim suggested that?" Dave chuckled. He was a little more at ease, now that the table was blocking his line of sight to everything below the redhead's ribs. "You know he's a hack, right? Nice enough guy, but a lousy poker player."

Cassie rolled her eyes. "Well I know that now. I just wish someone had told me that before I wasted all that time getting lessons from him."

Dave tried to sound modest, though a hint of justifiable smugness snuck into his tone. "Well, pretty much everyone could have told you, if you'd just asked around a little. I mean, hell, I've played against your 'boyfriend' five or six times. Ended up walking away with all his money every time."

"Oh, he's not my boyfriend." Cassie quickly corrected, a faint smirk gracing her lovely lips. Dave had put an odd emphasis on the word 'boyfriend', and it was obvious that she had noticed it, but she had taken the bait anyway.

"Oh, he's not?" Dave kept his expression carefully neutral, trying not to look too pleased by that revelation. He'd seen Cassie around the poker room with Jim on several occasions, and had always just assumed the two of them were an item. Honestly, it was the only reason he had never made a move on her before. "Right, right. You were just getting lessons from him."

Cassie wrinkled her nose, her expression distasteful as she idly flipped through the deck of cards in her hands. "Oh, I'm sure he wanted to be my boyfriend. I'm pretty sure that's why he offered to give me lessons in the first place, and suggested that I dress up in these silly outfits. For all the good that's done me."

Dave tilted his head a bit, peering around the table as he gave the redhead another quick once-over with his eyes. "Well, uh, for what it's worth you really do look great?"

"Yeah," Cassie playfully stuck her tongue out, quickly shifting her posture as she pressed her thighs together before Dave could peek beneath the hem of her far-too-short miniskirt. "I'll bet. Perv."

Dave laughed, holding his hands up defensively. "Hey, I'm not the one who actually told you to dress like that, remember?"

Cassie grinned, setting the deck of cards back onto the tabletop and sliding it back toward Dave. "I know, I know. It's fine. I just thought I'd give it a try on someone other than Jim, for once. Now can we start with the lessons already?"

"Right," Jim grinned back, plucking up the deck and casually shuffling the cards from one hand to another. "Sorry. Let's get started."

The two spent the better part of an hour going over the basics and playing through dozens of practice hands, while Dave tried to gauge how much Jim had actually managed to teach her. He started off slow, and she seemed to grasp most of the basics well enough, though her grasp on any of the more advanced techniques seemed rather lacking.

"Well..." Dave mused, reshuffling the cards after the thirtieth practice hand. "You've got most of the basics down."

He squared off the deck by tapping it against the table, looking back across at the redhead who was waiting for him to finish speaking. "That's good, at least. You get a little confused with the different card combinations sometimes, and, uh, apparently Jim only taught you how to play Texas hold'em, but that's fine. You'll pick up a lot more once you get some experience under your belt."

"Thanks!" Cassie grinned. She was clearly having fun, especially since she'd actually managed to win a few hands. Granted, she had still lost the vast majority of the time, and the last win had only been out of pity - something Dave had done to keep her from getting too discouraged.

"This is actually a lot easier than Jim ever made it out to be, y'know?" She giggled, idly toying with her ponytail. Jim was always going on about, like, odds and calculations and stuff. Like, stuff about bluffing and reading your opponents and whatever?"

Dave chuckled, setting the deck back against the tabletop. He had gotten a lot more comfortable with Cassandra over the past hour, especially since she seemed to have taken rather well to the lessons. And it certainly didn't hurt that he had a literal home field advantage. "Yeah, about that. You, uh, don't really seem to get the concept of how bluffing works."

Cassandra wrinkled her nose a bit, her eyes meeting Dave's. She didn't say anything, but her confusion was evident.

"Well, you end up betting big every time you have a bad hand." Dave smiled, tapping the pile of poker chips that had steadily amassed in front of him. It dwarfed the tiny stack that was left in front of Cassandra, across the table.

Cassie frowned a little, dangerously close to pouting as she ran one fingernail in little circular patterns over the tabletop. "Isn't that what I'm supposed to do? Like, if I pretend I have a good hand, then my opponents will drop out, right?"

Dave shook his head a little. "Sometimes, sure. But if you keep bluffing every round, then they'll start to realize you only bet big when you have bad cards, and then they'll start taking advantage of you."

"The last guy who tried to take advantage of me ended up regretting it." Cassandra teased, a mischevious twinkle in her eye. "But... I think I understand what you're saying."

Dave laughed politely, pushing his stack of poker chips back out toward the center of the table, and Cassandra quickly followed suit. "You have to know how to read the cards, sure, but you also have to be able to read your opponent like Jim said. If you start betting heavily every time you've got bad cards, then that's what people call a 'tell'."

Cassie scrunched up her nose again, her lips pursed. "A tell?"

"Sure," Dave grinned. "Because you're basically telling everyone else at the table that you have a lousy hand, and you're trying to buy your way out of it."

Cassie bit her lower lip, brow furrowed as she thought about that. "Then what am I supposed to do when I have bad cards?"

"Most of the time? Just fold." Dave shrugged casually, leaning back in his seat. "But once you've gotten comfortable with trying to read your opponents, you'll get a beter idea of when it's worth trying to bluff. You just can't make it too obvious."

Cassandra's head tilted forward, her bangs dropping down in front of her face and her expression crestfallen. "Was I really that bad?"

Dave arched his brows, trying to think of a way to put it delicately. "Well, you raised seven times in a row on that last hand, and you only had a pair of threes backing it up. It, uh... yeah, it did get pretty obvious."

"Well you kept raising back!" Cassandra protested, her brief disappointment quickly giving way to righteous indignation. "I got flustered!"

Dave smiled, tapping the tabletop with one finger. "That's becaues I just wanted to see how deep a hole you were willing to dig before you gave up. Turns out it was pretty deep, because you almost went bust."

"Yeah, I was really hoping I'd end up busting you instead." Cassie huffed, leaning back heavily in her seat. The sharp motion caused her chest to bounce rather distractingly, her halter top just barely managing to keep everything relatively in place.

"You, uh..." Dave paused, struggling to keep his eyes above the redhead's shoulders. "You mean you hoped to make me go bust."

Cassie blinked, her head tilting a bit quizzically. "What?"

Dave grinned, propping an elbow against the table's edge as he leaned forward. "The, uh, term is to 'go bust'. Or in your case, you almost 'went bust' because you almost ran out of chips."

Cassandra giggled again, that oddly mischevious twinkle back in her eye as she thought about that. She nodded after a moment. "Right, I was hoping to make you go bust. Not, um, I wasn't trying to bust you. I guess?"

"Look at it this way," Dave smiled, picking up one of the chips. "Would you have bluffed that much if these chips were worth real money?"

"No way!" Cassandra responded immediately, brows arching as she suddenly seemed to get his point.

Dave nodded, setting the chip back down. "Maybe we've been approaching this the wrong way. We've been doing all these practice hands with fake money, so there's no real sense of consequence when you end up losing a hand. We need some actual risk involved, so you'll take it a little more seriously."

Cassandra frowned, back straightened as if she were about to get up and walk away from the table. "What do you mean?"

"Well," Dave paused, his mind racing as he tried to decide the best way to approach things. He'd been planning this all night, but he knew he was probably only going to get one chance at it. "How much money do you have on you?"

Cassandra's frown deepened, and it was obvious she didn't much care for where this was going. "Just enough for cab fare back home."

"It's fine, I can give you a ride home." Dave smiled reassuringly, fishing into the front pocket on his slacks as he came up with his own wallet. "We can just do a few practice hands with real money, strictly small-stakes stuff. Just to give you a better idea of-"

"Nuh-uh." Cassandra interrupted him, her frown still holding steady. "I'm not comfortable with this. You're, like, way better than me. And Jim always told me that I should never bet something unless I'm comfortable with the idea of losing it."

Dave uttered a fake sigh, but happily moved on to the 'alternative' that he had actually wanted to pitch all along. "Well, fine. I mean, uh, I suppose there are other ways we can keep playing without money, while still having some... real stakes involved..."

Cassandra grew quiet again, her eyes narrowed a bit as she watched Dave warily. "Like what?"

"Well," Dave drew out the word, having some second thoughts about the direction he was trying to take things in. Still, it was now or never, because she was already looking at him like he was some kind of creep. He steeled himself, and pushed forward. "Have you ever heard of strip poker?"

"Oh." Cassie smirked, abruptly seeming to relax. "Right. Here we go."

Dave arched a brow, caught a bit off-guard by that response. "What?"

Cassie sighed, though she was still smirking as she did so. "Every guy who gwants to give me lessons gets to that part sooner or later."

"It's just to help add a, uh... a sense of weight to the game!" Dave offered, trying to make the initial suggestion seem at least a little less sleazy. "It's not like I really want to see you naked!"

Cassie paused pointedly, before leaning forward ever so slightly. Her forearms folded against the tabletop, her heavy breasts pressed atop them and framed between her upper arms as she pressed her shoulders forward to rather usubtly emphasize her most prominent assets. Her cotton halter top was strained so thin that he could practically see the pattern of the strapless bra she was wearing under it.

Her voice was almost a purr, as she drawled out one long word. "Reeeeeally?

Dave coughed lightly, trying to keep his cool. It took all of his willpower, but he managed to avoid staring at that prominently displayed cleavage, though he couldn't resist at least giving them a quick glance or two. "Er, well... alright, maybe I do want to see you naked, but that's... that's just a bonus, I guess?"

He cleared his throat, steadfastly forcing himself to maintain eye contact with Cassie as he continued. "But really, it's more about just teaching you how to play better."

"Uh-huh." Cassandra smiled, leaning back again as she twisted at the waist to pull her jacket off of the back of her seat.

"And I mean, uh..." Dave shrugged, still trying to sound casual. "You'd totally get the chance to see me naked, too."

Cassandra slipped her jacket on, before turning back toward Dave. "I think you're a little more invested in seeing me naked, than I am in seeing you naked."

"Well," Dave paused, thinking for a moment before revising his pitch. "Alright, fine, that's fair. What if I pay cash whenever I lose my chips, but you just take off a piece of clothing when you lose your chips?"

Cassandra's smile vanished again, replaced with an expression that seemed vaguely dangerous. "So, basically you'd be paying me to take my clothes off. Like I'm a stripper."

"What?" Dave sputtered, shrinking back a bit beneath the suddenly wrathful glare. "No, of course not!"

Cassie cocked her head to one side, studying Dave for a moment before her expression finally softened. "I'll tell you what, Dave. These, um..." She touched one of the white chips. "What are these worth?"

"A dollar." Dave answered, cautiously optimistic.

Cassie pursed her lips, silent with thought for a moment before she continued. "Alright, Dave. We'll each get one-hundred dollars worth of these chips, and for every ten dollars you win from me I'll take off one piece of clothing."

"Er... yeah?" Dave was hesitant now. After how severely Cassie had reacted to the initial proposal, it seemed odd that she had reconsidered so quickly. "And... what happens if you win ten dollars worth of chips from me?"

"Simple," Cassandra smiled now, though the friendliness of the expression was tempered by the sudden intensity of her gaze. "I get to kick you in the balls."

"What!?" Dave sat up straight, eyes wide. "No way!"

"Okay." Cassandra shrugged, moving to rise from her seat. "Then I think we're done here. Can I use your phone to call a cab?"

Dave hesitated again, his libido briefly wrestling with his common sense. There was no contest, really, and a quick glance at Cassandra's barely-clad body was enough to ensure that his libido won that little contest. "Wait! I mean, uh... just wait a minute, Cassie. Why in the world would you even want to kick me in the, uh... down there?"

Cassandra sat back down, her smile more genuine as she propped an elbow against the tabletop. Resting her chin in her hand, she used the other hand to tap lightly on the table, as if to punctuate her points. "Well first, I think we've already established that you're, like, way more interested in seeing me naked than I am in seeing you naked."

"Right," Dave snorted faintly. He quickly evened his tone, though. Snark wasn't going to get him anywhere. "I, uh... yes, I think we covered that."

"Second," Cassie continued, "I figure just the thought of it is going to keep you on your best behavior. You're already kind of a horndog, so who knows how aggressive you might get once I'm showing a bit of skin?"

Dave glanced down at Cassie's 'cheerleader' outfit again, but he didn't say anything.

She followed his glance, then sighed. "I mean, once I'm showing even more skin, okay? But seriously, you get my point, right?"

Dave wasn't sure if he should take offense to the insinuation or not. Did she really think he was the sort of guy who would get so worked up that he'd try to force himself onto her? But again, he wasn't so sure that arguing would really get him anywhere.

"Sure," he shrugged. "I guess."

Cassie grinned, that mischevious twinkle back in her eye as she slid her free hand down along her side to pat her well-rounded hip. "And third, this way I can make sure that you reeeeally want to see me naked."

She sat back up, hands upraised in a mock-helpless gesture. "Besides, I'm pretty bad at poker anyway. So it's not like you'll really have to worry about your balls that much, right?"

Dave considered that for a long moment. It was true, he'd been teaching her for all of, what, almost two hours now? He had a pretty good grasp on her skill level, or lack thereof. She had only won one out of every ten hands, and that was only after he had deliberately let her win a couple of times.

But still, even if she only won an average of one out of every ten rounds, that still meant she'd have pretty good odds of getting to kick him in the groin at least once before he had all of her clothes off. Was it really worth that price just to see her in the nude?

Cassie set both elbows to the tabletop now, her fingers lacing together as she smiled over them. The motion brought her ample bust forward again, the lower swell pressing to the tabletop and enhancing her already immodest cleavage. "Well?"

Dave glanced back to Cassie's face, then down to the eye-popping display at her chest, and he swallowed hard. "I, uh... do I get to choose which piece of clothing you remove?"

Cassandra followed his glance again, looking down to her own chest before rolling her eyes melodramatically. It was obvious what clothing Dave was planning to go for first. "Sure, I don't see why not. But, like, layers have to come off in order. No going for my underwear first."

"And a hundred dollars worth of chips," Dave thought aloud, his gaze dipping further as he quickly counted the redhead's garments. "That's more chips than you have clothes. If you're taking off one piece for every ten dolars worth of chips, then what happens once you're all out of clothes?"

Cassie blushed a bit, her own confidence seeming a bit shaken for the first time in the past several minutes. "That's... well now you're getting a little head of things, aren't you? Let's just save that for, like, if it actually happens, okay?"

"Hey," Dave protested weakly. His interest was certainly piqued, but he wasn't comfortable with the idea of settling for some vague promise. "If I'm literally putting my nuts on the line here, I think I deserve to know what I'm playing for."

"Well..." Cassandra licked her lips delicately, before flashing him an impish grin. "Do you have any condoms?"

Dave blinked, his eyebrows skyrocketing upward. "I, uh... yeah?"

Cassie blushed even harder, the crimson standing out against her otherwise smooth and pale skin. She quickly reached out for the deck of cards. "Good, so can we play now?"

Dave paused, a slight frown tugging at one corner of his mouth. She still hadn't actually promised anything, but the insinuations did seem rather obvious. Getting kicked in the balls just to see her naked was a steep price, but getting kicked in the balls for a chance to sleep with her... well, that was a far more appealing gamble.

"Sure," he finally nodded, relaxing back against his seat again. "Let's play."

Cassie smiled, clumsily shuffling the cards while Dave counted out their chips. Dave couldn't help but note that the redhead seemed far more enthusiastic now. Maybe even just as enthusiastic as he was.

Dave slid a pile of neatly stacked chips across the table toward Cassandra, pausing briefly as he started to count out his own. "Wait, uh... what's to stop me from just cashing in the chips I start with. Couldn't I just do that first, and end up collecting my prize before we've even gotten started?"

Cassie just smiled back at him, her voice a sultry purr as she set the deck of cards down and plucked up one of her own chips instead. "Because then I might just decide to cash in all of my chips, and kick you in the balls ten times in a row, first. Do you still think you'd end up enjoying your prize, after I've gotten to enjoy mine?"

"Er, maybe..." Dave laughed nervously, not quite certain how serious the redhead was being. "Maybe we should just agree to only cash in the chips we win from the other player."

Cassie giggled and nodded in agreement. "Good boy."

And with that, they started playing.

The first few hands passed slowly and uneventfully, with very little in the way of chips exchanging hands. Dave was eager to win, but his eagerness was tempered with a healthy dose of caution. He wasn't even sure he'd be able to enjoy his 'prize' if he was on the receiving end of even one kick to the balls, let alone ten, so it kept him playing conservatively. He only bet small amounts when he had a good hand, and folded almost immediately whenever he had doubts.

Still, by the sixth or seventh hand it was starting to become obvious that he was worrying about nothing. He had won the majority of the hands they had played thus far, and Cassie had only won the two rounds where he had folded. With the next hand he won, Dave had collected just enough chips to push his winnings over the ten dollar mark.

"Oh, but I thought I had-" Cassie furrowed her brow a bit, looking from the community cards to her hand. "Shoot, I guess I just have a high card."

Dave nodded, trying to keep his smile subdued so he didn't look too smug. He reached across the table to claim the pot, then counted out the ten chips he had won before sliding them off to one side of the table to indicate that he was cashing them in. "And I've got three of a kind, so... jacket off."

"Jack it-" Cassandra blushed a little, her eyes darting from Dave's obviously smug expression down to his lap, and back again. "It's... isn't it a little for that? You don't even have my clothes off, yet!"

Dave blinked, then laughed as realization hit him. "No! I didn't mean, uh... wait, so you mean you'd really...?"

Cassie averted her gaze, blushing even harder.

Dave tried to stifle his laughter, shaking his head a bit. "I just meant that you should take your jacket off. Not that you should, uh, jack 'it' off. Honest."

"God, I feel so stupid." Cassie sighed, though she wasted no time in shrugging her way back out of her jacket. It left her arms and shoulders bare again, though it wasn't anything that Dave hadn't already seen. "Sorry."

"No, it's-" Dave chuckled, watching Cassandra's face. She was actually pretty cute when she was flustered, and it did wonders for his confidence. "It's fine, don't worry about it. Are you ready to keep going?"

Cassie bit her lower lip, two fingers set to her cards as she slid them toward the center of the table. "I dunno, Dave. This is taking a lot longer then I thought it would. We've been playing for, like, twenty minutes already, and so far the only thing that's happened is me having to take my jacket back off."

She flashed an apologetic grin toward her opponent, her shoulders a bit hunched. "I mean, that can't really be much of a thrill for you, right?"

Dave kept his tone carefully neutral, giving as casual a shrug as he could manage. "Well, I guess we could raise the stakes if you want things to move quicker. How about if we say that we can only bet and raise in increments of... how about two dollars?"

"How about five?" The redhead quickly countered, a slight blush on her freckled cheeks. "It's already getting kind of late, and... uh..."

She shifted in her seat, toying nervously with her ponytail again. "I kind'a wanted to get to the really fun stuff before we're both too tired to really enjoy it."

"Of course." Dave quickly agreed, eagerly reaching for the deck again. "So we'll only bet and raise five dollars at a time. That's fine."

Two more hands passed in rapid succession, with Dave easily winning them both. Within a few short moments he was sliding another ten chips to the side of the table as he cashed them in.

"Sorry, Cassie." He smiled, his tone distinctly unapologetic "But, uh, it looks like I'm cashing in another ten dollars. So...?"

"Yeah, yeah." Cassie uttered a playfully exaggerated sigh, a thumb hooking the fabric of her halter top. "So, what should I take off this time? As if I couldn't guess."

Dave grinned, leaning slightly to one side so that he could look the girl over. His eyes played upward along her frame, lingering briefly on the clothing that she was still wearing. He could only ask her to remove top layers, so that meant he had to choose between her sporty sneakers, her snug miniskirt, or the equally snug halter top.

There was really no debate about it. "Yeah, go ahead and take your top off."

Cassie rolled her eyes again, giving him another embarrassed grin before she quickly stripped off the garment. Her breasts bounced heavily with the motion, barely restrained by the black strapless bra that was revealed once her top was out of the way. It barely cupped the bottom third of those majestically swollen breasts, and every breath seemed to strain the cups to just shy of their breaking point.

"What a surprise." Cassie giggled, trying to recompose herself. She peeked over toward Dave, quickly realized that his eyes were predictably locked onto her chest, and she blushed even harder.

"Sorry." Dave repeated, still just as insincere as the first time. He gestured with his hand, feeling the need to justify his decision. "It's, uh, just... with the way we're sitting, I can't really see anything below your waist anyway. So..."

Cassandra stuck her tongue out at him, but she quickly shifted her seat a bit so that she was closer to the edge of the table where her opponent had a better view of the rest of her body. "Uh-huh. There, that better?"

Dave cocked his head, his eyes running back down along her body - though his gaze did linger briefly on the curves that were threatening to explode from that lacy bra at any moment. Still, it was nice to have a better view of her bared midsection, and those long, luscious legs.

He nodded appreciatively. "Much better."

Cassie grabbed up a couple of her chips, moving as if she were about to throw them at her leering opponent, though she quickly thought better of it. Uttering another playful sigh, she smiled. "Just deal the cards, you perv."

Dave chuckled, forcing his attention back onto the deck. He quickly dealt out the cards, and they proceeded with the next hand. He was feeling more confident by the second now, even more so when he saw that he had the makings of another three-of-a-kind. Play progressed with little more than the minimum number of chips necessary sitting in the pot, until the hand neared it's end.

Cassie's jaw was working thoughtfully, as if she were chewing on an invisible piece of gum, her eyes darting furtively between her own cards and the cards on the table. Finally, after a long moment, she slid some more chips into the pot. "Raising five."

"Really?" Dave's brow arched. He'd been indulging himself this round, and he'd spent more time studying the redhead's chest than he'd spent actually studying the cards. A quick glance at her expression, however, did nothing to make his confidence waver. This was exactly what she'd been doing during their practice hands earlier in the evening. She was definitely trying to bluff.

He shrugged, and tossed in a handful of chips. "I'll call your raise. In fact..." He reached over, sliding a few more chips into the pot. "I'll re-raise you five more."

"Oooh, darn it." Cassie's lips puckered, as if she hadn't been expecting him to respond like that. Her eyes darted back to the cards in her hand, then toward the cards at the center of the table, and she uncertainly started counting out five more chips.

"Dave kept his brow arched. "Are you really sure you want to do that? You could always just fold."

"What, and let you get my bra off?" Cassie huffed. "I can't let you win that easily! You're already having a little too much fun at my expense!"

She gave him a derisive sniff, then pushed five more chips out to the center of the table. "I, uh, call your raise."

Dave just smiled, shaking his head in bemusement as he looked to the steadily growing pot. At the very least, she hadn't made things even worse by trying to raise yet again. Besides, maybe she was right, and he was getting a little too aggressive. It was important to make sure she was still having fun, especially if he wanted her to still be in the mood for it when he got to have his fun.

He reached across the table and flipped the last community card, considered his options, then tapped the table with his finger. "I'll stay. You?"

Cassie bit her lip, staring at the community cards on the table, before finally nodding. "Um, stay. I mean, I'll stay too."

Dave quickly set his cards face-up on the table. "Sorry, Cassie. I've got three of a kind again."

"Oh," Cassie frowned a little, her eyes back on the cards in her hand. "Um..."

Dave smiled, reaching for the pot. That was, what, fifteen more dollars worth of chips that he'd just won? But Cassie quickly reached out to stop him.

"Wait," She set her own cards down, her lips pursed thoughtfully. "I've got three of the same cards, too. So, uh, who wins?"

Dave paused, sitting up in his seat as he looked across the table at Cassie's revealed cards, and his heart sank a bit. He had three tens, a perfectly solid hand, but Cassie was showing three jacks. She jad just barely managed to edge him out.

Dave stifled a sigh, pushing the pot toward his opponent's side of the table. "Ha, well... congratulations, I guess."

"What?" Cassie brightened up, quickly collecting her chips. "You mean I finally won? Yes!"

Dave shrugged a bit half-heartedly. It was nice to see the redhead having fun again, but he was also a little nervous, since it meant that she now had enough chips to cash in for a prize of her own. And that almost certainly meant that he would be having a good bit less fun, going forward.

But, then again, maybe he was worrying over nothing again. Maybe she wouldn't just cash in her chips immedia-

"Cashing in!" Cassie chirped gleefully, pushing ten of the chips she had won off to the side of the table. "On your feet, Dave!"

"Oh, coe on..." Dave groaned, slumping back against his seat. "Are you serious?"

Cassie frowned, pushing up out of her seat as she circled halfway around the table. "Of course I'm serious, Dave. I took my clothes off like we agreed on, so it's only fair that you let me give you a quick little kick in the nuts in return."

Dave glanced up at the irritated redhead, sighed, and grudgingly nodded. "Yeah, okay. Sorry." And this time, he actually did sound legitimately sorry, though it was more a result of his dismay at what was happening than anything else.

Cassie's frown vanished just as quickly as it had appeared, and she enthusiastically grabbed her opponent's hand to pull him up and onto his feet. "Oh don't be such a baby! This is just, like, to teach hyou a lesson! Like I said, you're having a little too much fun at my expense, right?"

"Yeah, I guess." Dave offered a half-hearted smile. "So, uh, what should I...?"

Cassie could barely suppress her grin now, and she quickly glanced around before directing him. "Oh, um... over here near the wall. Keep your ankles wide, and no covering up when I try to kick you! If you try to stop me, then I totally get to kick you again, okay? In fact, just put your arms behind your back, then I won't have to worry about it."

Dave thought about protesting, but he managed to resist the urge. He moved to the indicated spot, spread his legs, and reluctantly folded his arms behind his back. He was half-expecting the bouncy redhead to blindfold him, but thankfully she didn't go quite that far.

Cassandra moved back in front of him, flashing him a wink and another grin. "Now just hold still. This is just to make sure I've got, like, the right distance, okay?"

She set her hand agains the edge of the table behind her, head tilted downward as she tried to measure the distance between herself and her intended target. One mostly-bare leg came up, slowly as if she were kicking through molasses, her skirt slowly riding up on her thigh with the motion until the rubber tip of her sneaker pressed lightly against the obvious bulge at the crotch of Dave's pants. She had barely made contact before he uttered an uncomfortable grunt.

"Don't kick me there," he gasped a bit. "That's... mnf... that's, uh, not my balls."

Cassie uttered another playful giggle, rotating her ankle a bit as she dragged the toe of her shoe a bit lower. Well, he had been staring at her rack for the past thirty minutes, so it was no surprise that he had an erection. But if that was his cock, then that meant...

"Here?" She purred, her toe bumping lightly against the much softer spot below the now-obvious erection.

Dave winced, a single drop of sweat running down his cheek. "Y-... yeah."

"You prob'ly should have gotten my shoes off first, you big dummy." Cassie grinned, her head raising so she could look Dave in the eye again. The rubber toe of her sneaker was still pressed to his balls, though for the moment the pressure was just barely firm enough for him to feel it through his pants. "This would, like, hurt way less if I was in my socks, don't you think?"

Dave was the one frowning now, breaking eye contact as his gaze instead dipped down to the thick cotton socks that were wrapped loosely about the redhead's tensed calf. He wasn't eager to be kicked in the balls, shoes or not, but it was hard to deny that the socks would have probably been... at least a little less painful. "Okay, uh, Cassie? I'm really starting to have second thoughts here."

Cassandra cocked her head, her leg sliding back down so she could step closer to the increasingly nervous man. One hand dipped down to fumble over the front of his slacks as she quickly located and laid claim to the firmer bulge she had previously probed with her foot. Giving it a friendly squeeze, she giggled again as a visible shiver ran through his body.

Leaning up, she whispered near his ear. "I'll go easy, okay?"

Dave nodded, though he was still far from convinced.

Cassie released her grip, taking a broad step back, a grin splitting her features nearly ear to ear. "Besides, I'm a girl. How much damage could I possibly do with one kick?"

"Y-... yeah..." Dave exhaled slowly, a little flushed from the redhead's groping. He didn't really want to spend much time thinking about any potential damage she could do, so instead he focused on how nice it had felt to have her fingers against him instead. "Let's... let's just get this over with, alright?"

"If you insist!" Cassie laughed, and her leg immediately hauled back as if she were lining up a field goal. Her whole body bent forward at the waist, her leg curling back behind her to an almost absurd degree, bending so far at the knee that the heel of her shoe was practically touching her ass.

That... hardly made it look like she was planning on 'going easy', but the second Dave opened his mouth to protest she snapped her leg forward again. He barely had time to tense up, his teeth clenching tightly a split second before the rubber toe of Cassie's shoe slammed up between his wide-spread thighs with all the grace of a sledgehammer. It hit him with enough force to lift him onto his toes, though only for a brief moment, and his feet touched the ground again as Cassie's leg dropped away from his groin..

"Ugh..." Dave grunted, the sound oddly subdued despite the fierceness of the blow. The breath had been blasted from his lungs, and the kick had come so swiftly that he hadn't really had time to prepare. He was more surprised than pained, at least at first, a hand moving to his crotch and his body folding at the waist as if to ward off any further blows.

Cassie held stock still, hands on her hips and a grin on her face. She evidently had no intention of kicking him again, at least not at the moment.

Then the pain set in, the throbbing ache of his freshly busted balls surging upward into Dave's gut. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but nothing came out, and a few seconds later his wildly shaking legs gave out beneath him. He dropped harshly onto his knees, his breathing ragged as he desperately clutched at his fiercely burning testes.

"Ohh," he finally managed to utter, his voice breathless and rasping. "Fffuck me..."

Cassie smirked a little at that, her posture shifting a bit. She leaned forward at the waist, her hands settling to her thighs as she kept watching Dave's reaction with keen interest. There was a glint in her eye, and she barely suppressed a giggle as she responded. "Maybe once you've gotten the rest of my clothes off, but are you sure you're, like, still feeling 'up' to it?"

That wasn't quite what Dave had meant, but he was still having too hard a time to even breath properly, so he certainly wasn't going to respond. He slumped down a bit more against the carpet, leaning back heavily against the wall as he massaged his aching balls. He just... he needed to catch his breath, was all, and to wait a few moments for the worst of the pain to subside. Then he'd probably be fine.

Cassandra continued watching him for a long moment, before she finally started to grow bored. She fussed with her socks for a moment, tugging the sagging cloth back upright until it was taut against her calves, before she straightened back up again. Her arms folded beneath her straining bra as she uttered an exaggerated sigh. "Is this, like, gonna take much longer? You're kind of killing the pace of the game, Dave."

Dave groaned, but he made no move to stand back up.

"Fine," she shrugged. "I guess if you're not gonna get back up, then I should probably just go."

"Shit," Dave grunted, forcing himself back into motion. His balls still ached rather terribly, and there was still a distinct knot of nausea gnawing at his guts, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been a moment earlier. "No, it's... ugh... I'm fine. I'm... I'm fine..."

"You sure?" Cassie grinned down at him. She held out a hand, which Dave gratefully accepted, and she helped to tug him back onto his feet. Her eyes played over his trembling body as she gave him a quick once-over. "You don't look fine."

"Well, I'd be... nf... I'd be better..." Dave scowled a bit, one hand still rubbing gingerly at his crotch. "I'd probably be a lot better if you had actually gone easy, like you said you were going to."

Cassandra smirked, releasing his hand once he was back on his feet. She quickly bounced back around the table to take her seat, one leg folding over the other as she gently kicked one of her feet demonstratively. "I did go easy! Trust me, Dave. If I had kicked you for realsies, then you'd still be crying on the floor right now."

Her head tilted, her grin wide as teased him. "But where's the fun in that?"

Dave's scowl deepened. She thought this was fun!?

"Well I don't-" He started, but she quickly interrupted him.

"What, do you want to quit?" Her tone was serious all of a sudden, all of her playful bouncing suddenly coming to a halt.

Dave paused in mid-sentence, looking back to the half-dressed redhead, and then he uttered one last sigh. He wasn't going to accomplish much with whining or arguing, and goodness knew he still wanted to see her naked. He'd gone into this knowing that he might have to get kicked in the nuts once or twice, and granted that had been a lot more painful than he'd been expecting, but at least it was over with. For now.

He'd just have to make sure it didn't happen again.

He moved back over to the table, gingerly reseating himself across from Cassandra before giving her a silent nod.

She quickly grabbed the deck of cards, giving them a quick shuffle before she started dealing them out again.

Another two hands passed relatively quickly, though Dave was back to playing on the defensive. He certainly didn't want a repeat of what had just happened. Still, much like the last time he had started playing conservatively, his concerns seemed unwarranted. He won both hands without any trouble.

Once he'd collected his chips, he found himself faced with a dilemma - what did he want her to take off this time? He looked to Cassandra, and the redhead stuck her tongue out at him, her thumb already moving to catch beneath her bra as if she knew exactly what he was going to ask her to remove. And, to be honest, he was sorely tempted to ask for just that.

But then a sharp twinge in his gut reminded him that he should be planning ahead. The redhead still had, what, five more articles of clothing on? Odds were that she would get to kick him at least one more time, and she had already pointed out that it had been rather stupid of him to not get her shoes off as quickly as possible.

His eyes lingered on her chest, and Cassie grinned, leaning forward a bit to give him a better view of her entirely exposed cleavage. Sure, getting her bra off would give him an even better view, but was that worth the risk that the next kick might punt his balls right up into his throat?

Dave cleared his throat, as if trying to dispel that lurid image from his mind, and he slid his chips over to the side of the table. "Your shoes."

Cassandra stopped toying with her bra, looking a little surprised. "Hm?"

"Your shoes." Dave repeated, pointing one finger down at the sneakered foot that had so recently plowed into his most delicate bits and pieces. "Take them off."

Cassandra pursed her lips, peeking down at her feet. "Which one?"

Once again, Dave was caught off-guard by her response. "Which one what? What do you mean?"

Cassie looked back up at him, one corner of her mouth quirked upward in an amused smirk. "Which shoe should I take off? You've only got ten chips there, so that's only enough for one shoe."

"Oh, come on." Dave practically growled, his fingers clenching reflexively. "Really? You're serious?"

"Super-serious." Cassie smirked, her enthusiasm undeterred. "Ten chips. One shoe. Choose."

Dave closed his eyes for a second, briefly debating whether or not he should argue, but he again decided to take the path of least resistance. If she was only going to take off one shoe, then- which one had she kicked him with? The right one? He opened his eyes again, pointing downward. "Your right shoe. Take that one off."

"Okay!" Cassie giggled, folding forward in her chair to start working at the laces. It gave Dave a long moment to enjoy the sight of her, folded over with her breasts hanging on almost completely open display, and those cute black panties just barely visible where they were peeking out from between her slightly parted thighs.

Okay, maybe this was still worth the frustration. He could already feel his wounded erection recovering a bit, especially now that the worst of the throbbing had stopped a bit lower.

Cassandra finished after a moment of fussing, her right leg kicking a bit as she tossed off the shoe. Her white-clad toes waggled a bit as she caught the loosely pooling fabric of her sock, tugging it back upright to pull it taut against the curves of her calf once more. Sitting back upright, afterwards, she smiled cheerfully. "Next hand?"

Dave uttered a soft sigh of relief, his gaze lingering on that soft, thick sock that was wrapped about the redhead's petite foot. It definitely looked like it would be a lot less painful than the sneaker had been. Not that he was really hoping to be kicked in the balls again, but still - if it had to happen, it was nice to know that he'd at least taken steps toward ensuring it would be less painful.

Dave picked up the deck, giving it another quick shuffle, and then doled out the cards. He'd just tossed in his ante and had barely even looked at his own hand before Cassie spoke up.

"Raise!" She chirped gleefully, tossing chips into the pot.

"You can't just-" Dave started to protest, but he quickly caught himself. "You have to do things in order. You can't just raise immediately. You have to wait until it's time to declare if you're raising or not. Go ahead and take your chips back, and-"

Cassandra grinned, but she made no move to retrieve her chips. "Well when it's time to raise, I'm raising. So, like, I'll just leave them in there, okay?"

"It's, uh, not how things are usually done at the table..." Dave frowned, studying Cassandra's expression. He had gotten pretty good at reading her tells, or so he had thought, but this time he wasn't actually sure if she was bluffing or not. But then again, how good could herhand be? Most of the community cards hadn't even been revealed yet.

Still, he wasn't comfortable with betting blindly, so he grunted and tossed his cards down. "Then I guess I fold."

"Ha!" Cassandra laughed victoriously, quickly claiming the chips at the pot, and Dave's ante with it.

Dave reached out to reclaim the discarded cards, shuffling the deck back together for the next hand. Well, that had been annoying, but it certainly could have been worse. At least he had only lost his ante, and that was only five chips. It wasn't enough for her to-

"Cashing in!" Cassandra laughed, gleefully. She slid ten more chips off to the side of the table. "Up and at'em!"

"What?" Dave sat bolt-upright, wincing a bit as the sudden motion sent another soft twinge of pain through his nethers. "Ow."

"You heard me." Cassie grinned, already on her own feet. She held her hands out, silently offering to help Dave to his feet as well. "I cashed in ten more chips, so that means I get to take another wack at you!"

Dave frowned a bit, ignoring Cassies outstretched hands as he looked at the chips she had just cashed in. "Wait, when did you win the other five chips? I don't-"

"Duh?" Cassandra smirked, withdrawing her hands and setting them back onto her rounded hips. "Like, five hands ago? It was before I got to take my first crack at your nuts, remember? There was all that raising, and then I won fifteen-"

"Oh," Dave groaned. "Right. Shit, I wouldn't have folded if I'd remembered-"

"Too bad!" Cassie's smirk held steady, and she took a few steps back, a finger pointing at the spot next to her in silent command. "You did fold, and I cashed in. So come on, the quicker we get this over with, the quicker we can get back to the game."

Dave reluctantly heaved himself back onto his feet, moving to take the distressingly familiar position next to the oddly enthusiastic girl. He tried to play up the sympathy angle this time, moving with deliberate slowness and an exaggerated limp, and as he passed Cassie his gaze dipped back down to the redhead's feet. Damn it, she still had one of her shoes on, and that fuzzy sock looked a hell of a lot safer than the shoe did.

"Just, uh..." He hesitated, hands settling lightly over his crotch. "Can you use the foot with the sock on it? Please?"

Cassandra peeked downward at her feet, her toes waggling beneath the soft white fabric that was wrapped over them. "Maybe?" And she grinned, looking to Dave's crotch now. "What, are you telling me that you're really that worried about taking another sneaker to the crotch?"

Dave's pride stung a bit, and he almost wanted to brush his concern off with some macho posturing, but for once his sense of self-preservation won out. He groaned, a little embarrassed. "Cassie, that last kick hurt like hell. I don't want a repeat of that if I can avoid it."

"Well..." Cassie giggled, genuinely amused by the man's honestly. She slowly began to circle him, pausing once she was behind him so that she could lean in close and whisper near his ear. "I'll think about it."

Dave's shoulders slumped a bit as she pulled away again, but he didn't argue. She was obviously getting off on teasing him, and the more he protested the more it seemed she was going to tease him, so it was probably best to just hope that she was actually being honest this time.

"Thanks," he sighed, his hands slowly moving away from his crotch. "I really-rk!"

Dave's words were choked off as his whole body lifted again, the dull smack of leather-on-cloth sounding out as the first indication that Cassandra had just kicked him in the groin from behind. This time, there was barely any delay before the pain hit him, the slowly dulling ache in his balls rekindled to a sickening blaze in one horrific instant. He jackknifed forward at the waist, barely managing to throw his arms out fast enough to catch the back of his chair, and he just barely managed to prevent himself from planting face-first into the carpet.

"Ohhh... fuck..." He gasped, his voice coming out in a pitiably wavering moan this time. His weight quickly settled against the back of the chair as he slumped against it. He could see Cassie's foot now, sneaker and all, still jammed up against his groin with the toe peeking out just beneath the rapidly softening bulge of what had once been his erection.

Cassie kept it there for a few more seconds, waggling the rubber-tipped toe up at her pained opponent once she was sure he could see it. Then, her own balance starting to give out, she lowered her foot again.

Dave sank down to his knees, one hand buried between his thighs and the other still clutching the back of his chair for support. He wheezed a few times, trying desperately to breathe, though the fresh pain was making it even more difficult than last time. Agony was radiating up from his bruised balls, knotting up into a tight cramp in his lower gut, and he swallowed hard as he tasted the first hint of bile rising at the back of his throat.

"You..." He gasped, his adrenaline pumping hard enough to at least help him tal through the pain this time. "You said you'd use... nngh..."

Cassandra blinked innocently, moving back about her pained opponent before she set down in her seat. "What, you asked me to use the foot with a sock on it, and I did!"

Dave leveled an accusatory glare at her, though it lost a good deal of it's potency given his obviously pained state. Still, he was more than a little angry. She had clearly kicked him with the top of her shoe. Hell, if he took off his pants, he'd probably even be able to point out the bruise pattern that the taut-stretched laces had no-doubt left on his scrotum!

Cassie's innocent act broke down rather quickly, and she grinned again as she leaned down to snag the top of her sagging sock between two fingers - the one on her left foot, this time. She tugged it upward, smoothing the soft white fabric over her other calf now. "I used this one. It's not my fault that I still had a shoe on over it, is it? You should have been more specific!"

"Rmf..." Dave bit back the obscene response that he really wanted to give her, since he couldn't imagine it would actually accomplish anything. Nothing pleasant, at any rate. Instead, he just stayed slumped against the back of his chair while he tried to recuperate.

And, for her part, Cassie seemed content with simply watching him suffer again. She idly set her elbow against the table, her chin resting in her hand as she watched him with an indulgent smile on her lovely face.

But, much like the last time, she eventually started to grow impatient once a few moments had passed. "So, uh... Dave?"

Dave shifted some, pushing himself up onto his feet and sliding a bit weakly back into his seat. An arm on the table, the other set below it as he massaged his still-aching orbs, he groaned. "I think... we hould take a break, Cassie."

"What, before I give you a break?" Cassie giggled, one finger pointed downward in an unsubtle reference to the state of the man's privates. "Or two?"

Dave winced a bit, but he had a hard time really working up any real anger at the constant teasing. "Yeah, that. Just... maybe we can continue this later?"

"Sorry Dave," Cassie grinned, reaching for her discarded halter top. "This was a one-time offer. Though if we actually finish the game, I might be willing to make it a regular part of my schedule in the future..."

That gave Dave pause. He wasn't particularly eager to subject himself to this kind of abuse on any sort of regular basis, but at the same time he couldn't deny the appeal of getting regular chances to sleep with this aggravating but somehow still alluring girl.

"Come on, I even tried to go easier on you this time." Cassie smiled sweetly, holding her halter top in one hand, though not yet pulling it back on. "The laces had to be way softer than the rubber part, right? You were barely on the ground for more than three or four minutes, this time."

Dave frowned, but he resisted the urge to argue with her on that point. If she'd really been trying to take it easy on him, then she wouldn't have used her shoe in the first place. But again, he didn't really see that argument accomplishing anything, other than to invite another torrent of teasing and threats about ending the game early. "I just... I don't think..."

Cassie reached out across the table, her fingers delicately stroking beneath Dave's chin. "Just focus on my tits, sweetie. You win one more hand, and you can get me out of my bra. Then this little bit of pain will have all been worth it, right?"

Again, Dave really wanted to protest her phrasing - he wouldn't classify the amount of pain he'd been through as 'little' by any stretch of the imagination. But still, she did have a point. His gaze dipped back down to her chest, to those glorious lace-wrapped mounds, and his wounded libido managed to just barely overwhelm his common sense once more.

"Alright," he sighed, pushing himself back upright in his seat." Okay, fine. I'm still in."

"Great!" Cassandra bounced gleefully in her seat, the motion sending vibrations through her barely-restrained breasts, and she quickly recollected the cards so she could start the next hand before Dave could change his mind.

Much like the last time he had gotten kicked, Dave settled into a more conservative playstyle again. He won the first hand, albeit just barely, and then he folded in the second hand when Cassandra tried to transparently bait him with another raise. The third hand, he was starting to feel confident enough to actually call when she tried to bluff him again. As he had predicted, she was holding nothing, and with that hand his winnings had crawled back up to fifteen dollars.

He quickly counted out ten of the chips, his eyes darting to Cassie's chest as she playfully folded her arms beneath them in an obvious effort to get his attention. He knew better than to go right for her tits, though, and he only hesitated for the slightest moment before cashing in.

"Your other shoe." He grunted, looking to the redhead's left foot this time. "Lose it."

Cassie pouted. "What, really? Not my bra?"

Dave snorted, rubbing his crotch gingerly. The ache had died down a good bit over the past few minutes, but he was even more tended now than he had been after the first kick. His balls were obviously bruised, though nothing seemed to be too badly damaged. Still, he definitely needed to stay on the defensive here, and he needed to focus on taking things one step at a time rather than just racing for the finish line.

And, first thing first, he needed to make sure she couldn't clobber him with one of those sneakers again. "I'm sure. Take off your other shoe. Please."

"Fiiiine." Cassie grinned a bit despite her feigned protest, shifting in her seat so she could lean down and work at the laces again. She made sure to give her opponent the same view she had given him the last time around, her cleavage on full display and her thighs ever so slightly parted so that he could catch another glimpse of her panties each time she moved. Finally, after a long moment, she slipped her left shoe off and then straightened back up.

That seemed to have done the trick, because the distinctive bulge had returned to the front of Dave's slacks, and he was rather shamelessly running the palm of his hand against it. It wasn't nearly as firm or impressive as it had been before, but that wasn't surprising given the abuse that had been doled out to the softer bits below.

Play proceeded again, this time with Dave keeping one hand on his cards and the other hand on his groin. He wasn't really intent on being lewd, but rather he was just trying to massage the ache in his balls down to a manageable level, while simultaneously trying to make sure that he could still get a full erection. He spent more time staring at Cassandra's chest now, given that she had practically granted him permission to do so, and it certainly seemed to be helping. As devastating as those two kicks had been, his erection was almost back to full strength by the time two more hands had passed.

They were well into their third hand when Cassandra bit her lower lip, glancing over her cards at Dave. "Um... hey, so, like... how do I bluff more convincingly?"

Dave glanced up from Cassie's chest, beyond the point of feeling any embarrassment at being caught staring. "What? What do you mean?"

"Like," Cassie murmured, gesturing vaguely with her cards - though she was careful not to let Dave see them. "If I don't have good cards, and I try to bluff, you almost always catch me. How do I bluff without making it so obvious?"

Dave arched a brow, eying the redhead suspiciously. Was she being serious? Well, this had started out as a poker lesson, so...

"You, uh... you think about it too much." Dave finally answered, offering Cassie a slight smile. "You keep looking back and forth between the community cards and your hand, and it makes it obvious that you're not really sure if you should risk bluffing or not. You need to act more decisively when you're bluffing. If you look confident, then it will make it harder for the other players to tell if you're bluffing or not."

"Oh," Cassie nodded thoughtfully. "So I should do it more like this, then?"

She glanced at her cards, smiled, and then pushed more chips into the pot. "I raise you ten!" And she paused delicately, before grinning. "Like that, right?"

"Yeah, that's..." Dave glanced at the pot, which was growing to a worrying size. If he wanted to call the raise, then that was, what, thirty dollars in the pot? Granted, only fifteen of that would count as winnings, but she'd already won another five dollars worth of chips from him a couple of hands ago. "Sure, that's better."

Cassie brightened. "Great! I wasn't sure if I was doing it right or not."

Dave looked to his own cards, then to the community cards at the center of the table. It seemed obvious that Cassie was bluffing, but he still had to be careful. If he folded now, she'd only have enough chips to kick him one more time, but if he played it through and ended up losing anyway, then she'd have enough for two.

But... then again, if he actually won this hand, he could have her stripped down to nothing more than her socks and panties.

Dave glanced back over at Cassie, and she gave him a broad smile. He looked to the community cards, running a few possible card combinations through his head, before looking back to his own hand. There was a pair of kings showing on the table, and he had another king in his hand, so he had an easy three-of-a-kind. The community cards didn't seem set up for a straight or a flush, so he felt fairly confident that he would win this time around.

"Alright..." He hesitated, trying to ignore the impending sense of dread that was starting to overshadow his libido. He pushed ten chips out into the pot, and nodded. "I call."

"Yes!" Cassie hissed victoriously, though she paused again afterwards and bit her lip. "Wait, am I supposed to keep bluffing if someone, uh, calls my bluff?"

That put Dave more at ease, and he let himself relax again. Chuckling, he rolled his shoulders in a casual shrug. "Uh, sure, I guess it couldn't hurt. What have you got?"

"Three of a kind!" Cassie smiled brightly, flipping her hand face-up. Sure enough, the fourth king was staring back at him from her hand.

"Oh," Dave paused, flipping his own cards. "I've got three of a kind too, so... uh..."

Cassie furrowed her brow, looking back at the community cards. "Oh wait, I've got another pair, too. I've got a three, and there's a three on the table. So what is that, two pair?"

Dave groaned, his shoulders slumping as his face planted against the tabletop. "That's... that's a full house."

"Right!" Cassie nodded, her grin broadening again. "Then that's what I've got. I've got a full house!"

"Damn it." Dave sighed, his forehead still planted against the table. "I thought you were bluffing!"

Cassie pursed her lips, twirling one finger lightly through the air. "Well I was bluffing about bluffing, right? I had good cards, but I wanted you to think I had bad cards and that I was just pretending to have good cards!"

Dave sat back up, rubbing at his temples in exhasperation. "Yeah, right. I got it. Thanks."

Cassie cocked her head, frowning a little as she collected her winnings. "Hey, what gives? I thought the whole point of this was to teach me to be better at poker. Why are you acting so pissed off every time I actually win a hand?"

"Well I didn't think you'd actually-" Dave stopped, catching himself before he could finish that line of thought.

"Right," Cassie smirked a bit. "You didn't think I'd actually win anything."

Dave just sighed.

Cassie giggled, sliding ten more of her chips over to the side of the table and adding them to the slowly growing heap. "Cashing in, sweetie. But I'll only cashin ten for now, okay?"

"Great." Dave muttered, far from enthused. He certainly didn't want to get kicked in the balls twice, but he wasn't all that crazy about the thought of getting kicked in the balls even once. His nuts were already starting to ache again, as if in anticipation of what was about to happen.

Cassandra pushed up onto her feet, moving over to grab Dave by the shoulders. She didn't even bother offering him her hand this time, instead simply pulling him to his feet. "Don't be a wuss. One kick, and I don't even have my shoes on this time. You did the smart thing, right? You got my sneakers off before I could kick you again!"

"Yeah," Dave snorted. "Apparently I'm a real genius."

Cassie bit her lip, the corners of her mouth tugged downward a bit as she tried not to frown. She stepped forward, her chest pressing up against Dave's as she set practically nose-to-nose with him, her arms wrapping more securely about his shoulders. "Hey, stop that. I'm sorry about the whole shoe thing, okay? I was just really, like, trying to teach you a lesson."

"Yeah, well..." Dave sighed, trying to temper his annoyance a bit. "Lesson learned, alright? Though I really think you could have probably taught me that lesson without busting my balls, you know?"

"Probably!" Cassie quickly agreed, her impish grin returning. "But where's the fun in that?"

Dave rolled his eyes, finally moving to curl his own arms around Cassie's narrow waist. He settled his hands carefully against her bare back, between the lines of her miniskirt and the backstrap of her bra. "Yeah. Fun. Woo."

Cassie's grin widened, her head tilting some as she leaned forward to murmur near Dave's ear. "Yes, fun. That's why we're doing this, remember?" And a pause, before she gently nibbled at his earlobe. "I'll tell you what. Will you stop grumbling if I let you grab my butt?"

Dave paused, pulling back a bit so he could see Cassie's face. Once he was sure she was serious, he promptly slid his hands downward until they were settled snugly to either side of her rounded ass, one cheek cupped against either palm.

Cassie laughed, pressing back into those eagerly groping hands. "I'll take that as a yes."

Cassandra cocked her hips back a bit, her legs shifting beneath her as she settled a little more of her weight against Dave's hands, and he widened his stance to help better support her. Cassie shifted a bit more against him, her head kept tilted to one side as if she were trying to measure something about his own stance and posture.

Dave was trying to enjoy the feel of those soft curves beneath his hands, but the redhead's constant fidgeting was getting a bit too distracting. He looked downward, trying to get an idea of what she was doing, but with her chest sitll pressed up against his that just meant he ended up giving him an up-close view of her cleavage.

Oh well. Her behavior was odd, sure, but also a little cute. And Dave certainly wasn't going to complain about the direction that things had suddenly started moving in.

"There we go..." Cassie murmured to herself, finally satisfied with her positioning.

Dave met her gaze again, a little confused. "What?"

Cassandra just smiled at him, and a split second later her hips bucked back forward as she jerked one of her legs upward. She was far too close to give him a proper kick, but with enough wriggling and repositioning she had put herself into the perfect position to knee him in the crotch.

That realization sank into Dave's brain just a few seconds after her rounded knee had already sunk into his balls. If the two had been directly eye to eye, he might have ended up headbutting her right in the face, but with her head kept deliberately tilted off to one side he just ended up pressing his face into the redhead's shoulder as he tried to reflexively fold up against her.

Dave hardly managed to even utter a sound this time, totally breathless as he felt his increasingly abused orbs squashing grossly about that viciously lifted leg. The pain was sickening, and he wanted to do nothing more than sink to the ground and curl up into a nice, tight little ball - but that was impossible to do this time, because there was an entire girl lodged in the way. His fingers tightened against her rump, hard enough that they would likely leave bruises even through the cloth of her miniskirt, and his agonized moan was stifled against the redhead's bare shoulder.

Cassandra kept her knee planted against Dave's crotch for a few long seconds, grinding it in place just long enough to let him properly register what had happened. She leaned back a bit further, pinning his hands in place between her ass and the edge of the table, before she finally lowered her leg again. The grinding had given her a good idea of exactly where she had hit him, and she quickly slid one of her hands down from his shoulders to his hip, pushing him back a little more before she whispered sweetly into his ear.

"Cashing in the other ten now."

And her leg jerked back upward, her knee slamming into his balls a second time. The first time she had caught him more with her thigh, but this time she pounded into his bruised sac with the unyielding bone of her kneecap, driving the tender little organs into his pelvis to sandwich them securely between bone and bone.

Dave was breathless all over again, and he barely managed to utter anything more than a keening, near soprano whine. His whole world was pain, the white hot agony in his balls tearing through his body like a tangled ball of barbed wire. His muscles tightened spastically as he locked up against the girl who had just caused him all this pain.

And then, jsut as quickly, Cassandra twisted out of his grip. Dave was hardly in any shape to stop her, and without her body to support him he promptly collapsed to the ground, his arm coming up just in time to stop him from hitting the carpet face-first.

Dave quickly rolled over onto his side, the other hand stuffed between his thighs as he choked out a sob. "You-... you..."

Cassandra sat back down in her seat, sliding the rest of her winnings over to the side of the table with the rest. Leaning back in her seat, after, she propped her socked feet up atop the writhing man's body and waggled her toes again. "Sorry, couldn't resist! It's still kicking even if I use my knees, right?"

Dave just groaned, feebly trying to massage his flattened balls into some semblance of a properly rounded shape.

The redhead watched him for a moment, before she rolled her eyes at his theatrics. "But fine, I promise. Next time I'll totally use my socks, okay?"

Dave said nothing, simply staying on the ground. All of his attention was focused on just keeping his breathing steady, as if he could somehow will the abominable ache from his loins through sheer willpower alone. And, given some time, it almost seemed like it might actually work.

Cassandra cocked her head a bit, sliding her feet off of the suddenly stilled man before peering down at him. "Uh, Dave?"

"I'm..." Dave drew in another deep breath, slowly letting it out again. He rolled back onto his hands and knees, before painstakingly pushing himself back upright. It took a good deal of effort, but he finally managed to settle back into his seat before resting both of his hands betweenhis legs again. "I'm... fine. Ugh..."

Cassie smirked a bit, elbow propped against the table and chin resting against her hand as she leaned toward him. "You sure?"

"No." Dave responded simply, his voice still a bit hoarse. "My balls are... nngh... they're really starting to swell up now, Cassie. We've gotta... nn... we've gotta stop now. I'm out. This isn't worth it."

Cassie sat up a bit, her disappointment obvious as she looked her opponent over. "Oh come on, I barely even hit you that time!"

"You fucking kneed me in the balls!" Dave hissed, his temper finally getting the better of him. He wasn't in any shape to actually act out on his anger, though, so the slightly raised voice was about all he could muster. He had already burned through most of his adrenaline while he was rolling around on the floor, and now he was just... tired. "Twice!"

"Well yeah." Cassie smiled, gesturing casually toward his crotch. "I mean, I did cash in my chips so I could do that, right? Those are the rules we both agreed on, right?"

"Y... yeah..." Dave reluctantly agreed. "We did, but..."

"But you didn't think I'd actually do it." Cassie giggled. "You keep underestimating me, but now you know better. See? You're still learning!"

Dave slumped back in his chair, one arm hanging limply beside him while he cradled his swollen balls with the other hand. "I think I've... learned enough lessons for one day. I don't... mnf... I don't think I could survive any more lessons today."

Cassie peeked at the chips on the table. They both still had plenty of chips stacked up, so she looked back to Dave. "Aw, come on, Dave. You haven't even come close to busting yet!"

"Try telling that to my balls..." Dave muttered under his breath, gingerly stroking over his crotch. Yeah, his balls were definitely swollen now, though he at least had some small satisfaction at finding that they were both still there.

"What?" Cassie asked, amusement evident in her tone. She had obviously heard him, but she asked anyway.

Dave looked to her, then shook his head. "Nothing. I'm... hf, I'm just out. That's all."

Cassie bit her lower lip, trying not to look too disappointed. "Well shoot. I didn't think you'd quit so early."

"Then maybe you shouldn't have... hf... kicked me so hard." Dave grumbled.

Cassie grinned a bit, trying to tease him. "Well I thought you could take it! That's something, right? Like, I wouldn't have hit you so hard if I didn't think you were man enough to take it, right?"

And a pause, before she tapped her lips thoughtfully with one finger. "Though, uh, I wasn't expecting you to spend quite so much time rolling around on the ground."

Dave eyed her evenly for a moment, then shook his head. "Yeah, now I'm definitely out."

"Aw, don't be like that." Cassie laughed, entirely unsympathetic. She leaned against the table again. "I'll tell you what, Dave. I was trying not to make any promises, since I wasn't sure how this game was going to go, but I think I've got just the thing to keep you interested."

"I doubt that." Dave muttered under his breath.

"Just hear me out, you big baby." Cassie grinned. She plucked up five of her chips, sliding them to the center of the table as if she were anteing up. "I've got sixty chips left, but only five pieces of clothing left, right?"

Dave was silent for a moment, eying the half-nude redhead as his critically wounded libido briefly wrestled with his ever-diminishing common sense. "Okay?"

"So," Cassie smiled, licking her lips. "If you can clean me out, and you cash in that last ten chips from my pile, how about I promise to... help you make sure I haven't damaged your boys too badly?"

Dave narrowed his eyes a bit. That sounded too good to be true, and he was certainly more than a little leery of taking the redhead at her word. She seemed to like twisting even the simplest of promises into something that he ultimately ended up regretting. "What do you mean?"

"Oh come on," Cassie blushed. "You're really going to make me come right out and say it?"

Dave eyed her, but he said nothing.

Cassie's blush deepened, one arm curling across her abdomen just below her bust, and the other hand coming up to toy nervously with her ponytail. "Okay, look. You keep playing, and I'll keep taking off clothes every time you win ten chips. If you get me naked, and then take my last ten chips on top of that, then I'll..."

Dave leaned forward a bit, arms resting against the table. She absolutely had his interest at this point, but he still wanted to hear her actually say it. He wanted to hear her make the promise out loud.

"I'll fuck you, okay?" Cassie laughed, still blushing as she brushed her ponytail back over her shoulder. "However you want it, however long it takes, I'll make sure your poor little bruised and broken balls still work. Is that good enough for you?"

Dave was silent a moment longer, before he answered. "As long as it takes?"

Cassie grinned a bit, her hands coming up in a playful shrug. "I've got the weekend off, so sure. As long as it takes, and however you want it. My mouth, my tits, my ass, my twat... whatever you've got your eyes on..."

And a brief pause, as she watched Dave's eyes sink down to her chest. "As if I couldn't guess."

Dave rubbed his jaw, his eyes still locked shamelessly onto the redhead's breasts for a long moment, and he finally nodded. "Yeah. Okay."

Cassie immediately perked up, snagging the deck of cards and giving them another quick shuffle The motion seemed a lot smoother now, more practiced, but Dave didn't seem to notice. As always, he was already thoroughly distracted by the heave and bounce of those heavy breasts.

Fortunately, things seemed to quickly lean back in favor of the battered man, though it was mostly because Cassandra started folding every hand under the pretext of 'just not getting the cards she was hoping for'. She folded once, and then again, with Dave collecting the antes each time.

With the second hand under his belt, Dave slid his hard-won chips over, indicating that he was cashing in. Cassie just flashed him an encouraging smile, hooking her bra with a thumb before looking at him expectantly.

Dave considered his options briefly, his eyes playing down over the redhead's miniskirt and her fuzzy white socks, before he gave her a quick nod.

Cassandra wasted no time in unhooking her bra, slipping the undergarment off and allowing her heavy breasts to settle atop her other arm. "Oof," she laughed, the soft flesh of her tits jiggling with the sound. "I forget how heavy these things are, sometimes.

Dave still said nothing, his eyes locked on the curves that he had worked so hard to bare. Just the sight of them almost made all his pain worth it. Almost.

Cassie laughed again, the supple curves bouncing and jiggling all over againa s she stretched out a leg to nudge her opponent beneath the table. "Come on, you're embarrassing me. They're just tits."

"Hey," Dave grinned a bit. "I worked hard to get this far, and I've got the bruises to prove it. Just... let me enjoy this for a minute, okay?"

Cassie shifted a bit more in her seat, probing one of her sock covered feet up between the male's bruised thighs to probe gently at his crotch. Dave tensed up, but quickly relaxed once he realized that she wasn't trying to kick him again. She flashed him a grin in return, crooning softly. "Oh, you pooooor baby."

Her foot pressed gently between his legs, toes stroking clumsily over the fabric of his slacks as she tried to get a feel for where everything was. The ball of her foot pressed lightly to the soft bulge of his swollen balls, her toes curling a bit higher against his equally soft cock. Even with her chest bared, he apparently couldn't work himself up to an erection now.

Cassandra licked her lips, a finger set to her cheek as she mused aloud. "I know it wasn't part of the game, but, uh... you'd probably enjoy this a lot more if you didn't have these pants in the way..."

Dave chuckled a bit breathlessly, his eyes on the socked foot that was still gently planted against his crotch. "Enjoy... uh, what? The game?"

"No, stupid." Cassie smiled, her toes waggling softly against the soft bulge of his penis. "This."

"And what," Dave was panting just a bit now, though it was hard to say if it was from the clumsly stroking or the steady ache a bit lower. "You don't have to cash in any chips for that?"

Cassie giggled, her foot pulling back just a bit before she slid it forward again, this time settling her wool-wrapped heel to the bulge of his swollen ballsac. "If I cash in ten more chips, then you'll be enjoying this a lot less, sweetie. If you're taking your pants off, then it's as a freebie."

Dave looked back up to the redhead, trying hard to ignore her bared breasts, so he could study her face instead. She was so wildly unpredictable that he wasn't sure what to expect from her anymore.

"Come on..." She pouted. "This is me trying to be generous, okay? We're here to have fun, right?"

Dave hesitated for a moment longer, but then moved his hands down to fumble with the fly on his pants. Cassie grinned at him, her foot pulling back just far enough to let him squirm out of his slacks, the warm sole of her foot pressing eagerly back up against his even warmer crotch once his pants were out of the way.

"Ah-" Dave gasped softly, shying back a little bit as the motion squashed his swollen balls a bit too firmly against his body "Careful!"

"Sorry. I can't see what I'm doing." Cassie giggled, her tone entirely insincere, though she did quickly relent. She slid her socked foot more gently against the man's package, the soft cotten dragging up over the bruised skin of his sac and against his mostly limp manhood - though it was slowly becoming a little less limp beneath this sudden attention.

She pursed her lips, a wry smirk on her lips as she seemed to realize that the only thing between the sole of her foot and Dave's most prized parts was that thick layer of cotton. "Did you take off your underwear, too?"

"I, uh..." Dave offered a wan grin, shifting a bit in his chair as he just tried to enjoy that surprisingly gentle touch. "I wasn't wearing any."

"Naughty." Cassie giggled, settling the ball of her foot snugly at the base of his penis, her cotton-covered toes flexing to steadily grasp and stroke at the slowly hardening length. "So... are we still playing?"

Dave glanced at the cards, his heart sinking a bit. "I was... just kind of hoping we could, uh, maybe take a break for a while? You said you have the whole weekend free, right?"

"Nuh-uh." Cassie grinned, her foot falling still as she gave him a wink. "If the game stops, then this stops. Your call, Dave."

Dave closed his eyes lightly, trying to think without the constant distraction of the topless redhead in his line of sight. He could still feel the gentle warmth of her foot against his loins, though she had pulled it back just far enough that there was only the slightest tickle of cotton against his bruised skin.

After a few seconds of thought, he opened his eyes again, sighing. "Alright, I think it's my turn to deal."

"There you go!" Cassie giggled, her foot pressing gently back against her reluctant opponent's groin.

Play proceeded much as it had before, though now Dave had to deal with the dual distractions of Cassie's constantly bouncing breasts and that mischevious foot that kept kneading and massaging between his thighs. It made it hard to focus on his cards, though it also made the game infinitely more pleasant than it had been before.

And, thankfully, Cassie still seemed intent on letting him enjoy himself - she put up some token resistance, taking the pot once, but she otherwise folded on two more hands in a row.

Dave was quick to cash in those chips as well, though by now he was awfully distracted by the constant tease of that foot against his loins. The pleasure was definitely outweighing the pain now, and he was eager to keep it that way.

Cassie watched him with twinkling eyes, her impish grin practically etched onto her features. "So, what now? Skirt or socks?"

Dave's hand dipped below the table, gently setting against the cotton-wrapped foot that was still grinding gently against him. Cassie was working blind down there, but her persistence had still gotten results, and he was sporting an almost full erection again despite the damaged state of his testes. At his touch, her grin widened a little, her heel gently rocking against his aching balls as she ground the ball of her foot up along the underside of his shaft.

"Dave?" She prompted him again, her voice thick with amusement.

"Skirt." He answered after another few seconds, softly exhaling the word. "Definitely your skirt."

"You perv." She giggled, but she didn't object. Instead, she sank into her chair a bit, her hands disappearing beneath the table as she worked a strip of velcro just over-center over her crotch to loosen the waistline enough that she could wriggle it down over her flared hips. "Hold on, I think I can-"

Dave tensed a bit as she pressed more weight against his crotch, but she thankfully planted most of her weight against the seat of his chair as she lifted her hips. A bit more squirming and she had managed to slide her miniskirt down over her voluptuous thighs, and even more wriggling eventually pushed it down to her calves. With a bit more work, she caught the loose garment with her other socked foot, eventually pressing the discarded skirt against her opponent's lap.

Dave reached down, disentangling the garment from about Cassie's ankles before tossing it aside. Smiling, he leaned down a bit in an attempt to peek beneath the table, but the redhead pressed the ball of her foot back up against his crotch to keep him still.

"Cassie," he chuckled. "I can't see."

She bit her lower lip, still giving him that impish grin. "Does it matter? You know it's off, right? Trust me, I'm just down to socks and panties. That's what you wanted, right?"

"Not quite," Dave laughed breathlessly. "But it's... we're getting there. Now it's your deal."

Cassie sat back up a bit, just enough so that she could reach the cards, and she quickly doled them out.

This time the cards didn't favor Dave, and he had nothing. He uttered a soft sigh, glancing at the pot. He could try to bluff, but he was sure his look of crushing disappointment was more than enough of a tell. Cassie would almost certainly know that he was bluffing if he tried to pretend otherwise.

Still, the thought of getting kicked in the balls again, especially now, was just unbearable. He drew in a deep breath, sliding chips toward the center of the table. "I'll raise five."

Cassie pursed her lips, peeking at her own cards and then looking to her opponent. Her cotton-covered toes waggled againt the underside of Dave's cock again, gently stroking downward along the cum-vein before gently pressing onto his swollen balls. He winced, and she giggled.

"I'll see your five, and raise you five more." She smiled, as if his reaction had somehow helped make up her mind.

Dave twitched a bit, but pushed more chips into the pot. He was committed now, so his best hope was that Cassie had an even worse hand than he did. "I'll... call."

"You lucked out, stud." Cassie giggled, tossing her cards down. "I've got an ace-high."

Dave sighed, tossing his own cards down. "Jack high."

Cassie arched her brows, seeming genuinely surprised. "Really? Wow." And a faint grin as she pressed her toes gently down onto her opponent's balls again, soliciting another wince from him. "I think I just figured out what your tell is, sweetie."

She slipped her socked foot away from his crotch as she sat up, reaching across the table to claim her price. Twenty more chips moved over to the ever growing pile near the side of the table, and she gave Dave a sweet smile. "Cashing in, Dave. You know what that means."

Dave swallowed, hard, trying desperately to think of a way to avoid what he knew was coming. He could just call the game now, and kick Cassie out of his apartment, but that was something he was really hoping to avoid if he could. She'd made it rather abundantly clear that, if he managed to win this impromptu contest, she'd make it a weekend he'd never forget.

Cassie seemed to sense his reluctance, rising from her seat in one smooth motion so she could stretch out her long, mostly bare legs. She was almost entirely nude, but for the black lacy panties that were hugging about her hips, and the thick cotton socks that were sagging about her ankles once more. She reached down, catching the top of one sock between her forefingers and thumbs so she could hike it back up over her calf again.

"Come on, don't you want to see how much softer it is when I'm not wearing shoes?" She grinned.

And, after a scant second, she gave him a mischevious wink. "Or using my knees?"

Any reluctance in Dave's mind evaporated before the sight of that much exposed skin, his erection almost achingly hard as he took a moment to just enjoy the sight - and to delay the inevitable. He finally pushed upright, slipping out of his own seat and standing in front of the voluptuous redhead.

"There we go..." Cassie crooned, her eyes quickly dipping as she took her own turn to ogle her half-nude opponent. She stepped a little closer, one dainty finger lightly caressing along the upper curve of Dave's proudly erect cock, running from base to crown in one smooth motion. "Oh my. I mean, I felt it with my foot, but this looks a lot more impressive than it felt..."

Dave blushed a little, folding his arms behind his back as he squared off. The teasing was actually a little fun now, especially with Cassandra's increasingly nude state, but he really just wanted to get the painful part out of the way so the two could go back to having some real fun.

"And these..." She giggled, her hand sliding a bit lower as she cradled his heavy balls. They were soft and tender to the touch, his sack an angry bruised color. "Definitely swollen. But at least they're large enough that I don't have to worry about missing them, mmn?"

Dave frowned a little at that - was it an insult? What, exactly, was she insinuating?

Cassie smirked, flicking the tip of his penis lightly with one finger, sending it bouncing up and down like a piece of rubber. "Lighten up, Dave. I just meant that it'll be easier for me to aim, since I can actually see them now. Honest."

Dave had his doubts, but he still didn't say anything.

"Now just... hold still..." Cassie grinned, sliding back a bit. She looked down at her leg, then up to the male's crotch, studying his dangling balls for a moment. Then, leg curling back in a carefully measured movement, she flicked it forward again to plant her smooth shin against his crotch with a dull 'phud' of cotton on soft, squishy flesh.

"Ngh." Dave grunted softly, the impact enough to wind him, though Cassandra had been mercifully holding back this time. Or... was this really the sort of difference that those socks made? Either way, the pain was intense but still manageable, and for a few seconds he almost thought he'd be able to stay on his feet - but his legs finally buckled, and he dropped to his knees.

Cassie laughed, holding her hands in front of her as if to help him back up. "Here now, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

Dave drew in a deep breath, resisting the urge to drop the rest of the way down onto all-fours. He slipped his arms from behind his back, taking Cassandra's offered hands to help keep him upright. His balls were aching all over again, pain surging up along the cords that connected them to the rest of his body, the impulses criss-crossing eachother through his abdomen to rekindle his stomach churning nausea.

But really, all things considered, it actually wasn't so bad. Especially not compared to the early abuse he had absorbed.

"N-... no, that..." He gasped softly, trying to find enough breath to speak. "It... actually wasn't..."

"Good." Cassandra smiled, her grip tightening about his hands, and then she swung her other leg forward. She hadn't even bothered pulling him all the way back to his feet this time, instead simply kicking the top of her sock-clad foot into his crotch while he was still sitting on his knees.

Thankfully, it was just as 'gentle' a blow as the last one had been, though still firm enough to force Dave back up onto his feet. The cotton-clad foot dropped away again just as quickly, and Cassandra quickly swung her staggering opponent about to dump him unceremoniously back into his seat.

She released his hands, afterwards, and predictably they both slid down to cover his aching testicles. Gentle or not, the kicks had still been enough to render him nearly incapacitated.

This time, Cassie crouched down beside him, an arm lacing about his waist to keep him steady in his seat and her other hand wrapping about his slowly flagging erection. She gave it a few brisk pumps, just enough to help coax it back to full size.

"Ah..." Dave gasped, crossed signals muddling his brain. An elbow planted against the table, his body listing sideways against Cassandra's shoulder. "Fuck...!"

Cassie leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, grinning. "Not yet, sweetie. Just a few more hands, and you might get your chance."

"Right..." Dave gasped again, straightening up a bit as he pressed more of his weight against the table instead. "Right. Let's... ung... let's keep going."

The slightest hint of a smirk snuck into Cassie's smile, her eyes twinkling as she lightly stroked her fingers along the sides of that throbbing erection. "Are you sure? You don't want to take a few minutes to whine and cry about how painful it is?"

Dave winced, but he quickly brushed off the irritation. He was starting to get used to all the constant teasing and jabbing, and besides... "No, it... nf... like you said, it wasn't so bad that time. Let's just... hf... let's just keep going, okay?"

Cassie gave a little squeal of delight, quickly rising back up and settling daintily back into her own seat. Her legs promptly kicked back up, this time both of her socked feet pressing gently but insistently at the hands that Dave still had wrapped over his balls.

Reluctantly, Dave slipped his hands out of the way, and he uttered a soft sigh of relief as her cotton-wrapped soles settled snugly - but gently - back against his crotch. Her heels were pressed lightly to his swollen orbs, one to each, while the balls of her feet were settled to either side of his achingly hard erection. She rocked her ankles, experimentally, and Dave practically shuddered as he felt that soft cotton teasing up and down along either side of his cock.

"Your turn to deal." Cassie giggled, pushing the deck across the table toward her squirming opponent. "Come on, before you get busted any more than you already are."

Dave didn't bother correcting her terminology this time, instead taking the cards and slowly shuffling them. Cassie never stopped teasing over his genitals while he was doing it, and he dropped the deck more than once, but after a painstakingly long moment he finally started dealing out the cards. Two to each player, and five at the center of the table. They both anted up, and then Dave finally picked up his two cards to-

"I fold." Cassie grinned, not even bothering to look at her cards.

Dave blinked, looking back to the redhead as she pushed the pot toward him.

"Socks or panties?" She giggled, one hand slapping lightly against her bared hip, and a second later she flexed her ankles to stroke her socked feet back up along either side of her flabbergasted foe's erection.

"I, uh..." Dave hesitated, then decided not to question it. "Panties?"

"'Kay!" Cassie smiled, wriggling against her seat again as she worked the lacy slip of an undergarment off of her hips and down over her thighs. With a bit more work, she'd managed to slide it all the way beneath the table, until it was hanging about her ankles. Her legs bent at the knees, her socked feet pulling a bit away from Dave's crotch as she waggled them at him. "Could you...?"

Dave nodded a bit, reaching down to disentangle the garment. His breath caught in his throat - they were oddly warm and damp.

Cassie bit her lip, her blush running across her cheeks and then further, threatening to engulf much of her exposed body this time. "I told you, I'm... this is actually pretty fun. I'm having fun."

Dave hesitated a moment longer, then tossed the panties aside to join the rest of the redhead's discarded clothes. He almost wanted to ask which part of the game had gotten her so excited - the flirting, the teasing, or the constant and agonizing abuse leveled at his genitals. Honestly, he was a little worried about what the answer might be, so he just kept it to himself.

Instead, he focused on a different thought entirely. "So that's it, then?" He grinned hopefully. "You're just going to let me win now?"

"No, dummy." She grinned back at him. "I just wanted to get those off. You wouldn't believe how damp they were."

She paused, blushing all over again as she quickly averted her gaze. "Or, um... I guess you already know that. Shut up."

Dave winced a bit as Cassie's heels pressed a bit more firmly against his balls, making it obvious that she actually did mean it when she told him to shut up. He took the hint, and a moment to let the renewed ache dissipate, before he drew in a deep breath. "Right. Sorry."

"Don't worry about it." She giggled, leaning forward to retrieve the cards. "My deal. Just think, Dave. Two more hands, and you could have me naked."

She paused again, her ankles flexing as she gently stroked her socked feet against his crotch again. "Though really, I'm basically naked at this point anyway, aren't I?"

Dave laughed breathlessly, his head bobbing in agreement as he glanced downward toward his lap. "Honestly, I almost don't want to get your socks off. They're, um... I'm kind of getting used to them..."

Cassie cocked her head, her nose wrinkled a bit. "You total perv!" And another giggle, as she started dealing out the cards. "But I don't blame you. If you really like'em that much, then just don't cash your chips in until you've got them all."

"Oh, sure." Dave nodded, as if the thought simply hadn't occurred to him. He glanced back down to his lap, and Cassie wiggled her toes up at him. Smiling a bit, he pushed his ante to the center of the table, then quickly returned his attention to his cards.

He was holding a pair of aces, and a quick glance at the three revealed community cards showed another ace alongside a three and a seven. The hand had barely started, and he was already sitting on a three-of-a-kind.

Dave bit his tongue, trying to keep his enthusiasm in check. Across the table, Cassie was looking from her hand to the community cards and back again, the slightest frown tugging at the corners of her mouth.

"I'm in." Cassie finally mumbled, sounding a bit unsure of herself.

"I'm in." Dave echoed, sliding a few chips across the table. "And I'll raise five."

Cassie bit her lower lip, looking across the table at him. Her ankle flexed, one foot pulling a bit away from his crotch so she could slide her toes lightly down along the base of his shaft and press them gently atop his balls. It wasn't exactly subtle, but apparently it helped her to make up her mind.

"Okay, I'll... call?" She said, uncertainly. Five of her remaining chips dropped into the pot. She only had twenty left.

Dave nodded, reaching over to flip the fourth community card. Another ace. He had an even harder time keeping his enthusiasm in check, instead trying hard to act casual. "Hrm, okay. Looks like another ace."

Cassie cocked her jaw, peeking back down at her hand. "I'm... in, I guess."

Dave nodded, smiling faintly as he took another hefty stack of chips from his pile. "I'll raise ten."

Cassie didn't say anything this time, peeking furtively from the rapidly growing pot to Dave's increasingly smug face. Her toes pressed down against his balls again, just hard enough to make the male squirm, and she finally uttered a sigh.

"I'll call." She grumbled, pushing half of her remaining chips out to the center of the table.

Dave smiled again, setting his hand face-down so he could reach over and flip the last card. It was a five. Nothing he could use, but given that he already had a four-of-a-kind he didn't really need anything else anyway.

Cassie looked at the last community card, then to her own hand, her expression a little cagey. She started to look back to the community cards, but visibly stopped herself, instead drawing in a deep breath and pushing the rest of her chips into the pot. "All in!"

"Really?" Dave arched a brow, finally smirking a little himself. Well, it was only fitting that she would end the contest with one of her patently transparent bluffs. He shrugged, then pushed his own chips into the pile. "Alright then. All in."

Cassie pouted, her foot thumping dangerously firmly against her opponent's crotch. "Crap-" And she quickly caught herself, seeing the pained expression flit across Dave's face. "Crap! Sorry!"

"It's... it's fine..." Dave gasped softly, before he reached for his hand. "Alright, I've got a four-of-a-kind. It's been a fun game, Cassie, but I think I've won this one. But you did good!"

Cassie set her own hand down, moving the cards across the table as she set them near the community cards. "Wait..." she murmured, rearranging the community cards as well. "Wait, I've got these five cards in order. One, two, three, four, and five. That's a flush, right?"

Dave froze, his eyes darting down to the cards. Cassie had been holding a two and a four, both diamonds, and the three cards she was matching them to on the table were the same suit. She had somehow blundered her way into a straight flush, one of the only hands that could beat his four-of-a-kind.

A few quick thoughts flitted through his mind. Obviously, he could admit that she had actually won, and take his lumps. He could probably reclaim ten of his chips, since he hadn't really needed to go all-in anyway, but that would still mean taking three more kicks. On the other hand, he was so achingly close to getting the prize he'd been working for all night.

"Yeah," he smiled apologetically, trying to sound as casual as he could when he lied. "That's a flush. But my four aces still beat it."

Cassie bit her lower lip again, her eyes meeting his, and her toes pressing lightly to his balls for a second. Her legs folded at the knees, her feet pulling away from his crotch as she sat back up. "Darn, I thought so."

Dave uttered a silent sigh of relief, pushing up onto his own feet as he started gathering up the cards and chips, shoving them all to one side of the table. He'd worry about putting them all away properly later, but for now he just had one thing on his mind.

Cassie rose to her feet, her smile a bit weary and her expression oddly subdued. "It was really close though, wasn't it?"

"Yeah." Dave chuckled. "You almost had me."

The redhead sidled over to him, gently nudging him back against the table as she bumped her bare hip up against his crotch. Her thigh was pressed to his balls, his cock pinned between her hip and his stomach. "And now you get to have me, right? Now you're going to fuck me?"

"Well," Dave blushed a bit, an arm sliding out to wrap about her waist, his other hand more boldly coming up to cup one of her breasts. It felt every bit as good as he had fantasized. "Not right away. You... you said all weekend, right? My balls are pretty sore, so it's going to take a lot of... work... before I'll be satisfied that they still work properly."

Cassie laughed softly, twisting around a bit, her back to Dave as she caught his other arm and dragged that hand up to her chest as well. Her hands settled atop his own, keeping them pressed to her soft chest as she murmured. "To start, you could just... bend me over this card table, and take me right here if you want."

Dave grinned, his hands working gently over those ample mounds, his fingers toying over her thick nipples as he considered that. "Well, if that's really what you want. But... even if I blow my wad, you still agreed to the whole weekend."

"Sure." She murmured, her tone a bit colder. "I just wanted to make sure I was getting everything straight, first."

"I can't get much straighter." Dave laughed. "I'm as hard-up as a-"

"As a straight flush?" Cassie interrupted him, her voice dangerously quiet.

"I-" It took a second for that to fully sink in, and Dave's eyes widened in alarm once he realized what she was saying. "Wait-"

"You asshole!" Cassie hissed, her body lurching forward as she bent at the waist. Her left thigh tensed up, her leg bending at the knee as she jerked her sock-clad heel up into Dave's dangling ballsac. Unlike the last time, the thick layer of cotton did nothing to temper the fierceness of the blow, especially as it jammed his swollen testes backward into the edge of the table behind him.

"Agh!" He uttered a truncated squeal, as pain lanced up through his balls from both sides, that smooth heel crunching into them from the front while the table's edge cut into them from the back. His fingers spasmed against Cassie's chest, and she quickly brushed them away, stepping forward to let him jackknife forward onto the floor. This time he did hit face-first, bloodying his nose against the carpet.

"I can't believe you!" Cassie hissed, turning back about to shove the card table out of the way. Cards and chips went flying across the room as the table upended, and she moved to take it's place just behind the target of her wrath.

"Ah... fuck...!" Dave gasped, an arm wrapped across his stomach as waves of sickening nausea cut through him, one after another. His other hand was clenched against the carpet as he desperately tried to ride out the pain, tears already streaming from his eyes. The sheer brutality of that kick genuinely felt as if it had been greater than all of the previous kicks combined.

"Cassie...!" He gasped desperately, his forehead pressed to the carpet. "My balls! Oh god, my balls!"

Cassandra sneered, absently kicking at one of his ankles as she forcibly spread his legs. He was still curled face-first against the carpet, his ass in the air, and that left him completely open to what was coming next. "Oh, don't worry, Dave. I didn't forget about them."

And with that, she swung her foot forward, catching Dave's half-crushed balls with the front of her ankle. His balls squashed forward grossly, caught between the top of her cotton-clad foot and his body, flattening out with the force of a blow so savage that it practically flipped Dave entirely over.

"Ohh..." He moaned, sprawled out on his back, the ceiling swimming above him unsteadily as the nonstop waves of agony. His balls were on fire, and his guts were in knots. He could practically feel the endless deluge of pain tugging at the edges of his consciousness. "Ohhh... fffuck..."

"Not even close." Cassie smiled, though the expression wasn't the slightest bit reassuring. She moved around him again, stepping lightly between his legs and then kicking them wide. "Not now, and probably not ever again."

Sheer alarm cut through Dave's dazed state, his head lifting a bit as he tried to focus on the redhead towering over him. "C-... Cassie, don't! Don't!"

"Why not, Dave?" She laughed, taking a quick step forward and punting her toes up into her fallen foe's groin. This time her toes caught just below his sac, digging into his balls from below before jerking them viciously upward until the swollen things had practically stretched out as far from his body as his rapidly flagging erection had once stood.

She panted slightly from the exertion, her foot dropping back down afterwards as she watched Dave weakly writhe against the ground. She brushed her bangs out of her face, grinning wickedly. "I'm just cashing in my chips, right? And by my count, I should have ten left."

Dave was barely even moving now, practically paralyzed with pain. His lips were moving, silently lamenting the state of his balls - or whatever was left of them - but his breath was long gone. It gave Cassie all the time in the world to reach down and grab his ankles, lifting them up and spreading his legs wide as she stepped up to the crux of his thighs.

She pressed the smooth, cottony sole of her foot atop his sac - even more swollen now than it had been before - and rolled the gushy contents beneath her heel. It was hard to tell if there was anything solid left in there at this point, though from the way Dave was whimpering she assumed that he could still feel it.

"You know, Dave." She grinned down at him. "The funny thing is, this is what I was supposed to do in the first place."

Dave said nothing. He couldn't say anything. He could barely even breath, though he was thankful for the momentary reprieve that let him try.

When it became obvious that he wasn't going to respond, Cassie shrugged and continued. "Your good friend Jim, you remember Jim, right? He got a little tired of you taking his money all the time, and I've got a bit of a reputation. So he hired me to cozy up to you, and teach you a little lesson."

"W-... what?" Dave gasped dumbly, his voice coming out as a barely audible whisper.

"And you thought you were teaching me." She smirked. "Even though I kept trying to drop little hints all night, about how you were the one who was being taught a lesson. God, you're so stupid. But I guess that's what happens when you spend all your time thinking with these-"

She pressed her cotton-clad heel down gently atop that grossly swollen sac, and Dave's whole body locked up again.

"And you know? I thought that was cute." Cassie giggled, relenting after a few seconds. "Like I said, I was actually having a lot of fun. If you had actually won the game, I'd have just given Jim his money back."

"But..." Her lips pursed, her frown returning. "Then you had to go and blow it. You cheated, Dave. And no one cheats me."

She smiled again, her tone chipper as she raised her heel above Dave's crotch one last time. "So! Final lesson, Dave. I actually mentioned it earlier, remember Dave?"

"Oh god," Dave managed to gasp, his hands sliding down to desperately cup over his balls. "Please! Just... just stop!"

Cassie pursed her lips, gently pressing her heel against his knuckles. "Don't do that, Dave. You'll just end up with broken fingers and broken balls, you dummy." She nudged them away easily, raising her heel back above his crotch. "There you go, that's better."

"It's like Jim told me." Cassie smiled, flexing her ankle and wiggling her sock-clad toes down at her former opponent. "You should never bet with something unless you're comfortable with the idea of losing it."

"But hey," she smirked. "I'll let you keep the socks. You seem to like them more than I do, anyway."

And with that her foot came down one last time, and Dave finally went bust.

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